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Electrochimica Acta, Vol.52, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1825 - 1838 Review on copper chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) and post-CMP cleaning in ultra large system integrated (ULSI) - An electrochemical perspective
Ein-Eli Y, Starosvetsky D
1839 - 1846 Conductance method study on the swelling kinetics of the superabsorbent
Chen ZB, Liu MZ, Qi XH, Zhan FL, Liu Z
1847 - 1856 The effect of the inner particle structure on the electronic structure of the nano-crystalline Li-Ti-O spinels
Kostlanova T, Dedecek J, Krtil P
1857 - 1864 The electrodeposition of Mn and Zn-Mn alloys from the room-temperature tri-1-butylmethylammonium bis((trifluoromethane)sulfonyl)imide ionic liquid
Chen PY, Hussey CL
1865 - 1870 In situ electropolymerised silica-polyaniline core-shell structures: Electrode modification and enzyme biosensor enhancement
Luo XL, Killard AJ, Morrin A, Smyth MR
1871 - 1879 Theoretical and experimental studies of the pitting of type 316L stainless steel in borate buffer solution containing nitrate ion
Yang SF, Macdonald DD
1880 - 1888 Temperature influence on well-ordered nanopore structures grown by anodization of aluminium in sulphuric acid
Sulka GD, Parkola KG
1889 - 1898 Electrochemistry of non-aged 90-10 copper-nickel alloy (UNS C70610) as a function of fluid flow. Part 1: Cathodic and anodic characteristics
Kear G, Barker BD, Stokes KR, Walsh FC
1899 - 1909 Preparation, structure and electrochemistry of a polypyrrole hybrid film with [Pd(dmit)(2)](2-), bis(1,3-dithiole-2-thione-4,5-dithiolate)palladate(II)
da Cruz AGB, Wardell JL, Simao RA, Rocco AM
1910 - 1918 Electro-oxidation of chlorophenols on poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly(styrene sulphonate) composite electrode
Pigani L, Musiani M, Pirvu C, Terzi F, Zanardi C, Seeber R
1919 - 1924 Electrochemical characteristics of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 prepared by spray drying and post-annealing
Li DC, Ito A, Kobayakawa K, Noguchi H, Sato Y
1925 - 1931 Improved surface-enhanced Raman scattering based on Ag-Au bimetals prepared by galvanic replacement reactions
Liu YC, Yang SJ
1932 - 1935 Reply to "Remarks on the simulation of Cl electrosorption on Ag(100) reported in Electrochimica Acta 50 (2005) 5518"
Rikvold PA, Wandlowski T, Abou Hamad I, Mitchell SJ, Brown G
1936 - 1941 Kinetic study on the role of an LSGMC5 interlayer in improving the performance of Sm0.5Sr0.5CoO3-La0.8Sr0.2Ga0.8Mg0.15Co0.05O3 (LSGMC5)/LSGMC5 interface
Wang SZ, Zhong H, Dong QF
1942 - 1950 Species-electrochemical transports in a free-breathing cathode of a PCB-based fuel cell
Hwang JJ, Chao CH
1951 - 1957 A study of thermal stability and methane tolerance of Cu-based SOFC anodes with electrodeposited Co
Gross MD, Vohs JM, Gorte RJ
1958 - 1967 Is carbon-supported Pt-WOx composite a CO-tolerant material?
Maillard F, Peyrelade E, Soldo-Olivier Y, Chatenet M, Chainet E, Faure R
1968 - 1974 Catalytic reduction of hydrogen peroxide at metal hexacyanoferrate composite electrodes and applications in enzymatic analysis
Gonzalez GLD, Kahlert H, Scholz F
1975 - 1982 Potassium sorbate - A new aqueous copper corrosion inhibitor electrochemical and spectroscopic studies
Abelev E, Starosvetsky D, Ein-Eli Y
1983 - 1989 Conductivity hysteresis in polymer electrolytes incorporating poly(tetrahydrofuran)
Akbujut O, Taniguchi I, Kumar S, Shao-Horn Y, Mayes AM
1990 - 2000 Less common patterns of reduction of some oximes
Celik H, Ludvik J, Zuman P
2001 - 2008 Re-examination of bulk and grain boundary conductivities of Ce1-xGdxO2-delta ceramics
Perez-Coll D, Nunez P, Ruiz-Morales JC, Pena-Martinez J, Frade JR
2009 - 2017 Theoretical approach to cell-impedance-controlled lithium transport through Li1-delta Mn2O4 film electrode with partially inactive fractal surface by analyses of potentiostatic current transient and linear sweep voltammogram
Jung KN, Pyun SI
2018 - 2023 Preparation and electrocatalytic property of WC/carbon nanotube composite
Li GH, Ma CA, Tang JY, Sheng JF
2024 - 2031 Immobilization of tetra-amine substituted metallophthalocyanines at gold surfaces modified with mercaptopropionic acid or DTSP-SAMs
Matemadombo F, Westbroek P, Nyokong T, Ozoemena K, De Clerck K, Kiekens P
2032 - 2038 Interaction between La3+ and MP-11 in the physiological solution
Guo SF, Zhou Q, Lu TH, Ding XL, Huang XH
2039 - 2044 Ion transport in small-molecule electrolytes based on LiI/3-hydroxypropionitrile with high salt contents
Wang HX, Wang ZX, Li H, Meng QB, Chen LQ
2045 - 2050 Electrocatalytic addition reaction of bromide compounds and activated olefins on nickel(II) tetraazamacrocyclic complex-modified graphite felt electrode
Kashiwagi Y, Kikuchi C, Kurashima F, Ono T
2051 - 2061 Electrocatalyst materials for fuel cells based on the polyoxometalates-K-7 or H-7[(P2W17O61FeIII(H2O)] and Na(12)or H-12[(P2W15O56)(2)Fe-4(III)(H2O)(2)]
Kuo MC, Stanis RJ, Ferrell JR, Turner JA, Herring AM
2062 - 2067 LiCoO2 thin tilm cathode fabrication by rapid thermal annealing for micro power sources
Park HY, Nam SC, Lim YC, Choi KG, Lee KC, Park GB, Kim JB, Kim HP, Cho SB
2068 - 2074 A new corrosion protection coating with polyaniline-TiO2 composite for steel
Sathiyanarayanan S, Azim SS, Venkatachari G
2075 - 2082 Rechargeable lithium/sulfur battery with suitable mixed liquid electrolytes
Choi JW, Kim JK, Cheruvally G, Ahn JH, Ahn HJ, Kim KW
2083 - 2090 The evaluation of the polarization resistance in a tubular electrode and its application to the hydrogen electrode reaction
Montero MA, Marozzi CA, de Chialvo MRG, Chialvo AC
2091 - 2096 Preparation and electrochemical characteristics of CoTMPP-TiO2NT/BP composite electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Xie XY, Ma ZF, Wu X, Ren QZ, Yuan XX, Jiang QZ, Hu LQ
2097 - 2101 On nonaqueous electrochemical behavior of titanium and Ti4+ compounds
Aurbach D, Gofer Y, Chusid O, Eshel H
2102 - 2108 CoPdx oxygen reduction electrocatalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane and direct methanol fuel cells
Mustain WE, Kepler K, Prakash J
2109 - 2115 Physical characterization, electrochemical performance and storage stability of spherical Al- substituted gamma-NiOOH
Fu XZ, Wang X, Xu QC, Li J, Xu JQ, Lin JD, Liao DW
2116 - 2122 Effect of imidazolium cation on cycle life characteristics of secondary lithium-sulfur cells using liquid electrolytes
Kim S, Jung Y, Park SJ
2123 - 2133 Electrochemical potential noise of 321 stainless steel stressed under constant strain rate testing conditions
Shi ZM, Song GL, Cao CN, Lin HC, Lu M
2134 - 2145 Mechanism of formation and growth of sunflower-shaped imperfections in anodic oxide films on niobium
Nagahara K, Sakairi M, Takahashi H, Matsumoto K, Takayama K, Oda Y
2146 - 2152 Investigation on characteristics of anodic film formed on PbCaSnCe alloy in sulfuric acid solution
Li DG, Zhou GS, Zhang J, Zheng MS
2153 - 2157 A study of nitroxide polyradical/activated carbon composite as the positive electrode material for electrochemical hybrid capacitor
Li HQ, Zou Y, Xia YY
2158 - 2165 Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of bis(3,4-ethylene-dioxythiophene)-(4,4'-dinonyl-2,2'-bithiazole) comonomer
Cebeci FC, Sezer E, Sarac AS
2166 - 2174 Electrocatalysis by design: Effect of the loading level of Au nanoparticles-MnOx nanoparticles binary catalysts on the electrochemical reduction of molecular oxygen
El-Deab MS, Ohsaka T
2175 - 2180 Effects of Cr2N on the pitting corrosion of high nitrogen stainless steels
Ha H, Kwon H
2181 - 2188 Electrocatalytic oxidation of deoxyguanosine on a glassy carbon electrode modified with a ruthenium oxide hexacyanoferrate film
Paixao TRLC, Bertotti M
2189 - 2195 Evaluation of electrolytes for redox flow battery applications
Chakrabarti MH, Dryfe RAW, Roberts EPL
2196 - 2202 Solvent effect on reductive bond cleavage of 1-chloro-10-methyltribenzotriquinacene: Change from the concerted to the stepwise mechanism
Jaworski JS, Cembor M, Kuck D
2203 - 2209 A fourth-order accurate, three-point compact approximation of the boundary gradient, for electrochemical kinetic simulations by the extended Numerov method
Bieniasz LK