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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Energy harvesting based on magnetostriction, for low frequency excitations
Jafari H, Ghodsi A, Azizi S, Ghazavi MR
9 - 18 Development and experimental investigation of a 500-W class ultra micro gas turbine power generator
Seo J, Lim HS, Park J, Park MR, Choi BS
19 - 28 Single and multiple objective optimization of a natural gas liquefaction process
Song R, Cui MM, Liu JJ
29 - 39 Reducing the energy consumption of membrane-cryogenic hybrid CO2 capture by process optimization
Song CF, Liu QL, Ji N, Deng S, Zhao J, Li Y, Kitamura Y
40 - 45 Is biomass liquefaction an option for the viability of poplar short rotation coppices? A preliminary experimental approach
Mateus MM, do Vale M, Rodrigues A, Bordado JC, dos Santos RG
46 - 58 Embodied energy analysis of building materials: An improved IO-based hybrid method using sectoral disaggregation
Dixit MK
59 - 73 Size optimization and demand response of a stand-alone integrated renewable energy system
Chauhan A, Saini RP
74 - 86 Detection and compensation of anomalous conditions in a wind turbine
Hur S, Recalde-Camacho L, Leithead WE
87 - 99 Constructal design and optimization of a dual pressure heat recovery steam generator
Mehrgoo M, Amidpour M
100 - 113 The economies of speed, KE = 1/2mv(2) and the productivity slowdown
Beaudreau BC
114 - 123 The effect of CO2 on Ca(OH)(2) and Mg(OH)(2) thermochemical heat storage systems
Yan J, Zhao CY, Pan ZH
124 - 132 Risk-Based Framework (RBF) for a UK Pan-European Supergrid
Torbaghan ME, Burrow MPN, Hunt DVL, Elcheikh M
133 - 145 Anaerobic digestion and gasification hybrid system for potential energy recovery from yard waste and woody biomass
Yao ZY, Li WL, Kan X, Dai YJ, Tong YW, Wang CH
146 - 159 Cost reduction and peak shaving through domestic load shifting and DERs
Shirazi E, Jadid S
160 - 170 Automated positioning dual-axis solar tracking system with precision elevation and azimuth angle control
Sidek MHM, Azis N, Hasan WZW, Ab Kadir MZA, Shafie S, Radzi MAM
171 - 186 Assessment of the energy extraction potential at tidal sites around the Channel Islands
Coles DS, Blunden LS, Bahaj AS
187 - 197 Prediction of power generation capacity of a gas turbine combined cycle cogeneration plant
Lee JH, Kim TS, Kim EH
198 - 213 Application of CVaR risk aversion approach in the dynamical scheduling optimization model for virtual power plant connected with wind-photovoltaic-energy storage system with uncertainties and demand response
Tan ZF, Wang G, Ju LW, Tan QK, Yang WH
214 - 226 Performance and emissions of a direct injection internal combustion engine devised for joint operation with a high-pressure thermochemical recuperation system
Poran A, Tartakovsky L
227 - 237 Mathematical modeling of the dynamic behavior of an integrated photo-bioelectrochemical system for simultaneous wastewater treatment and bioenergy recovery
Luo S, Wang ZW, He Z
238 - 248 Techno-economic performance of biogas-fueled micro gas turbine cogeneration systems in sewage treatment plants: Effect of prime mover generation capacity
Basrawi F, Ibrahim TK, Habib K, Yamada T, Idris DMND
249 - 257 Revisiting the temperature dependence in material properties and performance of thermoelectric materials
Ju CJ, Dui GS, Zheng HH, Xin LB
258 - 271 Optimum sizing and operational strategy of CHP plant for district heating based on the use of composite indicators
Franco A, Versace M
272 - 283 Numerical study of the performance and NOx emission of a diesel-methanol dual-fuel engine using multi-objective Pareto optimization
Park S, Cho J, Park J, Song S
284 - 294 A dynamic model for the bed temperature prediction of circulating fluidized bed boilers based on least squares support vector machine with real operational data
Lv Y, Hong F, Yang TT, Fang F, Liu JZ
295 - 309 Priority of domestic biomass resources for energy: Importance of national environmental targets in a climate perspective
Tonini D, Vadenbo C, Astrup TF
310 - 320 Stochastic coordination of joint wind and photovoltaic systems with energy storage in day-ahead market
Gomes ILR, Pousinho HMI, Melicio R, Mendes VMF
321 - 329 Structural and thermal properties of Populus tomentosa during carbon dioxide torrefaction
Li SX, Zou JY, Li MF, Wu XF, Bian J, Xue ZM
330 - 335 Experimental investigation of exergy loss analysis in newly designed compact heat exchangers
Ipek O, Kilic B, Gurel B
336 - 349 ROI-based study on impact factors of distributed PV projects by LSSVM-PSO
Dong RT, Xu JP, Lin B
350 - 363 An integrated model for risk management in electricity trade
Dagoumas AS, Koltsaklis NE, Panapakidis LP
364 - 371 Performance of a piezoelectric energy harvester in actual rain
Wong VK, Ho JH, Chai AB
372 - 381 A probabilistic approach to the computation of the levelized cost of electricity
Geissmann T
382 - 396 Development of the smart photovoltaic system blind and its impact on net-zero energy solar buildings using technical-economic-political analyses
Koo C, Hong T, Jeong K, Ban C, Oh J
397 - 412 Combustion and exhaust emission characteristics, and in-cylinder gas composition, of hydrogen enriched biogas mixtures in a diesel engine
Talibi M, Hellier P, Ladommatos N
413 - 422 Chemically active oil filter to develop detergent free bio-based lubrication for diesel engine
Gulzar M, Masjuki HH, Alabdulkarem A, Kalam MA, Varman M, Zulkifli NWM, Zahid R, Yunus R
423 - 434 Economic viability of battery energy storage and grid strategy: A special case of China electricity market
Lin BQ, Wu W
435 - 446 Evolution of international trade for photovoltaic cells: A spatial structure study
Zhao ZY, Yang HJ, Zuo J
447 - 460 Design, development and testing of small downdraft gasifiers for domestic cookstoves
Sutar KB, Kohli S, Ravi MR
461 - 480 Recent advances in functionalized composite solid materials for carbon dioxide capture
Yaumi AL, Abu Bakar MZ, Hameed BH
481 - 491 Technical characterization and economic evaluation of recovery of flare gas in various gas-processing plants
Zolfaghari M, Pirouzfar V, Sakhaeinia H
492 - 501 Cross-border versus cross-sector interconnectivity in renewable energy systems
Thellufsen JZ, Lund H
502 - 509 A statistical approach to the analysis of the surge phenomenon
Bontempo R, Cardone M, Manna M, Vorraro G
510 - 520 The macroeconomic effects of ambitious energy efficiency policy in Germany - Combining bottom-up energy modelling with a non-equilibrium macroeconomic model
Hartwig J, Kockat J, Schade W, Braungardt S
521 - 530 Shocks affecting electricity prices in Kenya, a fractional integration study
Gil-Alana LA, Mudida R, Carcel H
531 - 542 Enhanced performance of wet compression-resorption heat pumps by using NH3-CO2-H2O as working fluid
Gudjonsdottir V, Ferreira CAI, Rexwinkel G, Kiss AA
543 - 552 Effect of added alumina as nano-catalyst to diesel-biodiesel blends on performance and emission characteristics of CI engine
Hosseini SH, Taghizadeh-Alisaraei A, Ghobadian B, Abbaszadeh-Mayvan A
553 - 564 Analysing CO2 emissions from Singapore's electricity generation sector: Strategies for 2020 and beyond
Ali H, Sanjaya S, Suryadi B, Weller SR
565 - 578 Thermodynamic analysis on theoretical models of cycle combined heat exchange process: The reversible heat exchange process
Zhang CH, Li YP
579 - 588 Exergetic and ecological performance analyses of a gas turbine system with two intercoolers and two re-heaters
Gonca G
589 - 598 Laboratory-scale experiment on a novel mineralization-based method of CO2 capture using alkaline solution
Park S, Song K, Jo H
599 - 612 Advanced exergy analyses of an aircraft turboprop engine (TPE)
Balli O
613 - 624 Effect of recycling on the thermodynamic and thermoeconomic performances of SOFC based on trigeneration systems; A comparative study
Chitsaz A, Hosseinpour J, Assadi M
625 - 639 Energetic and exergoeconomic assessment of a multi-generation energy system based on indirect use of geothermal energy
Akrami E, Chitsaz A, Nami H, Mahmoudi SMS
640 - 651 Phase-change heat storage installation in combined heat and power plants for integration of renewable energy sources into power system
Hu K, Chen L, Chen Q, Wang XH, Qi J, Xu F, Min Y
652 - 664 Emissions of NO and CO from counterflow combustion of CH4 under MILD and oxyfuel conditions
Cheong KP, Li PF, Wang FF, Mi JC
665 - 683 A techno-economic assessment of bitumen and synthetic crude oil transport (SCO) in the Canadian oil sands industry: Oil via rail or pipeline?
Verma A, Nimana B, Olateju B, Rahman MM, Radpour S, Canter C, Subramanyam V, Paramashivan D, Vaezi M, Kumar A
684 - 692 A non-equilibrium approach to modelling the weathering of stored Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Migliore C, Salehi A, Vesovic V
693 - 705 Generation and storage scheduling of combined heat and power
Shang C, Srinivasan D, Reindl T
706 - 719 Investigating the pollution haven hypothesis in Ghana: An empirical investigation
Solarin SA, Al-Mulali U, Musah I, Ozturk I
720 - 740 A modified bacteria foraging based optimal power flow framework for Hydro-Thermal-Wind generation system in the presence of STATCOM
Panda A, Tripathy M, Barisal AK, Prakash T
741 - 751 Sustainability assessment of heat exchanger units for spray dryers
Caglayan H, Caliskan H
752 - 771 Analysis for flexible operation of supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle integrated with solar thermal systems
Luu MT, Milani D, McNaughton R, Abbas A