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265 - 265 Editorial
Trasatti S
266 - 270 6th international symposium. Electrochemical Micro- and Nanosystem Technologies (EMNT 2006)
Hassel AW, Konig U
271 - 277 New formation process of plating thin films on several substrates by means of self-assembled monolayer (SAM) process
Osaka T, Yoshino M
278 - 284 Low potential detection of glucose at carbon nanotube modified glassy carbon electrode with electropolymerized poly(toluidine blue O) film
Yao YL, Shiu KK
285 - 289 Preparation of high magnetic flux density CoNiFeB film by electroless deposition for application to magnetic recording devices
Yoshino M, Kikuchi Y, Sugiyama A, Osaka T
290 - 299 High-resolution Kelvin probe microscopy in corrosion science: Scanning Kelvin probe force microscopy (SKPFM) versus classical scanning Kelvin probe (SKP)
Rohwerder M, Turcu F
300 - 304 Embedded space charge in porous alumina films formed in phosphoric acid
Vrublevsky I, Jagminas A, Schreckenbach J, Goedel WA
305 - 311 Handheld multi-channel LAPS device as a transducer platform for possible biological and chemical multi-sensor applications
Wagner T, Molina R, Yoshinobu T, Kloock JP, Biselli ME, Canzoneri M, Schnitzler T, Schooning MJ
312 - 318 Development of a sonovoltammetric cell for mass transport investigations in the LIGA-process under megasonic agitation
Lisinenkova M, Bade K, Hahn L, Schulz J
319 - 323 Template assisted solid state electrochemical growth of silver micro-and nanowires
Peppler K, Janek J
324 - 329 Copper nanowires and silver micropit arrays from the electrochemical treatment of a directionally solidified silver-copper eutectic
Brittman S, Smith AJ, Milenkovic S, Hassel AW
330 - 336 The influence of the ion-exchange groups nature and the degree of chemical activation by silver on the process of copper electrodeposition into the ion exchanger
Kravchenko TA, Chayka MY, Konev DV, Polyanskiy LN, Krysanov VA
337 - 345 Surface modification of passive iron by alkyl-phosphonic acid layers
Paszternak A, Stichleutner S, Felhosi I, Keresztes Z, Nagy F, Kuzmann E, Vertes A, Homonnay Z, Peto G, Kalman E
346 - 348 5th international conference. Electrocatalysis: from theory to industrial applications "Aleksandar R. Despic"
Jaksic MM
349 - 361 Spillover of primary oxides as a dynamic catalytic effect of interactive hypo-d-oxide supports
Jaksic JA, Krstajic NV, Vracar LM, Neophytides SG, Labou D, Falaras P, Jaksic MM
362 - 368 Sputtered electrocatalysts for PEM electrochemical energy converters
Slavcheva E, Radev I, Topalov G, Budevski E
369 - 376 Understanding CO-stripping mechanism from Ni-UPD/Pt(110) in view of the measured nickel formal partial charge number upon underpotential deposition on platinum surfaces in sulphate media
Chatenet M, Soldo-Olivier Y, Chainet E, Faure R
377 - 389 Ethanol electrooxidation on novel carbon supported Pt/SnOx/C catalysts with varied Pt : Sn ratio
Jiang L, Colmenares L, Jusys Z, Sun GQ, Behm R
390 - 399 The pH-dependence of oxygen reduction on quinone-modified glassy carbon electrodes
Jurmann G, Schiffrin DJ, Tammeveski K
400 - 406 Behavior of cobalt oxide electrodes during oxidative processes in alkaline medium
Palmas S, Ferrara F, Vacca A, Mascia M, Polcaro AM
407 - 416 Gold nanoparticles obtained by Au(III) reduction with Sn(II): Preparation and electrocatalytic properties in oxidation of reducing agents
Vaskelis A, Tarozaite R, Jagminiene A, Tamasiunaite LT, Juskenas R, Kurtinaitiene M
417 - 425 Corrosion resistance of plasma-anodized AZ91D magnesium alloy by electrochemical methods
Barchiche CE, Rocca E, Juers C, Hazan J, Steinmetz J
426 - 433 Kinetics of hydrogen evolution reaction on nanocrystalline electrodeposited Ni62Fe35C3 cathode in alkaline solution by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Shervedani RK, Madram AR
434 - 446 Statistical analysis of a corrosion inhibitor family on three steel surfaces (duplex, super-13 and carbon) in hydrochloric acid solutions
Baddini ALDQ, Cardoso SP, Hollauer E, Gomes JADCP
447 - 452 Performance degradation study of a direct methanol fuel cell by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Jeon MK, Won JY, Oh KS, Lee KR, Woo SI
453 - 458 Degradation pathway of 2,5-di-tert-butyl-1,4-dimethoxybenzene at high potential
Chen Z, Amine K
459 - 467 Electrochemical deposition of lead dioxide in the presence of polyvinylpyrrolidone - A morphological study
Ghasemi S, Mousavi MF, Shamsipur M
468 - 473 Marine microbial fuel cell: Use of stainless steel electrodes as anode and cathode materials
Dumas C, Mollica A, Feron D, Basseguy R, Etcheverry L, Bergel A
474 - 479 Study on synthesis routes and their influences on chemical and electrochemical performances of Li3V2(PO4)(3)/carbon
Li YZ, Liu X, Yan J
480 - 486 Electroanalysis of thiocyanate using a novel glassy carbon electrode modified by aryl radicals and cobalt tetracarboxyphthalocyanine
Matemadombo F, Westbroek P, Nyokong T
487 - 494 Synthesis and properties of polymer brushes bearing ionic liquid moieties
Yu B, Zhou F, Hu H, Wang CW, Liu WM
495 - 510 Electrochemical behaviour of gold and stainless steel under proton irradiation and active RedOx couples
Leoni E, Corbel C, Cobut V, Simon D, Feron D, Roy M, Raquet O
511 - 517 Electrolytic deposition of Ni-Co-Al2O3 composite coating on pipe steel for corrosion/erosion resistance in oil sand slurry
Tian BR, Cheng YF
518 - 524 Mechanism of formation and electronic structure of semiconducting ZnSb nanoclusters electrodeposited from an ionic liquid
Mann O, Freyland W
525 - 537 A comparative study on electrochemical co-deposition and capacitance of composite films of conducting polymers and carbon nanotubes
Peng C, Jin J, Chen GZ
538 - 548 Anion exchange influence on the electrochemomechanical properties of polyaniline
Lizarraga L, Andrade EM, Molina FV
549 - 554 Electrochemical performances of lithium ion battery using alkoxides of group 13 as electrolyte solvent
Kaneko F, Masuda Y, Nakayama M, Wakihara M
555 - 560 Reactivity at the film/solution interface of ex situ prepared bismuth film electrodes: A scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) investigation
Hocevar SB, Daniele S, Bragato C, Ogorevc B
561 - 568 Electrochemical noise analysis of the corrosion of AZ91D magnesium alloy in alkaline chloride solution
Zhang T, Shao YW, Meng GZ, Wang FH
569 - 574 ITO electrode modified by self-assembling multilayer film of polyoxometallate on poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofibers and its electrocatalytic behavior
Shan YP, Yang GC, Sun YL, Pang SJ, Gong J, Su ZM, Qu LY
575 - 583 Analytical solution for the voltage distribution in one-dimensional porous electrode subjected to cyclic voltammetric (CV) conditions
Reddy R, Reddy RG
584 - 589 Determination of trace selenium on hanging copper amalgam drop electrode
Piech R, Kubiak WW
590 - 597 Synthesis of self-organized mixed oxide nanotubes by sonoelectrochemical anodization of Ti-8Mn alloy
Mohapatra SK, Raja KS, Misra M, Mahajan VK, Ahmadian M
598 - 603 Non-catalyzed cathodic oxygen reduction at graphite granules in microbial fuel cells
Freguia S, Rabaey K, Yuan Z, Keller J
604 - 609 Direct deposition of nanostructured Pt particles onto a Ni foam from lyotropic liquid crystalline phase by displacement plating
Yamauchi Y, Komatsu M, Takai A, Sebata R, Sawada M, Momma T, Fuziwara M, Osaka T, Kuroda K
610 - 621 Non-isothermal cold start of polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Jiang FM, Fang WF, Wang CY
622 - 628 Electrochemical and SEM investigations of the influence of gluconate on the electroless deposition of Ni-Cu-P alloys
Larhzil H, Cisse M, Touir R, Touhami ME, Cherkaoui M
629 - 636 Degradation of phenols using boron-doped diamond electrodes: A method for quantifying the extent of combustion
Pacheco MJ, Morao A, Lopes A, Ciriaco L, Goncalves I
637 - 643 MEA design for low water crossover in air-breathing DMFC
Song KY, Lee HK, Kim HT
644 - 649 Effect of temperature on Co electrodeposition in the presence of boric acid
Santos JS, Matos R, Trivinho-Strixino F, Pereira EC
650 - 656 Effect of vinyl acetate plus vinylene carbonate and vinyl ethylene carbonate plus biphenyl as electrolyte additives on the electrochemical performance of Li-ion batteries
Shim EG, Nam TH, Kim JG, Kim HS, Moon SI
657 - 663 Light reflection at polyaniline films and its application to a kinetic study of polymer chain conformation
Harima Y, Kishimoto K, Mizota H
664 - 672 Palladium electrodeposition on polyaniline films
Mourato A, Correia JP, Siegenthaler H, Abrantes LM
673 - 679 Effect of N(4)-substituent groups on transfer of 2-benzoylpyridine thiosemicarbazone derivates at the water/1,2-dichloroethane interface
Akgemci EG, Bingol H, Atalay T, Ersoz A
680 - 687 Cluster and discriminant analysis of electrochemical noise data
Huang JY, Guo XP, Qiu YB, Chen ZY
688 - 694 Oxygen reduction activity of Pt and Pt-Mn-Co electrocatalysts sputtered on nano-structured thin film support
Bonakdarpour A, Stevens K, Vernstrom GD, Atanasoski R, Schmoeckel AK, Debe MK, Dahn JR
695 - 699 Electrochemical capacitive properties of cadmium oxide films
Chang J, Mane RS, Ham D, Lee W, Cho BW, Lee JK, Han SH
700 - 709 Investigation of hydrogen adsorption-absorption on iron by EIS
Amokrane N, Gabrielli C, Ostermann E, Perrot H
710 - 719 A study of the electrochemical behaviour of electrodes in operating solid-state supercapacitors
Staiti P, Lufrano F
720 - 728 Electrochemical fabrication and electrocatalytic characteristics studies of gold nanopillar array electrode (AuNPE) for development of a novel electrochemical sensor
Shin C, Shin W, Hong HG
729 - 736 Characterization of ultramicroelectrode arrays combining electrochemical techniques and optical microscopy imaging
Orozco J, Suarez G, Fernandez-Sanchez C, McNeil C, Jimenez-Jorquera C
737 - 739 Comments on "Electrocatalysts for the anodic oxidation of borohydrides" by B.H. Liu, Z.P. Li, S. Suda [Electrochim. Acta 49 (2004) 3097] -Questions and remarks about catalytic activity of nickel foam used as substrate of electrocatalyst
Demirci UB
740 - 751 Mechanism transition of mixed diffusion and charge transfer-controlled to diffusion-controlled oxygen reduction at Pt-dispersed carbon electrode by Pt loading, Nafion content and temperature
Lee SK, Pyun SI, Lee SJ, Jung KN
752 - 757 Interfacial synthesis of porous MnO2 and its application in electrochemical capacitor
Yang XH, Wang YG, Xiong HM, Xia YY
758 - 762 Electrochemical trench etching of silicon triggered via mechanical nanocontacts
Gassilloud R, Schmuki P, Michler J
763 - 767 Performance enhancement of PEMFC through temperature control in catalyst layer fabrication
Park HS, Cho YH, Cho YH, Jung CR, Jang JH, Sung YE
768 - 776 Numerical simulation of salt water electrolysis in parallel-plate electrode channel under forced convection
Lu J, Li DJ, Zhang LL, Wang YX
777 - 784 Ethylene diamine-grafted carbon nanotubes: A promising catalyst support for methanol electro-oxidation
Yang L, Chen JH, Wei XG, Liu B, Kuang YF
785 - 791 Amperometric ascorbate sensor based on conducting polymer: Poly(N-methylaniline) versus polyaniline
Brazdziuvien K, Jureviciute I, Malinauskas A
792 - 802 Impedance study of electropolymerized films of polyNi(II)-macrocycles
Berrios C, Ureta-Zanartu MS, Gutierrez C
803 - 810 Development of a membrane-based electrochemical immunosensor
Koh G, Agarwal S, Cheow PS, Toh CS
811 - 822 Effect of the structure of Pt-Ru/C particles on COad monolayer vibrational properties and electrooxidation kinetics
Maillard F, Bonnefont A, Chatenet M, Guetaz L, Doisneati-Cottignies B, Roussel H, Stimming U
823 - 828 Macropore density as a function of HF-concentration and bias
Bao XQ, Lin JL, Jiao JW, Wang YL
829 - 836 Electrocatalytic activity of oxidation products of guanine and 5'-GMP towards the oxidation of NADH
de-los-Santos-Alvarez N, Lobo-Castanon MJ, Miranda-Ordieres AJ, Tunon-Blanco P
837 - 845 Electrodeposition of Ni-Co-Cu/Cu multilayers - 2. Calculations of the element distribution and experimental depth profile analysis
Peter L, Katona GL, Bernyi Z, Vad K, Langer GA, Toth-Kadar E, Padar J, Pogany L, Bakonyi I
846 - 852 Potential oscillation generated by formaldehyde oxidation in the presence of dissolved oxygen
Kikuchi M, Kon W, Miyahara S, Mukouyama Y, Okamoto H
853 - 862 Three-dimensional two-phase mass transport model for direct methanol fuel cells
Yang WW, Zhao TS, Xu C
863 - 870 Surface characteristics of titanium anodized in the four different types of electrolyte
Park IS, Woo TG, Jeon WY, Park HH, Lee MH, Bae TS, Seol KW
871 - 881 Characterization of electrode/electrolyte interface using in situ X-ray reflectometry and LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 epitaxial film electrode synthesized by pulsed laser deposition method
Hirayama M, Sakamoto K, Hiraide T, Mori D, Yamada A, Kanno R, Sonoyama N, Tamura K, Mizuki J
882 - 886 Asymmetric electric double layer capacitors using carbon electrodes with different pore size distributions
Wang L, Morishita T, Toyoda M, Inagaki M
887 - 893 Study of the kinetics and the influence of Bi-irr, on formic acid oxidation at Pt2RU3/C
Tripkovic AV, Gojkovic SL, Popovic KD, Lovic JD, Kowal A
894 - 902 Microscopic characterizations of membrane electrode assemblies prepared under different hot-pressing conditions
Liang ZX, Zhao TS, Xu C, Xu JB
903 - 908 The application of P(MMA-co-MAA)/PEG polyblend gel electrolyte in quasi-solid state dye-sensitized solar cell at higher temperature
Li PJ, Wu JH, Huang ML, Hao SC, Lan Z, Li QH, Kang S
909 - 914 Effect of 2-amino-3-mercaptopropanoic acid (cysteine) on the corrosion behaviour of low carbon steel in sulphuric acid
Oguzie EE, Li Y, Wang FH
915 - 919 Rotating disc electrode study of the electropolishing mechanism of NiTi in methanolic sulfuric acid
Neelakantan L, Hassel AW
920 - 926 Antagonistic effects of copper on the electrochemical performance of LiFePO4
Morales J, Santos-Pena J, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Franger S
927 - 933 Corrosion protective poly (o-ethoxyaniline) coatings on copper
Chaudhari S, Patil PP
934 - 943 Electrodeposition of CoWP film - III. Effect of pH and temperature
Dulal SMSI, Yun HJ, Shin CB, Kim CK
944 - 950 The enhanced anodic performance of highly crimped and crystalline nanofibrillar carbon in lithium-ion batteries
Cho HG, Kim YJ, Sung YE, Park CR
951 - 956 Flower-like CuO film-electrode for lithium ion batteries and the effect of surface morphology on electrochemical performance
Pan Q, Jin H, Wang H, Yin G
957 - 962 Electrochemistry of TICl4 in 1-butyl-2,3-dimethyl imidazolium azide
Andriyko Y, Nauer GE
963 - 967 Fast proton conductor under anhydrous condition synthesized from 12-phosphotungstic acid and ionic liquid
Kim JD, Hayashi S, Mori T, Honma I
968 - 974 Electroreduction of peroxycitric acid coexisting with hydrogen peroxide in aqueous solution
Ferdousi BN, Islam M, Okajima T, Ohsaka T
975 - 981 Electrochemical characterization of self-assembly process of nano-scaled polyoxomolybdate (NH4)(42)[(MO72Mo60O372)-Mo-VI-O-V(CH3COO)(30)(H2O)(72)] center dot ca.300H(2)O
Krishnan CV, Li Q, Chu B
982 - 989 Oxygen reduction on platinum electrodes in base: Theoretical study
Zhang T, Anderson AB
990 - 997 A DFT study of electronic structures, energies, and molecular properties of lithium bis[croconato]borate and its derivatives
Xue ZM, Ding YZ, Chen CH
998 - 1005 Carbon monoxide oxidation on Au(111) surface decorated by spontaneously deposited Pt
Strbac S, Petrovic S, Vasilic R, Kovac J, Zalar A, Rakocevic Z
1006 - 1012 Improvement in stannate chemical conversion coatings on AZ91 D magnesium alloy using the potentiostatic technique
Elsentriecy HH, Azumi K, Konno H
1013 - 1019 Effect of AIF(3) coating amount on high voltage cycling performance of LiCoO2
Sun YK, Cho SW, Myung ST, Amine K, Prakash J
1020 - 1020 Tungsten and nickel tungsten carbides as anode electrocatalysts (vol 52, pg 5430, 2007)
1020 - 1020 A study of RhxSy/C and RuSex/C as methanol-tolerant oxygen reduction catalysts for mixed-reactant fuel cell applications (vol 52, pg 4982, 2007)
1020 - 1029 Potassium sorbate solutions as copper Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) based slurries (vol 52, pg 5150, 2007)