Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.89 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Nanocomposite electrodes based on pre-synthesized organically grafted platinum nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes. III: Determination of oxygen reduction reaction selectivity and specific area of porous electrode related to the oxygen reduction reaction ranging from 2 m(2) gPt(-1) to 310 m(2) gPt(-1)
Cheng X, Volatron F, Pardieu E, Borta A, Carrot G, Reynaud C, Mayne M, Pinault M, Etcheberry A, Perez H
13 - 17 Magnetic graphene oxide-based electrochemiluminescent aptasensor for thrombin
Jin GX, Lu LJ, Gao XY, Li MJ, Qiu B, Lin ZY, Yang HH, Chen GN
18 - 23 One step synthesis and capacitive performance of graphene nanosheets/Mn3O4 composite
Zhu LX, Zhang S, Cui YH, Song HH, Chen XH
24 - 28 Three-dimensional bimetallic Pd-Cu nanodendrites with superior electrochemical performance for oxygen reduction reaction
Xiong L, Huang YX, Liu XW, Sheng GP, Li WW, Yu HQ
29 - 34 The effect of oligo-organosiloxane on poly(ethylene oxide) electrolyte system for solid dye sensitized solar cells
Huang YJ, Xiang WC, Zhou XW, Fang SB, Lin Y
35 - 44 Mesostructured-aluminosilicate-Nafion hybrid membranes for direct methanol fuel cells
Meenakshi S, Sahu AK, Bhat SD, Sridhar P, Pitchumani S, Shukla AK
45 - 51 Electrochemical analysis of separators used in single-chamber, air-cathode microbial fuel cells
Wei B, Tokash JC, Zhang F, Kim Y, Logan BE
52 - 62 Relationship between supporting electrolyte bulkiness and dissociative electron transfer at catalytic and non-catalytic electrodes
Gennaro A, Isse AA, Giussani E, Mussini PR, Primerano I, Rossi M
63 - 71 Electrochemical surface plasmon resonance for in situ investigation of antifouling effect of ultra thin hybrid polypyrrole/PSS films
Pirvu C, Manole CC
72 - 83 A comparative study of the adsorption and oxidation of L-alanine and L-serine on Au(100), Au(111) and gold thin film electrodes in acid media
Sandoval AP, Orts JM, Rodes A, Feliu JM
84 - 89 Electrochemical reduction of graphene oxide films in aqueous and organic solutions
Kauppila J, Kunnas P, Damlin P, Viinikanoja A, Kvarnstrom C
90 - 97 Development of nanostructured porous TiO2 thick film with uniform spherical particles by a new polymeric gel process for dye-sensitized solar cell applications
Bakhshayesh AM, Mohammadi MR
98 - 105 An electrochemical microtiter plate for parallel spectroelectrochemical measurements
Ley C, Cekic SZ, Kochius S, Mangold KM, Schwaneberg U, Schrader J, Holtmann D
106 - 113 Oxide loading effect on the electrochemical performance of LaNiO3 coatings in alkaline media
Soares CO, Silva RA, Carvalho MD, Jorge MEM, Gomes A, Rangel CM, Pereira MID
114 - 121 Steady-state analysis of the nickel oxide in neutral and weakly alkaline solutions
Albu C, Deconinck D, Hotoiu L, Deconinck J, Topa V
122 - 131 Understanding anodic wear at boron doped diamond film electrodes
Chaplin BP, Hubler DK, Farrell J
132 - 138 Direct electrochemistry of adsorbed proteins and bioelectrocatalysis at film electrode prepared from oppositely charged carbon nanoparticles
Szot K, Joensson-Niedziolka M, Rozniecka E, Marken F, Opallo M
139 - 143 Tris(2,2'-bipyridyl) ruthenium(II) electrochemiluminescence of glyoxal, glyoxylic acid, methylglyoxal, and acetaldehyde
Qi WJ, Gabr MT, Liu ZY, Hu LZ, Han MY, Zhu SY, Xu GB
144 - 151 The direct direct dissolution of Ce-2(CO3)(3) and electrochemical deposition of Ce species using ionic liquid trimethyl-n-butylammonium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide containing bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide
Hatchett DW, Droessler J, Kinyanjui JM, Martinez B, Czerwinski KR
152 - 156 Nano film processor based on the lateral self-oxidation of a nanoscale aluminum film
Knoll M, Althaus C, Nolte M, Schoo C, Kopp O
157 - 162 Effect of carbon nanofiber surface groups on oxygen reduction reaction of supported Pt electrocatalyst
Zhong RS, Qin YH, Niu DF, Zhang XS, Zhou XG, Sun SG, Yuan WK
163 - 172 New insights into a high potential spinel and alkylcarbonate-based electrolytes
Demeaux J, Lemordant D, Caillon-Caravanier M, Galiano H, Claude-Montigny B
173 - 179 Pyrolytic carbon infiltrated nanoporous alumina reducing contact resistance of aluminum/carbon interface
Jeong B, Uhm S, Kim JH, Lee J
180 - 190 Fabrication of macroporous Pt and PtAu electrodes for electrochemical application through galvanic replacement at macroporous Cu electrode electrodeposited at polystyrene template from room temperature ionic liquid
Huang SJ, Chen PY
191 - 198 Preparation and capacitance of graphene/multiwall carbon nanotubes/MnO2 hybrid material for high-performance asymmetrical electrochemical capacitor
Deng LJ, Hao ZP, Wang JF, Zhu G, Kang LP, Liu ZH, Yang ZP, Wang ZL
199 - 205 Morphology-controlled synthesis of Co3O4 porous nanostructures for the application as lithium-ion battery electrode
Sun HY, Ahmad M, Zhu J
206 - 211 Increased redox-active peptide loading on carbon nanotube electrodes
Moore KE, Flavel BS, Yu JX, Abell AD, Shapter JG
212 - 221 Fabrication of MEA based on optimum amount of Co in PdxCo/C alloy nanoparticles as a new cathode for oxygen reduction reaction in passive direct methanol fuel cells
Gharibi H, Golmohammadi F, Kheirmand M
222 - 228 Electrochemically controlled growth of silver nanocrystals on graphene thin film and applications for efficient nonenzymatic H2O2 biosensor
Zhong LJ, Gan SY, Fu XG, Li FH, Han DX, Guo LP, Niu L
229 - 238 Improved electrochemical properties of MnO thin film anodes by elevated deposition temperatures: Study of conversion reactions
Cui ZH, Guo XX, Li H
239 - 245 Remarkable role of annealing time on anatase phase titania nanotubes and its photoelectrochemical response
Nishanthi ST, Raja DH, Subramanian E, Padiyan DP
246 - 252 Electro-catalytic properties of graphene composites containing gold or silver nanoparticles
Pruneanu S, Pogacean F, Biris AR, Coros M, Watanabe F, Dervishi E, Bins AS
253 - 261 Analysis of photocurrent responses of oxide films formed on stainless steel
Zhang SH, Lian J, Tan Y
262 - 269 Li-ion diffusion in LixNb9PO25
Drozhzhin OA, Vorotyntsev MA, Maduar SR, Khasanova NR, Abakumov AM, Antipov EV
270 - 277 Synthesis, electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical properties of phthalocyanines having extended pi-electrons conjugation
Ozcesmeci I, Burat AK, Ipek Y, Koca A, Bayir ZA
278 - 283 A novel glucose biosensor based on phosphonic acid-functionalized silica nanoparticles for sensitive detection of glucose in real samples
Zhao WB, Fang Y, Zhu QS, Wang K, Liu M, Huang XH, Shen J
284 - 291 Electrodeposition for preparation of efficient surface-enhanced Raman scattering-active silver nanoparticle substrates for neurotransmitter detection
Siek M, Kaminska A, Kelm A, Rolinski T, Holyst R, Opallo M, Niedzioka-Jonsson J
292 - 299 A porous vanadium pentoxide nanomaterial as cathode material for rechargeable lithium batteries
Yu JJ, Yang J, Nie WB, Li ZH, Liu EH, Lei GT, Xiao QZ
300 - 309 Step-by-step assembled poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/manganese dioxide composite electrodes: Tuning the structure for high electrochemical performance
Tang PY, Zhao YQ, Xu CL
310 - 316 Rice paper-derived 3D-porous carbon films for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang LC, Hu Z, Wang L, Teng F, Yu Y, Chen CH
317 - 325 Catalase immobilized on a functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes-gold nanocomposite as a highly sensitive bio-sensing system for detection of hydrogen peroxide
Hong J, Yang WY, Zhao YX, Xiao BL, Gao YF, Yang T, Ghourchian H, Moosavi-Movahedi Z, Sheibani N, Li JG, Moosavi-Movahedi AA
326 - 333 Asymmetric hybrid capacitors based on activated carbon and activated carbon fibre-PANI electrodes
Salinas-Torres D, Sieben JM, Lozano-Castello D, Cazorla-Amoros D, Morallon E
334 - 338 Electrochemical performance of trimethylolpropane trimethylacrylate-based gel polymer electrolyte prepared by in situ thermal polymerization
Zhou D, Fan LZ, Fan HH, Shi Q
339 - 345 Synthesis and electro-optical properties of new conjugated hybrid polymers based on furan and fluorene units
Gunes A, Cihaner A, Onal AM
346 - 358 Study of the formation process and the characteristics of tantalum layers electrodeposited on Nitinol plates in the 1-butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide ionic liquid
Maho A, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
359 - 364 Lithium polymer cell assembled by in situ chemical cross-linking of ionic liquid electrolyte with phosphazene-based cross-linking agent
Choi JA, Kang Y, Kim DW
365 - 371 Nanostructured Ni3.5Sn4 intermetallic compound: An efficient buffering material for Si-containing composite anodes in lithium ion batteries
Edfouf Z, Fariaut-Georges C, Cuevas F, Latroche M, Hezeque T, Caillon G, Jordy C, Sougrati MT, Jumas JC
372 - 376 Thermodynamic and electrical properties of Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta and La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Jun A, Yoo S, Gwon OH, Shin J, Kim G
377 - 386 Highly sensitive simultaneous electrochemical determination of trace amounts of Pb(II) and Cd(II) using a carbon paste electrode modified with multi-walled carbon nanotubes and a newly synthesized Schiff base
Afkhami A, Ghaedi H, Madrakian T, Rezaeivala M
387 - 393 Tin-alloy heterostructures encapsulated in amorphous carbon nanotubes as hybrid anodes in rechargeable lithium ion batteries
Li XF, Zhong Y, Cai M, Balogh MP, Wang DN, Zhang Y, Li RY, Sun XL
394 - 399 Effect of nitrogen on the electrochemical performance of core-shell structured Si/C nanocomposites as anode materials for Li-ion batteries
Tao HC, Huang MA, Fan LZ, Qu XH
400 - 406 The effects of surface modification on the supercapacitive behaviors of novel mesoporous carbon derived from rod-like hydroxyapatite template
Wu XH, Hong XT, Luo ZP, Hui KS, Chen HY, Wu JW, Hui KN, Li LS, Nan JM, Zhang QY
407 - 412 Bulk solid state rechargeable lithium ion battery fabrication with Al-doped Li7La3Zr2O12 electrolyte and Cu0.1V2O5 cathode
Jin Y, McGinn PJ
413 - 421 Analysis of ammonia electro-oxidation kinetics using a rotating disk electrode
Diaz LA, Valenzuela-Muniz A, Muthuvel M, Botte GG
422 - 428 Improving capacitance performance of attapulgite/polypyrrole composites by introducing rhodamine B
Wang YJ, Liu P, Yang C, Mu B, Wang AQ
429 - 435 Electrochemical activation of graphite felt electrode for VO2+/VO2+ redox couple application
Zhang WG, Xi JY, Li ZH, Zhou HP, Liu L, Wu ZH, Qiu XP
436 - 444 Simulation-based analysis of the differences in the removal rate of chlorides, nitrates and sulfates by electrokinetic desalination treatments
Paz-Garcia JM, Johannesson B, Ottosen LM, Ribeiro AB, Rodriguez-Maroto JM
445 - 453 Synthesis, electrochemistry and fluorescence behavior of thiophene derivatives decorated with coumarin, pyrene and naphthalene moieties
Abd-El-Aziz AS, Dalgakiran S, Kucukkaya I, Wagner BD
454 - 460 Electrochemical biosensor based on reduced graphene oxide modified electrode with Prussian blue and poly(toluidine blue O) coating
Bai XY, Chen GH, Shiu KK
461 - 468 Anti-thermal shrinkage nanoparticles/polymer and ionic liquid based gel polymer electrolyte for lithium ion battery
Liao YH, Sun CJ, Hu SJ, Li WS
469 - 478 Controlling the microstructure and properties of titania nanopowders for high efficiency dye sensitized solar cells
Shalan AE, Rashad MM, Yu YH, Lira-Cantu M, Abdel-Mottaleb MSA
479 - 487 Effective enhancement of electrochemical properties for LiFePO4/C cathode materials by Na and Ti co-doping
Shu HB, Wang XY, Wen WC, Liang QQ, Yang XK, Wei QL, Hu BA, Liu L, Liu X, Song YF, Zho M, Bai YS, Jiang LL, Chen MF, Yang SY, Tan JL, Liao YQ, Jiang HM
488 - 496 Electrochemical reduction of nitrate and nitrite in alkaline media at CuNi alloy electrodes
Mattarozzi L, Cattarin S, Comisso N, Guerriero P, Musiani M, Vazquez-Gomez L, Verlato E
497 - 502 Improvement and mechanism of electrocatalytic performance of Pd-Ni/C anodic catalyst in direct formic acid fuel cell
Shen LP, Li HZ, Lu L, Luo YF, Tang YW, Chen Y, Lu TH
503 - 509 Insight in cysteamine adsorption behaviors on the copper surface by electrochemistry and Raman spectroscopy
Song P, Guo XY, Pan YC, Shen S, Sun YQ, Wen Y, Yang HF
510 - 515 CdS quantum dots sensitized SnO2 photoelectrode for photoelectrochemical application
Zhou XM, Fu WY, Yang HB, Li YX, Chen YL, Sun ML, Ma JW, Yang LH, Zhao B, Tian LC
516 - 522 Effect of carbon blacks filler addition on electrochemical behaviors of Co3O4/graphene nanosheets as a supercapacitor electrodes
Park S, Kim S
523 - 529 Rapid hydrothermal synthesis of hierarchical nanostructures assembled from ultrathin birnessite-type MnO2 nanosheets for supercapacitor applications
Zhang X, Yu P, Zhang HT, Zhang DC, Sun XZ, Ma YW
530 - 536 An electrochemical biosensor for assay of DNA methyltransferase activity and screening of inhibitor
Yin HS, Xu ZN, Wang M, Zhang XP, Ai SY
537 - 548 On the role of halides and thiols in additive-assisted copper electroplating
Huynh TMT, Weiss F, Hai NTM, Reckien W, Bredow T, Fluegel A, Arnold M, Mayer D, Keller H, Broekmann P
549 - 554 Applications of antibiofouling PEG-coating in electrochemical biosensors for determination of glucose in whole blood
Sun C, Miao JJ, Yan J, Yang K, Mao C, Ju J, Shen J
555 - 560 Microwave-assisted synthesis of carbon (Super-P) supported copper nanoparticles as conductive agent for Li4Ti5O12 anodes for Lithium-ion batteries
Marinaro M, Nobili F, Tossici R, Marassi R
561 - 570 Strategies to prepare an efficient photoanode for ZnO nanowires-based CdS-CdSe co-sensitized solar cells
Yin XT, Que WX, Fei D, Xie HX, He ZL, Wang GF
571 - 576 Preparation of activated carbon aerogels with hierarchically porous structures for electrical double layer capacitors
Liu D, Shen J, Liu NP, Yang HY, Du A
577 - 584 Semi-interpenetrating polymer networks based-on end-group crosslinked fluorine-containing polyimide via click chemistry
Pan HY, Pu HT, Jin M, Wan DC, Modestov AD
585 - 593 Single-step growth of carbon and potassium-embedded TiO2 nanotube arrays for efficient photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation
Krengvirat W, Sreekantan S, Noor AFM, Kawamura G, Muto H, Matsuda A
594 - 599 Multicolor electrochromic performance of electroactive poly(amic acid) containing pendant oligoaniline, azobenzene and sulfonic acid groups
Wang ST, Chao DM, Berda EB, Jia XT, Yang R, Wang C
600 - 606 A pre-anodized inlaying ultrathin carbon paste electrode for simultaneous determination of uric acid and folic acid
Huo JE, Shangguan EB, Li QM
607 - 615 In situ Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and on-line differential electrochemical mass spectrometry study of the NH3BH3 oxidation reaction on gold electrodes
Concha MBM, Chatenet M, Lima FHB, Ticianelli EA
616 - 622 Activity analysis of the carbodiimide-mediated amine coupling reaction on self-assembled monolayers by cyclic voltammetry
Liu L, Deng DH, Xing Y, Li SJ, Yuan BQ, Chen J, Xia N
623 - 630 Codeposition mechanism in Sn/Ag nanoparticle composite plating
Fujiwara Y, Kobayashi Y, Higuchi N, Hoshiyama Y, Miyake H
631 - 634 Electrochemical Reformatsky reaction of alpha-haloketones and benzaldehyde on a graphite powder cathode free of organic solvents
de Souza CA, de Souza RFM, Navarro M, Malvestiti I, da Silva APF, Bieber LW, Areias MCC
635 - 643 Electrodeposition of zinc films from ionic liquids and ionic liquid/water mixtures
Liu Z, El Abedin SZ, Endres F
644 - 651 Statistical kinetics of phase-transforming nanoparticles in LiFePO4 porous electrodes
Bai P, Tian GY
652 - 659 Inclusion of thiol DAB dendrimer/CdSe quantum dots based in a membrane structure: Surface and bulk membrane modification
Algarra M, Campos BB, Alonso B, Casado CM, da Silva JCGE, Benavente J
660 - 668 A verapamil electrochemical sensor based on magnetic mobile crystalline material-41 grafted by sulfonic acid
Hasanzadeh M, Pournaghi-Azar MH, Shadjou N, Jouyban A
669 - 679 Simultaneous determination of guanine, adenine and thymine using a modified carbon paste electrode by TiO2 nanoparticles-magnesium(II) doped natrolite zeolite
Arvand M, Mazhabi RM, Niazi A
680 - 687 Complexation ability of octaazamacrocyclic ligand toward Co2+, Ni2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+ metal cations: Experimental and theoretical study
Petkovic BB, Milcic M, Stankovic D, Stambolic I, Manojlovic D, Jovanovic VM, Sovilj SP
688 - 691 Impurity segregation in electrochemical processes and its application to electrorefining of ultrapure silicon
Tao M
692 - 699 Internal redox amidation of alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes in ionic liquids. The electrochemical route
Feroci M, Chiarotto I, Inesi A
700 - 707 Electrochemical determination of Verapamil with a microchip embedded with gold nanoelectrode ensemble electrodes
Chen A, Tsao MJ, Chuang JF, Lin CH
708 - 716 Characterization of Li-V-O nanorod phases and their effect on electrochemical properties of Li1+xV3O8 cathode materials synthesized by hydrothermal reaction and subsequent heat treatment
Kim K, Park SH, Kwon TH, Park JE, Ahn H, Lee MJ
717 - 725 Kinetic and hydrodynamic implications of 1-D and 2-D models for copper electrodeposition under mixed kinetic-mass transfer control
Vazquez-Arenas J, Pritzker M, Fowler M
726 - 731 A novel conical structure of polyaniline nanotubes synthesized on ITO-PET conducting substrate by electrochemical method
Qin Q, Zhang R
732 - 736 Electrochemically reduced graphene oxide-nickel nanocomposites for urea electrolysis
Wang D, Yan W, Vijapur SH, Botte GG
737 - 743 Electrochemical properties of ether-based electrolytes for lithium/sulfur rechargeable batteries
Barchasz C, Lepretre JC, Patoux S, Alloin F
744 - 748 Pt-W bimetallic alloys as CO-tolerant PEMFC anode catalysts
Dai Y, Liu YW, Chen SL
749 - 755 Eco-friendly, cost-effective silica-based protective coating for an A6092/SiC/17.5p aluminum metal matrix composite
Hamdy AS, Alfosail F, Gasem Z
756 - 762 Electrochemical behavior of Zn/Zn(II) couples in aprotic ionic liquids based on pyrrolidinium and imidazolium cations and bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide and dicyanamide anions
Xu M, Ivey DG, Xie Z, Qu W
763 - 770 Effect of cation nature of zeolite on carbon replicas and their electrochemical capacitance
Zhou J, Li W, Zhang ZS, Wu XZ, Xing W, Zhuo SP
771 - 777 Effects of deposition temperature on electrodeposition of zinc-nickel alloy coatings
Qiao XP, Li HL, Zhao WZ, Li DJ
778 - 783 Ceramic/polymer solid electrolyte based lithium water primary battery
Cook CC, Wagner MJ
784 - 791 pi-Donor layer coverage onto glassy carbon by electrochemical means. Reduction of omega-iodoalkyl-tetrathiafulvalenes
Lorcy D, Shin KS, Guerro M, Simonet J
792 - 797 Electrodeposition of copper-tin film alloys for interconnect applications
Volov I, Sun XX, Gadikota G, Shi P, West AC
798 - 806 Structural and sensing characteristics of Gd2Ti2O7, Er2TiO5 and Lu2Ti2O7 sensing membrane electrolyte-insulator-semiconductor for bio-sensing applications
Pan TM, Liao PY, Chang KY, Chi LF
807 - 813 Supercapacitive properties of activated carbon electrode in organic electrolytes containing single- and double-cationic liquid salts
Cho WJ, Yeom CG, Kim BC, Kim KM, Ko JM, Yu KH
814 - 822 Characterization of film properties on the Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy C-2000
Zhang XR, Zagidulin D, Shoesmith DW
823 - 831 Gel electrolytes based on ionic liquids for advanced lithium polymer batteries
Hofmann A, Schulz M, Hanemann T
832 - 839 Low-potential amperometric detection of dopamine based on MnO2 nanowires/chitosan modified gold electrode
Huang Y, Cheng CM, Tian XQ, Zheng BZ, Li Y, Yuan HY, Xiao D, Choi MMF
840 - 847 In situ characterization by cyclic voltammetry and conductance of composites based on polypyrrole, multi-walled carbon nanotubes and cobalt phthalocyanine
Porras-Gutierrez AG, Frontana-Uribe BA, Gutierrez-Granados S, Griveau S, Bedioui F
848 - 853 Nanostructured TiO2 microspheres for dye-sensitized solar cells employing a solid state polymer electrolyte
Jung HG, Nagarajan S, Kang YS, Sun YK
854 - 860 Influence of the HClO4 concentration on the beta-CD electropolimerization over a carbon paste electrode and on dopamine's electrochemical response
Corona-Avendano S, Ramirez-Silva MT, Romero-Romo M, Rojas-Hernandez A, Palomar-Pardave M
861 - 867 Dual-cell reduction and group effect in an internal microelectrolysis reactor
Ying DW, Peng J, Li K, Wang YL, Pan SW, Jia JP