Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.305 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Synthesis and multi-electrochromic properties of asymmetric structure polymers based on carbazole-EDOT and 2, 5-dithienylpyrrole derivatives
Hu B, Li CY, Liu ZC, Zhang XL, Luo W, Jin L
11 - 23 Cold pressing-built microreactors to thermally manipulate microstructure of MXene film as an anode for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Cui Y, Xie X, Yang R, Qin JW, Zheng LR, Cao MH
24 - 36 Battery aging assessment and parametric study of lithium-ion batteries by means of a fractional differential model
De Sutter L, Firouz Y, De Hoog J, Omar N, Van Mierlo J
37 - 46 Self-reconstruction mechanism in NiSe2 nanoparticles/carbon fiber paper bifunctional electrocatalysts for water splitting
Zhai LL, Mak CH, Qian JS, Lin SH, Lau SP
47 - 55 In situ decoration of metallic catalysts in flow-through electrodes: Application of Fe/Pt/C for glycerol oxidation in a microfluidic fuel cell
Martins CA, Ibrahim OA, Pei P, Kjeang E
56 - 63 A simple and scalable strategy for preparation of high density graphene for high volumetric performance supercapacitors
Peng X, Cao HL, Qin ZH, Zheng C, Zhao M, Liu PZ, Xu BS, Zhou XF, Liu ZP, Guo JJ
64 - 64 Melamine-derived carbon electrode for efficient H2O2 electro-generation (vol 261, pg 375, 2018)
Zhu YS, Qiu S, Ma F, Li GJ, Deng FX, Zheng YS
65 - 71 Investigation of the swelling failure of lithium-ion battery packs at low temperatures using 2D/3D X-ray computed tomography
Chen CC, Wei Y, Zhao ZB, Zou YB, Luo DJ
72 - 80 RGB video electrochemistry of copper electrodeposition/electrodissolution in acid media on a ternary graphite: copper: polypropylene composite electrode
Agrisuelas J, Garcia-Jareno JJ, Guillen E, Vicente F
81 - 89 Hierarchical CoNi2S4 nanosheet/nanotube array structure on carbon fiber cloth for high-performance hybrid supercapacitors
Su C, Xu SS, Zhang L, Chen XW, Guan GQ, Hu NT, Su YJ, Zhou ZH, Wei H, Yang Z, Qin Y
90 - 100 Effect of Li+ addition on growth behavior of ZnO during anodic dissolution of Zn negative electrode
Otani T, Yasuda T, Kunimoto M, Yanagisawa M, Fukunaka Y, Homma T
101 - 115 In-operando deformation studies on the mechano-electrochemical mechanism in free-standing MWCNTs/V2O5 lithium ion battery electrode
Wang Z, Huang HY, Zeng L, Wang YC, Lv L, Dai CY, Mao WG, Chen X, Fang DN
116 - 124 Thermal activation of impedance measurements on an epoxy coating for the corrosion protection: 2. electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study
Roggero A, Causse N, Dantras E, Villareal L, Santos A, Pebere N
125 - 136 Evaluation of nitrogen- and sulfur-doped porous carbon textiles as electrode materials for flexible supercapacitors
Barczak M, Bandosz TJ
137 - 144 Antifouling characteristics of a carbon electrode surface hydrogenated by n-butylsilane reduction
Siraj S, McRae CR, Wong DKY
145 - 154 Hydrogenation and crystallization of amorphous phase: A new mechanism for the electrochemical capacity and its decay in milled Mg-Ni alloys
Huang JL, Ouyang LZ, Wang H, Liu JW, Zhu M, Fang F, Sun DL
155 - 163 Electron transfer properties of a redox polyelectrolyte based on ferrocenated imidazolium
Skrypnik V, Rochefort D
164 - 174 Electrostatic self-assembly of 2D delaminated MXene (Ti3C2) onto Ni foam with superior electrochemical performance for supercapacitor
Guo J, Zhao YY, Liu AM, Ma TL
175 - 186 Mild synthesis of holey N-doped reduced graphene oxide and its double-edged effects in polyaniline hybrids for supercapacitor application
Liu JL, Du PC, Wang Q, Liu D, Liu P
187 - 196 A textile-based wearable supercapacitor using reduced graphene oxide/polypyrrole composite
Barakzehi M, Montazer M, Sharif F, Norby T, Chatzitakis A
197 - 203 A highly conductive Na3V2(PO4)(3) ceramic sheet prepared by tape-casting method
Wang H, Hasegawa G, Akiyama Y, Yamamoto T, Inoishi A, Akamatsu H, Inada M, Ishihara T, Hayashi K
204 - 211 Activity of Na+/K+-ATPase in model lipid membrane at air-water interface
Matyszewska D, Zatloukalova M, Bilewicz R
212 - 222 Electrodeposition of Bi films on H covered n-GaAs(111)B substrates
Prados A, Ranchal R
223 - 231 Molecular dynamics simulations of novel electrolytes based on mixtures of protic and aprotic ionic liquids at the electrochemical interface: Structure and capacitance of the electric double layer
Docampo-Alvarez B, Gomez-Gonzalez V, Cabeza O, Ivanistsev VB, Gallego LJ, Varela LM
232 - 239 Dielectric behavior and FTIR studies of xanthan gum-based solid polymer electrolytes
Pawlicka A, Tavares FC, Dorr DS, Cholant CM, Ely F, Santos MJL, Avellaneda CO
240 - 246 Combined in situ microstructural study of the relationships between local grain boundary structure and passivation on microcrystalline copper
Bettayeb M, Maurice V, Klein LH, Lapeire L, Verbeken K, Marcus P
247 - 255 Deposition of thin delta-MnO2 functional layers on carbon foam/sulfur composites for synergistically inhibiting polysulfides shuttling and increasing sulfur utilization
Zhao QN, Wen J, Zhao KQ, Ji GP, Wang RH, Liang X, Hu N, Lu L, Molenda J, Qiu JH, Xu CH
256 - 263 The electrocatalytic oxidation of urea on nickel-graphene and nickel-graphene oxide composite electrodes
Urbanczyk E, Maciej A, Stolarczyk A, Basiaga M, Simka W
264 - 277 N-doped 3D porous carbon-graphene/polyaniline hybrid and N-doped porous carbon coated gC(3)N(4) nanosheets for excellent energy density asymmetric supercapacitors
Mangisetti SR, Kamaraj M, Ramaprabhu S
278 - 284 Low-temperature titania-graphene quantum dots paste for flexible dye-sensitised solar cell applications
Kumar DK, Suazo-Davila D, Garcia-Torres D, Cook NP, Ivaturi A, Hsu MH, Marti AA, Cabrera CR, Chen BX, Bennett N, Upadhyaya HM
285 - 294 Electrocatalytic destruction of pharmaceutical imatinib by electro-Fenton process with graphene-based cathode
Yang WL, Zhou MH, Oturan N, Li YW, Oturan MA
295 - 303 Thin polymeric CuO film from EPD designed for low temperature photothermal absorbers
Shehayeb S, Deschanels X, Lautru J, Ghannam L, Odorico M, Karame I, Toquer G
304 - 311 Insights into the radical-radical and radical-substrate dimerization processes for substituted phenylmethylenepyrans
Wojcik L, Lopez I, Gauthier S, Cabon N, Le Poul P, Gloaguen F, Le Poul N
312 - 321 Transference function for electro-insertion reactions in blue energy devices and acid-base machines
Lima G, Huguenin F
322 - 328 Molecularly imprinted polypyrrole counter electrode for gel-state dye-sensitized solar cells
Sangiorgi N, Sangiorgi A, Tarterini F, Sanson A
329 - 337 Directly-thiolated graphene based electrochemical sensor for Hg(II) ion
Ziolkowski R, Uscinska A, Mazurkiewicz-Pawlicka M, Malolepszy A, Malinowska E
338 - 348 Three-dimensional graphene surface-mounted nickel-based metal organic framework for oxygen evolution reaction
Xie AJ, Du JW, Tao F, Tao YW, Xiong ZC, Luo SP, Li XZ, Yao C
349 - 359 Electrochemical synthesis and characterization of dark nanoporous zinc oxide films
Mika K, Socha RP, Nyga P, Wiercigroch E, Malek K, Jarosz M, Uchacz T, Sulka GD, Zaraska L
360 - 369 Synergistically enhanced oxygen reduction reaction composites of specific surface area and manganese valence controlled alpha-MnO2 nanotube decorated by silver nanoparticles in Al-air batteries
Xu BB, Lu HM, Cai W, Cao Y, Deng Y, Yang WW
370 - 377 Combined SECM-fluorescence microscopy using a water-soluble electrofluorochromic dye as the redox mediator
Guerret-Legras L, Audibert JF, Ojeda IMG, Dubacheva GV, Miomandre F
378 - 387 Potential dependent orientation of sulfanylbenzonitrile monolayers monitored by SERS
Keeler AJ, Russell AE
388 - 393 Morphology effects of bismuth catalysts on electroreduction of carbon dioxide into formate
Gao TF, Wen XM, Xie TH, Han NN, Sun K, Han L, Wang HC, Zhang Y, Kuang Y, Sun XM
394 - 402 The novel amorphous SnSx/RGO anode material with better cycling stability and superior rate performance
Guo K, Quan WW, Li DR, Wu ZG, Zuo SY, Feng JJ, Yan D, Zhuo Rf, Tang J, Zhang YS, Zhu YX, Yan PX
403 - 415 Systematic study on hybrid supercapacitor of Ni-Co layered double hydroxide//activated carbons
Qin QQ, Ou DW, Ye CJ, Chen LX, Lan BB, Yan J, Wu YC
416 - 422 Electrochemical dynamic sensing of hydrogen peroxide in the presence of microorganisms
Gulppi M, Munoz L, Vejar N, Blarney JM, Gonzalez E, Azocar M, Sancy M, Molina P, Zagal JH, Paez M
423 - 432 Improving the cycle life of cryptomelane type manganese dioxides in aqueous rechargeable zinc ion batteries: The effect of electrolyte concentration
Poyraz AS, Laughlin J, Zec Z
433 - 442 LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 microrod with ultrahigh Mn3+ content: A high performance cathode material for lithium ion battery
Li L, Sui JS, Chen J, Lu YC
443 - 451 A simple and practical hybrid ionic liquid/aqueous dual electrolyte configuration for safe and ion-exchange membrane-free high cell potential supercapacitor
Sathyamoorthi S, Sawangphruk M
452 - 458 On the feasibility of bifunctional hydrogen oxidation on Ni and NiCu surfaces
Salmazo D, Juarez MF, Oshchepkov AG, Cherstiouk OV, Bonnefont A, Shermukhamedov SA, Nazmutdinov RR, Schmickler W, Savinova ER
459 - 466 Statistical approach for electrochemical evaluation of the effect of heat treatments on the corrosion resistance of AlSi10Mg alloy by laser powder bed fusion
Cabrini M, Lorenzi S, Testa C, Pastore T, Manfredi D, Lorusso M, Calignano F, Fino P
467 - 473 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of CuS@MnS on Ni foam for high performance supercapacitor electrode material
Himasree P, Durga IK, Krishna TNV, Rao SS, Gopi CVVM, Revathi S, Prabakar K, Kim HJ
474 - 483 Single-crystal-like ZnO mesoporous spheres derived from metal organic framework delivering high electron mobility for enhanced energy conversion and storage performances
Wu DP, Wang YX, Ma NN, Cao K, Zhang WC, Chen JL, Wang DQ, Gao ZY, Xu F, Jiang K
484 - 492 Corrosion behaviour of rubber-metal composites in sodium chloride solution and role of inhibitors added in the rubber or in the solution
Lecercle A, Vignal V, Dufour F
493 - 501 A core-sheath holey graphene/graphite composite fiber intercalated with MoS2 nanosheets for high-performance fiber supercapacitors
Wang CJ, Zhai SL, Yuan ZW, Chen JS, Zhang XS, Huang QW, Wang YQ, Liao XZ, Wei L, Chen Y
502 - 513 Electrochemical synthesis of PPy composites with nanostructured MnOx, CoOx, NiOx, and FeOx in acetonitrile for supercapacitor applications
Karaca E, Gokcen D, Pekmez NO, Pekmez K
514 - 516 Pseudocapacitive charge storage properties of Na-2/Co-3(2)/Mn-3(2)/9Ni1/9O2 in Na-ion batteries (vol 276, pg 142, 2018)
Valvo M, Doubaji S, Saadoune I, Edstrom K
517 - 527 Synthesis of mesoporous defective graphene-nanosheets in a space-confined self-assembled nanoreactor: Highly efficient capacitive energy storage
Javed MS, Shah SSA, Najam T, Aslam MK, Li JL, Hussain S, Ahmad MA, Ashfaq M, Raza R, Mai WJ
528 - 533 Extracellular electron transfer of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 for cathodic hydrogen evolution reaction
Fu YN, Zhang YJ, Li BJ, Liang DW, Lu SF, Xiang Y, Xie BZ, Liu H, Nealson KH
534 - 546 A new solvent mixture for use of LiTDI as electrolyte salt in Li-ion batteries
Berhaut CL, Dedryvere R, Timperman L, Schmidt G, Lemordant D, Anouti M
547 - 554 Thermodynamic properties of Sr-Sb alloys via emf measurements using solid CaF2-SrF2 electrolyte
Smith ND, Orabona N, Lichtenstein T, Gesualdi J, Nigl TP, Kim H
555 - 562 A water-soluble binary conductive binder for Si anode lithium ion battery
Zheng MD, Wang CX, Xu YL, Li KQ, Liu D
563 - 570 Construction of highly conductive network for improving electrochemical performance of lithium iron phosphate
Cai YZ, Huang DQ, Ma ZL, Wang HQ, Huang YG, Wu XW, Li QY