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Electrochimica Acta, Vol.51, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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2107 - 2107 Electrode processes - Selection of papers from the International Conference 15-18 September 2004, Szczyrk, Poland
Kulesza PJ, Lipkowski J
2108 - 2119 Electrosynthesis and properties of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) films functionalized with titanocene dichloride complex
Skompska M, Vorotyntsev MA, Refczynska M, Goux J, Lesniewska E, Boni G, Moise C
2120 - 2128 Ionophores in polymeric membranes for selective ion recognition; impedance studies
Lisowska-Oleksiak A, Lesinska U, Nowak AP, Bochenska M
2129 - 2134 Electrochemical sensors based on electrodes modified with synthetic hydrotalcites
Scavetta E, Ballarin B, Berrettoni M, Carpani I, Giorgetti M, Tonelli D
2135 - 2144 In-situ ESR spectroelectrochemical studies of overoxidation behaviour of poly(3,4-butylenedioxythiophene)
Zykwinska A, Domagala W, Czardybon A, Pilawa B, Lapkowski M
2145 - 2152 Electrochemical quartz crystal nanobalance and chronocoulometry studies of phenylalanine adsorption on Au
Brosseau CL, Roscoe SG
2153 - 2160 Composite films of poly-(ester-sulphonated) and poly-(3-methylthiophene) for ion-exchange voltammetry in acetonitrile solutions
Scopece P, Moretto LM, Polizzi S, Ugo P
2161 - 2167 Effect of various porous nanotextures on the reversible electrochemical sorption of hydrogen in activated carbons
Beguin F, Kierzek K, Friebe M, Jankowska A, Machnikowski J, Jurewicz K, Frackowiak E
2168 - 2172 Development of a membraneless ethanol/oxygen biofuel cell
Topcagic S, Minteer SD
2173 - 2181 Conducting polymer films as model biological membranes -Electrochemical and ion-exchange properties of poly(pyrrole) films doped with asparagine and glutamine
Paczosa-Bator B, Migdalski J, Lewenstam A
2182 - 2187 Selective etching of n-InP(100) triggered at surface dislocations induced by nanoscratching
Gassilloud R, Michler J, Ballif C, Gasser P, Schmuki P
2188 - 2194 Optimization of the dispersion of gold and platinum nanoparticles on indium tin oxide for the electrocatalytic oxidation of cysteine and arsenite
Ca DV, Sun LS, Cox JA
2195 - 2203 Focused microwaves in electrochemical processes
Marken F, Sur UK, Coles BA, Compton RG
2204 - 2208 Selection of measurement frequency in Mott-Schottky analysis of passive layer on nickel
Darowicki K, Krakowiak S, Slepski P
2209 - 2214 Optimisation of supercapacitors using carbons with controlled nanotexture and nitrogen content
Frackowiak E, Lota G, Machnikowski J, Vix-Guterl C, Beguin F
2215 - 2220 Anodic oxidation of Co(II) complexes with amines on a rotating Au electrode: Ligand effects in relation to the application for autocatalytic metal deposition
Vakelis A, Jagminiene A, Stankeviciene I
2221 - 2229 Quartz crystal microbalance studies on electrochemical behavior of electrodeposited Pd-Ni alloys
Grden M, Klimek K, Czerwinski A
2230 - 2236 Photoanodic reactions occurring at nanostructured titanium dioxide films
Solarska R, Rutkowska I, Morand R, Augustynski J
2237 - 2246 Orientation and lateral mobility of insoluble Tempo amphiphiles at the air/water interface
Wu DG, Malec AD, Majewski J, Majda M
2247 - 2254 Adsorption of thiourea on monocrystalline silver electrodes in neutral solution
Lukomska A, Sobkowski J
2255 - 2260 Application of atomic force microscopy and scaling analysis of images to predict the effect of current density, temperature and leveling agent on the morphology of electrolytically produced copper
Zhao T, Zagidulin D, Szymanski G, Lipkowski J
2261 - 2266 Adaptation of the electrochemical permeation technique for studying entry, transport and trapping of hydrogen in metals
Zakroczymski T
2267 - 2272 Influence of ionic and nonionic surfactants on analytical parameters of ion-selective electrodes based on chelating active substances
Wardak C, Marczewska B, Lenik J
2273 - 2277 Adsorption of methimazole on the mercury electrode
Sienko D, Gugala D, Nieszporek J, Jankowska J, Saba J
2278 - 2281 The effect of cytosine on the two-step electroreduction of Zn2+ ions in acetic buffers
Nieszporek J, Gugala D, Sienko D, Szaran J, Saba J
2282 - 2288 Corroles as receptors in liquid membrane electrodes and their potentiometric response towards salicylic acid
Radecki J, Wona STA, Eddy DB, Dehaen W
2289 - 2297 Covalent and embedment immobilization of macrocyclic polyamines on gold electrodes and their voltarnmetric responses towards ethene dicarboxylic acids
Radecki J, Szymanska I, Bulgariu L, Pietraszkiewicz M
2298 - 2305 Accumulation of Cu(II) cations in poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) films doped by hexacyanoferrate anions and its application in Cu2+-selective electrodes with PVC based membranes
Ocypa M, Michalska A, Maksymiuk K
2306 - 2314 Cathodic reduction of acids in dimethylformamide on platinum
Kurek SS, Laskowska BJ, Stoklosa A
2315 - 2321 The capacitance of the diffuse layer of electric double layer of electrodes in molten salts
Kisza A
2322 - 2326 Solvent effect on kinetics of the C-Cl bond cleavage in radical anions of chloroanthracenes
Jaworski JS, Cembor M, Stepien B, Hafelinger G
2327 - 2332 In situ STM study of underpotential deposition of bismuth on Au(110) in perchloric acid solution
Hara M, Nagahara Y, Inukai J, Yoshimoto S, Itaya K
2333 - 2337 Catalytic adsorptive stripping voltammetric determination of Cr(VI) in EDTA extracts from solid samples
Grabarczyk M
2338 - 2345 Electrochemical and surface analytical study of vinyl-triethoxy silane films on iron after exposure to air
Flis J, Kanoza M
2346 - 2350 Study of microheterogeneous structure of non-aqueous mixed solvents by non-linear dielectric and viscometric methods
Dutkiewicz M, Dutkiewicz E
2351 - 2357 Cation participation during the redox switching of poly(vinylferrocene) films in aqueous 0.05 M perchlorate solutions Part 1: Cyclic voltammetry and the EQCM
Jureviciute I, Bruckenstein S, Hillman AR
2358 - 2365 Electron transport through alkanethiolate films decorated with monolayer protected gold clusters
Stolarczyk K, Bilewicz R
2366 - 2372 The role of ion and solvent transport during the redox process of conducting polymers
Plieth W, Bund A, Rammelt U, Neudeck S, Duc LM
2373 - 2379 Fabrication of network films of conducting polymer-linked polyoxometallate-stabilized carbon nanostructures
Kulesza PJ, Skunik M, Baranowska B, Miecznikowski K, Chojak M, Karnicka K, Frackowiak E, Beguin F, Kuhn A, Delville MH, Starobrzynska B, Ernst A