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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Effects of catalysts on pyrolysis of castor meal
Chen GB, Li YH, Chen GL, Wu WT
10 - 25 A Unified Total Site Heat Integration targeting method for isothermal and non-isothermal utilities
Tarighaleslami AH, Walmsley TG, Atkins MJ, Walmsley MRW, Liew PY, Neale JR
26 - 36 Spray combustion characteristics of kerosene/bio-oil part I: Experimental study
Yang SI, Wu MS, Hsu TC
37 - 43 CO2 gasification process performance for energetic valorization of microalgae
Soreanu G, Tomaszewicz M, Fernandez-Lopez M, Valverde JL, Zuwala J, Sanchez-Silva L
44 - 52 Emission, injection and combustion characteristics of biodiesel and oxygenated fuel blends in a common rail diesel engine
Alptekin E
53 - 66 Under-expanded jets and dispersion in high pressure CO2 releases from an industrial scale pipeline
Guo XL, Yan XQ, Zheng YG, Yu JL, Zhang YC, Chen SY, Chen L, Mahgerefteh H, Martynov S, Collard A, Brown S
67 - 76 The impacts of emissions accounting methods on an imperfect competitive carbon trading market
Xia Y, Tang ZP
77 - 85 The PROMETHEE multiple criteria decision making analysis for selecting the best membrane prepared from sulfonated poly(ether ketone)s and poly(ether sulfone)s for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Nikouei MA, Oroujzadeh M, Mehdipour-Ataei S
86 - 93 Influence of new adsorbents with isotherm Type V on performance of an adsorption heat pump
Ilis GG
94 - 109 Profitability, risk, and financial modeling of energy storage in residential and large scale applications
Berrada A, Loudiyi K, Zorkani I
110 - 120 Optimization of coal-based methanol distillation scheme using process superstructure method to maximize energy efficiency
Cui CT, Li XG, Sui H, Sun JS
121 - 137 An experimental evaluation of unique CO2 flow behaviour in loosely held fine particles rich sandstone under deep reservoir conditions and influencing factors
De Silva GPD, Ranjith PG, Perera MSA, Dai ZX, Yang SQ
138 - 151 Spray characteristics, engine performance and emissions analysis for Karanja biodiesel and its blends
Lee S, Lee CS, Park S, Gupta JG, Maurya RK, Agarwal AK
152 - 166 Modelling non-stationary time series using a peaks over threshold distribution with time varying covariates and threshold: An application to peak electricity demand
Sigauke C, Bere A
167 - 177 Genetic algorithm for optimization of energy systems: Solution uniqueness, accuracy, Pareto convergence and dimension reduction
Ganjehkaviri A, Jaafar MNM, Hosseini SE, Barzegaravval H
178 - 187 Analysis of energy consumption in three systems for collecting sugarcane straw for use in power generation
Carvalho DJ, Veiga JPS, Bizzo WA
188 - 198 Second law analysis of novel working fluid pairs for waste heat recovery by the Kalina cycle
Eller T, Heberle F, Bruggemann D
199 - 210 Combining effect of optimized axial compressor variable guide vanes and bleed air on the thermodynamic performance of aircraft engine system
Kim S, Son C, Kim K
211 - 217 New knowledge on the temperature-entropy saturation boundary slope of working fluids
Su W, Zhao L, Deng S
218 - 234 Pricing model for the charging of electric vehicles based on system dynamics in Beijing
Zhang XP, Liang YN, Liu WF
235 - 244 Numerical simulation of the performance of solid oxide fuel cell with different flow channel geometries
Khazaee I, Rava A
245 - 256 Bio-energy, water-use efficiency and economics of maize-wheat-mungbean system under precision-conservation agriculture in semi-arid agro-ecosystem
Parihar CM, Jat SL, Singh AK, Majumdar K, Jat ML, Saharawat YS, Pradhan S, Kuri BR
257 - 265 Enviro-exergy sustainability analysis of boiler evolution in district energy system
Compton M, Rezaie B
266 - 277 Market designs for a 100% renewable energy system: Case isolated power system of Israel
Weiss O, Bogdanov D, Salovaara K, Honkapuro S
278 - 287 Performance and economic assessments of integrating geothermal energy into coal-fired power plant with CO2 capture
Wang F, Deng S, Zhao J, Wang JY, Sun TW, Yan JY
288 - 298 Hourly forecasting of global solar radiation based on multiscale decomposition methods: A hybrid approach
Monjoly S, Andre M, Calif R, Soubdhan T
299 - 308 Two-dimensional analytical model of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Liu JX, Guo H, Ye F, Ma CF
309 - 321 Optimal generation rescheduling for meshed AC/HIS grids with multi-terminal voltage source converter high voltage direct current and battery energy storage system
Kim HY, Kim MK
322 - 333 Simultaneous heat integration and techno-economic optimization of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for multiple waste heat stream recovery
Yu HS, Eason J, Biegler LT, Feng X
334 - 350 Wind tunnel testing and improved blade element momentum method for umbrella-type rotor of horizontal axis wind turbine
Xie W, Zeng P, Lei LP
351 - 361 Scenarios for bioethanol production in Indonesia: How can we meet mandatory blending targets?
Khatiwada D, Silveira S
362 - 368 Combustion properties of torrefied biomass obtained from flue gas-enhanced reactor
Lasek JA, Kopczynski M, Janusz M, Iluk A, Zuwala J
369 - 383 The impact of pitch motion of a platform on the aerodynamic performance of a floating vertical axis wind turbine
Lei H, Zhou D, Lu JB, Chen CY, Han ZL, Bao Y
384 - 391 Benefit allocation for distributed energy network participants applying game theory based solutions
Wu Q, Ren HB, Gao WJ, Ren JX
392 - 399 Co-firing sludge in a pulverized coal-fired utility boiler: Combustion characteristics and economic impacts
Tan P, Ma L, Xia J, Fang QY, Zhang C, Chen G
400 - 407 Steam gasification of a thermally pretreated high lignin corn stover simultaneous saccharification and fermentation digester residue
Howe DT, Taasevigen D, Garcia-Perez M, McDonald AG, Li GS, Wolcott M
408 - 424 A worldwide assessment of economic feasibility of HCPV power plants: Profitability and competitiveness
Talavera DL, Perez-Higueras P, Almonacid F, Fernandez EF
425 - 434 Heating and cooling energy trends and drivers in Europe
Serrano S, Urge-Vorsatz D, Barreneche C, Palacios A, Cabeza LF
435 - 441 Cellulose and activated carbon based flexible electrical double-layer capacitor electrode: Preparation and characterization
Murashko K, Nevstrueva D, Pihlajamaki A, Koiranen T, Pyrhonen J
442 - 452 Power balance control of micro gas turbine generation system based on supercapacitor energy storage
Duan JD, Fan SG, Wu FJ, Sun L, Wang GL
453 - 471 Biomass energy consumption, economic growth and carbon emissions: Fresh evidence from West Africa using a simultaneous equation model
Adewuyi AO, Awodumi OB
472 - 482 Evaluation of the energy generation potential of rain cells
Helseth LE, Wen HZ
483 - 496 Field validation study of a time and temperature indexed autoregressive with exogenous (ARX) model for building thermal load prediction
Sarwar R, Cho HJ, Cox SJ, Mago PJ, Luck R
497 - 503 Ultra-low calorific gas combustion in a gradually-varied porous burner with annular heat recirculation
Song FQ, Wen Z, Dong ZY, Wang EY, Liu XL
504 - 522 Study of a thermoelectric air duct system assisted by photovoltaic wall for space cooling in tropical climate
Irshad K, Habib K, Basrawi F, Saha BB
523 - 539 Numerical investigation of pitch value on thermal performance of solar receiver for solar powered Brayton cycle application
Daabo AM, Mahmoud S, Al-Dadah RK, Ahmad A
540 - 548 Exergy analysis of the turbine system in a 1000 MW double reheat ultra-supercritical power plant
Zhao ZG, Su S, Si NN, Hu S, Wang Y, Xu J, Jiang L, Chen G, Xiang J
549 - 560 Energy project performance evaluation with sustainability perspective
Buyukozkan G, Karabulut Y
561 - 577 Short-term wind speed forecasting using a hybrid model
Jiang P, Wang Y, Wang JZ
578 - 587 Risk-based planning of the distribution network structure considering uncertainties in demand and cost of energy
Esmaeeli M, Kazemi A, Shayanfar H, Chicco G, Siano P
588 - 600 Non-linear drag induced irreversibility minimization in a viscous dissipative flow through a micro-porous channel
Gaikwad HS, Basu DN, Mondal PK
601 - 611 Pumped Thermal Energy Storage and Bottoming System Part B: Sensitivity analysis and baseline performance
Abarr M, Hertzberg J, Montoya LD
612 - 628 A hybrid computational approach for detailed scheduling of products in a pipeline with multiple pump stations
Zhang HR, Liang YT, Liao Q, Wu MY, Yan XH
629 - 636 Energy consumption and rice milling quality upon drying paddy with a newly-designed horizontal rotary dryer
Firouzi S, Alizadeh MR, Haghtalab D
637 - 651 Solar thermal modeling for rapid estimation of auxiliary energy requirements in domestic hot water production: On-off flow rate control
Araujo A, Pereira V
652 - 661 Experimental and theoretical evaluation on the thermal performance of a windowed volumetric solar receiver
Wang P, Li JB, Bai FW, Liu DY, Xu C, Zhao L, Wang ZF
662 - 674 Annual performance of solar tower aided coal-fired power generation system
Zhu Y, Zhai RR, Qi JW, Yang YP, Reyes-Belmonte MA, Romero M, Yan Q
675 - 693 On the performance enhancement of thermo-compressor and steam turbine blade cascade in the presence of spontaneous nucleation
Ahmadpour A, Abadi SMANR, Meyer JP
694 - 709 A hybrid forecasting model based on date-framework strategy and improved feature selection technology for short-term load forecasting
Jiang P, Liu F, Song YL
710 - 723 A mathematical model for the dynamic simulation of low size cogeneration gas turbines within smart microgrids
Bracco S, Delfino F
724 - 731 Annual bioenergy crops for biofuels production: Farmers' contractual preferences for producing sweet sorghum
Bergtold JS, Shanoyan A, Fewell JE, Williams JR
732 - 743 The integration based method for identifying the variation trend of fresh hydrogen consumption and optimal purification feed
Dai W, Shen RJ, Zhang D, Liu GL
744 - 753 Stakeholder-driven multi-attribute analysis for energy project selection under uncertainty
Read L, Madani K, Mokhtari S, Hanks C
754 - 766 Technical-economic assessment of different biogas upgrading routes from vinasse anaerobic digestion in the Brazilian bioethanol industry
Leme RM, Seabra JEA
767 - 799 The physical modelling and aerodynamics of turbulent flows around horizontal axis wind turbines
Abdulqadir SA, Iacovides H, Nasser A
800 - 816 The impact of electric vehicles and CCS in the context of emission trading scheme in China: A CGE-based analysis
Li W, Jia ZJ, Zhang HZ
817 - 833 Coupled cooling method and application of latent heat thermal energy storage combined with pre-cooling of envelope: Method and model development
Yuan YP, Gao XK, Wu HW, Zhang ZJ, Cao XL, Sun LL, Yu NY
834 - 844 Co-gasification of lignite and waste wood in a pilot-scale (10 kWe) downdraft gasifier
Patel VR, Patel D, Varia NS, Patel RN
845 - 851 Endoscopic combustion characterization of Jatropha biodiesel in a compression ignition engine
Jiotode Y, Agarwal AK
852 - 859 Optimized spectral splitting in thermo-photovoltaic system for maximum conversion efficiency
Rabady RI
860 - 871 Grid electricity for Fiji islands: Future supply options and assessment of demand trends
Prasad RD, Raturi A
872 - 878 Electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction on nano-nickel decorated graphene electrode
Mahale NK, Ingle ST
879 - 886 Cold starting characteristics analysis of hydraulic free piston engine
Zhang SL, Zhao ZF, Zhao CL, Zhang FJ, Wang S
887 - 900 Experimental and computational approach to the transient behaviour of wall-flow diesel particulate filters
Torregrosa AJ, Serrano JR, Piqueras P, Garcia-Afonso O
901 - 910 Combustion, performance, and selective catalytic reduction of NOx for a diesel engine operated with combined tri fuel (H-2, CH4, and conventional diesel)
Abu-Jrai AM, Al-Muhtaseb AH, Hasan AO
911 - 925 Conceptual design of an efficient unified shunt active power filter based on voltage and current source converters
Zafari A, Jazaeri M
926 - 937 Investigation of the effects of the steam injection method (SIM) on the performance and emission formation of a turbocharged and Miller cycle diesel engine (MCDE)
Gonca G, Sahin B, Parlak A, Ayhan V, Cesur I, Koksal S
938 - 949 Optimization of HCCI (Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition) engine combustion chamber walls temperature to achieve optimum IMEP using LHS and Nelder Mead algorithm
Mansoury M, Jafarmadar S, Talei M, Lashkarpour SM
950 - 960 Optimization of pre-combustion capture for thermal power plants using Pinch Analysis
Valiani S, Tahouni N, Panjeshahi MH
961 - 970 Energy conversion mechanism and regenerative potential of vehicle suspensions
Zhang YX, Guo KH, Wang D, Chen C, Li XF
971 - 982 Exergy and exergoeconomic analyses of a supercritical CO2 cycle for a cogeneration application
Wang XR, Yang Y, Zheng Y, Dai YP
983 - 988 Process parameter optimization of low temperature transesterification of algae Jatropha Curcas oil blend
Narula V, Thakur A, Uniyal A, Kalra S, Jain S
989 - 995 Emergence of traveling wave endothermic reaction in a catalytic fixed bed under microwave heating
Gerasev AP
996 - 1009 Energy analysis of a solar driven cogeneration system using supercritical CO2 power cycle and MEE-TVC desalination system
Kouta A, Al-Sulaiman FA, Atif M
1010 - 1023 Impact of swirl on in-cylinder heat transfer in a light-duty diesel engine
Broatch A, Olmeda P, Garcia A, Salvador-Iborra J, Warey A
1024 - 1035 Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane under a cyclic redox scheme -Process simulations and analysis
Haribal VP, Neal LM, Li FX
1036 - 1046 Residential air-conditioner usage in China and efficiency standardization
Wu JH, Liu CP, Li HQ, Ouyang D, Cheng JH, Wang YX, You SF
1047 - 1056 Stochastic assessment of investment efficiency in a power system
Davidov S, Pantos M
1057 - 1074 Research and application of a combined model based on multi-objective optimization for electrical load forecasting
Xiao LY, Shao W, Yu MX, Ma J, Jin CJ
1075 - 1083 Nitrogen and sulfur co-doped porous carbon - is an efficient electrocatalyst as platinum or a hoax for oxygen reduction reaction in acidic environment PEM fuel cell?
Sahoo M, Ramaprabhu S
1084 - 1097 Integration of absorption refrigeration systems into Rankine power cycles to reduce water consumption: A thermodynamic analysis
Salgado R, Belmonte JF, Almendros-Ibanez JA, Molina AB
1098 - 1107 Cascade-based short-term forecasting method of the electric demand of HVAC system
Le Cam M, Zmeureanu R, Daoud A
1108 - 1118 Experimental study on heat storage system using phase-change material in a diesel engine
Park S, Woo S, Shon J, Lee K
1119 - 1130 Performance evaluation of industrial glass furnace regenerator
El-Behery SM, Hussien AA, Kotb H, El-Shafie M
1131 - 1143 Carbon pump: Fundamental theory and applications
Zhao RK, Deng S, Liu YN, Zhao Q, He JN, Zhao L
1144 - 1151 Recycling separated liquid-effluent to dilute feedstock in anaerobic digestion of dairy manure
Zeb I, Ma JW, Frear C, Zhao QB, Ndegwa P, Yao YQ, Kafle GK
1152 - 1158 Effect of macroscopic porosity onto the ignition of the waste-derived fuel droplets
Antonov DV, Valiullin TR, Iegorov RI, Strizhak PA
1159 - 1170 Exergoeconomic analysis of district heating system boosted by the geothermal heat pump
Arat H, Arslan O
1171 - 1180 A thermodynamic and environmental performance of in-situ gasification of chemical looping combustion for power generation using ilmenite with different coals and comparison with other coal driven power technologies for CO2 capture
Fan JM, Zhu L, Hong H, Jiang QQ, Jin HG
1181 - 1194 Extending the lean operating range of a premixed charged compression ignition natural gas engine using a pre-chamber
Esfahanian V, Salahi MM, Gharehghani A, Mirsalim M
1195 - 1211 Detailed multi-dimensional study on NOx formation and destruction mechanisms in dimethyl ether/air diffusion flame under the moderate or intense low-oxygen dilution (MILD) condition
Kang YH, Wei S, Zhang PY, Lu XF, Wang QH, Gou XL, Huang XM, Peng SN, Yang D, Ji XY
1212 - 1220 Expansion of organic Rankine cycle working fluid in a cylinder of a low-speed two-stroke ship engine
Larsen U, Wronski J, Andreasen JG, Baldi F, Pierobon L
1221 - 1229 Multidimensional simulations of non-reacting and reacting diesel and biodiesel sprays
Cai G, Abraham J
1230 - 1246 Thermo-economic evaluation of water-injected air bottoming cycles hybridization using heliostat field collector: Comparative analyses
Saghafifar M, Gadalla M