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Electrochimica Acta, Vol.39, No.11-12 Entire volume, number list
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1465 - 1465 Progress in Electrocatalysis - Theory and Practice
Trasatti S
1467 - 1469 Electrochemistry of Bockris,John,Omara - Retrospect and Prospects
Despic AR
1471 - 1479 Electrocatalysis - Past, Present and Future
Bockris JO, Minevski ZS
1481 - 1494 Progress in the Knowledge of Irregular Solid Electrode Surfaces
Arvia AJ, Salvarezza RC
1495 - 1502 The Challenge of Nonlinear and Cooperative Mechanisms for Electrocatalysis
Tributsch H
1503 - 1508 Electrocatalyst Deterioration Due to Cathodic and Anodic Wear and Means for Retarding Electrocatalyst Deterioration
Korovin NV
1509 - 1517 Interfacial Electrostatic Behavior of Oxides - Correlations with Structural and Surface Parameters of the Phase
Ardizzone S, Cattania MG, Lugo P
1519 - 1524 Potentiostatic Charge Displacement by Exchanging Adsorbed Species on Pt(111) Electrodes - Acidic Electrolytes with Specific Anion Adsorption
Orts JM, Gomez R, Feliu JM, Aldaz A, Clavilier J
1525 - 1530 Palladium Adsorption on Pt(111) - A Combined Electrochemical and Ultra-High-Vacuum Study
Attard GA, Price R, Alakl A
1531 - 1535 Emission FTIR Studies on the Formation Mechanism of IrO2/TiO2 Based Coatings
Kristof J, Mink J, Debattisti A, Liszi J
1537 - 1543 Electrocatalyst Surfaces Modeled by Ion-Implantation
Vallet CE, White CW
1545 - 1549 Electrocatalytic Activity of the Ternary Oxide Ru0.3Ptxti(0.7-X)O2 for Chlorine Evolution
Lassali TA, Boodts JF, Trasatti S
1551 - 1558 Deactivation Mechanisms of Oxygen-Evolving Anodes at High-Current Densities
Martelli GN, Ornelas R, Faita G
1559 - 1564 Oxygen Evolution at Nickel Anodes in Concentrated Alkaline-Solution
Cappadonia M, Divisek J, Vonderheyden T, Stimming U
1565 - 1569 Electroless Amorphous Alloy Electrodes - The Formation and Properties of Hydrous Oxide Coatings in Alkaline-Solution
Kessler T, Podesta JJ, Piatti RC, Triaca WE, Arvia AJ
1571 - 1578 Electrochemical-Behavior of Nico2-Xrhxo4 Spinel System
Pereira MI, Dacosta FM, Tavares AC
1579 - 1584 Oxygen Evolution Reaction on Copper Manganites - Effect of Preparation Method and Electrode Manufacturing on Superficial Sites Density
Restovic A, Poillerat G, Chartier P, Gautier JL
1585 - 1589 Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxygen Evolution on IrO2-Based Electrodes Containing Ti and Ce Acidic Solutions
Alves VA, Dasilva LA, Boodts JF, Trasatti S
1591 - 1595 Sub-Stoichiometric Titanium-Oxides as Ceramic Electrodes for Oxygen Evolution - Structural Aspects of the Voltammetric Behavior of Tino2N-1
Kolbrecka K, Przyluski J
1597 - 1602 Influence of Anions on Oxygen/Ozone Evolution on Pbo2/SPE and Pbo2/Ti Electrodes in Neutral pH Media
Babak AA, Amadelli R, Debattisti A, Fateev VN
1603 - 1605 Electrocatalytic Processes on Pb/Pbo2 Electrodes at High Anodic Potential
Danilov FI, Velichenko AB, Nishcheryakova LN
1607 - 1611 Novel Semiconducting Ternary Compounds - Irxru1-Xs2 (0.005-Less-Than-X-Less-Than-0.5) for Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysis
Colell H, Alonsovante N, Fischer C, Bogdanoff P, Fiechter S, Tributsch H
1613 - 1619 Potential-Dependence of the Reduction of Dioxygen as Catalyzed by Tetraruthenated Cobalt Tetrapyridylporphyrin
Shi CN, Anson FC
1621 - 1625 Electrocatalysis and Morphology at Cathode Materials for the Oxygen Reaction on Solid Oxide Ionic Conductors
Siebert E
1627 - 1632 The Influence of Surface Faceting upon Molecular-Oxygen Electroreduction on Platinum in Aqueous-Solutions
Zinola CF, Luna AM, Triaca WE, Arvia AJ
1633 - 1639 (100)-Type Behavior of Polycrystalline Gold Towards O-2 Reduction
Paliteiro C
1641 - 1645 Oxygen Reduction Catalyzed by Carbon-Supported Iridium-Chelates
Bouwkampwijnoltz AL, Visscher W, Vanveen JA
1647 - 1653 Novel Low-Temperature Synthesis of Semiconducting Transition-Metal Chalcogenide Electrocatalyst for Multielectron Charge-Transfer - Molecular-Oxygen Reduction
Solorzaferia O, Ellmer K, Giersig M, Alonsovante N
1655 - 1659 Electrocatalysis of Oxygen Reduction at Well-Defined Iron-Oxide Electrodes
Vago ER, Calvo EJ, Stratmann M
1661 - 1668 La0.6Ca0.4Coo3 - A Stable and Powerful Catalyst for Bifunctional Air Electrodes
Muller S, Striebel K, Haas O
1669 - 1674 Double-Channel Electrode Flow Cell (Dcefc) - Application to the Electrocatalysis of the Oxygen Reduction on Oxide-Films
Hellerling N, Poillerat G, Koenig JF, Gautier JL, Chartier P
1675 - 1680 Oxygen Reduction at Porous and Dense Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel-Cells
Vanherle J, Mcevoy AJ, Thampi KR
1681 - 1693 Absorption and Adsorption of H in the H-2 Evolution Reaction and the Effects of Coadsorbed Poisons
Gao L, Conway BE
1695 - 1714 Fermi Dynamics and Some Structural Bonding Aspects of Electrocatalysis for Hydrogen Evolution
Jaksic MM, Jaksic JM
1715 - 1721 The Hydrogen Pressure Equivalent to the Overpotential - Observation on Pd Hydrogen Electrode and Interpretation on the Basis of a Mixed-Controlled Mechanism
Enyo M
1723 - 1731 Electrocatalyst Materials for Hydrogen Evolution
Divisek J, Schmitz H, Steffen B
1733 - 1737 A New Low Hydrogen Overvoltage Cathode for Chloralkali Electrolysis Cell
Yoshida N, Morimoto T
1739 - 1747 Electrocatalytic Activity Prediction for Hydrogen Electrode-Reaction - Intuition, Art, Science
Petrii OA, Tsirlina GA
1749 - 1756 Preparation, Morphology and Effective Electrocatalytic Activity of Gas Evolving and Gas Consuming Electrodes
Wendt H
1757 - 1761 The Influence of H-Absorption on the Cathodic Response of High Area Nickel Electrodes in Alkaline-Solutions
Machado SA, Tiengo J, Neto PD, Avaca LA
1763 - 1767 Electrocatalysis of Cathodic Hydrogen and Anodic Oxygen Evolution in Alkaline Water Electrolysis by in-Situ Activation Procedures
Schmidt T, Wendt H
1769 - 1773 Hydrogen Overpotential for Intermetallic Compounds, TiAl, Feal and NiAl, Containing 3D Transition-Metals
Ezaki H, Morinaga M, Watanabe S, Saito J
1775 - 1779 Mechanistic Study of the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Ni-Co-Zn Electrodes
Degiz MJ, Tremiliosifilho G, Gonzalez ER
1781 - 1786 Electrocatalytic Behavior of Zr64Ni36 and Zr48Ni27Al25 Amorphous-Alloys
Spriano S, Baricco M, Antonione C, Angelini E, Rosalbino F, Spinelli P
1787 - 1793 Electrolytic Hydrogen Evolution on Co-Alloy Thin-Films Prepared by Electrochemical and Autocatalytic Deposition Techniques
Bozzini B, Zangari G, Cavallotti PL
1795 - 1801 Absorption/Desorption of Deuterium at Pd 95-Percent Rh 5-Percent Alloy - Peculiarities of Electrochemical Desorption Process
Mengoli G, Fabrizio M, Manduchi C, Zannoni G
1803 - 1808 Electrocatalysis of H-2 Evolution on RuO2 Plus IrO2 Mixed-Oxide Electrodes
Kodintsev IM, Trasatti S
1809 - 1816 Electrochemical Study of Polyaniline Film Electrodes and Their Modifications - Impedance Spectroscopy Measurements on Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Grzeszczuk M
1817 - 1823 Progress in the Study of Electrocatalytic Reactions of Organic-Species
Iwasita T, Dalbeck R, Pastor E, Xia X
1825 - 1832 Electrooxidation of Small Organic-Molecules on Well-Characterized Pt-Ru Alloys
Gasteiger HA, Markovic N, Ross PN, Cairns EJ
1833 - 1839 Electrocatalytic Process of Co Selectivity in Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 at Metal-Electrodes in Aqueous-Media
Hori Y, Wakebe H, Tsukamoto T, Koga O
1841 - 1848 Premonolayer Oxidation and Its Role in Electrocatalysis
Burke LD
1849 - 1855 Electrochemical Promotion in Catalysis - Non-Faradaic Electrochemical Modification of Catalytic Activity
Vayenas CG, Ladas S, Bebelis S, Yentekakis IV, Neophytides S, Yi J, Karavasilis C, Pliangos C
1857 - 1862 Electrocatalysis in the Electrochemical Conversion/Combustion of Organic Pollutants for Waste-Water Treatment
Comninellis C
1863 - 1869 Co Adsorption and Oxidation on Pt and Pt-Ru Alloys - Dependence on Substrate Composition
Ianniello R, Schmidt VM, Stimming U, Stumper J, Wallau A
1871 - 1875 The Effect of Sn on Pt/C Catalysts for the Methanol Electrooxidation
Frelink T, Visscher W, Vanveen JA
1877 - 1880 Selective Oxidation of the Aldehyde Functional-Group in the Glycolaldehyde Molecule at Pt Electrodes Modified by AD-Atoms
Shibata M, Furuya N
1881 - 1885 Preparation and Electrocatalytic Efficiency of Mixed Cu-Au Catalysts on Carbon-Fiber Electrode Supports
Jannakoudakis AD, Jannakoudakis PD, Pagalos N, Theodoridou E
1887 - 1889 Application of Glassy-Carbon Electrode Modified with Ni-Tetraazamacrocyclic Complexes in Carbonate Solutions to Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Alcohols
Roslonek G, Taraszewska J
1891 - 1896 Long-Term Activation of the Copper Cathode in the Course of CO2 Reduction
Jermann B, Augustynski J
1897 - 1901 Oxidation of Toluene Linked with Ru(Acac)3 Catalyzed Electrooxidation of Water
Michman M, Oron M
1903 - 1908 In-Situ Radiotracer Studies of HCOOH Adsorption on N-Si(100) Electrode
Szklarczyk M, Smolinski S, Sobkowski J
1909 - 1914 Influence of Changes in the Total Surface-Area and in the Crystalline Surface-Composition of Pt Electrodes on Their Electrocatalytic Properties with Respect to the Electrooxidation of Hydrazine
Azorero MD, Marcos ML, Velasco JG
1915 - 1922 Electrooxidation of Hypophosphite Ions on Nickel Single-Crystal Electrodes
Abrantes LM, Oliveira MC, Bellier JP, Lecoeur J
1923 - 1926 The Effect of RuO2/TiO2 Ratio on the Rate of an Outer-Sphere Electron-Transfer Reaction on Mixed-Oxide Electrodes
Tomcsanyi L, Molnar F, Liszi J, Debattisti A
1927 - 1935 Characteristics of Electrochemically Prepared Poly-(1,4-Dimethoxybenzene) Electrode
Marquez OP, Marquez J, Choy M, Ortiz R
1937 - 1941 Suppression of Oxygen Evolution on Polyveratrole Modified Electrode
Marquez OP, Marquez J, Weinhold E, Millan E