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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Co-torrefaction of sewage sludge and leucaena by using microwave heating
Huang YF, Sung HT, Chiueh PT, Lo SL
8 - 19 Deciding on the support schemes for upcoming wind farms in competitive electricity markets
Zamani-Dehkordi P, Rakai L, Zareipour H
20 - 31 Quick assessment of binary distillation efficiency using a heat engine perspective
Blahusiak M, Kiss AA, Kersten SRA, Schuur B
32 - 42 Experimental investigation of the dynamic behavior of a large-scale refrigeration - PCM energy storage system. Validation of a complete model
Wu J, Tremeac B, Terrier MF, Charni M, Gagniere E, Couenne F, Hamroun B, Jallut C
43 - 52 Development and experimental study on a single screw expander integrated into an Organic Rankine Cycle
Lei B, Wang W, Wu YT, Ma CF, Wang JF, Zhang L, Li C, Zhao YK, Zhi RP
53 - 63 Investigation on reactivity of iron nickel oxides in chemical looping dry reforming
Huang Z, He F, Chen DZ, Zhao K, Wei GQ, Zheng AQ, Zhao ZL, Li HB
64 - 77 Designing and optimizing a novel advanced adiabatic compressed air energy storage and air source heat pump based mu-Combined Cooling, heating and power system
Jabari F, Nojavan S, Ivatloo BM
78 - 93 Performance evaluation of an independent microgrid comprising an integrated coal gasification fuel cell combined cycle, large-scale photovoltaics, and a pumped-storage power station
Obara S, Morel J, Okada M, Kobayashi K
94 - 101 Design and thermodynamic analysis of a flash power system driven by process heat of continuous casting grade steel billet
Sun WG, Zhang FY
102 - 115 Impact of renewable and non-renewable energy consumption on economic growth: New evidence from the MENA Net Oil Exporting Countries (NOECs)
Kahia M, Ben Aissa MS, Charfeddine L
116 - 127 Propagation characteristics of laminar spherical flames within homogeneous hydrogen-air mixtures
Sun ZY, Li GX
128 - 139 Generation of realistic scenarios for multi-agent simulation of electricity markets
Silva F, Teixeira B, Pinto T, Santos G, Vale Z, Praca I
140 - 153 Design and real time implementation of a novel rule compressed fuzzy logic method for the determination operating point in a photo voltaic system
Rajesh R, Mabel MC
154 - 169 A simplified multi-particle model for lithium ion batteries via a predictor-corrector strategy and quasi-linearization
Li XY, Fan GD, Rizzoni G, Canova M, Zhu CB, Wei G
170 - 176 Atomic layer deposition of yttria-stabilized zirconia thin films for enhanced reactivity and stability of solid oxide fuel cells
Park J, Lee Y, Chang I, Cho GY, Ji S, Lee W, Cha SW
177 - 189 Comprehensive utilization and conversion of lignocellulosic biomass for the production of long chain alpha,omega-dicarboxylic acids
Fang H, Zhao C, Kong Q, Zou ZS, Chen N
190 - 201 Optimal scheduling of dispatchable distributed generation in smart environment with the aim of energy loss minimization
Rahiminejad A, Vahidi B, Hejazi MA, Shahrooyan S
202 - 213 A new optimization approach to improve the overall performance of thick wind turbine airfoils
Li XX, Yang K, Bai JY, Xu JZ
214 - 235 Design of a risk-averse decision making tool for smart distribution network operators under severe uncertainties: An IGDT-inspired augment epsilon-constraint based multi-objective approach
Mazidi M, Monsef H, Siano P
236 - 249 Designing optimized energy scenarios for an Italian Alpine valley: the case of Giudicarie Esteriori
Mahbub MS, Viesi D, Crema L
250 - 264 Investigation of transient deterioration mechanism and improved method for turbocharged diesel engine
Han YQ, Zhang LP, Liu ZC, Tian J
265 - 280 Modelling concentrated solar power (CSP) in the Brazilian energy system: A soft-linked model coupling approach
Soria R, Lucena AFP, Tomaschek J, Fichter T, Haasz T, Szklo A, Schaeffer R, Rochedo P, Fahl U, Kern J
281 - 292 Technical, economic and environmental investigation of using district heating to prepare domestic hot water in Chinese multi-storey buildings
Zhang LP, Xia JJ, Thorsen JE, Gudmundsson O, Li H, Svendsen S
293 - 305 Energy auditing of a maize-wheat-greengram cropping system under conventional and conservation agriculture in irrigated north-western Indo-Gangetic Plains
Saad AA, Das TK, Rana DS, Sharma AR, Bhattacharyya R, Lal K
306 - 316 Comparison of the thermal behaviors and pollutant emissions of pelletized bamboo combustion in a fluidized bed combustor at different secondary gas injection modes
Zhang LH, Chyang CS, Duan F, Li PW, Chen SY
317 - 328 Oxygen enriched combustion and co-combustion of lignites and biomass in a 30 kWth circulating fluidized bed
Kayahan U, Ozdogan S
329 - 340 Issues and solutions relating to Hungary's electricity system
Kiss VM, Hetesi Z, Kiss T
341 - 352 Heat transfer enhancement in an air to water heat exchanger with discontinuous helical turbulators; experimental and numerical studies
Sheikholeslami M, Ganji DD
353 - 363 Multi-objective optimal planning of the stand-alone microgrid system based on different benefit subjects
Guo L, Wang N, Lu H, Li XL, Wang CS
364 - 379 Optimal design and techno-economic analysis of an autonomous small isolated microgrid aiming at high RES penetration
Thomas D, Deblecker O, Ioakimidis CS
380 - 391 Heat transfer in premixed spark ignition engines part I: Identification of the factors influencing heat transfer
Broekaert S, Demuynck J, De Cuyper T, De Paepe M, Verhelst S
392 - 401 Ni3S2/ball-milled silicon flour as a bi-functional electrocatalyst for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions
Ensafi AA, Jafari-Asl M, Nabiyan A, Rezaei B
402 - 416 Novel highly accurate universal maximum power point tracker for maximum power extraction from hybrid fuel cell/photovoltaic/wind power generation systems
Fathabadi H
417 - 428 An efficient auxiliary system controller for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)
Lawrence CP, ElShatshat R, Salama MMA, Fraser RA
429 - 435 Assessing the capabilites to manage risks in energy systems-analytical perspectives and frameworks with a starting point in Swedish experiences
Johansson B, Jonsson DK, Veiback E, Sonnsjo H
436 - 444 Assessing the environmental impacts and water consumption of pretreatment and conditioning processes of corn stover hydrolysate liquor in biorefineries
Pan SY, Lin YJ, Snyder SW, Ma HW, Chiang PC
445 - 458 Ant Lion Optimization Algorithm for Renewable Distributed Generations
Ali ES, Abd Elazim SM, Abdelaziz AY
459 - 469 Combined probation of bubble column humidification dehumidification desalination system using solar collectors
Rajaseenivasan T, Shanmugam RK, Hareesh VM, Srithar K
470 - 488 CFD analysis on effect of localized in-cylinder temperature on nitric oxide (NO) emission in a compression ignition engine under hydrogen-diesel dual-fuel mode
Chintala V, Subramanian KA
489 - 497 Clean Co-production of H-2 and power from low rank coal
Aziz M, Juangsa FB, Kurniawan W, Budiman BA
498 - 506 Green electricity investment timing in practice: present value? Real options or net present value?
Fleten SE, Linnerud K, Molnar P, Nygaard MT
507 - 516 Experimental investigation on performance of a double pass artificial roughened solar air heater duct having roughness elements of the combination of discrete multi V shaped and staggered ribs
Ravi RK, Saini RP
517 - 525 Interplay of inlet temperature and humidity on energy penalty for CO2 post-combustion capture: Rigorous analysis and simulation of a single stage gas permeation process
Giordano L, Roizard D, Bounaceur R, Favre E
526 - 538 Performance evaluation of a waste-heat driven adsorption system for automotive air-conditioning: Part I - Modeling and experimental validation
Verde M, Harby K, de Boer R, Corberan JM
539 - 557 Numerical energy balance analysis for an onshore oscillating water column-wave energy converter
Elhanafi A, Fleming A, Macfarlane G, Leong Z
558 - 566 Study of a new combined method for pre-extraction of essential oils and catalytic fast pyrolysis of pine sawdust
Ming ZQ, Liu YQ, Ye YY, Li SR, Zhao YR, Wang D
567 - 582 Optimal design of distributed energy system in a neighborhood under uncertainty
Akbari K, Jolai F, Ghaderi SF
583 - 591 Simulating the wake flow effect of wind turbines on velocity and turbulence using particle random walk method
Song MX, Wu BH, Chen K, Zhang X, Wang J
592 - 600 High-methane gasification of fuels from waste - Experimental identification
Krol D, Poskrobko S
601 - 608 An examination of electricity generation by utility organizations in the Southeast United States
Craig CA, Feng S
609 - 618 Numerical investigation of hydraulic load and stress induced in Savonius hydrokinetic turbine with the effects of augmentation techniques through fluid-structure interaction analysis
Kumar D, Sarkar S
619 - 636 Optimising urban energy systems: Simultaneous system sizing, operation and district heating network layout
Morvaj B, Evins R, Carmeliet J
637 - 649 Backtracking search algorithm for solving economic dispatch problems with valve-point effects and multiple fuel options
Modiri-Delshad M, Kaboli SHA, Taslimi-Renani E, Abd Rahim N
650 - 660 Thermal modeling of a hydraulic hybrid vehicle transmission based on thermodynamic analysis
Kwon H, Sprengel M, Ivantysynova M
661 - 676 A quantitative study on the interaction between curvature and buoyancy effects in helically coiled heat exchangers of supercritical CO2 Rankine cycles
Li ZH, Zhai YL, Li KZ, Wang H, Lu JF
677 - 686 Kinetics and microbial community analysis of sludge anaerobic digestion based on Micro-direct current treatment under different initial pH values
Yuan HP, Chen Y, Dai XH, Zhu NW
687 - 693 Influence of carbothermic reduction on submerged arc furnace energy efficiency during silicon production
Chen ZJ, Ma WH, Wu JJ, Wei KX, Yang X, Lv GQ, Xie KQ, Yu J
694 - 700 Estimation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and energy use efficiency (EUE) analysis in rainfed canola production (case study: Golestan province, Iran)
Kazemi H, Bourkheili SH, Kamkar B, Soltani A, Gharanjic K, Nazari NM
701 - 715 Comparison of different gas turbine cycles and advanced exergy analysis of the most effective
Fallah M, Siyahi H, Ghiasi RA, Mahmoudi SMS, Yari M, Rosen MA
716 - 734 Detailed performance analysis of realistic solar photovoltaic systems at extensive climatic conditions
Gupta A, Chauhan YK
735 - 745 Assessment of the potential benefits and constraints of a hybrid solar receiver and combustor operated in the MILD combustion regime
Lim JH, Chinnici A, Dally BB, Nathan GJ
746 - 760 Mass and energy-capital conservation equations to forecast the oil price evolution with accumulation or depletion of the resources
Gori F
761 - 772 Model-based energy monitoring and diagnosis of telecommunication cooling systems
Sorrentino M, Acconcia M, Panagrosso D, Trifiro A
773 - 785 Design of a partially aerated naturally aspirated burner for producer gas
Sutar KB, Ravi MR, Kohli S
786 - 794 An explanation of the Al2O3 nanofluid thermal conductivity based on the phonon theory of liquid
Iacobazzi F, Milanese M, Colangelo G, Lomascolo M, de Risi A
795 - 811 A new search space reduction method based on exergy analysis for distillation columns synthesis
Khalili-Garakani A, Ivakpour J, Kasiri N
812 - 823 Techno-economic comparison of boiler cold-end exhaust gas heat recovery processes for efficient brown-coal-fired power generation
Ma YF, Yang LJ, Lu JF, Pei YF
824 - 835 On the exergy balance equation and the exergy destruction
Costa VAF
836 - 850 Risk management and participation planning of electric vehicles in smart grids for demand response
Nezamoddini N, Wang Y
851 - 860 Heat transfer in premixed spark ignition engines part II: Systematic analysis of the heat transfer phenomena
De Cuyper T, Demuynck J, Broekaert S, De Paepe M, Verhelst S
861 - 866 Enhanced thermoelectric performance in SnSe based composites with PbTe nanoinclusions
Li D, Li JC, Qin XY, Zhang J, Xin HX, Song CJ, Wang L
867 - 879 Economic competitiveness of small modular reactors versus coal and combined cycle plants
Alonso G, Bilbao S, del Valle E
880 - 893 Experimental and numerical investigation of braking energy on thermal environment of underground subway station in China's northern severe cold regions
Zhang H, Zhu CG, Zheng WD, You SJ, Ye TZ, Xue P
894 - 907 A fuzzy information axiom based method to determine the optimal location for a biomass power plant: A case study in Aegean Region of Turkey
Cebi S, Ilbahar E, Atasoy A
908 - 921 The future of nuclear power in France: an analysis of the costs of phasing-out
Malischek R, Truby J
922 - 932 Combined heat and power design based on environmental and cost criteria
Gonzalez A, Riba JR, Rius A
933 - 941 Interaction between iron based compound and soot particles in diffusion flame
Kim K, Hahn DW
942 - 955 Thermodynamic performance study on solar-assisted absorption heat pump cogeneration system in the coal-fired power plant
Zhang HS, Zhao HB, Li ZL
956 - 962 Heat integration of alternative Ca-looping configurations for CO2 capture
Lara Y, Martinez A, Lisbona P, Romeo LM
963 - 977 How did the US economy react to shale gas production revolution? An advanced time series approach
Bilgili F, Kocak E, Bulut U, Sualp MN
978 - 985 Development of a micro direct methanol fuel cell with heat control
Fang S, Zhang YF, Ma ZZ, Zou YZ, Liu XW
986 - 997 Spectral characteristics of a premixed oxy-methane flame in atmospheric conditions
Oh J
998 - 1005 Experiment investigation on deicing characteristics and energy efficiency using infrared ray as heat source
Xie T, Dong JK, Chen HW, Jiang YQ, Yao Y
1006 - 1019 Energy-efficiency-oriented cascade control for vapor compression refrigeration cycle systems
Yin XH, Wang XL, Li SY, Cai WJ
1020 - 1030 Impact of control strategy on battery degradation for a plug-in hybrid electric city bus in China
Cai Y, Yang F, Ouyang MG
1031 - 1038 Application of ARIMA for forecasting energy consumption and GHG emission: A case study of an Indian pig iron manufacturing organization
Sen P, Roy M, Pal P
1039 - 1050 Experimental study of a parabolic trough solar collector with flat bar-and-plate absorber during direct steam generation
Bortolato M, Dugaria S, Del Col D
1051 - 1064 Discrete cogeneration optimization with storage capacity decision support for dynamic hybrid solar combined heat and power systems in isolated rural villages
Prinsloo G, Mammoli A, Dobson R
1065 - 1076 Modeling, simulation and optimization of downdraft gasifier: Studies on chemical kinetics and operating conditions on the performance of the biomass gasification process
Chaurasia A
1077 - 1086 Experimental investigation of the effect of engine settings on the wall heat flux during HCCI combustion
Broekaert S, De Cuyper T, De Paepe M, Verhelst S
1087 - 1096 Galvanic exchange at layered doubled hydroxide/N-doped graphene as an in-situ method to fabricate powerful electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Ensafi AA, Nabiyan A, Jafari-Asl M, Dinari M, Farrokhpour H, Rezaei B
1097 - 1103 Kinetics of thermophilic acidogenesis of typical Brazilian sugarcane vinasse
Koyama MH, Araujo MM, Zaiat M, Ferraz ADN
1104 - 1116 Multi-objective superstructure-free synthesis and optimization of thermal power plants
Wang LG, Lampe M, Voll P, Yang YP, Bardow A
1117 - 1130 Three powerful nature-inspired algorithms to optimize power flow in Algeria's Adrar power system
Makhloufi S, Mekhaldi A, Teguar M
1131 - 1144 PEM fuel cell model and simulation in Matlab-Simulink based on physical parameters
Abdin Z, Webb CJ, Gray EM
1145 - 1157 Two-stage stochastic programming model for the regional-scale electricity planning under demand uncertainty
Huang YH, Wu JH, Hsu YJ
1158 - 1171 The relationship between house size and life cycle energy demand: Implications for energy efficiency regulations for buildings
Stephan A, Crawford RH
1172 - 1179 Environmental and welfare assessment of fossil-fuels subsidies removal: A computable general equilibrium analysis for Ghana
Wesseh PK, Lin BQ, Atsagli P
1180 - 1190 Optimal design of borehole heat exchangers based on hourly load simulation
Zhang CX, Hu ST, Liu YF, Wang Q
1191 - 1204 Optimal control of indoor-air cooling in buildings using a reduced order model
Ben Ayed S, Kim D, Borggaard JT, Cliff EM
1205 - 1217 Maximizing performance of fuel cell using artificial neural network approach for smart grid applications
Bicer Y, Dincer I, Aydin M
1218 - 1229 Influence of injection timing on performance, emission and combustion characteristics of a DI diesel engine running on fish oil biodiesel
Gnanasekaran S, Saravanan N, Ilangkumaran M
1230 - 1242 A comprehensive dynamic model for downdraft gasifier using heat and mass transport coupled with reaction kinetics
Patra TK, Nimisha KR, Sheth PN
1243 - 1255 Three dimensional simulation of J-shaped Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine
Zamani M, Nazari S, Moshizi SA, Maghrebi MJ