Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.303 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Preparation of porous lignin-derived carbon/carbon nanotube composites by hydrophobic self-assembly and carbonization to enhance lithium storage capacity
Xi YB, Yang DJ, Liu WF, Qin YL, Qiu XQ
9 - 20 Structural analysis during activation and cycling for Fe- and Ni-substituted Li2MnO3 positive electrode material
Tabuchi M, Kitta M, Shibuya H, Doumae K, Yuge R, Narita K, Tamura N
21 - 31 Revealing sulfuric acid concentration impact on comprehensive performance of vanadium electrolytes and flow batteries
Zhao Y, Liu L, Qiu XP, Xi JY
32 - 39 Graphene supported ultrafine tin oxide nanoparticles enable conversion reaction dominated mechanism for sodium-ion batteries
Meng JK, Wang WW, Wang QC, Cao MH, Fu ZW, Wu XJ, Zhou YN
40 - 48 Nickel hexacyanoferrate on graphene sheets for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors in neutral aqueous electrolyte
Zhou QH, Wei T, Liu Z, Zhang LH, Yuan B, Fan ZJ
49 - 55 A carbonate-free electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries based on lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide and 2-methylglutaronitrile enabling graphite negative electrodes
Hirata K, Morita Y, Kawase T, Sumida Y
56 - 66 Hydrophobic surface treatments for improving the corrosion resistance of anodized AA2024-T3 alloys
Figueroa R, Novoa XR, Perez C
67 - 77 Development of a novel method of NiCoP alloy coating for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline media
Sumi VS, Sha MA, Arunima SR, Shibli SMA
78 - 84 Lithium-coated carbon cloth for anode of Lithium rechargeable batteries with enhanced cycling stability
Kang H, Boyer M, Hwang GS, Lee JW
85 - 93 Capillary gap flow cell as capillary-end electrochemical detector in flow-based analysis
Islam MA, Lam SC, Li Y, Atia MA, Mahbub P, Nesterenko PN, Paull B, Macka M
94 - 104 Metal organic frameworks derived hierarchical hollow Ni-0.85 Se vertical bar P composites for high-performance hybrid supercapacitor and efficient hydrogen evolution
Zhang Y, Wang TT, Wang Y, Wang YQ, Wu LQ, Sun Y, Zhou X, Hou WT, Du YW, Zhong W
105 - 109 Sustainable electrochemistry - Functional applied materials and techniques for energy devices and sensing (GEI 2018): Foreword
Bella F, Meligrana G, Gerbaldi C
110 - 117 The g-C3N4 nanosheets decorated by plasmonic Au nanoparticles: A heterogeneous electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction enhanced by sunlight illumination
Wang HR, Sun T, Chang LM, Nie P, Zhang XL, Zhao CM, Xue XX
118 - 124 Directly synthesized silver nanoparticles on gas diffusion layers by electrospray pyrolysis for electrochemical CO2 reduction
Chae SY, Lee SY, Joo OS
125 - 132 Single crystalline nanorods of Na0.44MnO2 enhanced by reduced graphene oxides as a high rate and high capacity cathode material for sodium-ion batteries
Fu B, Su Y, Yu JX, Xie SH, Li JY
133 - 139 Halide perovskite based on hydrophobic ionic liquid for stability improving and its application in high-efficient photovoltaic cell
Wang J, Ye XX, Wang YY, Wang ZG, Wong WL, Li CY
140 - 147 Nitrogen and oxygen co-doping carbon microspheres by a sustainable route for fast sodium-ion batteries
Zhang F, Qin DC, Xu JX, Liu ZY, Zhao YZ, Zhang XG
148 - 156 Self-formed porous Ni(OH)(2) on Ni3S2/Ni foam during electrochemical cycling for high performance supercapacitor with ultrahigh areal capacitance
Cao YQ, Qian X, Zhang W, Li M, Wang SS, Wu D, Li AD
157 - 166 Electroless deposition of Ni-P and Ni-P-Re alloys from acidic hypophosphite baths
Kazimierczak H, Wierzbicka-Miernik A, Kwiecien I, Szczerba MJ, Korneva A, Mosialek M, Miernik K, Wojewoda-Budka J
167 - 175 Electrochemical oxidation of ordered mesoporous carbons and the influence of graphitization
Perez-Rodriguez S, Sebastian D, Lazaro MJ
176 - 182 Open circuit potentiometry reports on internal redox states of cells in G. Sulfurreducens biofilms
Schrott GD, Bonanni PS, Busalmen JP
183 - 191 State-of-health (SOH) evaluation on lithium-ion battery by simulating the voltage relaxation curves
Qian K, Huang BH, Ran AH, He YB, Li BH, Kang FY
192 - 203 Lowering metal loadings onto Pt-Pd-Cu/graphene nanoribbon nanocomposites affects electrode collection efficiency and oxygen reduction reaction performance
Boone CV, Maia G
204 - 210 Effects of carbon dots on ZnO nanoparticle-based dye-sensitized solar cells
Efa MT, Imae T
211 - 218 Discussion and challenges concerning the elaboration of a dissolution reaction mechanism
Chagas-Almeida T, Barcia OE, Moreira RM, Bandeira MCE, Mattos OR
219 - 230 Tuning the chemical composition, textural and capacitance properties of mesoporous graphitic carbon nitride
Idris MB, Devaraj S
231 - 238 Cobalt oxyhydroxide with highly porous structures as active and stable phase for efficient water oxidation
Du J, Li C, Wang XL, Jones TGJ, Liang HP
239 - 245 Thermal activation of impedance measurements on an epoxy coating for the corrosion protection: 1. Dielectric spectroscopy response in the dry state
Roggero A, Causse N, Dantras E, Villareal L, Santos A, Pebere N
246 - 256 Homogeneous reduced graphene oxide supported NiO-MnO2 ternary hybrids for electrode material with improved capacitive performance
Kumar R, Matsuo R, Kishida K, Abdel-Galeil MM, Suda Y, Matsuda A
257 - 267 Marigold shaped N-rGO-MoS2-Ni(OH)(2) nanocomposite as a bifunctional electrocatalyst for the promotion of overall water splitting in alkaline medium
Debata S, Banerjee S, Sharma PK
268 - 274 Self-supported microbial carbon aerogel bioelectrocatalytic anode promoting extracellular electron transfer for efficient hydrogen evolution
Wang WK, Tang B, Liu J, Shi HJ, Xu QJ, Zhao GH
275 - 283 Effect of a DC bias on the conductivity of gadolinia doped ceria thin films
Sulekar SS, Ordonez JE, Arango IC, Gomez ME, Nino JC
284 - 292 Nano-crystalline graphite film on SiO2: Electrochemistry and electro-analytical application
Albu C, Eremia SAV, Veca ML, Avram A, Popa RC, Pachiu C, Romanitan C, Kusko M, Gavrila R, Radoi A
293 - 298 Pyrrolidinium-based organic ionic plastic crystals: Relationship between side chain length and properties
Yamada H, Miyachi Y, Takeoka Y, Rikukawa M, Yoshizawa-Fujita M
299 - 315 Morphological stability of steady-state passive oxide films
Ramanathan R, Voorhees PW
316 - 322 Engineering the electronic structure of Co3O4 by carbon-doping for efficient overall water splitting
Yan DF, Chen R, Xiao ZH, Wang SY
323 - 328 Fabrication of MnO2/carbon micro/nanostructures based on Carbon-MEMS technique on stainless steel substrate for supercapacitive microelectrodes
Jiang SL, Wang F, Tan XH, Lin JB, Liao GL, Tang ZR, Shi TL, Qian LM
329 - 340 Nanostructured polypyrrole cathode based dual rotating disk photo fuel cell for textile wastewater purification and electricity generation
Li K, Zhang HB, Ma YP, Sun TH, Jia JP
341 - 353 Heat generation in all-solid-state supercapacitors with graphene electrodes and gel electrolytes
Likitchatchawankun A, Kundu A, Munteshari O, Fisher TS, Pilon L