Energy, Vol.123 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Conversion of glycerol into syngas by rotating DC arc plasma
Zhang M, Xue WF, Su BG, Bao ZB, Wen GD, Xing HB, Ren QL
9 - 19 Effect of channel aspect ratio on chemical recuperation process in advanced aeroengines
Zhang SL, Cui NG, Xiong YF, Feng Y, Qin J, Bao W
20 - 35 A new methodology of thermodynamic diagnosis, using the thermoeconomic method together with an artificial neural network (ANN): A case study of an externally fired gas turbine (EFGT)
Orozco DJR, Venturini OJ, Palacio JCE, del Olmo OA
36 - 46 Effects of concentration and size of silt particles on the performance of a double-suction centrifugal pump
Wang ZY, Qian ZD
47 - 63 Multiplicative structural decomposition analysis of energy and emission intensities: Some methodological issues
Wang H, Ang BW, Su B
64 - 76 Energy optimization methodology of multi-chiller plant in commercial buildings
Thangavelu SR, Myat A, Khambadkone A
77 - 88 Life cycle assessment of high capacity molybdenum disulfide lithium ion battery for electric vehicles
Deng YL, Li JY, Li TH, Zhang JY, Yang F, Yuan C
89 - 107 Particle swarm optimization of driving torque demand decision based on fuel economy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
Shen PH, Zhao ZG, Zhan XW, Li JW
108 - 118 Multi objective particle swarm optimization of hybrid micro-grid system: A case study in Sweden
Azaza M, Wallin F
119 - 130 Predictive model of yaw error in a wind turbine
Ouyang TH, Kusiak A, He YS
131 - 138 Exergy distribution characteristics of solar-thermal dissociation of NiFe2O4 in a solar reactor
Huang X, Hong JR, Zhang YN, Shuai Y, Yuan Y, Li BX, Tan HP
139 - 148 CO2 injection for geothermal development associated with EGR and geological storage in depleted high-temperature gas reservoirs
Zhang L, Li X, Zhang Y, Cui GD, Tan CY, Ren SR
149 - 163 Evaluation of Renewable Energy Resources in Turkey using an integrated MCDM approach with linguistic interval fuzzy preference relations
Buyukozkan G, Guleryuz S
164 - 172 Modelling the CO2 emissions and economic growth in Croatia: Is there any environmental Kuznets curve?
Ahmad N, Du LS, Lu JY, Wang JL, Li HZ, Hashmi MZ
173 - 188 Integrated modelling of variable renewable energy-based power supply in Europe
Gils HC, Scholz Y, Pregger T, de Tena DL, Heide D
189 - 197 Impact of oil price uncertainty on Middle East and African stock markets
Dutta A, Nikkinen J, Rothovius T
198 - 217 The choice between turbine expanders and variable speed pumps as replacement for throttling devices in non-thermal process applications
Singh P
218 - 228 Thermal investigations on methane-air premixed flame jets of multi-port burners
Kuntikana P, Prabhu SV
229 - 240 A fuzzy regression with support vector machine approach to the estimation of horizontal global solar radiation
Baser F, Demirhan H
241 - 251 Combustion, performance and emissions of a diesel power generator fueled with biodiesel-kerosene and biodiesel-kerosene-diesel blends
Bayindir H, Isik MZ, Argunhan Z, Yucel HL, Aydin H
252 - 259 Numerical investigation on flame blow-off limit of a novel microscale Swiss-roll combustor with a bluff-body
Fan AW, Zhang H, Wan JL
260 - 270 Global pattern of the international fossil fuel trade: The evolution of communities
Zhong WG, An HZ, Shen L, Dai T, Fang W, Gao XY, Dong D
271 - 282 Influences of low-energy input microwave and ultrasonic pretreatments on single-stage and temperature-phased anaerobic digestion (TPAD) of municipal wastewater sludge
Akgul D, Cella MA, Eskicioglu C
283 - 295 Temperature driving force (TDF) curves for heat exchanger network retrofit - A case study and implications
Kamel DA, Gadalla MA, Abdelaziz OY, Labib MA, Ashour FH
296 - 304 Morphology controlled preparation of ZnCo2O4 nanostructures for asymmetric supercapacitor with ultrahigh energy density
Xu L, Zhao Y, Lian JB, Xu YG, Bao J, Qiu JX, Xu L, Xu H, Hua MQ, Li HM
305 - 313 Carbon taxes, industrial production, welfare and the environment
Wesseh PK, Lin BQ, Atsagli P
314 - 325 Cost-based design optimization of the heat exchangers in a parabolic trough power plant
Gonzalez-Gomez PA, Petrakopoulou F, Briongos JV, Santana D
326 - 339 A study on optimal composition of zeotropic working fluid in an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for low grade heat recovery
Satanphol K, Pridasawas W, Suphanit B
340 - 352 Study on operation management of borehole heat exchangers for a large-scale hybrid ground source heat pump system in China
Luo J, Zhao HJ, Jia J, Xiang W, Rohn J, Blum P
353 - 366 Thermo-economic comparison of air-cooled and cooling tower based Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) with R245fa and R1233zde as candidate working fluids for different geographical climate conditions
Usman M, Imran M, Yang Y, Lee DH, Park BS
367 - 377 Investigation of the internal behavior in segmented PEMFCs of different flow fields during cold start process
Lin R, Ren YS, Lin XW, Jiang ZH, Yang Z, Chang YT
378 - 385 Investigation of the inertance tube of a pulse tube refrigerator operating at high temperatures
Liu SS, Chen X, Zhang AK, Jiang ZH, Wu YN, Zhang H
386 - 391 Qualitative determination of energy potential and methane generation from municipal solid waste (MSW) in Dhanbad (India)
Mboowa D, Quereshi S, Bhattacharjee C, Tonny K, Dutta S
392 - 401 A comprehensive study on Li-ion battery nail penetrations and the possible solutions
Zhao R, Liu J, Gu JJ
402 - 412 Experimental study of a concentrated PV/T system using linear Fresnel lens
Karimi F, Xu HT, Wang ZY, Chen J, Yang M
413 - 431 Design guidelines for the choice between single and dual pressure layouts in organic Rankine cycle (ORC) systems
Manente G, Lazzaretto A, Bonamico E
432 - 444 Impact of district heat source on primary energy savings of a desiccant-enhanced evaporative cooling system
Dong HW, Lee SJ, Yoon DS, Park JY, Jeong JW
445 - 459 Exergetic performance analysis of an ice-cream manufacturing plant: A comprehensive survey
Dowlati M, Aghbashlo M, Soufiyan MM
460 - 472 PLS-based multi-loop robust H-2 control for improvement of operating efficiency of waste heat energy conversion systems with organic Rankine cycle
Zhang JH, Lin MM, Chen JH, Xu JL, Li K
473 - 486 Modeling hourly consumption of electricity and district heat in non-residential buildings
Kipping A, Tromborg E
487 - 498 Modeling and experimental study on combination of foam and variable density multilayer insulation for cryogen storage
Huang YH, Wang B, Zhou SH, Wu JY, Lei G, Li P, Sun PJ
499 - 510 A novel and efficient bioprocess from steam exploded corn stover to ethanol in the context of on-site cellulase production
Zhao C, Zou ZS, Li JS, Jia HL, Liesche J, Fang H, Chen SL
511 - 520 Effect of splitter leading edge location on performance of an automotive turbocharger compressor
Moussavi SA, Benisi AH, Durali M
521 - 537 Effects of energy production and CO2 emissions on economic growth in Iran: ARDL approach
Ahmad N, Du LS
538 - 554 A small-population based parallel differential evolution algorithm for short-term hydrothermal scheduling problem considering power flow constraints
Zhang JR, Lin S, Liu HD, Chen YL, Zhu MC, Xu YL
555 - 563 Application of microgrids in providing ancillary services to the utility grid
Majzoobi A, Khodaei A
564 - 578 Computational analysis of flow features and energy separation in a counter-flow vortex tube based on number of inlets
Manimaran R
579 - 584 Thermal survey of core losses in permanent magnet micro-motor
Jafari M, Taher SA
585 - 593 Fuel cell-based CHP system modelling using Artificial Neural Networks aimed at developing techno-economic efficiency maximization control systems
Asensio FJ, Martin JIS, Zamora I, Garcia-Villalobos J
594 - 614 Multi-objective optimization of a pressurized solid oxide fuel cell -gas turbine hybrid system integrated with seawater reverse osmosis
Eveloy V, Rodgers P, Al Alili A
615 - 636 How to handle the Hydrogen enriched Natural Gas blends in combustion efficiency measurement procedure of conventional and condensing boilers
Lo Basso G, Nastasi B, Garcia DA, Cumo F
637 - 654 The impacts of wind and solar on grid flexibility requirements in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas
Deetjen TA, Rhodes JD, Webber ME
655 - 663 Startup mechanism and power distribution of free piston Stirling engine
Mou J, Hong GT
664 - 676 A fuzzy-stochastic power system planning model: Reflection of dual objectives and dual uncertainties
Zhang XY, Huang GH, Zhu H, Li YP
677 - 692 The direct and indirect effect of urbanization on energy intensity: A province-level study for China
Elliott RJR, Sun PY, Zhu T
693 - 709 Optimal energy pricing for integrated natural gas and electric power network with considerations for techno-economic constraints
Amirnekooei K, Ardehali MM, Sadri A
710 - 727 Modelling of organic Rankine cycle power systems in off-design conditions: An experimentally-validated comparative study
Dickes R, Dumont O, Daccord R, Quoilin S, Lemort V
728 - 741 Thermo-economic comparison of subcritical organic Rankine cycle based on different heat exchanger configurations
Zhang C, Liu C, Wang SK, Xu XX, Li QB
742 - 753 Validation of kinematic wind turbine wake models in complex terrain using actual windfarm production data
Seim F, Gravdahl AR, Adaramola MS
754 - 760 The performance of radiation cooler for an oscillating fluid flow
Huang HL, Zhu GP