Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.302 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 9 NiFe layered double hydroxide electrodeposited on Ni foam coated with reduced graphene oxide for high-performance supercapacitors
Li M, Jijie R, Barras A, Roussel P, Szunerits S, Boukherroub R
10 - 20 DC plasma electrolytic oxidation treatment of gum metal for dental implants
Sowa M, Parafiniuk M, Mouzelo CMS, Kazek-Kesik A, Zhidkov IS, Kukharenko AI, Cholakh SO, Kurmaev EZ, Simka W
21 - 30 Electrodeposited poly(3,4-ethylenedioxypyrrole) films as neural interfaces: Cytocompatibility and electrochemical studies
Krukiewicz K, Kowalik A, Czerwinska-Glowka D, Biggs MJP
31 - 37 Boosting the efficiency of aqueous solar cells: A photoelectrochemical estimation on the effectiveness of TiCl4 treatment
Bella F, Galliano S, Piana G, Giacona G, Viscardi G, Gratzel M, Barolo C, Gerbaldi C
38 - 44 Capacitance of coarse-grained carbon electrodes with thickness up to 800 mu m
Liu LY, Wang XH, Izotov V, Havrykov D, Koltsov I, Han W, Zozulya Y, Linyucheva O, Zahorodna V, Gogotsi O, Gogotsi Y
45 - 55 Self-standing FeCo Prussian blue analogue derived FeCo/C and FeCoP/C nanosheet arrays for cost-effective electrocatalytic water splitting
Xiang R, Duan YJ, Tong C, Peng LS, Wang J, Shah SSA, Najam T, Huang X, Wei ZD
56 - 64 3D multiporous Co,N co-doped MoO2/MoC nanorods hybrids as improved electrode materials for highly sensitive simultaneous determination of acetaminophen and 4-aminophenol
Dong YY, Zhou M, Zhang L
65 - 70 Hierarchically stacked reduced graphene oxide/carbon nanotubes for as high performance anode for sodium-ion batteries
Feng JM, Dong L, Li XF, Li DJ, Lu PY, Hou F, Liang J, Dou SX
71 - 77 Quantitative characterization of a voltage-dependent pseudocapacitance on heteroatom-enriched nanoporous carbons
Han JK, Lee ME, Choi HJ, Jin HJ, Yun YS
78 - 91 Multi-scale biomass-based carbon microtubes decorated with Ni-Co sulphides nanoparticles for supercapacitors with high rate performance
Wang K, Yan R, Tian XD, Wang Y, Lei SW, Li X, Yang T, Wang XJ, Song Y, Liu YQ, Liu ZJ, Guo QG
92 - 101 Electrodeposition of Fe-Ni-Pt alloy films for heat-assisted magnetic recording media: Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties
Ge SY, Lin QY, Wodarz S, Kambe M, Homma T, Zangari G
102 - 108 Microbial amperometric biosensor for online herbicide detection: Photocurrent inhibition of Anabaena variabilis
Tucci M, Grattieri M, Schievano A, Cristiani P, Minteer SD
109 - 118 Electrochemical fabrication of Ni or Ni(OH)(2)@Ni nanoparticle-decorated reduced graphene oxide for supercapacitor applications
Urhan BK, Demir U
119 - 129 Thermal and structural instability of sodium-iron carbonophosphate ball milled with carbon
Kosova NV, Shindrov AA, Slobodyuk AB, Kellerman DG
130 - 136 New mechanistic insights into osmium-based tamoxifen derivatives
Lee HZS, Chau F, Top S, Jaouen G, Vessieres A, Labbe E, Buriez O
137 - 144 A three-dimensional conductive molecularly imprinted electrochemical sensor based on MOF derived porous carbon/carbon nanotubes composites and prussian blue nanocubes mediated amplification for chiral analysis of cysteine enantiomers
Duan DD, Yang H, Ding YP, Li L, Ma GH
145 - 152 Synergy effects between Sn and SiO2 on enhancing the anti-poison ability to CO for ethanol electrooxidation
Liu XH, Wang XM, Wu JY, Zhu AM, Zhang QG, Liu QL
153 - 160 Effects of charge cut-off voltage on the performances of monocrystalline LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2/graphite Li-ion cells
Wu ZW, Cao CH, Yan XD, Zang XF, Zhao Y, Ma XL, Liu RH, Hu LN, Jiang YY, Sun SS
161 - 168 Synthesis and electrochemical performance of an imidazolium based Li salt as electrolyte with Li fluorinated sulfonylimides as additives for Li-Ion batteries
Ahmed F, Rahman MM, Sutradhar SC, Lopa NS, Ryu T, Yoon S, Choi I, Lee Y, Kim W
169 - 179 Impedance response of porous carbon cathodes in polysulfide redox system
Talian SD, Moskon J, Dominko R, Gaberscek M
180 - 197 A pseudo three-dimensional, two-phase, non-isothermal model of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Rizvandi OB, Yesilyurt S
198 - 206 The influence of addition of iridium-oxide to nickel-molybdenum-oxide cathodes on the electrocatalytic activity towards hydrogen evolution in acidic medium and on the cathode deactivation resistance
Vidales AG, Dam-Quang L, Hong AL, Omanovic S
207 - 215 A sensitive electrochemiluminescence immunosensor for the detection of PSA based on CdWS nanocrystals and Ag+@UIO-66-NH2 as a novel coreaction accelerator
Fang QC, Lin ZH, Lu FS, Chen YW, Huang XC, Gao WH
216 - 224 Silver-modified porous 3D nitrogen-doped graphene aerogel: Highly efficient oxygen reduction electrocatalyst for Zn-Air battery
Hu J, Shi ZW, Wang XQ, Qiao HC, Huang H
225 - 233 Phenothiazine dye featuring encapsulated insulated molecular wire as auxiliary donor for high photovoltage of dye-sensitized solar cells by suppression of aggregation
Hua T, Huang ZS, Cai K, Wang LY, Tang H, Meier H, Cao DR
234 - 240 Carbon monoxide and formic acid oxidation at Rh@Pt nanoparticles
El Sawy EN, Pickup PG
241 - 248 Investigation on the reaction area of PEMFC at different position in multiple catalyst layer
Li WB, Lin R, Yang Y
249 - 258 Lithiation of pure and methylated amorphous silicon: Monitoring by operando optical microscopy and ex situ atomic force microscopy
Feng Y, Ngo TDT, Panagopoulou M, Cheriet A, Koo BM, Henry-de-Villeneuve C, Rosso M, Ozanam F
259 - 269 Surfactant assisted electrospinning of WS2 nanofibers and its promising performance as anode material of sodium-ion batteries
Xu XD, Li XJ, Zhang JQ, Qiao K, Han DZ, Wei ST, Xing W, Yan ZF
270 - 276 Effect of individual plasma components on the performance of a glucose enzyme electrode based on redox polymer mediation of a flavin adenine dinucleotide-dependent glucose dehydrogenase
Bennett R, Blochouse E, Leech D
277 - 285 An integrated strategy for improving the desalination performances of activated carbon-based capacitive deionization systems
Chen YJ, Liu CF, Hsu CC, Hu CC
286 - 290 An end-capped poly(ethylene carbonate)-based concentrated electrolyte for stable cyclability of lithium battery
Tominaga Y, Kinno Y, Kimura K
291 - 300 Single step sol-gel synthesized Mn2O3-TiO2 decorated graphene for the rapid and selective ultra sensitive electrochemical sensing of dopamine
Grace AA, Divya KP, Dharuman V, Hahn JH
301 - 309 Progressively providing ionic inhibitor via functional nanofiber layer to stabilize lithium metal anode
Hu MF, Yuan Y, Liu YJ, Tian LY, Zhang YY, Long DH
310 - 315 Investigations on isomerization and rearrangement of polycyclic arenes under oxidative conditions - Anodic versus reagent-mediated reactions
Beil SB, Franzmann P, Muller T, Hielscher MM, Frenzel T, Pollok D, Beiser N, Schollmeyer D, Waldvogel SR
316 - 326 Diagnostics of lithium-ion intercalation rate-determining step: Distinguishing between slow desolvation and slow charge transfer
Vassiliev SY, Sentyurin VV, Levin EE, Nikitina VA
327 - 337 In situ growth of Co3O4 nanoflakes on reduced graphene oxide-wrapped Ni-foam as high performance asymmetric supercapacitor
Raj S, Srivastava SK, Kar P, Roy P
338 - 343 PEO: An immobile solvent?
Thiam A, Martinez-Cisneros C, Molmeret Y, Iojoiu C, Sanchez JY
344 - 351 Silver(I) chlorides speciation and its relationship to the design, construction and evaluation of true Ag-(s)/[AgCln](1-n) reference electrodes for their use in bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide room temperature ionic liquids
Garcia-Mendoza A, Aguilar JC
352 - 362 Electrochemical behavior of InSb thin films with different crystal structure in alkaline solution
Gilek D, Brzozka A, Hnida KE, Sulka GD
363 - 372 Solvothermal ion exchange synthesis of ternary cubic phase Zn2Ti3O8 solid spheres as superior anodes for lithium ion batteries
Liao WM, Li WF, Tian JH, Xiao QB, Dai MM, Xu GG, Li YF, Lin HZ
373 - 384 Yellow-to-blue switching of indole[3,2-b]carbazole-based electrochromic polymers and the corresponding electrochromic devices with outstanding photopic contrast, fast switching speed, and satisfactory cycling stability
Xu Z, Zhang YL, Wang BZ, Liu Z, Zhao JS, Xie Y
385 - 393 Ultra-small Ni-VN nanoparticles co-embedded in N-doped carbons as an effective electrode material for energy storage
Jiang X, Lu W, Yu Y, Yang M, Liu XC, Xing Y
394 - 401 Toward an immobilization method for spore-based biosensors in oxidative environment
Arreola J, Keusgen M, Schoning MJ
402 - 413 Electrogenerated hydrophilic carbon nanomaterials with tailored electrocatalytic activity
Meirinho SG, Ferraria AM, do Rego AMB, Fernandes AJS, Viana AS, Oliveira MC
414 - 421 UV-cross-linked poly(ethylene oxide carbonate) as free standing solid polymer electrolyte for lithium batteries
Meabe L, Huynh TV, Mantione D, Porcarelli L, Li CM, O'Dell LA, Sardon H, Armand M, Forsyth M, Mecerreyes D
422 - 427 In situ observation of Cu electrodeposition and dissolution behavior on Au(111) by high speed AFM
Yoshioka T, Matsushima H, Ueda M
428 - 440 Multiblock copolymers of sulfonated PSU/PPSU Poly(ether sulfone)s as solid electrolytes for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Urena N, Perez-Prior MT, del Rio C, Varez A, Sanchez JY, Iojoiu C, Levenfeld B
441 - 448 New electrochemical sensor based on CoQ(10) and cyclodextrin complexes for the detection of oxidative stress initiators
Barsan MM, Diculescu VC
449 - 458 Advanced aqueous energy storage devices based on flower-like nanosheets-assembled Ni0.85Se microspheres and porous Fe2O3 nanospheres
Yun XR, Li JY, Luo ZH, Tang J, Zhu YR
459 - 471 Effect of isoelectronic tungsten doping on molybdenum selenide nanostructures and their graphene hybrids for supercapacitors
Bhat KS, Nagaraja HS
472 - 477 Iridium nanoparticles for the oxygen evolution reaction: Correlation of structure and activity of benchmark catalyst systems
Rakousky C, Shviro M, Carmo M, Stolten D
478 - 478 Metal organic framework laden poly(ethylene oxide) based composite electrolytes for all-solid-state Li-S and Li-metal polymer batteries (vol 285, pg 355, 2018)
Suriyakumar S, Gopi S, Kathiresan M, Bose S, Gowd EB, Nair JR, Angulakshmi N, Meligrana G, Bella F, Gerbaldi C, Stephan AM