Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.300 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Nanocomposite system of simultaneously-thiolated graphene oxide and polyaniline nanofibers for energy storage applications
Farid M, Basha MAF, Zaki AH, Khedr MH
9 - 17 High-performance 2.5 V flexible aqueous asymmetric supercapacitors based on K+/Na+-inserted MnO2 nanosheets
Liu YY, Guo LX, Teng X, Wang JY, Hao TZ, He XM, Chen ZF
18 - 25 Properties of lithium iron phosphate prepared by biomass-derived carbon coating for flexible lithium ion batteries
Kim HJ, Bae GH, Lee SM, Ahn JH, Kim JK
26 - 35 Dual functions of residue Li-reactive coating with C4H6CoO4 on high-performance LiNiO2 cathode material
Li YJ, Deng SY, Chen YX, Gao J, Zhu J, Xue LL, Lei TX, Cao GL, Guo J, Wang SL
36 - 44 Influence of annealing atmosphere on Li2ZrO3-coated LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2 and its high-voltage cycling performance
Zhan XW, Gao S, Cheng YT
45 - 52 SnS2 quantum dots growth on MoS2: Atomic-level heterostructure for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Ali T, Wang XF, Tang K, Li Q, Sajjad S, Khan S, Farooqi SA, Yan CL
53 - 66 A novel layer-by-layer CNT/PbO2 anode for high-efficiency removal of PCP-Na through combining adsorption/electrosorption and electrocatalysis
Xu F, Chang LM, Duan XY, Bai WH, Sui XY, Zhao XS
67 - 76 A novel electrochemical assay for aspartame determination via nucleophilic reactions with caffeic acid ortho-quinone
Le AVT, Su YL, Cheng SH
77 - 84 Reducing the surface recombination during light-driven water oxidation by core-shell BiVO4@Ni:FeOOH
Zhang XF, Li H, Kong WQ, Liu HL, Fan HB, Wang MK
85 - 92 A simple approach to tailor OER activity of SrxCo0.8Fe0.2O3 perovskite catalysts
Da YM, Zeng LR, Wang CY, Gong CR, Cui L
93 - 101 Mesoporous nickel selenide N-doped carbon as a robust electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Ding JT, Wang P, Ji S, Wang H, Brett DJL, Wang RF
102 - 112 Coupling gold nanoparticles to Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells for an increased efficiency
Truta LAANA, Pereira S, Hora C, Trindade T, Sales MGE
113 - 122 GO composite encompassing a tetraruthenated cobalt porphyrin-Ni coordination polymer and its behavior as isoniazid BIA sensor
Aguirre-Araque JS, Goncalves JM, Nakamura M, Rossini PO, Angnes L, Araki K, Toma HE
123 - 130 Facile synthesis of hollow Co3O4-embedded carbon/reduced graphene oxides nanocomposites for use as efficient electrocatalysts in oxygen evolution reaction
Zhang JH, Li F, Chen WB, Wang CS, Cai DD
131 - 137 N-doped carbon-coated Tin sulfide/graphene nanocomposite for enhanced lithium storage
Ma TT, Sun L, Niu Q, Xu YH, Zhu KL, Liu XH, Guo XX, Zhang J
138 - 144 Boosting interfacial charge migration of TiO2/BiVO4 photoanode by W doping for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Jia YL, Wang ZH, Ma Y, Liu JL, Shi WB, Lin YH, Hu X, Zhang K
145 - 149 Responses to comments on "Ni nanoparticle-decorated reduced graphene oxide for non-enzymatic glucose sensing: An experimental and modeling study [Electrochim. Acta 240 (2017) 388-398]"
Souissi M, Sahara R, Darvishi S, Ahadian S
150 - 155 Sulfide heave: Key factor governing cathode deterioration in pouch Li-S cells
Maiga OIA, Li R, Ye KF, Liu BH, Li ZP
156 - 162 Cathode electrolyte interface of lithium difluorobis(oxalato) phosphate at 4.4 V operation of LiCoO2 for high-energy lithium-ion batteries
Jeong S, Kim KC, Lee SR, Mun J
163 - 170 Lysine-modified TiO2 nanotube array for optimizing bioelectricity generation in microbial fuel cells
Deng LF, Dong G, Zhang YY, Li DN, Lu T, Chen Y, Yuan HR, Chen Y
171 - 176 Electrochemical method of pyrophosphate determination by quinone reduction
Xu WW, Shao CM, Pang JJ, Jiang YC, Han YH, Wang JG
177 - 185 New sustainable and environmental friendly process of synthesis of highly porous Mo2S3 nanoflowers in cooking oil and their electrochemical properties
Nishanthi ST, Yadav KK, Baruah A, Ganguli AK, Jha M
186 - 192 Carbide composite nanowire as bifunctional electrocatalyst for lithium oxygen batteries
Christy M, Arul A, Kim Y
193 - 201 Bridging of adjacent graphene/polyaniline layers with polyaniline nanofibers for supercapacitor electrode materials
Li JP, Xiao DS, Ren YQ, Liu HR, Chen ZX, Xiao JM
202 - 207 Using phenyl methanesulfonate as an electrolyte additive to improve performance of LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2/graphite cells at low temperature
Lin YC, Yue XP, Zhang H, Yu L, Fan WZ, Xie T
208 - 216 Vanadium self-intercalated C/V1.11S2 nanosheets with abundant active sites for enhanced electro-catalytic hydrogen evolution
Yang MY, Cao LJ, Wang ZY, Qu YJ, Shang CQ, Guo HY, Xiong W, Zhang JJ, Shi R, Zou JL, Cheng C, Pan H, Lu ZG
217 - 224 3D porous Ni-Co-P nanosheets on carbon fiber cloth for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Tian YM, Yu J, Zhang HS, Wang C, Zhang ML, Lin ZW, Wang J
225 - 234 Fabrication of three-dimensional microtubular kapok fiber carbon aerogel/RuO2 composites for supercapacitors
Sun JM, E L, Ma CH, Wu ZW, Xu Z, Liu YS, Li W, Liu SX
235 - 241 A facile layer-by-layer fabrication of three dimensional MoS2-rGO-CNTs with high performance for hydrogen evolution reaction
Huang JY, Chen MT, Li XJ, Zhang XW, Lin LY, Liu WP, Liu YJ
242 - 252 Interface optimization by impedance spectroscopy and photoelectrocatalytic degradation of clofibric acid
Zhang L, Shi Q, Guo YY, Xu DD, Wang H, Wang LY, Bian ZY
253 - 262 Composition-dependent lithium storage performances of SnS/SnO2 heterostructures sandwiching between spherical graphene
Zhao B, Zhuang H, Yang YQ, Wang YY, Tao HH, Wang ZX, Jiang JL, Chen ZW, Huang SS, Jiang Y
263 - 273 A novel core-shell structured poly-m-phenyleneisophthalamide@polyvinylidene fluoride nanofiber membrane for lithium ion batteries with high-safety and stable electrochemical performance
Wang LY, Deng NP, Ju JG, Wang G, Cheng BW, Kang WM
274 - 283 nRu center dot mPt center dot(H(x-3n-2m)MoO3) composite prepared by surface redox reaction as a highly active electrocatalyst for carbon monoxide and methanol oxidation
Kuznetsov VV, Podlovchenko BI, Batalov RS, Filatova EA
284 - 289 Kinetics of radical dimerization. Simple evaluation of rate constant from convolution voltammetry and faradaic phase angle data
Pospisil L, Hromadova M, Sokolova R, Lanza C
290 - 298 Constructing hierarchical lanthanum-doped nickel hydroxidenitrate nanoflowers with dilated lattice spacing for improving asymmetric supercapacitors
Peng H, Liang J, Zhao R, Wang F, Wei GG, Zhou JZ, Ma GF, Lei ZQ
299 - 305 Effect of the dielectric constant of a liquid electrolyte on lithium metal anodes
Kim JY, Shin DO, Chang T, Kim KM, Jeong J, Park J, Lee YM, Cho KY, Phatak C, Hong S, Lee YG
306 - 315 Effect of the current collector design on the performance of a passive direct methanol fuel cell
Braz BA, Moreira CS, Oliveira VB, Pinto AMFR
316 - 323 Screen-printed GPH electrode modified with Ru nanoplates and PoPD polymer film for NADH sensing: Design and characterization
Baradoke A, Pastoriza-Santos I, Gonzalez-Romero E
324 - 332 Electrochemical activation of vertically grown graphene nanowalls synthesized by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition for high-voltage supercapacitors
Hsu DJ, Chi YW, Huang KP, Hu CC
333 - 340 Introducing planar hydrophobic groups into an alkyl-sulfonated rigid polyimide and how this affects morphology and proton conductivity
Nagao Y, Tanaka T, Ono Y, Suetsugu K, Hara M, Wang GT, Nagano S, Abe T
341 - 348 Hierarchical void structured Si/PANi/C hybrid anode material for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Mu G, Ding ZP, Mu DB, Wu BR, Bi JY, Zhang L, Yang H, Wu HF, Wu F
349 - 356 Freestanding nitrogen-doped d-Ti3C2/reduced graphene oxide hybrid films for high performance supercapacitors
Yang L, Zheng W, Zhang P, Chen J, Zhang W, Tian WB, Sun ZM
357 - 362 Effect of electrolyte on the growth of thermoelectric Bi2Se3 thin films
Tumelero MA, Martins MB, Souza PB, Della Pace RD, Pasa AA
363 - 372 Nanoporous GeO2/Cu/Cu2O network synthesized by dealloying method for stable Li-ion storage
Wang ZF, Zhang XM, Yan YH, Zhang YG, Wang YC, Qin CL, Bakenov Z
373 - 379 Growth of polyaniline on TiO2 tetragonal prism arrays as electrode materials for supercapacitor
Chen SY, Liu B, Zhang XY, Chen F, Shi H, Hu CL, Chen J
380 - 388 In situ electrochemical reduction assisted assembly of a graphene-gold nanoparticles@polyoxometalate nanocomposite film and its high response current for detection of hydrogen peroxide
Zhang XX, Bao YY, Bai YF, Chen ZZ, Li J, Feng F
389 - 395 First-principle investigations of nitrogen-, boron-, phosphorus-doped graphite electrodes for vanadium redox flow batteries
Xu A, Shi L, Zeng L, Zhao TS
396 - 403 Ultrafine Sb nanoparticles embedded in nitrogen-doped carbon nanofibers as ultralong cycle durability and high-rate anode materials for reversible sodium storage
Zhao WX, Zou L, Ma XQ, Zhang WL, Li YD, Wang GZ, Zhang P, Xia LP
404 - 416 Structure and dynamics of microbial fuel cell catalyst layer
Huang D, Li MJ, Song BY, Liu ZB
417 - 425 Template-free synthesis of mesoporous succulents-like TiO2/graphene aerogel composites for lithium-ion batteries
Cheng LL, Qiao DD, Zhao PD, He YC, Sun WF, Yu HC, Jiao Z
426 - 436 Superior electrochemical performance of quasi-concentration-gradient LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 cathode material synthesized with multi-shell precursor and new aluminum source
Liang M, Sun YM, Song DW, Shi XX, Han Y, Zhang HZ, Zhang LQ
437 - 444 Atomically ordered and epitaxially grown surface structure in core-shell NCA/NiAl2O4 enabling high voltage cyclic stability for cathode application
Chen C, Xu M, Zhang K, An H, Zhang G, Hong B, Li J, Lai YQ
445 - 454 Effects of energetics with {001} facet-dominant anatase TiO2 scaffold on electron transport in CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells
Maitani MM, Tateyama A, Boix PP, Han GF, Nitta A, Ohtani B, Mathews N, Wada Y
455 - 460 Mesoporous MnCo2O4 spinel oxide for a highly active and stable air electrode for Zn-air rechargeable battery
Ishihara T, Yokoe K, Miyano T, Kusaba H
461 - 469 Carbon-based asymmetric capacitor for high-performance energy storage devices
Kim D, Lee K, Kim M, Kim Y, Lee H
470 - 481 Porous Al/Al2O3 two-phase nanonetwork to improve electrochemical properties of porous C/SiO2 as anode for Li-ion batteries
Cui JL, Yang JC, Man JZ, Li SH, Yin JP, Ma LT, He WX, Sun JC, Hu JL
482 - 488 Electrochemically polymerized poly (3, 4-phenylenedioxythiophene) as efficient and transparent counter electrode for dye sensitized solar cells
Zhang JB, Hao Y, Yang L, Mohammadi H, Vlachopoulos N, Sun LC, Hagfeldt A, Sheibani E
489 - 496 Effects of nanoparticle addition to poly(epsilon-caprolactone) electrolytes: Crystallinity, conductivity and ambient temperature battery cycling
Eriksson T, Mindemark J, Yue M, Brandell D