Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.50, No.25-26 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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4829 - 4829 Untitled
Kokkinidis G, Nikitas P, Sazou D, Sotiropoulos S
4830 - 4836 Field effects and surface states in second harmonic generation at n-GaAs(h k l) electrodes
Lazarescu V, Scurtu R, Lazarescu MF, Santos E, Jones H, Schmickler W
4837 - 4849 Second harmonic generation from Ag(111) electrochemical interfaces at the interband transition region: Effects of the presence of self-assembled monolayers
Santos E, Cudero AL, Jones H
4850 - 4856 Controlling the electron transfer mechanism in metal-molecules-metal junctions
Tran E, Grave C, Whitesides GA, Rampi MA
4857 - 4860 Efficient electron transfer through hydrogen bonded interface
Sek S, Maicka E, Bilewicz R
4861 - 4867 Molecular dimensions of dried glucose oxidase on a Au(111) surface studied by dynamic mode scanning force microscopy
Otsuka I, Yaoita M, Nagashima S, Higano M
4868 - 4872 Voltammetry of the silver alkylcarboxylate nanoparticles in suspension
Yang NJ, Aoki K
4873 - 4887 Transient conformation changes of albumin adsorbed on gold piezoelectrodes
Stobiecka M, Hepel M, Radecki J
4888 - 4896 Why does the hydrolysis of In(III) aquacomplexes make them electrochemically more active?
Nazmutdinov RR, Zinkicheva TT, Tsirlina GA, Kuz'minova ZV
4897 - 4901 Electrochemical reduction of polyhalogenated aryl derivatives in the presence of pinacolborane: Electrosynthesis of functionalised arylboronic esters
Laza C, Pintaric C, Olivero S, Dunach E
4902 - 4910 Simultaneously electrogenerated diene and dienophile: A unique access to novel polyfunctionalized 1,4-benzoxazine derivatives as neuroprotective agents
Blattes E, Fleury MB, Largeron M
4911 - 4915 Electrochemistry of chromium(0)-aminocarbene complexes - The use of intramolecular interaction LFER for characterization of the oxidation and reduction centre of the complex
Hoskovcova I, Rohacova J, Meca L, Tobrman T, Dvorak D, Lukvik J
4916 - 4925 Combinatorial microelectrochemistry - Part 3. On-line monitoring of electrolyses by steady-state cyclic voltammetry at microelectrodes
Markle W, Speiser B
4926 - 4935 Stereoselective synthesis of optically active 2-alkylpiperidines utilizing electrochemical oxidation as a key step
Onomura O, Kanda Y, Imai M, Matsumura Y
4936 - 4955 Oxidative coupling and polymerization of pyrroles - Part I. The electrochemical oxidation of 2,4-dimethyl-3-ethylpyrrole in acetonitrile
Hansen GH, Henriksen RM, Kamounah FS, Lund T, Hammerich O
4956 - 4972 Reaction of enamines and mediated anodic oxidation of carbohydrates with the 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxoammonium ion (TEMPO+)
Schamann A, Schafer HJ
4973 - 4980 Characterization of novel glucose oxysilane sol-gel electrochemical biosensors with copper hexacyanoferrate mediator
Pauliukaite R, Brett CMA
4981 - 4987 Potentiometric all solid-state pH glass sensors
Vonau W, Gabel J, Jahn H
4988 - 4994 Integrated compact biocompatible hydrogel-based amperometric sensing device for easy screening of drugs involved in nitric oxide production by adherent cultured cells
Wartelle C, Schuhmann W, Blochl A, Bedioui F
4995 - 5000 Field effect detection of biomolecular interactions
Estrela P, Stewart AG, Yan F, Migliorato P
5001 - 5008 Solvent-free electrodeposition of polypyrrole as a base for the preparation of carbonised platinum microelectrodes
Etienne M, Oni J, Schulte A, Hartwich G, Schuhmann W
5009 - 5014 Electrochemical and kinetic studies of lithium intercalation in composite nanofibers of vanadium oxide/polyaniline
Malta M, Torresi RA
5015 - 5021 Transport mechanism in anionic conductive ionomers from temperature and pressure conductivity measurements
Duclot M, Alloin F, Brylev O, Sanchez JY, Souquet JL
5022 - 5031 Influence of citric acid on the silver electrodeposition from aqueous AgNO3 solutions
Zarkadas GM, Stergiou A, Papanastasiou G
5032 - 5043 Kinetics of copper deposition on Pt(111) and Au(111) electrodes in solutions of different acidities
Danilov AI, Molodkina EB, Rudnev AV, Polukarov YM, Feliu JM
5044 - 5049 Stripe pattern formation in Ag-Sb co-electrodeposition
Saitou M, Fukuoka Y
5050 - 5055 Tuning of the spacing and thickness of metal latticeworks by modulation of self-organized potential oscillations in tin (Sn) electrodeposition
Tada T, Fukami K, Nakanishi S, Yamasaki H, Fukushima S, Nagai T, Sakai S, Nakato Y
5056 - 5064 Manipulation of spatio-temporal patterns in networks of relaxation electrochemical oscillators
Karantonis A, Pagitsas M, Miyakita Y, Nakabayashi S
5065 - 5075 Anodic film growth on Al layers and Ta-Al metal bilayers in citric acid electrolytes
Mozalev A, Mozaleva I, Sakairi M, Takahashi H
5076 - 5082 Semiconductor electrochemistry approach to passivity and stress corrosion cracking susceptibility of stainless steels
Rangel CM, Silva TM, Belo MD
5083 - 5089 Study on a hydrophobic nano-TiO2 coating and its properties for corrosion protection of metals
Shen GX, Chen YC, Lin L, Lin CJ, Scantlebury D
5090 - 5102 Physicochemical characterization of passive films on niobium by admittance and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy studies
Di Quarto F, La Mantia F, Santamaria M
5103 - 5110 Structure and property of anodic barrier films formed on aluminum in low voltage range
Ono S, Wada C, Asoh H
5111 - 5117 Cathodic hydrogen charging as a tool to activate Cu-Ti amorphous alloy catalysts
Pisarek M, Janik-Czachor M, Molnar A, Rac B
5118 - 5125 How bimetallic electrocatalysts does work for reactions involved in fuel cells? Example of ethanol oxidation and comparison to methanol
Leger JM, Rousseau S, Coutanceau C, Hahn F, Lamy C
5126 - 5131 Electrocatalytic oxygen reduction on glassy carbon grafted with anthraquinone by anodic oxidation of a carboxylate substituent
Vaik K, Maeorg U, Maschion FC, Maia G, Schiffrin DJ, Tammeveski K
5132 - 5143 The role of potential-dependent electrolyte resistance in the performance, steady-state multiplicities and oscillations of PEM fuel cells: Experimental investigation and macroscopic modelling
Katsaounis A, Balomenou SP, Tsiplakides D, Tsampas M, Vayenas CG
5144 - 5154 CO surface electrochemistry on Pt-nanoparticles: A selective review
Mayrhofer KJJ, Arenz M, Blizanac BB, Stamenkovic V, Ross PN, Markovic NM
5155 - 5162 Network electrocatalytic films of conducting polymer-linked polyoxometallate-stabilized platinum nanoparticles
Kulesza PJ, Karnicka K, Miecznikowski K, Chojak M, Kolary A, Barczuk PJ, Tsirlina G, Czerwinski W
5163 - 5171 In situ step-scan time-resolved microscope FTIR spectroscopy applied in irreversible electrochemical reactions
Zhou ZY, Sun SG
5172 - 5180 Cogeneration of electricity and organic chemicals using a polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Yuan X, Ma Z, Bueb H, Drillet JF, Hagen J, Schmidt VM
5181 - 5188 Investigation of the electrochemical behaviour in DMFCs of chabazite and clinoptilolite-based composite membranes
Baglio V, Di Blasi A, Arico AS, Antonucci V, Antonucci PL, Nannetti F, Tricoli V
5189 - 5199 CO2 reduction on Pt electrocatalysts and its impact on H-2 oxidation in CO2 containing fuel cell feed gas - A combined in situ infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and fuel cell performance study
Smolinka T, Heinen M, Chen YX, Jusys Z, Lehnert W, Behm RJ
5200 - 5207 Structural investigations of LiFePO4 electrodes and in situ studies by Fe X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Deb A, Bergmann U, Cramer SP, Cairns EJ
5208 - 5217 A PEM fuel cell for in situ XAS studies
Wiltshire RJK, King CR, Rose A, Wells PP, Hogarth MP, Thompsett D, Russell AE
5218 - 5228 The formation of chlorine dioxide in the electrochemical treatment of drinking water for disinfection
Bergmann H, Koparal S
5229 - 5236 Bubble visualization and electrolyte dependency of dissolving hydrogen in electrolyzed water using Solid-Polymer-Electrolyte
Tanaka Y, Kikuchi K, Saihara Y, Ogumi Z
5237 - 5241 Electrochemical removal of nitrate ion from aqueous solution by pulsing potential electrolysis
Polatides C, Dortsiou M, Kyriacou G
5242 - 5246 Bubble evolution on vertical electrodes under extreme current densities
Wuthrich R, Comninellis C, Bleuler H
5247 - 5254 Continuous ion exchange process based on polypyrrole as an electrochemically switchable ion exchanger
Weidlich C, Mangold KM, Juttner K
5255 - 5260 Immobilized particulate TiO2 photocatalysts for degradation of organic pollutants - Effect of layer thickness
Krysa J, Keppert M, Waldner G, Jirkovsky J
5261 - 5269 Degradation of metallophtalocyanine dye by combined processes of electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry
Osugi ME, Umbuzeiro GA, Anderson MA, Zanoni MVB
5270 - 5277 Electrochemical disinfection, an environmentally acceptable method of drinking water disinfection?
Kerwick MI, Reddy SM, Chamberlain AHL, Holt DM
5278 - 5291 Photoelectrocatalytic degradation of diazo dyes on nanostructured WO3 electrodes
Hepel M, Hazelton S