Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.312 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Template-assisted synthesized MoS2/polyaniline hollow microsphere electrode for high performance supercapacitors
Zhang SP, Song XZ, Liu SH, Sun FF, Liu GC, Tan ZQ
11 - 21 Green mass synthesis of graphene oxide and its MnO2 composite for high performance supercapacitor
Wang H, Fu Q, Pan CX
22 - 30 Significant enhancement of the oxygen reduction activity of self-heteroatom doped coal derived carbon through oxidative pretreatment
Liu HM, Cheng JX, Lu ZJ, Huang XN, Zhu YM, Zhao XF, Wang T, Masa J, Chen XX
31 - 44 Enhanced electrochemical performance of hollow heterostructured carbon encapsulated znic metastanate microcube composite for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries
Ma JY, Zhang ZL, Mentbayeva A, Yuan GH, Wang BB, Wang H, Wang G
45 - 53 High-performance P2-Type Fe/Mn-based oxide cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries
Tang K, Wang Y, Zhang XH, Jamil S, Huang Y, Cao S, Xie X, Bai YS, Wang XY, Luo ZG, Chen GR
54 - 61 Controlled synthesis of MOF-derived quadruple-shelled CoS2 hollow dodecahedrons as enhanced electrodes for supercapacitors
Jia HN, Wang ZY, Zheng XH, Cai YF, Lin JH, Liang HY, Qi JL, Cao J, Feng JC, Fei WD
62 - 71 Enhancement in thermoelectric performance of electrochemically deposited platinum-bismuth telluride nanocomposite
Samat KF, Trung NH, Ono T
72 - 79 Nanoelectrode ensemble immunosensing for the electrochemical identification of ovalbumin in works of art
Gaetani C, Gheno G, Borroni M, De Wael K, Moretto LM, Ugo P
80 - 88 A novel electrochemical sensor based on a glassy carbon electrode modified with dendrimer functionalized magnetic graphene oxide for simultaneous determination of trace Pb(II) and Cd(II)
Baghayeri M, Alinezhad H, Fayazi M, Tarahomi M, Ghanei-Motlagh R, Maleki B
89 - 99 Layered vanadium oxide nanofibers as impressive electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction in acidic medium
Dey KK, Jha S, Kumar A, Gupta G, Srivastava AK, Ingole PP
100 - 108 Enhanced hole extraction by NiO nanoparticles in carbon-based perovskite solar cells
Cai C, Zhou K, Guo HY, Pei Y, Hu ZY, Zhang J, Zhu YJ
109 - 118 Constructing layered double hydroxide fences onto porous carbons as high-performance cathodes for lithium-sulfur batteries
Chen SX, Wu ZL, Luo JH, Han XX, Wang J, Deng Q, Zeng ZL, Deng SG
119 - 127 Construction of triple-layered sandwich nanotubes of carbon@mesoporous TiO2 nanocrystalline@carbon as high-performance anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Yan WW, Yuan YF, Xiang JY, Wu Y, Zhang TY, Yin SM, Guo SY
128 - 136 Promoting hydrogen-evolution activity and stability of perovskite oxides via effectively lattice doping of molybdenum
Zhang ZB, Chen YB, Dai ZY, Tan SZ, Chen DJ
137 - 148 Ircinia strobilina crude extract as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in acid medium
Fernandes CM, Fagundes TDF, dos Santos NE, Rocha TSD, Garrett R, Borges RM, Muricy G, Valverde AL, Ponzio EA
149 - 156 Dual effects of the carbon fibers/Ti3C2Tx interlayer on retarding shuttle of polysulfides for stable Lithium-Sulfur batteries
Jin Q, Li L, Wang HR, Gao H, Zhu CC, Zhang XT
157 - 167 A simple one-step hydrothermal synthesis of cobalt-nickel selenide/graphene nanohybrid as an advanced platinum free counter electrode for dye sensitized solar cell
Murugadoss V, Panneerselvam P, Yan C, Guo ZH, Angaiah S
168 - 178 Tracking variabilities in the simulation of Lithium Ion Battery electrode fabrication and its impact on electrochemical performance
Rucci A, Ngandjong AC, Primo EN, Maiza M, Franco AA
179 - 187 LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 cathodes exhibiting improved capacity retention and thermal stability due to a lithium iron phosphate coating
Chen JC, Zhu L, Jia D, Jiang XB, Wu YM, Hao QL, Xia XF, Ouyang Y, Peng LM, Tang WP, Liu T
188 - 201 Physics-based control-oriented reduced-order degradation model for LiNiMnCoO2 - graphite cell
Jin X, Liu C
202 - 212 Combined Cr and S poisoning of La0.8Sr0.2MnO3-delta (LSM) cathode of solid oxide fuel cells
Wang CC, Darvish S, Chen KF, Hou BX, Zhang Q, Tan ZX, Zhong Y, Jiang S
213 - 223 Construction of core-shell cobalt sulfide/manganese molybdate nanostructure on reduced graphene oxide/Ni foam as an advanced electrode for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor
Li HS, Xuan HC, Gao JH, Liang T, Han XK, Guan YY, Yang J, Han PD, Du YW
224 - 233 Robust spindle-structured FeP@C for high-performance alkali-ion batteries anode
Xu XJ, Feng JR, Liu J, Lv F, Hu RZ, Fang F, Yang LC, Ouyang LZ, Zhu M
234 - 241 Nanostructured core-shell cobalt chalcogenides for efficient water oxidation in alkaline electrolyte
Sivanantham A, Hyun S, Son M, Shanmugam S
242 - 250 Nano-Si/C microsphere with hollow double spherical interlayer and submicron porous structure to enhance performance for lithium-ion battery anode
Chen HD, He SG, Hou XH, Wang SF, Chen FM, Qin HQ, Xia YC, Zhou GF
251 - 262 Nitrogen-rich microporous carbon materials for high-performance membrane capacitive deionization
Li DP, Ning XA, Huang Y, Li SC
263 - 271 In-situ solvothermal phosphorization from nano-sized tetragonal-Sn to rhombohedral-Sn4P3 embedded in hollow graphene sphere with high capacity and stability
Jiang Y, Wang YY, Jiang JL, Liu S, Li WR, Huang SS, Chen ZW, Zhao B
272 - 281 Fabrication of ordered polydopamine-coated carbon nanotube arrays and their electrocatalytic activities towards synergistically enhanced oxidation of ascorbate-monosaccharides and reduction of oxygen
Li XD, Li NX, Hu GX, Lin WL, Li H
282 - 290 In-situ lithiation synthesis of nano-sized lithium sulfide/graphene aerogel with covalent bond interaction for inhibiting the polysulfides shuttle of Li-S batteries
Wang ZX, Xu CX, Chen L, Si J, Li WR, Huang SS, Jiang Y, Chen ZW, Zhao B
291 - 298 Combination of electrophoresis and electro-flocculation for the formation of adhering IrO2 pH sensing films
Wang HY, Hsieh YC, Tso KC, Chang CK, Cheng YT, Wu PW, Lee JF
299 - 302 Electrochemistry for investigation of biological objects. From functional nanomaterials to micro/nano-electrodes (ITM/V 2018): Foreword
Pauliukaite R
303 - 312 Electrode-electrolyte interactions in choline chloride ethylene glycol based solvents and their effect on the electrodeposition of iron
Gamarra JD, Marcoen K, Hubin A, Hauffman T
313 - 319 Label-free and ultrasensitive electrochemiluminescence detection of oxidative DNA damage using DNA repair enzyme
Liang XX, Qian L, Huang RF
320 - 328 Microstructural engineering in lithium garnets by hot isostatic press to cordon lithium dendrite growth and negate interfacial resistance for all solid state battery applications
Patra S, Krupa BRV, Chakravarty S, Murugan R
329 - 341 Modelling of Wire Electrochemical Micromachining (Wire-ECMM) process for anode shape prediction using finite element method
Sharma V, Srivastava I, Jain VK, Ramkumar J
342 - 348 Random copolymers of ethylene carbonate and ethylene oxide for Li-Ion conductive solid electrolytes
Tominaga Y, Nakano K, Morioka T
349 - 357 Enhanced platinum utilization efficiency of polymer-coated carbon black as an electrocatalyst in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Jayawickrama SM, Han ZY, Kido S, Nakashima N, Fujigaya T
358 - 368 Interconnected hollow carbon spheres with tunable wall-thickness for improving the high-rate performance of energy storage devices
Cheng J, Zhang XX, Miao XF, Chen CW, Liu YC, Chen YQ, Lin JH, Chen SJ, Wang W, Zhang YN
369 - 379 Corrosion behavior of Ti-29Nb-13Ta-4.6Zr and commercially pure Ti under simulated inflammatory conditions - comparative effect of grain refinement and non-toxic beta phase stabilizers
Sotniczuk A, Kuczynska-Zemla D, Kwasniak P, Thomas M, Garbacz H
380 - 391 A multi-technique approach towards the mechanistic investigation of the electrodeposition of Prussian blue over carbon nanotubes film
Husmann S, Orth ES, Zarbin AJG
392 - 410 Ion beam modified molybdenum disulfide-reduced graphene oxide/polypyrrole nanotubes ternary nanocomposite for hybrid supercapacitor electrode
Sarmah D, Kumar A
411 - 423 A scalable nano-engineering method to synthesize 3D-graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid fibers for supercapacitor applications
Adusei PK, Kanakaraj SN, Gbordzoe S, Johnson K, DeArmond D, Hsieh YY, Fang YB, Mishra S, Phan N, Alvarez NT, Shanov V
424 - 431 NIPS derived three-dimensional porous copper membrane for high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries
Guan XX, Zhang ZJ, Zhang SF, Wang YX, Yang H, Wang JM, Li M, Lu HM, Li Y, Huang Q, Zheng XR, Qiao ZJ, Yu ZY, Kang JL
432 - 440 Development of coupled redox active network in Ca-alginate polymer for immobilization of Pseudomonas putida 1046 on electrode surface
Hubenova Y, Hubenova E, Burdin B, Vladikova D, Mitov M
441 - 456 Charge transfer mechanisms underlying Contact Glow Discharge Electrolysis
Yerokhin A, Mukaeva VR, Parfenov EV, Laugel N, Matthews A