Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.81 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Enhancement of electrochemical capacitive properties based on complementation of morphologies
Cao F, Liu YM, Chen BL, Fei LF, Wang Y, Yuan JK
8 - 13 Codeposition of AuPd bimetallic nanoparticles on to ITO and their electrocatalytic properties for ethanol oxidation
Tang J, Tian XC, Pang WH, Liu YQ, Lin JH
14 - 19 Electrochemical detection of redox species flowing in a nitrocellulose membrane and application to quantitative immunochromatography
Kiba Y, Otani Y, Yasukawa T, Mizutani F
20 - 24 A hybrid Li-air battery with buckypaper air cathode and sulfuric acid electrolyte
Li YF, Huang K, Xing YC
25 - 30 Research on the electrochemical performance of nanocomposites of vanadium oxide and carbon nanotubes as cathode materials
Zhu QY, Li ZL, Huang SN, Zhang XY, Chen W, Zakharova GS
31 - 36 Non-enzymatic superoxide anion radical sensor based on Pt nanoparticles covalently bonded to thiolated MWCNTs
Kim SK, Kim D, You JM, Han HS, Jeon S
37 - 43 Facile and controllable synthesis of Prussian blue on chitosan-functionalized graphene nanosheets for the electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide
Yang JH, Myoung N, Hong HG
44 - 48 Multilayered architecture of graphene nanosheets and MnO2 nanowires as an electrode material for high-performance supercapacitors
Wu MS, Lin CJ, Ho CL
49 - 57 Graphene electrochemical responses sense surroundings
Martinez JG, Otero TF, Bosch-Navarro C, Coronado E, Marti-Gastaldo C, Prima-Garcia H
58 - 63 Sulfonated polyphenyl ether by electropolymerization
Hou HY, Vacandio F, Di Vona ML, Knauth P
64 - 73 A study on molybdenum sulphoselenide (MoSxSe2-x, 0 <= x <= 2) thin films: Growth from solution and its properties
Anand TJS, Shariza S
74 - 82 Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical characteristics of TiNbO5 nanosheet electrode
Zhang O, Lin BZ, Chen YL, Gao BF, Fu LM, Li B
83 - 89 Electrochemically assembled planar hybrid poly(3-methylthiophene)/ZnO nanostructured composites
Sydorov D, Smertenko P, Piryatinski Y, Yoshida T, Pud A
90 - 97 Internal stress evolution during field-induced crystallization of anodic tantalum oxide
Yang L, Viste M, Hossick-Schott J, Sheldon BW
98 - 105 Tuning the electrodeposition parameters of silver to yield micro/nano structures from room temperature protic ionic liquids
Suryanto BHR, Gunawan CA, Lu XY, Zhao C
106 - 111 Activated silica gel based carbon paste electrodes exhibit signal enhancement for quercetin
Chen XR, Li Q, Yu SJ, Lin B, Wu KB
112 - 116 Dendritic core-shell structure preparation by a facile consecutive electrochemical crystal growth method
Qiu R, Zhang D, Wang P
117 - 122 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of CoO/TiO2 nanotube composite
Zhang GG, Huang HT, Li WF, Yu F, Wu HJ, Zhou LM
123 - 128 Electrodeposition of micropatterned Ni vertical bar Pt multilayers and segmented Ni vertical bar Pt vertical bar Ni nanowires
Maijenburg AW, George A, Samal D, Nijland M, Besselink R, Kuiper B, Kleibeuker JE, ten Elshof JE
129 - 137 Glucose oxidase and 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium deposited by AC-electrophoresis on Pt as a glucose bioanode for biofuel cells
Ammam M, Fransaer J
138 - 148 A novel model electrode for investigating ion transport inside pores in an electrical double-layer capacitor: Monodispered microporous starburst carbon spheres
Yamada Y, Sasaki T, Tatsuda N, Weingarth D, Yano K, Kotz R
149 - 154 Electrodeposited and characterization of Cu-Cd-Se semiconductor thin films
Ben Assaker I, Elbedoui H, Chtourou R
155 - 160 Lithium storage in commercial MoS2 in different potential ranges
Fang XP, Hua CX, Guo XW, Hu YS, Wang ZX, Gao XP, Wu F, Wang JZ, Chen LQ
161 - 165 SEI-forming mechanism of 1-Fluoropropane-2-one in lithium-ion batteries
Kramer E, Schmitz R, Niehoff P, Passerini S, Winter M
166 - 171 Chemical synthesis, characterization and electro-oxidation of hydrazine via a carbon paste electrode modified with poly (P-phenylendiamine/Al2O3) nanocomposite
Emamgholizadeh A, Omrani A, Rostami AA
172 - 178 Uniform urchin-like nickel cobaltite microspherical superstructures constructed by one-dimension nanowires and their application for electrochemical capacitors
Wu T, Li JY, Hou LR, Yuan CZ, Yang L, Zhang XG
179 - 185 Three- and four-electrode EIS analysis of water stable lithium electrode with solid electrolyte plate
Yang TH, Sang L, Ding F, Zhang J, Liu XJ
186 - 190 All-solid-state nitrate-selective electrode and its application in drinking water
Tang WZ, Ping JF, Fan K, Wang YX, Luo X, Ying YB, Wu J, Zhou QL
191 - 196 Facile synthesis of micrometer Li1.05Mn1.95O4 and its low temperature performance for high power lithium ion batteries
Li SR, Qiao Y, Sun Y, Ge SY, Chen YM, Lieberwirth I, Yu Y, Chen CH
197 - 204 Electrochemical and chemical formation of a low-barrier proton transfer complex between the quinone dianion and hydroquinone
Astudillo PD, Valencia DP, Gonzalez-Fuentes MA, Diaz-Sanchez BR, Frontana C, Gonzalez FJ
205 - 216 Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of phase transition materials
Ciucci F, Lai W
217 - 223 Chemical compatibility, redox behavior, and electrochemical performance of Nd1-xSrxCoO3-delta cathodes based on Ce1.9Gd0.1O1.95 for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Choi S, Shin J, Ok KM, Kim G
224 - 226 Electrochemical behavior of lithium in lithium hydroxide solution with sodium nitrite
Zhang ZY, Chen W, Ni EF, Chen KH
227 - 232 Transition metal tungstates synthesized by co-precipitation method: Basic photocatalytic properties
Garcia-Perez UM, Martinez-de La Cruz A, Peral J
233 - 238 Novel composites Li[LixNi0.34-xMn0.47Co0.19]O-2 (0.18 <= x <= 0.21): Synthesis and application as high-voltage cathode with improved electrochemical performance for lithium ion batteries
Zhang XH, Yu C, Huang XD, Zheng J, Guan XF, Luo D, Li LP
239 - 245 Electrochemical characteristics of cis-jasmone in acid media at multi-wall carbon nanotube-Nafion composite film modified electrode and its analytical application
Dang XP, Hu CG, Chen ZL, Wang SF, Hu SS
246 - 253 Significant influence of nano-SiO2 on the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells based on P25
Niu HH, Liu L, Wang HP, Zhang SW, Ma Q, Mao XL, Wan L, Miao SD, Xu JZ
254 - 259 EQCM, SEC and voltammetric study of kinetics and mechanism of hexaamminecobalt(III) electro-reduction onto gold electrode
Mech K, Zabinski P, Kowalik R, Fitzner K
260 - 267 In situ hydrothermal growth of CdSe(S) nanocrystals on mesoporous TiO2 films for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Song XH, Wang MQ, Shi YH, Deng JP, Yang Z, Yao X
268 - 274 A numerical experiment approach to modeling impedance: Application to study a Warburg-type spectrum in a membrane system with diffusion coefficients depending on concentration
Mareev SA, Nikonenko VV
275 - 282 Mechanistic, kinetic and electroanalytical aspects of quinone-hydroquinone redox system in N-alkylimidazolium based room temperature ionic liquids
Bhat MA
283 - 291 Composites Li2MnO3 center dot LiMn1/3N1/3CO1/3O2: Optimized synthesis and applications as advanced high-voltage cathode for batteries working at elevated temperatures
Yu C, Li GS, Guan XF, Zheng J, Li LP, Chen TW
292 - 300 Understanding the electro-catalytic oxidation mechanism of urea on nickel electrodes in alkaline medium
Vedharathinam V, Botte GG
301 - 307 Moderately reduced graphene oxide as transparent counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Jang HS, Yun JM, Kim DY, Park DW, Na SI, Kim SS
308 - 312 Highly sensitive and selective cyanide ion sensor based on modified ZnS nanoparticles
Mehta SK, Salaria K, Umar A
313 - 320 N-doped graphene/carbon composite as non-precious metal electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Liu Q, Zhang HY, Zhong HW, Zhang SM, Chen SL
321 - 329 Homogeneous growth of nano-sized beta-Ni(OH)(2) on reduced graphene oxide for high-performance supercapacitors
Fang DL, Chen ZD, Liu X, Wu ZF, Zheng CH
330 - 337 Electrode processes and in situ magnetic measurements of FePt films in a LiPF6 based electrolyte
Leistner K, Lange N, Hanisch J, Oswald S, Scheiba F, Fahler S, Schlorb H, Schultz L
338 - 338 An accurate evaluation for the activity of nano-sized electrocatalysts by a thin-film rotating disk electrode: Oxygen reduction on Pt/C (vol 72, pg 120, 2012)
Ke K, Hiroshima K, Kamitaka Y, Hatanaka T, Morimoto Y