Energy, Vol.102 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Kinetics of methane production and hydrolysis in anaerobic digestion of corn stover
Li D, Huang XB, Wang QJ, Yuan YX, Yan ZY, Li ZD, Huang YJ, Liu XF
10 - 23 A novel approach for optimal economic dispatch scheduling of integrated combined heat and power systems for maximum economic profit and minimum environmental emissions based on Benders decomposition
Sadeghian HR, Ardehali MM
24 - 30 Interfuel substitution and biomass use in the US industrial sector: A differential approach
Suh DH
31 - 43 Dynamic modelling of the expansion cylinder of an open Joule cycle Ericsson engine: A bond graph approach
Creyx M, Delacourt E, Morin C, Desmet B
44 - 53 Scrutinizing the causality relationships between prices, production and consumption of fossil fuels: A panel data approach
Biresselioglu ME, Yelkenci T
54 - 64 Gas/particle two-phase flow characteristics of a down-fired 350 MWe supercritical utility boiler at different tertiary air ratios
Liu CL, Li ZQ, Zeng LY, Zhang QH, Hu RC, Zhang XS, Guo L, Huang Y, Yang XW, Chen LH
65 - 82 Grid-connected photovoltaic systems for Malaysian residential sector: Effects of component costs, feed-in tariffs, and carbon taxes
Lau KY, Muhamad NA, Arief YZ, Tan CW, Yatim AHM
83 - 94 Modeling and parametric analysis of an adsorber unit for thermal energy storage
Fernandes MS, Brites GJVN, Costa JJ, Gaspar AR, Costa VAF
95 - 105 Preparation of refined bio-oil by catalytic transformation of vapors derived from vacuum pyrolysis of rape straw over modified HZSM-5
Cai YX, Fan YS, Li XH, Chen L, Wang JJ
106 - 117 Post-combustion CO2 capture with ammonia by vortex flow-based multistage spraying: Process intensification and performance characteristics
Zhao BT, Su YX, Cui GM
118 - 138 A study of a wind catcher assisted adsorption cooling channel for natural cooling of a 2-storey building
Haghighi AP, Pakdel SH, Jafari A
139 - 147 Influence of thermal hydrolysis on composition characteristics of fatty acids in kitchen waste
Li YY, Jin YY, Li JH
148 - 160 Heat mining assessment for geothermal reservoirs in Mexico using supercritical CO2 injection
Pan CJ, Chavez O, Romero CE, Levy EK, Corona AA, Rubio-Maya C
161 - 165 Investigation of water transport dynamics in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells based on high porous micro porous layers
Alrwashdeh SS, Markotter H, Haussmann J, Arlt T, Klages M, Scholta J, Banhart J, Manke I
166 - 175 The influence of blade pitch angle on the performance of a model horizontal axis tidal stream turbine operating under wave-current interaction
Henriques TAD, Hedges TS, Owen I, Poole RJ
176 - 186 Energy and entropy analyses of hydrate dissociation in different scales of hydrate simulator
Feng JC, Wang Y, Li XS
187 - 198 Energy, exergy and techno-economic analyses of hydrothermal oxidation of food waste to produce hydro-char and bio-oil
Mahmood R, Parshetti GK, Balasubramanian R
199 - 215 A multiyear DG-incorporated framework for expansion planning of distribution networks using binary chaotic shark smell optimization algorithm
Ahmadigorji M, Amjady N
216 - 230 GHGs (greenhouse gases) emission and economic analysis of a GCRES (grid-connected renewable energy system) in the arid region, Algeria
Koussa DS, Koussa M
231 - 243 Modeling the UK electricity price distributions using quantile regression
Hagfors LI, Bunn D, Kristoffersen E, Stayer TT, Westgaard S
244 - 251 Influence of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate on potassium retention and ash melting characteristics during combustion of biomass
Qi JH, Li H, Han KH, Zuo Q, Gao J, Wang Q, Lu CM
252 - 259 Study on mechanism and factors affecting the gas leakage through clearance seal at nano-level by molecular dynamics method
Qi YX, Meng XQ, Mu DF, Sun YL, Zhang H
260 - 275 Determination of optimum geothermal Rankine cycle parameters utilizing coaxial heat exchanger
Mokhtari H, Hadiannasab H, Mostafavi M, Ahmadibeni A, Shahriari B
276 - 286 System design and control for waste heat recovery of automotive engines based on Organic Rankine Cycle
Shi RQ, He TQ, Peng J, Zhang YJ, Zhuge WL
287 - 301 Power plant selection for medium to high enthalpy geothermal resources of Turkey
Ates HK, Serpen U
302 - 312 Dynamic photovoltaic greenhouse: Energy balance in completely clear sky condition during the hot period
Marucci A, Cappuccini A
313 - 323 Modelling the performance parameters of a horizontal falling film absorber with aqueous (lithium, potassium, sodium) nitrate solution using artificial neural networks
Alvarez ME, Hernandez JA, Bourouis M
324 - 334 Effects of electricity-price policy on electricity demand and manufacturing output
Kwon S, Cho SH, Roberts RK, Kim HJ, Park K, Yu TE
335 - 342 Comparison of various milling modes combined to the enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass for bioenergy production: Glucose yield and energy efficiency
Licari A, Monlau F, Solhy A, Buche P, Barakat A
343 - 353 Calcium looping with supercritical CO2 cycle for decarbonisation of coal-fired power plant
Hanak DP, Manovic V
354 - 364 An experimental evaluation of the methodology proposed for the monitoring and certification of CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles in Europe
Fontaras G, Grigoratos T, Savvidis D, Anagnostopoulos K, Luz R, Rexeis M, Hausberger S
365 - 374 Forecasting energy market indices with recurrent neural networks: Case study of crude oil price fluctuations
Wang J, Wang J
375 - 387 Analysis of a solar-aided coal-fired power generation system based on thermo-economic structural theory
Zhai RR, Liu HT, Li C, Zhao MM, Yang YP
388 - 396 Variations in energy use and output growth dynamics: An assessment for intertemporal and contemporaneous relationship
Rashid A, Kandemir O
397 - 405 Case study on industrial surplus heat of steel plants for district heating in Northern China
Li YM, Xia JJ, Fang H, Su YB, Jiang Y
406 - 415 Estimating potential trade links in the international crude oil trade: A link prediction approach
Guan Q, An HZ, Gao XY, Huang SP, Li HJ
416 - 426 An integrated multi-objective optimization model for determining the optimal solution in the solar thermal energy system
Kim J, Hong T, Jeong J, Lee M, Koo C, Lee M, Ji C, Jeong J
427 - 435 Numerical solution of radiation view factors within a thermoelectric device
Barry M, Ying J, Durka MJ, Clifford CE, Reddy BVK, Chyu MK
436 - 443 Crude oil price decision under considering emergency and release of strategic petroleum reserves
Liao SJ, Wang FX, Wu T, Pan W
444 - 452 Power reduction optimization with swarm based technique in electric power assist steering system
Abu Hanifah R, Toha SF, Hassan MK, Ahmad S
453 - 464 Peat briquette as an alternative to cooking fuel: A techno-economic viability assessment in Rwanda
Hakizimana JDK, Kim HT
465 - 472 Energy efficient building block design: An exergy perspective
Mert Y, Saygin N
473 - 490 Comparative assessment of Organic Rankine Cycle integration for low temperature geothermal heat source applications
Imran M, Usman M, Park BS, Yang Y
491 - 501 Adsorption cooling cycles: Insights into carbon dioxide adsorption on activated carbons
Fan W, Chakraborty A, Kayal S
502 - 515 Energy saving potential in existing industrial compressors
Vittorini D, Cipollone R
516 - 527 An uncertainty-based design optimization method for district cooling systems
Gang WJ, Augenbroe G, Wang SW, Fan C, Xiao F
528 - 536 Experimental and numerical investigation of transient phenomena in vacuum ejectors
Jafarian A, Azizi M, Forghani P
537 - 549 Thermodynamic analysis of the squid mantle muscles and giant axon during slow swimming and jet escape propulsion
Yalcinkaya BH, Erikli S, Ozilgen BA, Olcay AB, Sorguven E, Ozilgen M
550 - 558 Solar and wind exergy potentials for Mars
Delgado-Bonal A, Martin-Torres FJ, Vazquez-Martin S, Zorzano MP
559 - 566 Development and validation of a wide-area model of hourly aggregate solar power generation
Lingfors D, Widen J
567 - 575 A novel method for evaluating effects of promoters on hydrate formation
Cai J, Xu CG, Lin FH, Yu HZ, Li XS
576 - 585 Thermodynamic analysis and system design of a novel split cycle engine concept
Dong GY, Morgan RE, Heikal MR
586 - 595 Optimal operation of large district heating networks through fast fluid-dynamic simulation
Guelpa E, Toro C, Sciacovelli A, Melli R, Sciubba E, Verda V
596 - 604 Climate change and electricity demand in Brazil: A stochastic approach
Trotter IM, Bolkesjo TF, Feres JG, Hollanda L
605 - 620 The ORC-PD: A versatile tool for fluid selection and Organic Rankine Cycle unit design
Pezzuolo A, Benato A, Stoppato A, Mirandola A
621 - 629 Precombustion CO2 capture using a hybrid process of adsorption and gas hydrate formation
Zhong DL, Wang JL, Lu YY, Li Z, Yan J
630 - 636 Application of adaptive neuro-fuzzy methodology for performance investigation of a power-augmented vertical axis wind turbine
Chong WT, Gwani M, Shamshirband S, Muzammil WK, Tan CJ, Fazlizan A, Poh SC, Petkovic D, Wong KH
637 - 649 Combustion characteristics analysis of a free-piston engine generator coupling with dynamic and scavenging
Yuan CH, Feng HH, He YT, Xu J
650 - 659 Thermodynamic and energy saving benefits of hydraulic free-piston engines
Zhao ZF, Wang S, Zhang SL, Zhang FJ
660 - 668 Energy consumption predicting model of VRV (Variable refrigerant volume) system in office buildings based on data mining
Zhao DY, Zhong M, Zhang X, Su X
669 - 681 Chemical-looping combustion in a reverse-flow fixed bed reactor
Han L, Bollas GM
682 - 693 The Total Energy Efficiency Index for machine tools
Schudeleit T, Zust S, Weiss L, Wegener K
694 - 704 Computational analysis of the zinc utilization in the primary zinc-air batteries
Jung CY, Kim TH, Kim WJ, Yi SC