Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.53, No.22 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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6285 - 6292 Galvanic corrosion associated with SM 80SS steel and Ni-based alloy G3 couples in NaCl solution
Yin ZF, Yan ML, Bai ZQ, Zhao WZ, Zhou WJ
6293 - 6303 Hydroxamation of gold surface via in-situ layer-by-layer functionalization of cysteamine self-assembled monolayer: Preparation and electrochemical characterization
Shervedani RK, Bagherzadeh M
6304 - 6316 Kinetics of chloride ion adsorption on stainless alloys by in situ contact electric resistance technique
Marichev VA
6317 - 6322 Study of the hydrogen absorption in Pd in alkaline solution
Martin MH, Lasia A
6323 - 6327 The influence of bismuth oxide doping on the rechargeability of aqueous cells using MnO2 cathode and LiOH electrolyte
Minakshi M, Mitchell DRG
6328 - 6336 Effect of cathode binder IEC on kinetic and transport losses in all-SPEEK MEAs
Sambandam S, Ramani V
6337 - 6343 Water removal from a PEFC during gas purge
Tajiri K, Wang CY, Tabuchi Y
6344 - 6350 Electrochemical study on the type of immobilized acetylcholinesterase inhibition by sodium fluoride
Ovalle M, Stoytcheva M, Zlatev R, Valdez B, Velkova Z
6351 - 6355 Preparation and electrochemical properties of composites of carbon nanotubes loaded with Ag and TiO2 nanoparticle for use as anode material in lithium-ion batteries
Yan JY, Song HH, Yang SB, Yan JD, Chen XH
6356 - 6365 Electrochemical characterisation and modelling of the mass transport phenomena in LiPF6-EC-EMC electrolyte
Nyman A, Behm M, Lindbergh G
6366 - 6371 Insights into the electrochemical activity of nanosized alpha-LiFeO2
Morales J, Santos-Pena J, Trocoli R, Franger S, Rodriguez-Castellon E
6372 - 6379 Potassium ion transport by gramicidin and valinomycin across a Ag(111)-supported tethered bilayer lipid membrane
Becucci L, Innocenti M, Salvietti E, Rindi A, Pasquini I, Vassalli M, Foresti ML, Guidelli R
6380 - 6390 Low-frequency impedance of an ion-exchange membrane system
Sistat P, Kozmai A, Pismenskaya N, Larchet C, Pourcelly G, Nikonenko V
6391 - 6396 Optimal temperature for DMFC stack operation
Kulikovsky AA
6397 - 6401 Effect of water and oxygen traces on the cathodic stability of N-alkyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide
Randstrom S, Montanino M, Appetecchi GB, Lagergren C, Moreno A, Passerini S
6402 - 6409 Electrochemical degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol on a palladium modified gas-diffusion electrode
Wang H, Wang JL
6410 - 6416 Polyoxometallate-stabilized platinum catalysts on multi-walled carbon nanotubes for fuel cell applications
Guo ZP, Han DM, Wexler D, Zeng R, Liu HK
6417 - 6422 Synthesis and characterization of NH4PO3 based composite with superior proton conductivity for intermediate temperature fuel cells
Sun C, Stimming U
6423 - 6427 Layer-by-layer assembly of functional silica and Au nanoparticles for fabricating electrogenerated chemiluminescence sensor
Zhang LH, Wang F, Dong SJ
6428 - 6433 Spectroelectrochemical analysis of ion-transfer and adsorption of the PAMAM dendrimer at a polarized liquid vertical bar liquid interface
Nagatani H, Ueno T, Sagara T
6434 - 6443 Electrochemical characterization of amorphous LiFe(WO4)(2) thin films as positive electrodes for rechargeable lithium batteries
Li CL, Fu ZW
6444 - 6451 Cylindrical pore arrays in silicon with intermediate nano-sizes: A template for nanofabrication and multilayer applications
Harraz FA, El-Sheikh SM, Sakka T, Ogata YH
6452 - 6459 Mass transfer and current distribution on a metallic wire
Vyver OV, Nelissen G, Weyns G, Deconinck J, Degrez M, Godet S
6460 - 6463 Lithium-polymer battery based on an ionic liquid-polymer electrolyte composite for room temperature applications
Chew SY, Sun JZ, Wang JZ, Liu HK, Forsyth M, MacFarlane DR
6464 - 6468 Electrochemiluminescent behavior of luminol on the glassy carbon electrode modified with CoTPP/MWNT composite film
Lin ZY, Chen JH, Chi YW, Qui B, Lin JM, Chen GN
6469 - 6476 Synthesis, electrochemical and spectroscopic investigations of New N-BEDOT derivatives containing anil substituted carbazole subunits
Fabre-Francke I, Zagorska M, Louarn G, Hapiot P, Pron A, Sadki S
6477 - 6483 A novel electrosynthesis cell with a compressed graphite powder cathode and minimal organic solvent content: Application to the Reformatsky reaction
Areias MCC, Navarro M, Bieber LW, Diniz FB, Leonel E, Cachet-Vivier C, Nedelec JY
6484 - 6488 Impedance characterization of the electrochemical environment under a polymer film artificially delaminated
Rubin A, Oltra R, Vuillemin B, Ogle K
6489 - 6496 Label-Free Detection of Protein interactions with peptide aptamers by open circuit potential measurement
Estrela P, Paul D, Li P, Keighley SD, Migliorato P, Laurenson S, Ferrigno PK
6497 - 6503 Nano-sized cobalt oxide/mesoporous carbon sphere composites as negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries
Liu HJ, Bo SH, Cui WJ, Li F, Wang CX, Xia YY
6504 - 6512 Template electrosynthesis of aligned Cu2O nanowires - Part I. Fabrication and characterization
Inguanta R, Piazza S, Sunseri C
6513 - 6520 The electroreduction kinetics of silver sulfite complexes
Baltrunas G, Valiuniene A, Margarian Z, Viselgiene G, Popkirov G
6521 - 6529 Numerical studies of cold-start phenomenon in PEM fuel cells
Meng H
6530 - 6534 Electrochemistry of Sn(II)/Sn in a hydrophobic room-temperature ionic liquid
Tachikawa N, Serizawa N, Katayama Y, Miura T
6535 - 6541 Influencing factors on electrochromic hysteresis performance of ruthenium purple produced by a WO3/Tris(2,2'-bipyridine)ruthenium(II)/polymer hybrid film
Sone K, Yagi M
6542 - 6544 Decay of capacitance on ceasing formation of anodic oxide films on tantalum
Young L, Kulpa A
6545 - 6558 Effect of the density of the electronic states at the valence orbital of the bridge redox molecule on the dependence of the tunnel current on the overvoltage in the case of fully adiabatic electron transition
Medvedev IG
6559 - 6567 Preparation and characterisation of platinum- and gold-coated copper, iron, cobalt and nickel deposits on glassy carbon substrates
Papadimitriou S, Tegou A, Pavlidou E, Armyanov S, Valova E, Kokkinidis G, Sotiropoulos S
6568 - 6574 Rapid impedance scanning QCM for electrochemical applications based on miniaturized hardware and high-performance curve fitting
Wudy F, Multerer M, Stock C, Schmeer G, Gores HJ
6575 - 6579 Effect of tris(methoxy diethylene glycol) borate on ionic conductivity and electrochemical stability of ethylene carbonate-based electrolyte
Choi NS, Ryu SW, Park JK
6580 - 6588 Functionalisation of glassy carbon electrodes with deposited tetrabutylammonium microcrystalline salts of lacunary and metal-substituted alpha-Keggin-polyoxosilicotungstates
Fernandes DM, Simoes SMN, Carapuca HM, Cavaleiro AMV
6589 - 6595 Recognition of dimethoate carried by bi-layer electrodeposition of silver nanoparticles and imprinted poly-o-phenylenediamine
Du D, Chen SZ, Cai J, Tao Y, Tu HY, Zhang AD
6596 - 6601 Nanomolar detection of rutin based on adsorptive stripping analysis at single-sided heated graphite cylindrical electrodes with direct current heating
Wu SH, Sun JJ, Zhang DF, Lin ZB, Nie FH, Qiu HY, Chen GN
6602 - 6609 Impedance spectroscopy analysis of glucose electro-oxidation on Ni-modified glassy carbon electrode
Danaee I, Jafarian M, Forouzandeh F, Gobal F, Mahjani MG
6610 - 6615 Electrocatalytic oxidation and simultaneous determination of uric acid and ascorbic acid on the gold nanoparticles-modified glassy carbon electrode
Hu GZ, Ma YG, Guo Y, Shao SJ
6616 - 6622 Signal splitting in the stripping analysis of heavy metals using bismuth film electrodes: Influence of concentration range and deposition parameters
Alberich NSA, Diaz-Cruz JM, Arino C, Esteban M
6623 - 6628 Composite electrolyte of heteropolyacid (HPA) and polyethylene oxide (PEO) for solid-state dye-sensitized solar cell
Akhtar MS, Cheralathan KK, Chun JM, Yang OB
6629 - 6635 Amino group positions dependent morphology and coverage of electropolymerized metallophthalocyanine (M = Ni and Co) films on electrode surfaces
Sivanesan A, John SA
6636 - 6642 Investigation on the electrode process of the Mn(II)/Mn(III) couple in redox flow battery
Xue FQ, Wang YL, Wang WH, Wang XD
6643 - 6650 Electrocatalytic oxidation of L-cysteine with a stable copper-cobalt hexacyanoferrate electrochemically modified carbon paste electrode
Abbaspour A, Ghaffarinejad A
6651 - 6656 Suppression of the memory effect observed in alkaline secondary batteries under partial charge-discharge conditions
Morishita M, Shimizu Y, Kobayakawa K, Sato Y
6657 - 6661 Amino acid sensing by impedance of porous monolith-type ion exchanger
Aoki H, Miyano K, Hotta S, Yano D, Sano K, Yamanaka K, Kimura C, Sugino T
6662 - 6667 Low temperature preparation of carbon-supported Pd-Co alloy electrocatalysts for methanol-tolerant oxygen reduction reaction
Li XW, Huang QH, Zou ZQ, Xia BJ, Yang H