Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.306 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Nanostructuring of pseudocapacitive MnFe2O4/Porous rGO electrodes in capacitive deionization
Younes H, Ravaux F, El Hadri N, Zou LD
9 - 17 Co3O4/ NiO bifunctional electrocatalyst for water splitting
QayoomMugheri A, AneelaTahira, Aftab U, IshaqAbro M, Chaudhry SR, Amaral L, Ibupoto ZH
18 - 27 Hydrogen evolution reaction on bimetallic Ir/Pt(poly) electrodes in alkaline solution
Strbac S, Smiljanic M, Wakelin T, Potocnik J, Rakocevic Z
28 - 34 Metal-organic framework-mediated strategy for enhanced methane production on copper nanoparticles in electrochemical CO2 reduction
Kim MK, Kim HJ, Lim H, Kwon Y, Jeong HM
35 - 44 A novel electroactive PPy/HKUST-1 composite film-coated electrode for the selective recovery of lithium ions with low concentrations in aqueous solutions
Wang PF, Du X, Chen T, Hao XG, Abudula A, Tang KY, Guan GQ
45 - 53 Alloyed Cu/Si core-shell nanoflowers on the three-dimensional graphene foam as an anode for lithium-ion batteries
Liu CG, Zhao YC, Yi RW, Sun Y, Li YQ, Yang L, Mitrovic I, Taylor S, Chalker P, Zhao CZ
54 - 60 Electrochemistry of selected quinones at immiscible n-octyl-2-pyrrolidone/aqueous interface using a three-phase electrode system
Vishwanath RS, Nery EW, Jonsson-Niedziolka M
61 - 70 On the corrosion mechanism of Mg investigated by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Gomes MP, Costa I, Pebere N, Rossi JL, Tribollet B, Vivier V
71 - 84 Localized corrosion behavior of a single-phase non-equimolar high entropy alloy
Li TS, Swanson OJ, Frankel GS, Gerard AY, Lu P, Saal JE, Scully JR
85 - 95 Glyme-based electrolytes for lithium metal batteries using insertion electrodes: An electrochemical study
Wei SY, Li ZG, Kimura K, Inoue S, Pandini L, Di Lecce D, Tominaga Y, Hassoun J
96 - 105 Epitaxial growth of Heteropolyacid-WO3 vertical heterostructures with photo-induced charge modulation for enhanced water oxidation
Zhan FQ, Wang KK, Yang XT, Liu YS, Yang YH, Li DW, Li J, Li WZ
106 - 112 Hollow SiO2 microspheres coated with nitrogen doped carbon layer as an anode for high performance lithium-ion batteries
Xiao TT, Zhang WF, Xu T, Wu JX, Wei MD
113 - 121 Interconnected porous composites electrode materials of Carbon@Vanadium nitride by directly absorbing VO3-
Zhang WL, Yang YL, Ravi M, Kong LB, Kang L, Ran F
122 - 131 New voltammetric and spectroscopic studies to quinacrine-DNA-Cdots interaction
Oliveira R, Amaro F, Azevedo M, Vale N, Goncalves H, Antunes C, Rego R
132 - 142 Effect of nitrogen and iron in carbon nanowalls on oxygen reduction reaction
Taniguchi M, Yoshie R, Akikubo K, Tateno A, Hotozuka K, Kawaguchi N, Uchida T, Tanimura M, Tachibana M
143 - 150 Controlled synthesis of porous 3D interconnected MnO /C composite aerogel and their excellent lithium-storage properties
Liu R, Chen XH, Zhou CL, Li A, Gong Y, Muhammad N, Song HH
151 - 158 Coordination competition-driven synthesis of triple-shell hollow alpha-Fe2O3 microspheres for lithium ion batteries
Zhang TM, Zheng JZ, Liang ZQ, Zhao B, Zeng HJ, Guo W, Zhao L, Sun YH, Abdulhalim I, Jiang L
159 - 166 Electrical reduction of perovskite electrodes for accelerating exsolution of nanoparticles
Chanthanumataporn M, Hui JN, Yue XL, Kakinuma K, Irvine JTS, Hanamura K
167 - 174 Cu@Pt catalysts prepared by galvanic replacement of polyhedral copper nanoparticles for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Wu MX, Wu X, Zhang L, Abdelhafiz A, Chang I, Qu C, Jiang YC, Zeng JH, Alamgir F
175 - 184 Pseudocapacitance phenomena and applications in biosensing devices
Oliveira RMB, Fernandes FCB, Bueno PR
185 - 197 Au-decorated 3D/1D titanium dioxide flower-like/rod bilayers for photoelectrochemical water oxidation
GadelHak Y, El Rouby WMA, Farghali AA
198 - 208 Synthesis of ultralong ZnFe2O4@polypyrrole nanowires with enhanced electrochemical Li-storage behaviors for lithium-ion batteries
Hou LR, Bao RQ, Denis DK, Sun X, Zhang JY, Zaman FU, Yuan CZ
209 - 219 Combined modeling and experimental study of the high-temperature behavior of a lithium-ion cell: Differential scanning calorimetry, accelerating rate calorimetry and external short circuit
Kupper C, Spitznagel S, Doring H, Danzer MA, Gutierrez C, Kvasha A, Bessler WG
220 - 228 Insights on the superior performance of nanostructured nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide in comparison with commercial Pt/C as cathode electrocatalyst layer of passive direct methanol fuel cell
Farzaneh A, Goharshadi EK, Gharibi H, Saghatoleslami N, Ahmadzadeh H
229 - 237 Synergistic suppression of the shuttle effect and absorption of electrolytes using a functional rich amine porous organic polymer/acetylene black-polypropylene separator in Li-S batteries
Wang ZW, Wang SP
238 - 244 V-2(PO4)O encapsulated into crumpled nitrogen-doped graphene as a high-performance anode material for sodium-ion batteries
Xiao B, Zhang WH, Wang PB, Tang LB, An CS, He ZJ, Tong H, Zheng JC, Wang B
245 - 253 Enhanced electrocatalytic CO formation from CO2 on nanostructured silver foam electrodes in ionic liquid/water mixtures
Rudnev AV, Kiran K, Lopez AC, Dutta A, Gjuroski I, Furrer J, Broekmann P
254 - 263 Organic solvent free in situ growth of flower like Co-ZIF microstructures on nickel foam for glucose sensing and supercapacitor applications
Arul P, John SA
264 - 276 Pore network modeling of liquid water and oxygen transport through the porosity-graded bilayer gas diffusion layer of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Zhan NH, Wu W, Wang SF
277 - 284 Turning carbon dioxide into fuel concomitantly to the photoanode-driven process of organic pollutant degradation by photoelectrocatalysis
de Brito JF, Perini JAL, Perathoner S, Zanoni MVB
285 - 298 Wet-chemical etching of metals for advanced semiconductor technology nodes: Ru etching in acidic Ce4+ solutions
Philipsen H, Mouwen N, Teck S, Monnens W, Le QT, Holsteyns F, Struyf H
299 - 306 Properties of Anti-CA125 antibody layers on screen-printed carbon electrodes modified by gold and platinum nanostructures
Baradoke A, Jose B, Pauliukaite R, Forster RJ
307 - 316 V2O5 hollow spheres as high rate and long life cathode for aqueous rechargeable zinc ion batteries
Qin HG, Chen LL, Wang LM, Chen X, Yang ZH
317 - 326 Ionic liquid electrolytes for room temperature sodium battery systems
Brutti S, Navarra MA, Maresca G, Panero S, Manzi J, Simonetti E, Appetecchi GB
327 - 338 HO center dot selective cleavage Fe-S bond for FeS2 electrolysis in alkaline solution
Zhang T, Wang YQ, Hu YN, Wang Z, Chen JH, Niu XP, Li YQ, Gong XZ
339 - 349 Large-scale synthesis of nitrogen-rich hierarchically porous carbon as anode for lithium-ion batteries with high capacity and rate capability
Zheng CM, Hu XD, Sun XH, Yoo SJ, Li X
350 - 359 Electrode-normal magnetic field facilitating neighbouring electrochemical bubble release from hydrophobic islets
Liu HB, Hu Q, Pan LM, Wu R, Liu Y, Zhong DH
360 - 365 Interface-induced controllable synthesis of Cu2O nanocubes for electroreduction CO2 to C2H4
Wang WH, Ning H, Yang ZX, Feng ZX, Wang JL, Wang XS, Mao QH, Wu WT, Zhao QS, Hu H, Song Y, Wu MB
366 - 376 Effect of MCl3 (M=La, U or Sc) component on the local structures and transport properties of LiCl-KCl-MCl3 eutectic: A molecular dynamics study
Wang SJ, Xiao SF, Hu WY, Deng HQ
377 - 386 CO-assisted ex-situ chemical activation of Pt-Cu/C oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalyst
Gatalo M, Moriau L, Petek U, Ruiz-Zepeda F, Sala M, Grom M, Galun T, Jovanovic P, Pavlisic A, Bele M, Hodnik N, Gaberscek M
387 - 395 Analysis of the effect of applying external mechanical pressure on next generation silicon alloy lithium-ion cells
Berckmans G, De Sutter L, Marinaro M, Smekens J, Jaguemont J, Wohlfahrt-Mehrens M, van Mierlo J, Omar N
396 - 406 Performance and stability of counter electrodes based on reduced few-layer graphene oxide sheets and reduced graphene oxide quantum dots for dye-sensitized solar cells
Torres D, Sebastian D, Lazaro MJ, Pinilla JL, Suelves I, Arico AS, Baglio V
407 - 419 A dual-layered artificial solid electrolyte interphase formed by controlled electrochemical reduction of LiTFSI/DME-LiNO3 for dendrite-free lithium metal anode
Zhang CQ, Lan Q, Liu YT, Wu JL, Shao HX, Zhan H, Yang YF
420 - 426 Multifunctional flexible membranes based on reduced graphene oxide/tin dioxide nanocomposite and cellulose fibers
Garino N, Lamberti A, Stassi S, Castellino M, Fontana M, Roppolo I, Sacco A, Pirri CF, Chiappone A
427 - 436 Hierarchical macroporous Si/Sn composite: Easy preparation and optimized performances towards lithium storage
Hao Q, Hou JG, Ye JJ, Yang HX, Du JL, Xu CX
437 - 445 WxCoyS core-shell grown on hollow-porous carbon fiber (HCF) as synergetic electrocatalysts for efficient water splitting
Wang FF, Xu L, Wang P, Zhang Y
446 - 453 Loofah-derived carbon as an anode material for potassium ion and lithium ion batteries
Wu ZR, Wang LP, Huang J, Zou J, Chen SL, Cheng H, Jiang C, Gao P, Niu XB
454 - 465 Pore-scale study of reactive transport processes in catalyst layer agglomerates of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Chen L, Kang QJ, Tao WQ
466 - 476 Wall thickness-tunable AgNPs-NCNTs for hydrogen peroxide sensing and oxygen reduction reaction
Dou JL, Zhu GD, Hu B, Yang JM, Ge YX, Li X, Liu JY
477 - 479 Materials engineering and process optimization at electrified solid/liquid interfaces (ITM/T 2018): Foreword
Kuwabata S, Homma T
480 - 488 Synthesis of a porous interconnected nitrogen-doped graphene aerogel matrix incorporated with ytterbium oxide nanoparticles and its application in superior symmetric supercapacitors
Farbod F, Mazloum-Ardakani M, Naderi HR, Mohammadian-Sarcheshmeh H
489 - 497 High sulfur content multifunctional conducting polymer composite electrodes for stable Li-S battery
Puthirath AB, Baburaj A, Kato K, Salpekar D, Chakingal N, Cao YF, Babu G, Ajayan PM
498 - 505 Electrochemical stability of lithium halide electrolyte with antiperovskite crystal structure
Dondelinger M, Swanson J, Nasymov G, Jahnke C, Qiao QQ, Wu J, Widener C, Numan-Al-Mobin A, Smirnova A
506 - 515 The influence of oxygen vacancy concentration in nanodispersed non-stoichiometric CeO2-delta oxides on the physico-chemical properties of conducting polyaniline/CeO2 composites
Kuzmanovic B, Vujkovic MJ, Tomic N, Bajuk-Bogdanovic D, Lazovic V, Sljukic B, Ivanovic N, Mentus S
516 - 528 Atomic scale insights on the electronic and geometric effects in the electro-oxidation of CO on PtxRu1-x/Ru(0001) surface alloys
Klein J, Brimaud S, Engstfeld AK, Behm RJ
529 - 540 Modulating the electronic structure and pseudocapacitance of delta-MnO2 through transitional metal M (M = Fe, Co and Ni) doping
Yan LJ, Niu LY, Shen C, Zhang ZK, Lin JH, Shen FY, Gong YY, Li C, Liu XJ, Xu SQ
541 - 548 Role of water in the mechanism of the salt extraction to the organic solvent
Holub K, Samec Z, Marecek V
549 - 557 High-performance supercapacitors based on reduced graphene oxide -wrapped carbon nanoflower with efficient transport pathway of electrons and electrolyte ions
Ding F, Yu ZS, Chen X, Chen XA, Chen CS, Huang YQ, Yang Z, Zou C, Yang KQ, Huang SM
558 - 567 Selection of graphene dopants for Na3V2(PO4)(3) graphene composite as high rate, ultra long-life sodium-ion battery cathodes
Jiang HF, Cai XY, Wang Z, Zhang LL, Zhou LJ, Lai LF, Liu X
568 - 574 Noncovalent interactions within 3D molecular structure of diastereoisomers: A background for stereodependent redox activity
Levitskiy OA, Aglamazova OI, Magdesieva TV
575 - 589 Effect of counter ions on physical properties of imidazole-based proton conductors
Zieba S, Dubis A, Lawniczak P, Gzella A, Pogorzelec-Glaser K, Lapinski A
590 - 598 Amorphous carbon-encapsulated Si nanoparticles loading on MCMB with sandwich structure for lithium ion batteries
Fan P, Mu TS, Lou SF, Cheng XQ, Gao YZ, Du CY, Zuo PJ, Ma YL, Yin GP
599 - 609 Battery-like MnCo2O4 electrode materials combined with active carbon for hybrid supercapacitors
Hu XY, Nan HS, Liu M, Liu SJ, An T, Tian HW
610 - 616 Influence of the salt concentration on the electrochemical performance of electrodes for polymeric batteries
Gerlach P, Burges R, Lex-Balducci A, Schubert US, Balducci A
617 - 626 In-situ growth of nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon nanostructure supported nickel metal nanoparticles for oxygen evolution reaction in an alkaline electrolyte
Ramakrishnan P, Sohn JI, Sanetuntikul J, Kim JH
627 - 634 Immobilizing Pd nanoclusters into electronically conductive metal-organic frameworks as bi-functional electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction reactions
Zheng FQ, Zhang CM, Gao XH, Du C, Zhuang ZH, Chen W
635 - 642 Sub-sized monovalent alkaline cations enhanced electrical stability for over 17% hysteresis-free planar perovskite solar mini-module
Bu TL, Liu XP, Li J, Li W, Huang WC, Ku ZL, Peng Y, Huang FZ, Cheng YB, Zhong J
643 - 650 Glycerol oxidation on Pd nanocatalysts obtained on PEDOT-coated graphite supports
Nakova A, Ilieva M, Boijadjieva-Scherzer T, Tsakova V
651 - 659 Fabrication of 3D microporous amorphous metallic phosphides for high-efficiency hydrogen evolution reaction
Zhou M, Sun QQ, Shen YQ, Ma Y, Wang ZL, Zhao C
660 - 666 A light-driven Nernstian biosupercapacitor
Zhao FY, Bobrowski T, Ruff A, Hartmann V, Nowaczyk MM, Rogner M, Conzuelo F, Schuhmann W
667 - 679 Study of the mechanisms underlying the effects of composite intermediate layers on the performance of Ti/SnO2-Sb-La electrodes
Bi Q, Guan WZ, Gao Y, Cui YR, Ma SW, Xue JQ
680 - 687 Voltammetric and microscopic characteristics of MnO2 and silica-MnO(2)hybrid films electrodeposited on the surface of planar electrodes
Kovalyk A, Tananaiko O, Borets A, Etienne M, Walcarius A
688 - 697 Nanocrystalline Fe60Co20Si10B10 as a cathode catalyst for alkaline water electrolysis: Impact of surface activation
Durovic M, Hnat J, Bernacker CI, Rauscher T, Rontzsch L, Paidar M, Bouzek K