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ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Hollow NiCo2O4 nanospheres supported on N-doped carbon nanowebs as efficient bifunctional catalyst for rechargeable and flexible Zn-air batteries
Ge HY, Li GD, Zheng T, Wang FB, Shao MJ, Liu HY, Meng XG
10 - 17 Plasmonic Bi microspheres doped carbon nitride heterojunction: Intensive photoelectrochemical aptasensor for bisphenol A
Yan PC, Mo Z, Xu L, Pang JY, Qian JC, Zhao L, Zhang JM, Chen JP, Li HN
18 - 30 The effect of anodizing potential and annealing conditions on the morphology, composition and photoelectrochemical activity of porous anodic tin oxide films
Zaraska L, Gawlak K, Wiercigroch E, Malek K, Koziel M, Andrzejczuk M, Marzec MM, Jarosz M, Brzozka A, Sulka GD
31 - 40 Nickel-cobalt oxide nanocages derived from cobalt-organic frameworks as electrode materials for electrochemical energy storage with redox electrolyte
Wu MS, Xu JX
41 - 48 Modulation of Ni3+ and crystallization of dopant-free NiOx hole transporting layer for efficient p-i-n perovskite solar cells
Zhang YH, Yang MF, Du JY, Yang LL, Fan L, Liu XY, Yang JH, Wang FY
49 - 60 Template free and facile microwave-assisted synthesis method to prepare mesoporous copper sulfide nanosheets for high-performance hybrid supercapacitor
Naveed M, Younas W, Zhu YQ, Rafai S, Zhao QQ, Tahir M, Mushtaq N, Cao CB
61 - 71 Effect of different hole scavengers on the photoelectrochemical properties and photocatalytic hydrogen evolution performance of pristine and Pt-decorated TiO2 nanotubes
Denisov N, Yoo J, Schmuki P
72 - 81 Towards efficient oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysts through graphene doping
Fernandes DM, Mathumba P, Fernandes AJS, Iwuoha EI, Freire C
82 - 87 Effect of alkali and halide ion doping on the energy storage characteristics of ionic liquid based supercapacitors
Zhao JF, Gorbatovski G, Oll O, Thomberg T, Lust E
88 - 94 Complex influence of temperature on oxalic acid anodizing of aluminium
Leontiev AP, Roslyakov IV, Napolskii KS
95 - 100 Construction of 0D CeO2/2D MnO2 heterostructure with high electrochemical performance
Peng RC, Zhang HL, Gui L, Zheng Y, Wu ZK, Luo YB, Yu P
101 - 109 Synthesis of anatase TiO2 mesocrystals with highly exposed low-index facets for enhanced electrochemical performance
Lan TB, Tu JX, Zou QM, Zeng XR, Zou JZ, Huang HT, Wei MD
110 - 117 Hysteresis analysis in dye-sensitized solar cell based on different metal alkali cations in the electrolyte
Elbohy H, El-Mahalawy H, El-Ghamaz NA, Zidan H
118 - 128 Hydrothermally synthesized Iron Phosphate Hydroxide thin film electrocatalyst for electrochemical water splitting
Khalate SA, Kadam SA, Ma YR, Pujari SS, Marje SJ, Katkar PK, Lokhande AC, Patil UM
129 - 137 Glycerol and formic acid electro-oxidation over Pt on S-doped carbon nanotubes: Effect of carbon support and synthesis method on the metal-support interaction
Ning XM, Zhou XS, Luo J, Ma L, Xu XY, Zhan L
138 - 147 Direct synthesis of bismuth nanosheets on a gas diffusion layer as a high-performance cathode for a coupled electrochemical system capable of electroreduction of CO2 to formate with simultaneous degradation of organic pollutants
Wang QN, Zhu CQ, Wu C, Yu HB
148 - 157 Gas bubble removal in alkaline water electrolysis with utilization of pressure swings
Bakker MM, Vermaas DA
158 - 163 In-situ scanning electron microscope observation of electrode reactions related to battery material
Tsuda T, Hosoya K, Sano T, Kuwabata S
164 - 174 Formation of a hydrophobic polyiodide complex during cathodic oxidation of iodide in the presence of propylene carbonate in aqueous solutions, and its application to a zinc/iodine redox flow battery
Ito S, Sugimasa M, Toshimitsu Y, Orita A, Kitagawa M, Sakai M
175 - 184 Investigating the electrodeposition mechanism of anodically grown NiOOH films on transparent conductive oxides
Di Girolamo D, Piccinni M, Matteocci F, Marrani AG, Zanoni R, Dini D
185 - 188 Electrochemical applications of carbon materials (CARBON 2018): Foreword
Morallon E, Lazaro MJ, Carrasco F
189 - 200 Influence of MOF ligands on the electrochemical and interfacial properties of PEO-based electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium batteries
Mathew DE, Gopi S, Kathiresan M, Stephan AM, Thomas S
201 - 209 Solution-processed organic PDI/CB/TPU cathodes for flexible lithium ion batteries
Ma L, Lu D, Yang P, Xi X, Liu RL, Wu DQ
210 - 226 Performance improvement of a vanadium redox flow battery with asymmetric electrode designs
Lu MY, Yang WW, Bai XS, Deng YM, He YL
227 - 236 Conductive additives for oxide-based OER catalysts: A comparative RRDE study of carbon and silver in alkaline medium
Filimonenkov IS, Tsirlina GA, Savinova ER
237 - 244 Yolk-shell Prussian blue analogues hierarchical microboxes: Controllably exposing active sites toward enhanced cathode performance for lithium ion batteries
Ye WJ, Yu L, Sun M, Cheng G, Fu SC, Peng SM, Han SB, Yang XB
245 - 252 3D-printed interdigitated graphene framework as superior support of metal oxide nanostructures for remarkable micro-pseudocapacitors
Wang T, Li L, Tian XC, Jin HY, Tang K, Hou SE, Zhou H, Yu XH
253 - 263 Relaxation phenomena and conductivity mechanisms in anion-exchange membranes derived from polyketone
Vezzu K, Nawn G, Pagot G, Negro E, Nale A, Bang YH, Conti F, Cavinato G, Di Noto V
264 - 276 Electrical energy from CO2 emissions by direct gas feeding in capacitive cells
Legrand L, Schaetzle O, Tedesco M, Hamelers HVM
277 - 285 Sewage sludge-derived porous hollow carbon nanospheres as high-performance anode material for lithium ion batteries
Dai XH, Fan HX, Zhang JJ, Yuan SJ
286 - 292 Dual-analyte electrochemical sensor for fructose and alizarin red S specifically sensitive detection based on indicator displacement assay
Liu F, Kan XW
293 - 301 Wrinkled Ni-doped Mo2C coating on carbon fiber paper: An advanced electrocatalyst prepared by molten-salt method for hydrogen evolution reaction
Hu ZH, Huang JT, Luo Y, Liu MQ, Li XB, Yan MG, Ye ZG, Chen Z, Feng ZJ, Huang SF
302 - 311 Well-dispersed MnO-quantum-dots/N-doped carbon layer anchored on carbon nanotube as free-standing anode for high-performance Li-Ion batteries
Huang SJ, Yang LW, Gao M, Zhang Q, Xu GB, Liu X, Cao JX, Wei XL
312 - 322 Infrared study of the electrooxidation of ethanol in alkaline electrolyte with Pt/C, PtRu/C and Pt3Sn
Torrero J, Pena MA, Retuerto M, Pascual L, Rojas S
323 - 330 Integrated direct hybridization of fuel cell and supercapacitor by materials design
Kadyk T
331 - 338 Local electrochemistry of nickel (oxy)hydroxide material gradients prepared using bipolar electrodeposition
Beugre R, Dorval A, Lavallee LL, Jafari M, Byers JC
339 - 348 Bi-layer photoanodes with superior charge collection ability and diffusion length of sub-layer nanostructures for the fabrication of high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells
Balu M, Baiju KG, Subramaniam MR, Kumaresan D
349 - 358 Solution-processed WO3 and water-free PEDOT: PSS composite for hole transport layer in conventional perovskite solar cell
Yi HM, Wang D, Duan LP, Haque F, Xu C, Zhang Y, Conibeer G, Uddin A
359 - 365 Polydopamine-coated hierarchical tower-shaped carbon for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Jian ZX, Li HL, Cao R, Zhou HL, Xu HZ, Zhao GJ, Xing YL, Zhang SC
366 - 374 High-efficiency power generation in hyper-saline environment using conventional nanoporous membrane
Han J, Bae C, Chae S, Choi D, Lee S, Nam Y, Lee C
375 - 381 Ti3C2 MXene nanosheet-based capacitance immunoassay with tyramine-enzyme repeats to detect prostate-specific antigen on interdigitated micro-comb electrode
Chen JL, Tong P, Huang LT, Yu ZH, Tang DP
382 - 389 Genuine four-electron oxygen reduction over precious-metal-free catalyst in alkaline media
Wu Y, Nagata S, Nabae Y
390 - 399 High photoelectrochemical activity of CuO nanoflakes grown on Cu foil
John S, Vadla SS, Roy SC
400 - 409 Copper-zinc alloy electrodeposition mediated by triethanolamine as a complexing additive and chemical dealloying
Vivegnis S, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z, Renner FU
410 - 422 In-situ N/S Co-doping three-dimensional succulent-like hierarchical carbon assisted by supramolecular polymerization for high-performance supercapacitors
Liu C, Yi FY, Shu D, Chen WX, Zhou XP, Zhu ZH, Zeng RH, Gao AM, He C, Li X
423 - 434 Differential capacitance of ionic liquid interface with graphene: The effects of correlation and finite size of ions
Shalabi A, Daniels L, Scott M, Miskovic ZL
435 - 443 Ni2P2O7 micro-sheets supported ultra-thin MnO2 nanoflakes: A promising positive electrode for stable solid-state hybrid supercapacitor
Chodankar NR, Dubal DP, Patil SJ, Raju GSR, Karekar SV, Huh YS, Han YK
444 - 455 An effective strategy to promote hematite photoanode at low voltage bias via Zr4+/Al3+ codoping and CoOx OER co-catalyst
Subramanian A, Mahadik MA, Park JW, Jeong IK, Chung HS, Lee HH, Choi SH, Chae WS, Jang JS
456 - 461 Probing the ionic liquid/semiconductor interfaces over macroscopic distances using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Foelske A, Sauer M
462 - 471 Electrochemical deposition of bio-inspired laccase-polydopamine films for phenolic sensors
Almeida LC, Correia RD, Squillaci G, Morana A, La Cara F, Correia JP, Viana AS
472 - 480 Nanosized Fe7S8 with high surface area as polysulfide capturer combined with graphene for Li-S battery cathode
Zhang H, Gao QM, Tian XH, Li ZY, Xu P, Xiao H
481 - 489 Electrochemical synthesis of nanowire anodes from spent lithium ion batteries
Schiavi PG, Farina L, Zanoni R, Altimari P, Cojocariu I, Rubino A, Navarra MA, Panero S, Pagnanelli F
490 - 498 Precise growth of Al2O3/SnO2/CNTs composites by a two-step atomic layer deposition and their application as an improved anode for lithium ion batteries
Zhu SY, Liu JQ, Sun JM
499 - 510 Electrocatalytic effects during redox reactions of arsenic at platinum nanoparticles in acid medium: Possibility of preconcentration, electroactive film formation, and detection of As(III) and As(V)
Postek WB, Rutkowska IA, Cox JA, Kulesza PJ
511 - 517 Effects of transition metal cation additives on the passivation of lithium metal anode in Li-S batteries
Zeng WD, Cheng MMC, Ng SKY
518 - 526 Porous carbon encapsulated Mn3O4 for stable lithium storage and its ex-situ XPS study
Zhang J, Chu RX, Chen YL, Zeng YB, Zhang Y, Guo H
527 - 540 A new strategy to improve the cyclic stability of high voltage lithium nickel manganese oxide cathode by poly(butyl methacrylate-acrylonitrile-styrene) terpolymer as co-binder in lithium ion batteries
Li GJ, Liao YH, He ZY, Zhou HB, Xu N, Lu YK, Sun GZ, Li WS
541 - 551 Metal-organic framework derived N-doped CNT@ porous carbon for high-performance sodium- and potassium-ion storage
Lu GF, Wang HL, Zheng YL, Zhang H, Yang YP, Shi J, Huang MH, Liu W
552 - 560 Modeling and experimental verification of operation of supercapacitors with carbon electrodes in non-aqueous electrolytes. The energy efficiency
Bograchev DA, Gryzlov DY, Sosenkin VE, Volfkovich YM
561 - 568 Self-supported ternary (NixFey)(2)P nanoplates arrays as an efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Li SS, Wang X, Li M, Liu J, Li CR, Wu HP, Guo DY, Ye FM, Wang SL, Cheng L, Liu AP
569 - 576 Bifunctional wood for electrocatalytic CO2 reduction to formate and electroanalytical detection of myricetin and cadmium (II)
Huang JZ, Wang LS
577 - 586 Mesoporous Sn/Mg doped ZnFe2O4 nanorods as anode with enhanced Li-ion storage properties
Chen KT, Chen HY, Tsai CJ
587 - 595 Drastic enhancement in the rate and cyclic behavior of LiMn2O4 electrodes at elevated temperatures by phosphorus doping
Hou YL, Chang K, Tang HW, Li B, Hou Y, Chang ZR
596 - 605 Facile synthesis of crumpled nitrogen-doped carbon/molybdenum disulfide hybrid sheets as high-rate anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Hwang T, Lee J, Oh J, Kim JM, Jeon Y, Park SK, Piao Y
606 - 614 Potential-driven changes in hydration of chitosan-derived molecular films on gold electrodes
Pawlowski J, Dziubak D, Sek S
615 - 624 A potential-responsive affinity-controlling 2-2 '-dithiodibenzoic acid/polyaniline hybrid film with high ion exchange capability and selectivity to cadmium ions
Wang ZD, Du J, Yan WJ, Zhang W, Niu JJ, Wu AL, Hao XG, Guan GQ
625 - 633 Superior coulombic efficiency of lithium anodes for rechargeable batteries utilizing high-concentration ether electrolytes
Xie JD, Liu WJ, Li C, Patra J, Gandomi YA, Dong QF, Chang EK
634 - 648 Micro- and nano-scale intermetallic phases in AA2070-T8 and their corrosion behavior
Zhu Y, Sun K, Garves J, Bland LG, Locke J, Allison J, Frankel GS
649 - 656 Electrodeposition of reduced graphene oxide onto gold electrodes: creating thin electrochemically active and optically transparent overlayers
Li Y, Martens I, Cheung KC, Bizzotto D
657 - 671 Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta nanofiber cathodes for intermediate temperature-solid oxide fuel cell applications: A case study for the 'depressed' or 'fractal' Gerischer element
Costamagna P, Sala EM, Zhang WJ, Traulsen ML, Holtappels P
672 - 681 Faradaic reaction of dual-redox additive in zwitterionic gel electrolyte boosts the performance of flexible supercapacitors
Hyeon SE, Seo JY, Bae JW, Kim WJ, Chung CH
682 - 689 Suppressing the dry bed-lake fracture of silicon anode via dispersant modification in electrode processing
Zhu GB, Gu YY, Wang Y, Liu G, Battaglia VS, Qu QT, Zheng HH
690 - 704 Influence of water content and applied potential on the electrodeposition of Ni coatings from deep eutectic solvents
Lukaczynska M, Cherigui EM, Ceglia A, Van Den Bergh K, De Strycker J, Terryn H, Ustarroz J
705 - 715 Electrochemical chiral interface based on the Michael addition/Schiff base reaction of polydopamine functionalized reduced graphene oxide
Yang X, Niu XH, Mo ZL, Guo RB, Liu NJ, Zhao P, Liu ZY
716 - 726 Zinc cobalt sulfide nanoparticles as high performance electrode material for asymmetric supercapacitor
Li H, Li ZJ, Sun MX, Wu ZL, Shen WZ, Fu YQ
727 - 739 Sensitive electrochemical platform based on nano-cylindrical strontium titanate/N-doped graphene hybrid composite for simultaneous detection of diphenhydramine and bromhexine
Punde NS, Rajpurohit AS, Srivastava AK
740 - 752 Building nanoparticle-stacking MoO2-CDs via in-situ carbon dots reduction as high-performance anode material for lithium ion and sodium ion batteries
Qing MQ, Meng Y, Wang YJ, Li XP, Zhou CX, Liang YRN, Zhang ZK, Liu QL, Guo Y, Xiao D
753 - 765 Lithium-polymer battery with ionic liquid tethered nanoparticles incorporated P(VDF-HFP) nanocomposite gel polymer electrolyte
Bose P, Deb D, Bhattacharya S
766 - 774 Electropolymerised-hemin-catalysed reduction and analysis of tartrazine and sunset yellow
Sun SC, Hsieh BC, Chuang MC
775 - 782 Scalable processing hollow tungsten carbide spherical superstructure as an enhanced electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction over a wide pH range
Wang YN, Zhang LP, Meng XX, Feng L, Wang T, Zhang WM, Yang NT
783 - 790 Self-supported Ni3S2/NiCo2O4 core-shell flakes-arrays on Ni foam for enhanced charge storage properties
Deng XL, Fan Y, Zhou QX, Huang HF, Zhou WZ, Lan ZQ, Liang XQ, Li GX, Guo J, Tang SL
791 - 800 Understanding sodium-ion battery anodes through operando spectroscopic techniques
Rodriguez JR, Aguirre SB, Pol VG
801 - 812 Inhibitor loaded calcium carbonate microparticles for corrosion protection of epoxy-coated carbon steel
Raj R, Morozov Y, Calado LM, Taryba MG, Kahraman R, Shakoor A, Montemor MF
813 - 821 Theory of simultaneous desalination and electricity generation via an electrodialysis cell driven by spontaneous redox reactions
Atlas I, Suss ME
822 - 831 Understanding the role of Mg-doped on core-shell structured layered oxide LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2
Zhang NS, Ai L, Mao LP, Feng YH, Xie YC, Wang SX, Liang YW, Cui XL, Li SY
832 - 842 Electrochemical study of 3D hierarchical dandelion-fiber flake-like structure of Al(OH)(3)/MnO2 nanocomposite thin film for future supercapacitor applications
Parveen S, Kavyashree, Pandey SN
843 - 848 A new DMF-derived ionic liquid with ultra-high conductivity for high-capacitance electrolyte in electric double-layer capacitor
Chen ZJ, Li ZP, Ma XY, Wang Y, Zhou QB, Zhang SG
849 - 858 An electrochemiluminescence aptasensor for analysis of bisphenol A based on carbon nanodots composite as co-reaction of Ru(bpy)(3)(2+) nanosheets
Liu XH, Luo LJ, Li LB, Di ZX, Zhang JY, You TY
859 - 868 Hierarchical zinc cobalt sulfide flowers grown on nickel foam as binder-free electrodes for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Wu FM, Gao JP, Zhai XG, Xie MH, Gao CJ, Sun Y, Liu Y, Yan J
869 - 877 Co-reduction behaviors of Ce (III), Al (III) and Ga (III) on a W electrode: An exploration for liquid binary Al-Ga cathode
Yang DW, Liu YL, Yin TQ, Li M, Han W, Chang KK, Chai ZF, Shi WQ
878 - 884 Expanding the possibilities of electrografting modification of voltammetric sensors through two complementary strategies
Perez-Rafols C, Rosal M, Serrano N, Arino C, Esteban M, Diaz-Cruz JM
885 - 894 Spiro-bifluorene core based hole transporting material with graphene oxide modified CH3NH3PbI3 for inverted planar heterojunction solar cells
Ameen S, Akhtar MS, Nazim M, Kim EB, Nazeeruddin MK, Shin HS
895 - 908 Adsorption of anions on bismuth and cadmium single crystal plane electrodes from various solvents and ionic liquid mixtures
Oll O, Vaartnou M, Gorbatovski G, Zhao JF, Siimenson C, Siinor L, Lust K, Romann T, Pikma P, Lust E
909 - 921 Improved charge collection and photo conversion of bacteriorhodopsin sensitized solar cells coupled with reduced graphene oxide decorated one-dimensional TiO2 nanorod hybrid photoanodes
Jeganathan C, Girisun TCS, Vijaya S, Anandan S
922 - 932 Novel sodium superionic conductor of the Na1+yTi2SiyP3-yO12 series for application as solid electrolyte
Nieto-Munoz AM, Ortiz-Mosquera JF, Rodrigues ACM
933 - 946 Physicochemical properties of Aquivion/fluorine grafted sepiolite electrolyte membranes for use in PEMFC
Woo SH, Taguet A, Otazaghine B, Mosdale A, Rigacci A, Beauger C
947 - 957 Combining Al-air battery with paper-making industry, a novel type of flexible primary battery technology
Wang YF, Kwok HYH, Pan WD, Zhang YG, Zhang HM, Lu X, Leung DYC
958 - 965 Porous NiO nanofibers as an efficient electrocatalyst towards long cycling life rechargeable Li-CO2 batteries
Lu SY, Shang Y, Ma SY, Lu YC, Liu QC, Li ZJ
966 - 980 Insight into the corrosion evolution of Fe-based amorphous coatings under wet-dry cyclic conditions
Wu J, Cui JP, Zheng QJ, Zhang SD, Sun WH, Yang BJ, Wang JQ
981 - 989 LaCoO3-delta coated Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta cathode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Qiu P, Li J, Jia LC, Chi B, Pu J, Li J, Chen FL
990 - 997 Charge transport on vertically aligned ZnO nanorods with different aspect ratios
Llorente VB, Vazquez CI, Burgos MA, Baruzzi AM, Iglesias RA
998 - 1001 Electrochemistry in ... ingenious molecules, surfaces and devices (ECHEMS 2017): Foreword
Mussini PR, Longhi M
1002 - 1011 Towards an optimal dose-response relationship in gene electrotransfer protocols
Lujan E, Marino M, Olaiz N, Marshall G