Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.296 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 7 A charge-transfer resistance model and Arrhenius activation analysis for hydrogen ion transmission across single-layer graphene
Bukola S, Creager SE
8 - 17 Three-dimensional graphene-like porous carbon nanosheets derived from molecular precursor for high-performance supercapacitor application
Li ZS, Zhang L, Chen X, Li BL, Wang HQ, Li QY
18 - 26 The microstructure and electrochemical properties of Mn-doped La-Y-Ni-based metal-hydride electrode materials
Shi Y, Leng HY, Wei L, Chen SL, Li Q
27 - 38 Improvement of high-rate discharging performance of LiFePO4 cathodes by forming micrometer-sized through-holed electrode structures with a pico-second pulsed laser
Tsuda T, Ando N, Nakamura S, Ishihara Y, Hayashi N, Soma N, Gunji T, Tanabe T, Ohsaka T, Matsumoto F
39 - 48 TiO2 microboxes as effective polysufide reservoirs for lithium sulfur batteries
Ni J, Jin LM, Xue MZ, Zheng JS, Zheng JP, Zhang CM
49 - 58 Dopamine constructing composite of Ni(HCO3)(2)-polydopamine-reduced graphene oxide for high performance electrode in hybrid supercapacitors
Tian JJ, Xue Y, Wang MM, Pei YC, Zhang HC, Wang JJ
59 - 68 A facile electrosynthesis approach of amorphous Mn-Co-Fe ternary hydroxides as binder-free active electrode materials for high-performance supercapacitors
Elkholy AE, Heakal FE, Allam NK
69 - 74 Enhancement of bioelectricity generation by synergistic modification of vertical carbon nanotubes/polypyrrole for the carbon fibers anode in microbial fuel cell
Zhao N, Ma ZK, Song HH, Xie YG, Zhang M
75 - 81 Bifunctional electron transporting layer/perovskite interface linker for highly efficient perovskite solar cells
Han F, Hao GM, Wan ZQ, Luo JS, Xia JX, Jia CY
82 - 93 Nucleation and growth of metal nanoparticles on a planar electrode: A new model based on iso-nucleation-time classes of particles
Altimari P, Greco F, Pagnanelli F
94 - 101 Porous manganese dioxide film built from arborization-like nanoclusters and its superior electrochemical supercapacitance with attractive cyclic stability
Xue CF, Hao YA, Luan Q, Wang EY, Ma XL, Hao XG
102 - 111 One-step electrochemically driven production of aza macrocycle-based pseudo-cryptand: An accessible route for creating of diverse cryptand-resembles compounds
Shamsipur M, Davarani SSH, Nematollahi D, Taherpour A, Dehdashtian S, Pashabadi A
112 - 119 A 3D mesoporous flowers of nickel carbonate hydroxide hydrate for high-performance electrochemical energy storage application
Bhojane P, Sinha L, Goutam UK, Shirage PM
120 - 129 Enhanced electrochemical performance of anion-intercalated lanthanum molybdenum oxide pseudocapacitor electrode
Tomar AK, Marichi RB, Singh G, Sharma RK
130 - 141 Polyphosphate-reduced graphene oxide on Ni foam as a binder free electrode for fabrication of high performance supercapacitor
Talebi M, Asen P, Shahrokhian S, Ahadian MM
142 - 148 One-step synthesis of hierarchical SnO2/TiO2 composite hollow microspheres as an efficient scattering layer for dye-sensitized solar cells
Xie FY, Wang JJ, Li YF, Dou J, Wei MD
149 - 154 Improve safety of high energy density LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2/graphite battery using organosilicon electrolyte
Yan XD, Zhang LZ, Lu JD
155 - 164 Carbon-nanotube/sulfur cathode with in-situ assembled Si3N4/graphene interlayer for high-rate and long cycling-life lithium-sulfur batteries
Qu L, Liu P, Zhang P, Wang T, Yi YK, Yang P, Tian XL, Li MT, Yang BL
165 - 173 Novel etched iron oxide mediated synthesis of 3D tremella-like mesoporous Fe/N co-doped graphene composite as a highly efficient platinum-free counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cells
Huang JJ, Lv T, Xiang CL, Jia LS, Liu Q, Wang K, Shi HW, Lin HT, Liu YR, Liu H, Wang X
174 - 180 Electrochemical reactivity of bulky-phenols with superoxide anion radical
Zabik NL, Anwar S, Ziu I, Martic-Milne S
181 - 189 Morphology-controllable preparation of NiFe2O4 as high performance electrode material for supercapacitor
Gao XC, Wang WL, Bi JQ, Chen YF, Hao XX, Sun XN, Zhang JD
190 - 197 Nickel-iron layered double hydroxides and reduced graphene oxide composite with robust lithium ion adsorption ability for high-capacity energy storage systems
Zhang M, Wei ZX, Wang T, Muhammad S, Zhou J, Liu JL, Zhu J, Hu JW
198 - 205 Low-cost fabrication of amorphous cobalt-iron-boron nanosheets for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Meng QZ, Xu WC, Zhu SL, Liang YQ, Cui ZD, Yang XJ, Inoue A
206 - 213 Ultrafine CuO nanoparticles decorated activated tube-like carbon as advanced anode for lithium-ion batteries
Chen ZG, Hou ZH, Xu WY, Chen YY, Li Z, Chen L, Wang W
214 - 223 CoMn2O4 doped reduced graphene oxide as an effective cathodic electrocatalyst for ORR in microbial fuel cells
Hu ZX, Zhou XX, Lu Y, Jv RM, Liu Y, Li N, Chen SW
224 - 234 EQCM and EIS characterization of electrochemical deposition of tin from aqueous solution containing pyrophosphate
Tuna K, Kilian A, Ressler T
235 - 242 delta-MnO2 nanoflowers on sulfonated graphene sheets for stable oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution reaction
Begum H, Ahmed MS, Jeon S
243 - 250 A top-down approach to build Li-2 S@rGO cathode composites for high-loading lithium-sulfur batteries in carbonate-based electrolyte
Zensich M, Jaumann T, Morales GM, Giebeler L, Barbero CA, Balach J
251 - 258 Improvement of electrochemical detection of transthyretin synthetic peptide and its amino acids on carbon electrodes: Glassy carbon versus amorphous carbon nitride a-CNx
Faure M, Billon F, Le Potier I, Haghiri-Gosnet AM, Tribollet B, Pailleret A, Deslouis C, Gamby J
259 - 267 Boosting oxygen evolution by surface nitrogen doping and oxygen vacancies in hierarchical NiCo/NiCoP hybrid nanocomposite
Shao ZY, Qi H, Wang X, Sun J, Guo NK, Huang KK, Wang Q
268 - 275 Fabrication of ultra-thin carbon nanofibers by centrifuged-electrospinning for application in high-rate supercapacitors
Chang WM, Wang CC, Chen CY
276 - 282 Ultralong MnO@C nanowires with internal voids anchored between graphene as a robust high performance anode for flexible Li-Ion battery
Zhong G, Yu JL, Zhuang PY, Jin MY, Fu YB, Ma XH
283 - 293 LiTFSI/TBP-free hole transport materials with nonlinear pi-conjugation for efficient inverted perovskite solar cells
Liu N, Zong XP, Wang ZH, Cui TQ, Liang M, Zhang Y, Xue S
294 - 307 Development of novel sulfonic acid functionalized zeolites incorporated composite proton exchange membranes for fuel cell application
Munavalli BB, Kariduraganavar MY
308 - 316 Ultra-rapid chemical synthesis of mesoporous Bi2O3 micro-sponge-balls for supercapattery applications
Shinde NM, Xia QX, Yun JM, Shinde PV, Shaikh SM, Sahoo RK, Mathur S, Mane RS, Kim KH
317 - 326 Activated carbon as effective cathode material in iron-free Electro-Fenton process: Integrated H2O2 electrogeneration, activation, and pollutants adsorption
Zhou W, Rajic LJ, Chen L, Kou KK, Ding YN, Meng XX, Wang Y, Mulaw B, Gao JH, Qin YK, Alshawabkeh AN
327 - 334 Covalent triazine-based frameworks as electrodes for high-performance membrane capacitive deionization
Liu DH, Ning XA, Hong YX, Li Y, Bian QS, Zhang JP
335 - 344 Enhanced electrochemical performance of C-NiO/NiCO2O4//AC asymmetric supercapacitor based on material design and device exploration
Li XQ, Liu YH, Jin ZY, Li PP, Chen XJ, Xiao D
345 - 354 Ultrafast and ultrastable high voltage cathode of Na2+2xFe2-x(SO4)(3) microsphere scaffolded by graphene for sodium ion batteries
Liu XH, Tang LB, Xu QJ, Liu HM, Wang YG
355 - 363 Impedometric investigation of salt effects on electromembrane extraction: Practical hints for pH adjustment
Nasrollahi SS, Davarani SSH, Moazami HR
364 - 371 Preparation of nickel selenide by pulsed-voltage electrodeposition and its application as a highly-efficient electrocatalyst at counter electrodes of quantum-dot sensitized solar cells
Lee YH, Yun YH, Quy VHV, Kang SH, Kim H, Vijayakumar E, Ahn KS
372 - 378 Facile synthesis of MOF-Derived Co@CoNx/bamboo-like carbon tubes for efficient electrocatalytic water oxidation
Xie ZQ, Wang Y
379 - 386 Degradation of Rhodamine B by contact glow discharge electrolysis with Fe3O4/BiPO4 nanocomposite as heterogeneous catalyst
Chen Y, Jin XL
387 - 396 Characterization and electrochemical properties of organomodified and corresponding derived carbonized clay
Jovic-Jovicic N, Mojovic M, Stankovic D, Nedic-Vasiljevic B, Milutinovic-Nikolic A, Bankovic P, Mojovic Z
397 - 406 Preparation and electrocatalytic performance of nanoporous Pd/Sn and Pd/Sn-CuO composite catalysts
Zhou YY, Niu MY, Zhu SL, Liang YQ, Cui ZD, Yang XJ, Inoue A
407 - 417 Metal and heteroatoms-free carbon soot obtained from atmospheric combustion of naphthalene for sensitive dissolved oxygen reduction reaction and sensing in neutral media
Devi KSS, Jain A, Huang ST, Kumar AS
418 - 426 Homogeneous cobalt and iron oxide hollow nanocages derived from ZIF-67 etched by Fe species for enhanced water oxidation
Ren XN, Lyu FL, Yang J, Wang FY, Xue LL, Wang L, Zhang XW, Wang QF
427 - 437 Aerosol-based synthesis of silsesquioxane-graphene oxide and graphene-manganese oxide nanocomposites for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Hsu SY, Lin SC, Wang JA, Hu CC, Ma CCM, Tsai DH
438 - 449 Encapsulation of Fe2O3/NiO and Fe2O3/Co3O4 nanosheets into conductive polypyrrole for superior lithium ion storage
Hou QD, Man QR, Liu PF, Jin RC, Cui YM, Li GH, Gao SM
450 - 457 Design of Pt-C/Fe-N-S-C cathode dual catalyst layers for proton exchange membrane fuel cells under low humidity
Yin Y, Liu J, Chang YF, Zhu YZ, Xie X, Qin YZ, Zhang JF, Jiao K, Du Q, Guiver MD
458 - 464 New insights on the co-electrolysis of CO2 and H2O through a solid oxide electrolyser operating at intermediate temperatures
Lo Faro M, Zignani SC, Trocino S, Antonucci V, Arico AS
465 - 472 Zinc electrodeposition from a chloride-free non-aqueous solution based on ethylene glycol and acetate salts
Panzeri G, Muller D, Accogli A, Gibertini E, Mauri E, Rossi F, Nobili L, Magagnin L
473 - 480 Electrochemical performance of bulk-type all-solid-state batteries using small-sized Li7P3S11 solid electrolyte prepared by liquid phase as the ionic conductor in the composite cathode
Calpa M, Rosero-Navarro NC, Miura A, Tadanaga K
481 - 490 One-step wet-spinning process of CB/CNT/MnO2 nanotubes hybrid flexible fibres as electrodes for wearable supercapacitors
Garcia-Torres J, Roberts AJ, Slade RCT, Crean C
491 - 493 A fractal modification of the surface coverage model for an electrochemical arsenic sensor
Li XX, Tian D, He CH, He JH
494 - 507 Non suitability of silver ion conducting polymer electrolytes based on chitosan mediated by barium titanate (BaTiO3) for electrochemical device applications
Aziz SB, Abdullah RM, Kadir MFZ, Ahmed HM
508 - 516 Improved stability of perovskite solar cells with enhanced moisture-resistant hole transport layers
Liu DT, Wang YF, Zheng HL, Wu J, Ji L, Zhang P, Ahmad W, Chen H, Chen Z, Li SB
517 - 527 Effect of oxygen vacancies on the band edge properties of WO3 producing enhanced photocurrents
Kalanur SS, Yoo IH, Cho IS, Seo H
528 - 534 Endorsement of Manganese Phthalocyanine microstructures as electrocatalyst in ORR: Experimental and computational study
Mukherjee M, Samanta M, Banerjee P, Chattopadhyay KK, Das GP
535 - 544 Ag nanoparticles enhanced vertically-aligned CuO nanowire arrays grown on Cu foam for stable hybrid supercapacitors with high energy density
Zhang XT, Zhang CF, Abas A, Zhang Y, Mu XM, Zhou JY, Su Q, Lan W, Xie EQ
545 - 554 How to screen a promising anchoring group from heterocyclic components in dye sensitized solar cell:A theoretical investigation
Feng S, Sun ZZ, Li Q
555 - 564 Ultrasonic dispersion temperature- and pH-tuned spectral and electrochemical properties of bovine serum albumin on carbon nanotubes and its conformational transition
Li NX, Zhang YW, Huang B, Li H
565 - 574 Enhanced lithium storage by ZnFe2O4 nanofibers as anode materials for lithium-ion battery
Gao Y, Yin L, Kim SJ, Yang H, Jeon I, Kim JP, Jeong SY, Lee HW, Cho CR
575 - 581 Synthesis of novel Pd NP-PTH-CNTs hybrid material as catalyst for H2O2 generation
Reyes-Cruzaley AP, Felix-Navarro RM, Trujillo-Navarrete B, Silva-Carrillo C, Zapata-Fernandez R, Romo-Herrera JM, Contreras OE, Reynoso-Soto EA
582 - 589 Embedding ZnSe nanoparticles in a porous nitrogen-doped carbon framework for efficient sodium storage
Li YM, Wu FF, Xiong SL
590 - 597 A heterostructure of layered double hydroxide wrapped in few-layer carbon with iridium doping for efficient oxygen evolution
Huang T, Moon SK, Lee JM
598 - 607 Improved response of ionic liquid-based bending actuators by tailored interaction with the polar fluorinated polymer matrix
Dias JC, Correia DM, Costa CM, Ribeiro C, Maceiras A, Vilas JL, Botelho G, Bermudez VD, Lanceros-Mendez S
608 - 616 Iron-doping as an effective strategy to enhance supercapacitive properties of nickel molybdate
Yousefipour K, Sarraf-Mamoory R, Yourdkhani A
617 - 626 Carbonized cotton fabric in-situ electrodeposition polypyrrole as high-performance flexible electrode for wearable supercapacitor
Sun C, Li X, Cai ZS, Ge FY
627 - 636 The visible light-driven and self-powered photoelectrochemical biosensor for organophosphate pesticides detection based on nitrogen doped carbon quantum dots for the signal amplification
Cheng WJ, Zheng ZY, Yang JY, Chen M, Yao QW, Chen YW, Gao WH
637 - 643 Cryo-treatment in enhancing the electrochemical properties of SnSb/C nanofiber anodes for lithium ion batteries
Sun Y, Yu ZH, Li TY, Chen Y, Xia X
644 - 652 Tunable nanocotton-like amorphous ternary Ni-Co-B: A highly efficient catalyst for enhanced oxygen evolution reaction
Wang S, He P, Xie ZW, Jia LP, He MQ, Zhang XQ, Dong FQ, Liu HH, Zhang Y, Li CX
653 - 661 N-doped mesoporous FeNx/carbon as ORR and OER bifunctional electrocatalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteries
Ding JT, Wang P, Ji S, Wang H, Linkov V, Wang RF
662 - 668 Porous anodic oxide film with self-healing ability for corrosion protection of aluminum
Yabuki A, Nagayama Y, Fathona IW
669 - 675 Ultrafine TiO2 nanocrystalline anchored on nitrogen-doped amorphous mesoporous hollow carbon nanospheres as advanced anode for lithium ion batteries
Yuan YF, Chen F, Cai GC, Yin SM, Zhu M, Wang LN, Yang JL, Guo SY
676 - 682 Improved high-rate performance of a supercapacitor electrode from manganese-oxide-coated vertically aligned carbon nanotubes prepared by a pulsed current electrodeposition method
Li M, Park HG
683 - 692 A promising sensing platform toward dopamine using MnO2 nanowires/electro-reduced graphene oxide composites
He QG, Liu J, Liu XP, Li GL, Chen DC, Deng PH, Liang J
693 - 700 Novel synergistic coupling composite chelating copolymer/LAGP solid electrolyte with optimized interface for dendrite-free solid Li-metal battery
Guo QP, Han Y, Wang H, Xiong SZ, Sun WW, Zheng CM, Xie K
701 - 708 Zn-doped MoSe2 nanosheets as high-performance electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction in acid media
Qian JM, Wang TT, Xia BR, Xi PX, Gao DQ
709 - 718 Modeling of electrochemical capacitors under dynamical cycling
Zaccagnini P, Serrapede M, Lamberti A, Bianco S, Rivolo P, Tresso E, Pirri CF, Barbero G, Alexe-Ionescu AL
719 - 729 Designed formation of NiCo2O4 with different morphologies self-assembled from nanoparticles for asymmetric supercapacitors and electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Fu HH, Liu Y, Chen L, Shi YL, Kong WW, Hou J, Yu F, Wei TT, Wang H, Guo XH
730 - 737 Hierarchical structured porous N-doped carbon coating MnO microspheres with enhanced electrochemical performances as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Gou QZ, Li C, Zhong WL, Zhang XQ, Dong Q, Lei CX
738 - 745 Ni3Fe nanoarray encapsulated in Co, N-dual doped carbon shell for efficient electrocatalytic oxygen evolution in both alkaline and carbonate electrolyte
Xu B, Wang XM, Yang XD, Chen ZM, Sun YQ, Liu QS, Li CC
746 - 754 Robust hexagonal nut-shaped titanium(IV) MOF with porous structure for ultra-high performance lithium storage
Xia SB, Yu SW, Yao LF, Li FS, Li X, Cheng FX, Shen X, Sun CK, Guo H, Liu JJ
755 - 761 Sulfur and nitrogen enriched graphene foam scaffolds for aqueous rechargeable zinc-iodine battery
Lu K, Zhang H, Song B, Pan W, Ma HY, Zhang JT
762 - 770 Three dimensional hierarchical network structure of S-NiFe2O4 modified few-layer titanium carbides (MXene) flakes on nickel foam as a high efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution
Tang Y, Yang CH, Yang YW, Yin XT, Que WX, Zhu JF
771 - 782 Boosting photo charge carrier transport properties of perovskite BaSnO3 photoanodes by Sr doping for enhanced DSSCs performance
Rajamanickam N, Soundarrajan P, Kumar SMS, Jayakumar K, Ramachandran K
783 - 789 Incorporation of alloying elements into porous anodic films on aluminium alloys: The role of cell diameter
Torrescano-Alvarez JM, Curioni M, Habazaki H, Hashimoto T, Skeldon P, Zhou X
790 - 798 Three-dimensional hierarchical ternary aerogels of ultrafine TiO2 nanoparticles@porous carbon nanofibers-reduced graphene oxide for high-performance lithium-ion capacitors
Yang C, Lan JL, Ding CF, Wang F, Siyal SH, Yu YH, Yang XP
799 - 805 Enhancement of photovoltaic performance and moisture stability of perovskite solar cells by modification of tin phthalocyanine (SnPc)
Lai H, Li X, Li SP, Chen Y, Sun BY, Jiang QH, Yang JY
806 - 813 Exploring SnS nanoparticles interpenetrated with high concentration nitrogen-doped-carbon as anodes for sodium ion batteries
Qin BS, Zhang H, Diemant T, Dou XW, Geiger D, Behm RJ, Kaiser U, Varzi A, Passerini S
814 - 822 The effect of Fe as an impurity element for sustainable resynthesis of Li[Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3]O-2 cathode material from spent lithium-ion batteries
Park S, Kim D, Ku H, Jo M, Kim S, Song J, Yu J, Kwon K
823 - 829 Synergistic regulation of garnet-type Ta-doped Li7La3Zr2O12 solid electrolyte by Li+ concentration and Li+ transport channel size
Zhang YH, Deng JD, Hu DW, Chen F, Shen Q, Zhang LM, Dong SJ
830 - 841 Co/CoOx nanoparticles inlaid onto nitrogen-doped carbon-graphene as a trifunctional electrocatalyst
Wen XD, Yang XY, Li M, Bai L, Guan JQ
842 - 847 Temperature dependent flux balance of the Li/Li7La3Zr2O12 interface
Wang M, Wolfenstine JB, Sakamoto J
848 - 855 The incorporation of drug molecules with poor water solubility into polypyrrole as dopants: Indomethacin and sulindac
Ryan EM, Breslin CB
856 - 866 Amoxicillin electro-catalytic oxidation using Ti/RuO2 anode: Mechanism, oxidation products and degradation pathway
Kaur R, Kushwaha JP, Singh N
867 - 873 Fabrication of Co/P25 coated with thin nitrogen-doped carbon shells (Co/P25/NC) as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR)
Miyake K, Takemura T, Gabe A, Zhu YX, Ota M, Shu Y, Hirota Y, Uchida Y, Tanaka S, Katayama M, Inada Y, Morallon E, Cazorla-Amoros D, Nishiyama N
874 - 881 High-performance electrocatalytic hydrodechlorination of pentachlorophenol by amorphous Ru-loaded polypyrrole/foam nickel electrode
Wang J, Cui CY, Xin YJ, Zheng QZ, Zhang X
882 - 890 Investigation of ion transport in chemically tuned pillared graphene materials through electrochemical impedance analysis
Banda H, Perie S, Daffos B, Dubois L, Crosnier O, Simon P, Taberna PL, Duclairoir F
891 - 900 Hierarchical assembly and superior lithium/sodium storage properties of a flowerlike C/SnS@C nanocomposite
Zhang YH, Wang NN, Lu ZX, Xue P, Liu YL, Zhai YJ, Tang B, Guo MQ, Qin L, Bai ZC
901 - 906 Direct measurement of lithium ion fluxes with a rotating ring disc electrode in potentiometric mode
del Pozo M, Marchini F, Cantoni L, Calvo EJ
907 - 915 Biological cell template synthesis of nitrogen-doped porous hollow carbon spheres/MnO2 composites for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Du W, Wang XN, Zhan J, Sun XQ, Kang LT, Jiang FY, Zhang XY, Shao Q, Dong MY, Liu H, Murugadoss V, Guo ZH
916 - 924 Self-Standing Reduced Graphene Oxide Papers Electrodeposited with Manganese Oxide Nanostructures as Electrodes for Electrochemical Capacitors
Beyazay T, Oztuna FES, Unal U
925 - 937 Polyborosilazane derived ceramics - Nitrogen sulfur dual doped graphene nanocomposite anode for enhanced lithium ion batteries
Idrees M, Batool S, Kong J, Zhuang Q, Liu H, Shao Q, Lu N, Feng YN, Wujcik EK, Gao Q, Ding T, Wei RB, Guo ZH
938 - 944 Orthorhombic and monoclinic modifications of FeNb11O29, as promising anode materials for lithium batteries: Relationships between pseudocapacitive behaviour and structure
Spada D, Quinzeni I, Bini M
945 - 953 Polymer-assisted approach to LaCo1-xNixO3 network nanostructures as bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts
Wang HZ, Xu WC, Richins S, Liaw K, Yan LT, Zhou M, Luo HM
954 - 963 Mathematical modeling of the charging process of Li-S batteries by incorporating the size-dependent Li2S dissolution
Xiong C, Zhao TS, Ren YX, Jiang HR, Zhou XL
964 - 971 Nitrogen-doped CoOx/carbon nanotubes derived by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition: Efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions
Sun X, Yang XX, Xiang H, Mi HW, Zhang PX, Ren XZ, Li YL, Li XF
972 - 979 Eff ect of mass transport on the glycerol electro-oxidation
Melle GB, Machado EG, Mascaro LH, Sitta E
980 - 988 Electrochemical reduction of p-chloronitrobenzene (p-CNB) at silver cathode in dimethylformamide
Huang BB, Li J, Cao XK, Zhu YY, Chen WQ, Lei C
989 - 998 Vertically aligned ultrathin MoS2 nanosheets grown on graphene-wrapped hollow carbon microtubes derived from loofah sponge as advanced anodes for highly reversible lithium storage
Guo Y, Zhang YG, Wang YG, Zhang DY, Lu Y, Luo RJ, Wang YB, Liu XM, Kim JK, Luo YS
999 - 1008 Novel bioelectrodes based on polysaccharide modified gold surfaces and electrochemically active Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG biofilms
Jarosz M, Grudzien J, Kaminski K, Gawlak K, Wolski K, Nowakowska M, Sulka GD
1009 - 1017 State of charge estimation for LiFePO4 battery via dual extended kalman filter and charging voltage curve
Wang LM, Lu D, Liu Q, Liu L, Zhao XL
1018 - 1026 Cross-linked polymer electrolyte and its application to lithium polymer battery
Sakakibara T, Kitamura M, Honma T, Kohno H, Uno T, Kubo M, Imanishi N, Takeda Y, Itoh T
1027 - 1034 Enhanced sodium-ion storage capability of P2/O3 biphase by Li-ion substitution into P2-type Na0.5Fe0.5Mn0.5O2 layered cathode
Veerasubramani GK, Subramanian Y, Park MS, Senthilkumar B, Eftekhari A, Kim SJ, Kim DW
1035 - 1041 Hierarchical Cu2S NRs@CoS core-shell structure and its derivative towards synergistic electrocatalytic water splitting
Zhou QQ, Li TT, Wang JY, Guo FY, Zheng YQ
1042 - 1048 Fast surface proton conduction on acid-doped polymer nanofibers in polymer electrolyte composite membranes
Ibaraki T, Tanaka M, Kawakami H
1049 - 1054 Effect of applied temperature gradient on instability of template-assisted metal electrodeposition
Bograchev DA, Davydov AD
1055 - 1063 Sintered powder-base cathode over vacuum-deposited thin-film electrolyte of low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell: Performance and stability
Park JH, Han SM, Kim BK, Lee JH, Yoon KJ, Kim H, Ji HI, Son JW
1064 - 1069 A preeminent gel blending polymer electrolyte of poly(vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene) -poly(propylene carbonate) for solid-state lithium ion batteries
Liang YF, Xia Y, Zhang SZ, Wang XL, Xia XH, Gu CD, Wu JB, Tu JP
1070 - 1082 Electrochemical behaviour of amino substituted beta-amino alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones: A computational chemistry and experimental study
Ngake TL, Potgieter JH, Conradie J
1083 - 1094 Hydrothermally synthesised NiCoP nanostructures and electrospun N-doped carbon nanofiber as multifunctional potential electrode for hybrid water electrolyser and supercapatteries
Surendran S, Shanmugapriya S, Zhu P, Yan CY, Vignesh RH, Lee YS, Zhang XW, Selvan RK
1095 - 1101 Voltammetric and electrosynthetic triggered gel formation
Zheng F, Lawrence NS, Hartshorne RS, Fisher AC
1102 - 1114 The mechanism of effect of support salt concentration in electrolyte on performance of lithium-sulfur cells
Karaseva EV, Kuzmina EV, Kolosnitsyn DV, Shakirova NV, Sheina LV, Kolosnitsyn VS
1115 - 1121 Electrochemical formation of Cr(III)-based films on Au electrodes
Smulders V, Simic N, Gomes ASO, Mei B, Mul G
1122 - 1141 Electrochemical-mechanical modeling of solid polymer electrolytes: Impact of mechanical stresses on Li-ion battery performance
Grazioli D, Verners O, Zadin V, Brandell D, Simone A
1142 - 1162 Electrochemical-mechanical modeling of solid polymer electrolytes: Stress development and non-uniform electric current density in trench geometry microbatteries
Grazioli D, Zadin V, Brandell D, Simone A
1163 - 1165 Comment on "Electrochemical study of tetraalkylammonium tetrafluoroborate electrolytes in combination with microporous and mesoporous carbon monoliths" [Electrochimica Acta 268 (2018) 121-130]
Centeno TA
1166 - 1167 Reply to "Comments on 'Electrochemical study of tetraalkylammonium tetrafluoroborate electrolytes in combination with microporous and mesoporous carbon monoliths' [Electrochimica Acta 268 (2018) 121-130]" by Teresa AA Centeno [Electrochim. Acta 296 (2019) 1163-1165]
Moreno-Fernandez G, Perez-Ferreras S, Pascual L, Llorente I, Ibanez J, Rojo JM