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ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Highly efficient total nitrogen and simultaneous total organic carbon removal for urine based on the photoelectrochemical cycle reaction of chlorine and hydroxyl radicals
Shen ZX, Li JH, Zhang Y, Bai J, Tan XH, Li XY, Qiao L, Xu QJ, Zhou BX
10 - 20 A research of the stability of oxide-covered aluminum surface for electrochemiluminescence probe use
Ala-Kleme T
21 - 30 Electrocatalytic sulfathiazole degradation by a novel nickel-foam cathode coated with nitrogen-doped porous carbon
Deng FX, Qiu S, Olvera-vargas H, Zhu YS, Gao WJ, Yang JX, Ma F
31 - 39 Electrodeposited reduced graphene oxide as a highly efficient and low-cost electrocatalyst for vanadium redox flow batteries
Nia PM, Abouzari-Lotf E, Woi PM, Alias Y, Ting TM, Ahmad A, Jusoh NWC
40 - 45 Cobalt hydroxide-black phosphorus nanosheets: A superior electrocatalyst for electrochemical oxygen evolution
Li YJ, Liao CG, Tang KW, Zhang N, Qi WH, Xie HP, He J, Yin K, Gao YL, Wang CD
46 - 54 Revealing a conversion-alloying reaction mechanism behind high capacity and rate capability of SnS/N-doped graphene anode by in situ TEM
Yao LB, Nie M, Zhu CY, Cai R, Xia WW, Sun LT, Xu F
55 - 60 The role of malachite nanorods for the electrochemical reduction of CO2 to C-2 hydrocarbons
Spodaryk M, Zhao K, Zhang J, Oveisi E, Zuttel A
61 - 69 How the adsorption of Sn on Pt (100) preferentially oriented nanoparticles affects the pathways of glycerol electro-oxidation
Araujo HR, Zanata CR, Teixeira-Neto E, de Lima RB, Batista BC, Giz MJ, Camara GA
70 - 76 Synthesis of CoFe2O4/graphene composite as a novel counter electrode for high performance dye-sensitized solar cells
Pang BL, Lin S, Shi YT, Wang YY, Chen YJ, Ma S, Feng JG, Zhang CK, Yu LY, Dong LF
77 - 86 Nickel self-doped iron oxide/manganese carbonate hierarchical 2D/3D structures for electrochemical energy storage
Rajendiran R, Chinnadurai D, Selvaraj AR, Gunasekaran RK, Kim HJ, Karupannan S, Prabakar K
87 - 93 Electrochemical behaviors and electrodeposition of single-phase Cu-Sn alloy coating in [BMIM]Cl
Sun J, Ming TY, Qian HX, Li QS
94 - 100 High electrochemical stability of meso-Ni-salen based conducting polymer manifested by potential-driven reversible changes in viscoelastic and nanomechanical properties
Lepicka K, Majewska M, Nowakowski R, Kutner W, Pieta P
101 - 111 Water crossover phenomena in all-vanadium redox flow batteries
Oh K, Moazzam M, Gwak G, Ju H
112 - 117 When supporting electrolyte matters - Tuning capacitive response of graphene oxide via electrochemical reduction in alkali and alkaline earth metal chlorides
Karacic D, Korac S, Dobrota AS, Pasti IA, Skorodumova NV, Gutic SJ
118 - 128 Microfluidic amperometry with two symmetric Au microelectrodes under one-way and shuttle flow conditions
Weng JH, Lai CY, Chen LC
129 - 136 Metal organic framework-derived carbon structures for sodium-ion battery anodes
Ingersoll N, Karimi Z, Patel D, Underwood R, Warren R
137 - 144 Strategies for the electrobioremediation of oxyfluorfen polluted soils
Barba S, Villasenor J, Canizares P, Rodrigo MA
145 - 154 Redox active multi-layered Zn-pPDA MOFs as high-performance supercapacitor electrode material
Kannangara YY, Rathnayake UA, Song JK
155 - 162 Platinum single atoms/clusters stabilized in transition metal oxides for enhanced electrocatalysis
Gao JJ, Du P, Zhang QH, Shen X, Chiang FK, Wen YR, Lin X, Liu XJ, Qiu HJ
163 - 172 Membrane-free electrochemical deoxygenation of aqueous solutions using symmetric activated carbon electrodes in flow-through cells
Holubowitch NE, Omosebi A, Gao X, Landon J, Liu KL
173 - 187 Controlling the electrochemical performance of beta-Ni(OH)(2)/carbon nanotube hybrid electrodes for supercapacitor applications by La doping: A systematic investigation
Chakrabarty N, Chakraborty AK
188 - 196 Pressurized operation of anion exchange membrane water electrolysis
Ito H, Kawaguchi N, Someya S, Munakata T
197 - 205 Colloidal synthesis of high-performance FeSe/CoSe nanocomposites for electrochemical oxygen evolution reaction
Wang XY, Zhou Y, Liu M, Chen C, Zhang J
206 - 214 Palladium-based nanocatalysts anchored on CNT with high activity and durability for ethanol electro-oxidation
Ning LN, Liu XH, Deng M, Huang ZZ, Zhu AM, Zhang QG, Liu QL
215 - 222 Size control of the photo-electrochemical water splitting activity of SrTiO3 nano-cubes
Klusackova M, Nebel R, Macounova KM, Klementova M, Krtil P
223 - 229 Preparation of monolayer hollow spherical tungsten oxide films with enhanced near infrared electrochromic performances
Zhang X, Dou SL, Li WJ, Wang LB, Qu HY, Chen X, Zhang LP, Zhao YM, Zhao JP, Li Y
230 - 239 Nanostructured Mn2O3/Pt/CNTs selective electrode for oxygen reduction reaction and methanol tolerance in mixed-reactant membraneless micro-DMFC
Abrego-Martinez JC, Wang YL, Moreno-Zuria A, Wei QL, Cuevas-Muniz FM, Arriaga LG, Sun SH, Mohamedi M
240 - 249 Graphene oxide and sulfonated-derivative: Proton transport properties and electrochemical behavior of Nafion-based nanocomposites
Simari C, Stallworth P, Peng J, Coppola L, Greenbaum S, Nicotera I
250 - 257 Carbon quantum dots from glucose oxidation as a highly competent anode material for lithium and sodium-ion batteries
Javed M, Saqib ANS, Ata-ur-Rehman, Ali B, Faizan M, Anang DA, Iqbal Z, Abbas SM
258 - 266 1D Nb-doped LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 nanostructures as excellent cathodes for Li-ion battery
Lv CJ, Yang J, Peng Y, Duan XC, Ma JM, Li QH, Wang TH
267 - 280 A facile synthesis of graphene nanoribbon-quantum dot hybrids and their application for composite electrolyte membrane in direct methanol fuel cells
Shukla A, Dhanasekaran P, Nagaraju N, Bhat SD, Pillai VK
281 - 287 Stable cycling of all-solid-state lithium battery with surface amorphized Li1.5Al0.5Ge1.5(PO4)(3) electrolyte and lithium anode
Zhang ZH, Chen SJ, Yang J, Liu GZ, Yao XY, Cui P, Xu XX
288 - 296 Synthesis of popcorn-shaped gallium-platinum (GaPt3) nanoparticles as highly efficient and stable electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Lim SC, Chan CY, Chen KT, Tuan HY
297 - 306 Assessing the impact of design factors on the performance of two miniature microbial fuel cells
Mateo S, Mascia M, Fernandez-Morales FJ, Rodrigo MA, Di Lorenzo M
307 - 318 Effects of salt- and oxygen-coupled stimuli on the reactive behaviors of hemoglobin-loaded polymeric membranes
Goh KB, Li H, Lam KY
319 - 327 TiO2-modified red phosphorus nanosheets entangled in carbon nanotubes for high performance lithium ion batteries
Sun L, Zhang YX, Si HC, Zhang Y, Liu JW, Liu JG, Zhang YH
328 - 333 Quantitative study of mass transfer in megasonic micro electroforming based on mass transfer coefficient: Simulation and experimental validation
Zhao M, Du LQ, Du CQ, Wei ZZ, Ji XC, Bai ZP, Liu XQ
334 - 343 ACF/NiCo2S4 honeycomb-like heterostructure material: Room-temperature sulfurization and its performance in asymmetric supercapacitors
Zhao SH, Yang ZB, Xu WW, Zhang QY, Zhao XM, Wen X
344 - 354 YBaCo2O5+delta-based double-perovskite cathodes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells with simultaneously improved structural stability and thermal expansion properties
Liu JC, Jin FJ, Yang X, Niu BB, Li YF, He TM
355 - 364 Core-shell Si@c-PAN particles deposited on graphite as promising anode for lithium-ion batteries
Nguyen QH, Kim IT, Hur J
365 - 371 Monodisperse nitrogen-doped carbon spheres with superior rate capacities for lithium/sodium ion storage
Zhang HW, Hu MX, Lv Q, Yang L, Lv RT
372 - 380 LED visible-light driven label-free photoelectrochemical immunosensor based on WO3/Au/CdS photocatalyst for the sensitive detection of carcinoembryonic antigen
Zhang BH, Wang H, Zhao FQ, Zeng BZ
381 - 391 Effect of the presence of Si-oxide/sub-oxide surface layer(s) on 'micron-sized' Si wires towards the electrochemical behavior as anode material for Li-ion battery
Jangid MK, Sinha S, Lakhnot AS, Sonia FJ, Kumar A, Dusane RO, Mukhopadhyay A
392 - 397 High crystalline Na2Ni[Fe(CN)(6)] particles for a high-stability and low-temperature sodium-ion batteries cathode
Ma XH, Wei YY, Wu YD, Wang J, Jia W, Zhou JH, Zi ZF, Dai JM
398 - 405 Improving the electrochemical performance of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 cathode material via tungsten modification
Luo B, Jiang B, Peng P, Huang JJ, Chen JW, Li MC, Chu LH, Li YF
406 - 416 Morphology and size controlled synthesis of the hierarchical structured Li1.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13O2 cathode materials for lithium ion batteries
Li HL, Ren YB, Yang PH, Jian ZX, Wang WX, Xing YL, Zhang SC
417 - 426 Surface functionalization of wafer-scale two-dimensional WO3 nanofilms by NM electrodeposition (NM = Ag, Pt, Pd) for electrochemical H2O2 reduction improvement
Wei ZH, Hai ZY, Akbari MK, Zhao ZT, Sun YJ, Hyde L, Verpoort F, Hu J, Zhuiykov S
427 - 434 Surface functionalisation by the introduction of self-healing properties into electroless Ni-P coatings
Stankiewicz A, Kefallinou Z, Mordarski G, Jagoda Z, Spencer B
435 - 442 Analytical approximation for the frequency dependent conductivity in ionic conductors
Cuervo-Reyes E, Roedern E, Yun Y, Battaglia C
443 - 451 New understanding of the reduction mechanism of pyrolusite in the Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans bio-leaching system
Kang JX, Feng YL, Li HR, Du ZW, Deng XY, Wang HJ
452 - 462 An electrochemical study on the redox chemistry of cyclic benzimidazole derivatives with potent anticancer activity
Jovanovic IN, Jadresko D, Milicevic A, Hranjec M, Perin N
463 - 478 A reliable automatic simulation of singular transients by the adaptive Huber method: The case of homogeneous reactions at planar and spherical electrodes
Bieniasz LK
479 - 487 Nickel hydroxide/chemical vapor deposition-grown graphene/nickel hydroxide/nickel foam hybrid electrode for high performance supercapacitors
Liu SD, Yin Y, Hui KS, Hui KN, Lee SC, Jun SC
488 - 496 Dramatically enhanced photoelectrochemical properties and transformed p/n type of g-C3N4 caused by K and I co-doping
Jing JP, Chen ZY, Feng C
497 - 503 Adsorption of Na on silicene for potential anode for Na-ion batteries
Xu S, Fan XF, Liu JL, Jiang Q, Zheng WT, Singh DJ
504 - 510 Nanofoaming to boost electrochemical performance of three-dimensional compressible carbon monoliths for robust supercapacitors
Zhang YX, Li Y, Mu XM, Huang BY, Du JW, Zhang SM, Liu Y, Fu JC, Sheng YZ, Zhang ZX, Xie EQ
511 - 522 Engineering electrochemical sensors using nanosecond laser treatment of thin gold film on ITO glass
Stankevicius E, Garliauskas M, Laurinavicius L, Trusovas R, Tarasenko N, Pauliukaite R
523 - 528 Sodium storage via single epoxy group on graphene - The role of surface doping
Diklic NP, Dobrota AS, Pasti IA, Mentus SV, Johansson B, Skorodumova NV
529 - 538 A convenient and efficient mass-production strategy to fabricate sustainable cathodes for lithium-oxygen batteries: Sucrose-derived active carbon coating technology
Wu YG, Zhu XB, Wan WH, Wang Y, Ji X, Pan XY, Lu Z
539 - 544 Unprotected Pt nanoclusters anchored on ordered mesoporous carbon as an efficient and stable catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Liu J, Wu XX, Yang LP, Wang F, Yin J
545 - 552 Effects of substrate porosity in carbon aerogel supported copper for electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction
Han X, Wang M, Le ML, Bedford NM, Woehl TJ, Thoi VS
553 - 563 Controllable synthesis of P-doped MoS2 nanopetals decorated N-doped hollow carbon spheres towards enhanced hydrogen evolution
Wei Y, Zhang X, Zhao ZL, Chen HS, Matras-Postolek K, Wang B, Yang P
564 - 575 The corrosion of solid solution Mg-Sn binary alloys in NaCl solutions
Cain TW, Glover CF, Scully JR
576 - 581 Optimizing multi-walled carbon nanotubes as a low-cost and highly electrocatalytic counter electrode for QDSCs
Zhang YN, Zhang JY, Zheng W
582 - 592 Enhanced activation of hydrogen peroxide using nitrogen doped graphene for effective removal of herbicide 2,4-D from water by iron-free electrochemical advanced oxidation
Yang WL, Zhou MH, Oturan N, Li YW, Su P, Oturan MA
593 - 605 Hybrid porous flower-like NiO@CeO(2)microspheres with improved pseudocapacitiveproperties
Yi TF, Mei J, Xie Y, Luo SH
606 - 612 A computational study of electrocatalytic CO2 reduction by Mn(I) complexes: Role of bipyridine substituents
Rawat KS, Mandal SC, Pathak B
613 - 622 Addition of reduced graphene oxide to an activated-carbon cathode increases electrical power generation of a microbial fuel cell by enhancing cathodic performance
Koo B, Lee SM, Oh SE, Kim EJ, Hwang Y, Seo D, Kim JY, Kahng YH, Lee YW, Chung SY, Kim SJ, Park JH, Jung SP
623 - 632 Laser modification-induced NiCo2O4-delta with high exterior Ni3+/Ni2+ ratio and substantial oxygen vacancies for electrocatalysis
Liu Y, Liu P, Qin W, Wu XJ, Yang GW
633 - 640 Charge transportation at cascade energy structure interfaces of CuInxGa1-xSeyS2-y/CdS/ZnS for spontaneous water splitting
Chae SY, Park SJ, Min BK, Hwang YJ, Joo OS
641 - 649 N-doped carbon-coated hollow carbon nanofibers with interspersed TiO2 for integrated separator of Li-S batteries
Yang YB, Xu H, Wang SX, Deng YF, Qin XY, Qin XS, Chen GH
650 - 659 Voltammetric enantiomeric differentiation of tryptophan by using multiwalled carbon nanotubes functionalized with ferrocene and beta-cyclodextrin
Niu XH, Yang X, Mo ZL, Guo RB, Liu NJ, Zhao P, Liu ZY, Ouyang MX
660 - 668 Photoelectric engineering of bifacial dye-sensitized solar cells beyond sunny days
Wang YL, Wang YD, Duan JL, Zhao YY, Tang QW
669 - 675 Application of a water-soluble cobalt redox couple in free-standing cellulose films for thermal energy harvesting
Taheri A, MacFarlane DR, Pozo-Gonzalo C, Pringle JM
676 - 684 H2S corrosion of mild steel: A quantitative analysis of the mechanism of the cathodic reaction
Kahyarian A, Nesic S
685 - 695 Electrochemical identification of painters/workshops: The case of Valencian Renaissance-Baroque painters (ca. 1550-ca. 1670)
Domenech-Carbo A, Domenech-Carbo MT, Castello-Palacios A, Guerola-Blay V, Perez-Marin E
696 - 704 Water reduction into hydrogen using Rh-doped SrTiO3 photoelectrodes surface-modified by minute amounts of Pt: Insights from heterogeneous kinetic analysis
Antuch M, Millet P, Iwase A, Kudo A
705 - 714 Highly oxygen deficient, bimodal mesoporous silica based supercapacitor with enhanced charge storage characteristics
Joshi A, Lalwani S, Singh G, Sharma RK
715 - 724 Electrochemical oxidation of urea on nickel-rhodium nanoparticles/carbon composites
Mirzaei P, Bastide S, Dassy A, Bensimon R, Bourgon J, Aghajani A, Zlotea C, Muller-Bouvet D, Cachet-Vivier C
725 - 734 Promotion of oxygen reduction on a porphyrazine-modified Pt catalyst surface
Yamazaki S, Asahi M, Ioroi T
735 - 741 Electrocatalytic properties of graphite intercalation compound with metal chlorides modified by cathodic treatment
Rozmanowski T, Krawczyk P
742 - 748 Enhanced 4.5 V/55 degrees C cycling performance of LiCoO2 cathode via LiAlO2-LiCo1-xAlxO2 double-layer coatings
Shao L, Zhou L, Yang LS, Jia CK, Wang CH, Hu S, Zeng XF, Yang CM, Huang CH, Zhou YY, Xi XM
749 - 754 Metal phosphide nanoparticles embedded in carbon as efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Shanmugam S, Sivanantham A, Matsunaga M, Simon U, Osaka T
755 - 766 One-step and scalable synthesis of Ni2P nanocrystals encapsulated in N,P-codoped hierarchically porous carbon matrix using a bipyridine and phosphonate linked nickel metal-organic framework as highly efficient electrocatalysts for overall water splitting
Yan LT, Jiang HM, Wang Y, Li LJ, Gu X, Dai PC, Liu DD, Tang SF, Zhao GM, Zhao XB, Thomas KM
767 - 777 Flexible NiO micro-rods/nanoporous Ni/metallic glass electrode with sandwich structure for high performance supercapacitors
Zheng DH, Zhao F, Li YY, Qin CL, Zhu JS, Hu QF, Wang ZF, Inoue A
778 - 783 Electro-oxidation of ammonia on electrochemically roughened platinum electrodes
Johnston S, Suryanto BHR, MacFarlane DR
784 - 793 Elucidation of the structural and charge separation properties of titanium-doped hematite films deposited by electrospray method for photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Chae SY, Rahman G, Joo OS
794 - 804 A stretchable and hydrophobic polypyrrole/knitted cotton fabric electrode for all-solid-state supercapacitor with excellent strain capacitance
Wang B, Song WH, Gu P, Fan LH, Yin YJ, Wang CX
805 - 813 Novel hierarchically porous Ti-MOFs/nitrogen-doped graphene nanocomposite served as high efficient oxygen reduction reaction catalyst for fuel cells application
Qin XL, Huang Y, Wang K, Xu TT, Wang YL, Liu PB, Kang Y, Zhang Y
814 - 819 Catalytic voltammetric determination of Mo(VI) ultratraces at the tellurium film electrode using the Mo(VI)-mandelic acid-chlorate system
Bobrowski A, Krolicka A, Sliwa J, Zarebski J
820 - 825 Electrode microstructure controls localized electronic impedance in Li-ion batteries
Vogel JE, Forouzan MM, Hardy EE, Crawford ST, Wheeler DR, Mazzeo BA
826 - 832 Self-electrochemiluminescence of poly[9,9-bis(3 '-(N,N-dimethyl amino) propyl)-2,7-fluorene]-alt-2,7-(9,9-dioctylfluorene)] and resonance energy transfer to aluminum tris(8-quinolinolate)
Ma L, Wu N, Liu Y, Ran XQ, Xiao DB
833 - 841 Nickel diselenide nanoflakes give superior urea electrocatalytic conversion
Xiong P, Ao X, Chen JH, Li JG, Lv L, Li ZS, Zondode M, Xue XY, Lan YC, Wang CD
842 - 849 Effect of cation structure of tetraalkylammonium- and imidazolium-based ionic liquids on their conductivity
Arkhipova EA, Ivanov AS, Maslakov KI, Savilov SV, Lunin VV
850 - 855 Poly(N-vinylcarbazole) as an advanced organic cathode for potassiumion-based dual-ion battery
Li C, Xue J, Huang A, Ma J, Qing FZ, Zhou AJ, Wang ZH, Wang YH, Li JZ
856 - 863 Hydrogenated graphene as support of Pd nanoparticles with improved electrocatalytic activity for ethanol oxidation reaction in alkaline media
Xiao H, Zhang JJ, Zhao M, Hu TJ, Jia JF, Wu HS
864 - 871 TiO2-SnO2/SO42- mesoporous solid superacid decorated nickel-based material as efficient electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation reaction
Li PH, Gu YY, Yu ZZ, Gao PY, An YR, Li J
872 - 878 Lithium storage behavior of MoO3-P2O5 glass as cathode material for Li-ion batteries
Wu X, Zhao SX, Yu LQ, Li JW, Zhao EL, Nan CW
879 - 887 Large-scale carbon framework microbelts anchoring ultrafine SnO2 nanoparticles with enhanced lithium storage properties
Wang QS, Xu JQ, Shen GY, Guo YQ, Zhao X, Xia YJ, Sun HB, Hou PY, Xie WH, Xu XJ
888 - 904 Formation of nano-scale composite anodic films on aluminium-holmium alloys
Shahzad K, Mardare CC, Recktenwald D, Mardare AI, Hassel AW
905 - 915 Direct addition of sulfur and nitrogen functional groups to graphite felt electrodes for improving all-vanadium redox flow battery performance
Shah AB, Wu YH, Joo YL
916 - 928 A systematic study of kinetics in mesocarbon microbeads anodes in presence of nano-conductive additives
Ahamad S, Gupta A
929 - 940 ]Thermocapillary convection during hydrogen evolution at microelectrodes
Massing J, Mutschke G, Baczyzmalski D, Hossain SS, Yang XG, Eckert K, Cierpka C
941 - 946 Electrochemistry without Borders (ISE 2017): Foreword
Orazem ME, Mukerjee S, Atanassov P
947 - 960 Influence of substituents on the reduction potential and pK(a) values of beta-diketones tautomers: A theoretical study
Adeniyi AA, Conradie J
961 - 973 Probing the electrochemistry of MXene (Ti2CTx)/electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) composites as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Melchior SA, Palaniyandy N, Sigalas I, Iyuke SE, Ozoemena KI
974 - 979 Anterior gradient-3 protein-antibody interaction at charged interfaces. Label-free chronopotentiometric sensing
Ostatna V, Hason S, Kasalova V, Durech M, Hrstka R
980 - 987 Insight into the reduction and property of graphene hydrogel for high efficiency composite counter electrodes and solar cells
Ji XH, Yang C, Fang WJ, Zhang H
988 - 999 On-substrate porous-anodic-alumina-assisted gold nanostructure arrays: Meeting the challenges of various sizes and interfaces
Mozalev A, Hubalek J
1000 - 1010 Electrokinetic properties of cysteine-stabilized silver nanoparticles dispersed in suspensions and deposited on solid surfaces in the form of monolayers
Ocwieja M, Morga M
1011 - 1017 Enhanced electrochemical performance by size-dependent SEI layer reactivation of NiCo2O4 anodes for lithium ion batteries
Ren QQ, Yu FD, Zhang SW, Yin BS, Wang ZB, Ke K
1018 - 1027 Heterogeneous oxidation of highly boron-doped diamond electrodes and its influence on the surface distribution of electrochemical activity
Ryl J, Burczyk L, Zielinski A, Ficek M, Franczak A, Bogdanowicz R, Darowicki K
1028 - 1034 High performance isomeric Fe2O3 nanospheres anode materials derived from industrial wastewater for lithium ion batteries
Wu N, Zhang X, Ma C, Shi YR, Zhou JM, Wang Z, Liu H, Zeng XX, Wei Y
1035 - 1041 Tannic complexes coated nanocontainers for controlled release of corrosion inhibitors in self-healing coatings
Qian B, Michailidis M, Bilton M, Hobson T, Zheng ZL, Shchukin D
1042 - 1051 Cobalt metalloid and polybenzoxazine derived composites for bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysis
Barwe S, Andronescu C, Engels R, Conzuelo F, Seisel S, Wilde P, Chen YT, Masa J, Schuhmann W
1052 - 1062 Ag-Cu bimetallic nanoparticle decorated graphene nanocomposite as an effective anode material for hybrid capacitive deionization (HCDI) system
Vengatesan MR, Darawsheh IFF, Govindan B, Alhseinat E, Banat F
1063 - 1070 Controllable nitrogen doping and specific surface from freestanding TiO2@carbon nanofibers as anodes for lithium ion battery
Liang YH, Li N, Li FY, Xu ZW, Hu YL, Jing ML, Teng KY, Yan XM, Shi J
1071 - 1078 Application of combinative TiO(2)nanorods and nanoparticles layer as the electron transport film in highly efficient mixed halides perovskite solar cells
Khorasani A, Marandi M, Zad AI, Taghavinia N
1079 - 1093 On the use of a naturally-sourced CuFeS2 mineral concentrate for energy storage
Deen KM, Asselin E
1094 - 1103 Preparation of carbon dots decorated graphene/polyaniline composites by supramolecular in-situ self-assembly for high-performance supercapacitors
Li SY, Gao AM, Yi FY, Shu D, Cheng HH, Zhou XP, He C, Zeng DP, Zhang F
1104 - 1108 Holographic interferometric microscopy for measuring Cu2+ concentration profile during Cu electrodeposition in a magnetic field
Nishikawa K, Saito T, Matsushima H, Ueda M
1109 - 1120 Degradation mechanisms of high capacity 18650 cells containing Si-graphite anode and nickel-rich NMC cathode
Li XM, Colclasure AM, Finegan DP, Ren DS, Shi Y, Feng XN, Cao L, Yang Y, Smith K
1121 - 1129 Analysis of voltammograms of quasi-reversible redox systems: Transformation to potential program invariant form
Pajkossy T, Vesztergom S