Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.313 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Top-down synthesis of S-doped graphene nanosheets by electrochemical exfoliation of graphite: Metal-free bifunctional catalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions
Lee J, Noh S, Pham ND, Shim JH
10 - 19 Highly conductive graphene-modified TiO2 hierarchical film electrode for flexible Li-ion battery anode
Luo H, Xu CY, Wang B, Jin F, Wang L, Liu T, Zhou Y, Wang DL
20 - 30 Self-enhanced electrical performance and less defective electrode/film structure for Al2O3 capacitor via interfacial anodic oxidation
Li MX, Yao MW, Gao WB, Su Z, Yao X
31 - 40 High cell-potential and high-rate neutral aqueous supercapacitors using activated biocarbon: In situ electrochemical gas chromatography
Le Calvez E, Sathyamoorthi S, Phattharasupakun N, Sarawutanukal S, Sawangphruk M
41 - 47 Designing bifunctional catalysts for oxygen reduction/evolution reactions for high efficiency and long lifetime
Lingappan N, Li B, Lee TH, Lee YH
48 - 58 Synthesis of carbonaceous/carbon-free nanofibers consisted of Co3V2O8 nanocrystals for lithium-ion battery anode with ultralong cycle life
Park JS, Kim JH, Kang YC
59 - 69 Alcoholic hydroxyl functionalized partially reduced graphene oxides for symmetric supercapacitors with long-term cycle stability
Zhang Y, Wen GW, Fan S, Ma WH, Li SH, Wu T, Yu ZC, Zhao BR
70 - 78 Ab-initio design of novel cathode material LiFeP1-xSixO4 for rechargeable Li-ion batteries
Yi S, Moon J, Cho M, Cho K
79 - 90 Durable soft neural micro-electrode coating by an electrochemical synthesis of PEDOT:PSS / graphene oxide composites
Lee S, Eom T, Kim MK, Yang SG, Shim BS
91 - 98 Formation of Prussian blue analog on Ni foam via in-situ electrodeposition method and conversion into Ni-Fe-mixed phosphates as efficient oxygen evolution electrode
Yuan BB, Sun FZ, Li CQ, Huang W, Lin YQ
99 - 108 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of 2D WO3 nanoplates@ graphene nanocomposite with superior anode performance for lithium ion battery
Dang W, Wang W, Yang Y, Wang Y, Huang J, Fang X, Wu LP, Rong ZH, Chen X, Li X, Huang LC, Tang XC
109 - 115 Controlling carbon-oxygen double bond and pseudographic structure in shaddock peel derived hard carbon for enhanced sodium storage properties
Li RZ, Huang JF, Li WB, Li JY, Cao LY, Xu ZW, He YY, Yu AM, Lu GX
116 - 121 Two-tiered electrical detection, purification, and identification of nucleic acids in complex media
Veselinovic J, Alangari M, Li YH, Matharu Z, Artes JM, Seker E, Hihath J
122 - 130 Boosting fast and durable sodium-ion storage by tailoring well-shaped Na0.44MnO2 nanowires cathode
Liu YC, Liu XB, Bu F, Zhao XD, Wang LX, Shen QY, Zhang J, Zhang N, Jiao LF, Fan LZ
131 - 140 Layer-by-Layer modification of graphite felt with MWCNT for vanadium redox flow battery
Etienne M, Vivo-Vilches JF, Vakulko I, Genois C, Liu L, Perdicakis M, Hempelmann R, Walcarius A
141 - 150 Fault detection for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stack by external magnetic field
Ifrek L, Rosini S, Cauffet G, Chadebec O, Rouveyre L, Bultel Y
151 - 160 A tin disulfide nanosheet wrapped with interconnected carbon nanotube networks for application of lithium sulfur batteries
Jiang SX, Chen MF, Wang XY, Zeng P, Li YF, Liu H, Li XL, Huang C, Shu HB, Luo ZG, Wu C
161 - 170 Three-dimensional core-shell structure of CoMn2O4@Ni-Co-S nanowires grown on nickel foam as binder free battery-type electrode
Fu ZH, He HW
171 - 178 Correlation between the work function of Au-Ag nanoalloys and their electrocatalytic activity in carbon dioxide reduction
Ismail AM, Csapo E, Janaky C
179 - 188 Self-directed hierarchical Cu-3(PO4)(2)/Cu-BDC nanosheets array based on copper foam as an efficient and durable electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Rong J, Qiu FX, Zhang T, Fang YY, Xu JC, Zhu Y
189 - 193 Effects of electrolyte on the mediated electrocatalytic glucose oxidation reaction catalyzed by flavin adenine dinucleotide glucose dehydrogenase
Adachi T, Tsujimura S
194 - 204 Benzoic acid-assisted substrate-free synthesis of ultrathin nanosheets assembled two-dimensional porous Co3O4 thin sheets with 3D hierarchical micro-f nano-structures and enhanced performance as battery-type materials for supercapacitors
Zhu JK, Huang B, Zhao CL, Xu H, Wang SN, Chen YP, Xie L, Chen LY
205 - 210 Concepts and conflicts in polymer electrolytes: The search for ion mobility
Angell CA
211 - 222 Functional macroporous iron-phosphorous films by electrodeposition on colloidal crystal templates
Golvano-Escobal I, de Paz-Castany R, Alcantara CCJ, Pane S, Garcia-Lecina E, Sort J, Pellicer E
223 - 234 On the importance of ion pair formation and the effect of water in potassium-oxygen batteries
Reinsberg PH, Koellisch A, Baltruschat H
235 - 244 Ultrasensitive and robust electrochemical sensing platform for the detection of squamous cell carcinoma antigen using water-soluble pillar [5]arene-Pd/MoS2 nanocomposites
Qian XC, Zhou X, Qu Q, Li L, Yang L
245 - 254 Nanocellulose incorporated graphene/polypyrrole film with a sandwich-like architecture for preparing flexible supercapacitor electrodes
Hou MJ, Xu MJ, Hu YM, Li B
255 - 260 Ultrafine Fe/Fe3C nanoparticles on nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon by low-temperature synthesis for highly efficient oxygen reduction
Zhang RY, Huang K, Wang D, Hussain N, Zhang A, Wei HH, Ou G, Zhao W, Zhang C, Wu H
261 - 270 Redox active films of salicylic acid-based molecules as pH and ion sensors for monitoring ionophore activity in supported lipid deposits
Flinois T, Lebegue E, Barriere F
271 - 281 Effect of unequal levels of deformation and fragmentation on the electrochemical response of friction stir welded AA2024-T3 alloy
Queiroz FM, Donatus U, Ramirez OMP, Araujo JVD, de Viveiros BVG, Lamaka S, Zheludkevich M, Masoumi M, Vivier V, Costa I, de Melo HG
282 - 291 Construction of 3D leaf-like Bi2O3-Bi2S3 nanosheets on Fe2O3 nanofilms and its photoelectrocatalytic performance
Ji Y, Lou LJ, Ding WC, Hu JK, Shao ML, Wang Q, Zhang Y, Cong YQ
292 - 302 Influence of the crystallographic orientation on the electrochemical reactivity measured by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy on nickel-based alloy 600
Verchere L, Aubert I, Devos O
303 - 310 Curvature dependence of the camel-bell curve transition on the capacitance curve of spherical electric double-layer in porous electrodes: Density Functional Theory
Keshavarzi E, Abareghi M, Helmi A
311 - 320 Influences of co-sputtered carbon on the electrochemical performance of SiO/C thin film anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Cao ZL, Xia BJ, Xie XH, Zhao JB
321 - 330 Multifunctional group sulfobutyl ether beta-cyclodextrin polymer treated CNT as the cathode for enhanced performance in asymmetric capacitive deionization
Ma DY, Wang Y, Cai YM, Xu SC, Wang JX
331 - 340 CoTe nanorods/rGO composites as a potential anode material for sodium-ion storage
Ding Y, Wang WW, Bi MF, Guo JY, Fang Z
341 - 351 Fabrication of MoS2 decorated reduced graphene oxide sheets from solid Mo-precursor for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction
Aditya T, Nayak AK, Pradhan D, Pal A, Pal T
352 - 366 Degradation kinetics of Pt during high-temperature PEM fuel cell operation part I: Kinetics of Pt surface oxidation and dissolution in concentrated H3PO4 electrolyte at elevated temperatures
Prokop M, Kodym R, Bystron T, Paidar M, Bouzek K
367 - 377 On the nature of the electric field within the barrier layer of a passive film
Engelhardt GR, Kursten B, Macdonald DD
378 - 388 Validation of H2O2-mediated pathway model for elucidating oxygen reduction mechanism: Experimental evidences and theoretical simulations
Yin FJ, Liu Y, Wang S, Wang C, Liu H
389 - 396 N-doped microporous carbon hollow spheres with precisely controlled architectures for supercapacitor
Liu D, Tufa LT, Lee J
397 - 402 Electrochemiluminescence energy transfer in mixed iridium-based redox copolymers immobilised as nanoparticles
Carrara S, Nguyen P, D'Alton L, Hogan CF
403 - 414 Controlled electrodeposited cobalt phases for efficient OER catalysis, RRDE and eQCM studies
El-Jemni MA, Abdel-Samad HS, Essa AS, Hassan HH
415 - 422 Clinical available circulating tumor cell assay based on tetra(4-aminophenyl) porphyrin mediated reduced graphene oxide field effect transistor
Hu SH, Wang ZR, Gu YJ, Li YG, Jia YF
423 - 431 Reclaiming graphite from spent lithium ion batteries ecologically and economically
Wang HR, Huang YS, Huang CF, Wang XS, Wang K, Chen HB, Liu SB, Wu YP, Xu K, Li WS
432 - 440 Tuning of the electrochemical properties of transparent fluorine-doped tin oxide electrodes by microwave pulsed-plasma polymerized allylamine
Cirocka A, Zarzeczanska D, Wcislo A, Ryl J, Bogdanowicz R, Finke B, Ossowski T
441 - 456 The theory of steady state current for chronoamperometric and cyclic voltammetry on rotating disk electrodes for EC' and ECE reactions
Saravanakumar R, Pirabaharan P, Rajendran L
457 - 467 The effect of scan rate on the precision of determining corrosion current by Tafel extrapolation: A numerical study on the example of pure Cu in chloride containing medium
Fischer DA, Vargas IT, Pizarro GE, Armijo F, Walczak M
468 - 477 Performance and degradation behavior of carbonyl Fe - MoS2 composite as anode material in Fe-air batteries
Aremu EO, Ryu KS
478 - 487 Electrochemical investigations of Nb2O5/carbon materials from filter paper, microfibrillated and bacterial celluloses by sustainable reductive mineralization
Henry A, Le Vot S, Alauzun JG, Hesemann P, Foresti ML, Cerruti P, Heux L, Fontaine O, Boury B
488 - 496 Cu and CuPb electrodes prepared via potentiostatic electrodeposition from metal oxides in hydrophobic protic amide-type ionic liquid/water mixture under ambient air for nonenzymatic nitrate reduction
Shao YA, Chen YT, Chen PY
497 - 504 Top-down synthesis of iron fluoride/reduced graphene nanocomposite for high performance lithium-ion battery
Zhai JR, Lei ZY, Rooney D, Sun KN
505 - 512 Facile synthesis of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) and poly(bis-3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) via UV-irradiation polymerization and their reduction/iodine oxidation post-treatment for the application as counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Zhang R, Xu J, Qian JN, Xia JB
513 - 522 Visualized cell characteristics by a two-dimensional model of vanadium redox flow battery with interdigitated channel and thin active electrode
Ishitobi H, Saito J, Sugawara S, Oba K, Nakagawa N
523 - 531 A simple, highly sensitive and stable electrochemical sensor for the detection of quercetin in solution, onion and honey buckwheat using zinc oxide supported on carbon nanosheet (ZnO/CNS/MCPE) modified carbon paste electrode
Saritha D, Koirala AR, Venu M, Reddy GD, Reddy AVB, Sitaram B, Madhavi G, Aruna K
532 - 543 Unveiling of the energy storage mechanisms of multi -modified (Nb2O5@C)/rGO nanoarrays as anode for high voltage supercapacitors with formulated ionic liquid electrolytes
Zhang JH, Zhang HT, Zhang YQ, Zhang JW, He HY, Zhang XX, Shim JJ, Zhang SJ
544 - 560 Spectro-electrochemical toolbox for monitoring and controlling quinone-mediated redox-driven molecular gripping
Milic JV, Schneeberger T, Zalibera M, Diederich F, Boudon C, Ruhlmann L
561 - 569 Enhancing CO2 electroreduction on nanoporous silver electrode in the presence of halides
Zhang YN, Liu L, Shi L, Yang TT, Niu DF, Hu SZ, Zhang XS
570 - 583 Deconvolving distribution of relaxation times, resistances and inductance from electrochemical impedance spectroscopy via statistical model selection: Exploiting structural-sparsity regularization and data-driven parameter tuning
Li X, Ahmadi M, Collins L, Kalinin SV