Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.294 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Development of melt infiltrated gadolinium doped ceria-carbonate composite electrolytes for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Khan I, Tiwari PK, Basu S
11 - 21 Electrochemical/chemical growth of porous (Ni, Co, Cu)(OH)(2) as an electrode material: Ternary Ni-Co-Cu nanocrystalline films corroded in neutral salt spray
Chai Z, Jiang CH
22 - 27 Ionic network for aqueous-polymer binders to enhance the electrochemical performance of Li-Ion batteries
Wu CY, Duh JG
28 - 37 Cu modified ZnO nanoflowers as photoanode material for highly efficient dye sensitized solar cells
Zhuang SX, Lu M, Zhou N, Zhou LT, Lin DQ, Peng ZY, Wu QH
38 - 45 NiCoO2@CMK-3 composite with nanosheets-mesoporous structure as an efficient oxygen reduction catalyst
Sun Y, Li F, Shen ZC, Li YB, Lang JX, Li WM, Gao GX, Ding SJ, Xiao CH, Matsue T
46 - 52 Ortho-di-sodium salts of tetrahydroxyquinone as a novel electrode for lithium-ion and potassium-ion batteries
Chen L, Liu SH, Wang Y, Liu WF, Dong YZ, Kuang Q, Zhao YM
53 - 59 Facile synthesis and electrochemical performance of Mg-substituted Ni1-xMgxCo2O4 mesoporous nanoflakes for energy storage applications
Sharma M, Sundriyal S, Panwar AK, Gaur A
60 - 67 Electrochemical behavior of tin foil anode in half cell and full cell with sulfur cathode
Cui Y, Li TY, Zhou XW, Mosey A, Guo W, Cheng RH, Fu YZ, Zhu LK
68 - 75 Ni-P and TiO2 codeposition on silk textile via supercritical CO2 promoted electroless plating for flexible and wearable photocatalytic devices
Chiu WT, Chen CY, Chang TFM, Hashimoto T, Kurosu H, Sone M
76 - 83 A solid-state electrochemiluminescence biosensor for Con A detection based on CeO2@Ag nanoparticles modified graphene quantum dots as signal probe
Zuo FM, Zhang C, Zhang H, Tan XR, Chen SH, Yuan R
84 - 92 Power generation from a pH-regulated nanochannel through reverse electrodialysis: Effects of nanochannel shape and non-uniform H+ distribution
Hsu JP, Su TC, Lin CY, Tseng S
93 - 101 A novel Pt/pyridine ionic liquid polyoxometalate/rGO tri-component hybrid and its enhanced activities for methanol electrooxidation
Shi HL, Wang RY, Lou MR, Jia D, Guo Y, Wang XC, Huang YD, Sun ZP, Wang T, Wang LX
102 - 109 Electrophoretic deposition of manganese oxide and graphene nanoplatelets on graphite paper for the manufacture of supercapacitor electrodes
Arguello JA, Rojo JM, Moreno R
110 - 116 Separation of kinetic and mass transport effects in the electrolysis of formic acid in a flow-through cell
Zhang QX, Sayadi A, Pickup PG
117 - 125 The role of molecular crowding in long-range metalloprotein electron transfer: Dissection into site- and scaffold-specific contributions
Zitare UA, Szuster J, Scocozza MF, Espinoza-Cara A, Leguto AJ, Morgada MN, Vila AJ, Murgida DH
126 - 133 Three electrochemical tools (motor-sensor-battery) with energy recovery work simultaneously in a trilayer artificial muscle
Martinez JG, Otero TF
134 - 141 MoS2 nanosheets based counter electrodes: An alternative for Pt-free dye-sensitized solar cells
Vijaya S, Landi G, Wu JJ, Anandan S
142 - 147 The role of conductivity and phase structure in enhancing catalytic activity of CoSe for hydrogen evolution reaction
Lin ZP, Wang CW, Wang ZP, Liu QY, Le CC, Lin B, Chen SG
148 - 155 LiFePO4/activated carbon/graphene composite with capacitive-battery characteristics for superior high-rate lithium-ion storage
Guan YB, Shen JR, Wei XF, Zhu QZ, Zheng XH, Zhou SQ, Xu B
156 - 165 Gas release mitigation in LiFePO4-Li4Ti5O12 Li-ion pouch cells by an H-2-selective getter
Zilio S, Manzi J, Fernicola A, Corazza A, Brutti S
166 - 172 Unexpectedly high energy density of a Li-Ion battery by oxygen redox in LiNiO2 cathode: First-principles study
Choi D, Kang J, Han B
173 - 182 Ultrafine CoSe nano-crystallites confined in leaf-like N-doped carbon for long-cyclic and fast sodium ion storage
Li XD, Zhang WD, Feng Y, Li W, Peng P, Yao JF, Li MC, Jiang CH
183 - 191 Low-cost nitrogen-doped activated carbon prepared by polyethylenimine (PEI) with a convenient method for supercapacitor application
Zhang S, Shi XZ, Wrobel R, Chen XC, Mijowska E
192 - 209 A particle-resolved 3D finite element model to study the effect of cathode microstructure on the behavior of lithium ion batteries
Mai WJ, Yang M, Soghrati S
210 - 216 Effect of water in electrolyte on the Ca2+ insertion/extraction properties of V2O5
Murata Y, Takada S, Obata T, Tojo T, Inada R, Sakurai Y
217 - 225 Electrochemical properties and structural stability of Ga- and Y- co-doping in Li7La3Zr2O12 ceramic electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries
Luo YL, Li XY, Zhang YL, Ge L, Chen H, Guo LC
226 - 232 Enhanced lithium storage performance of nanostructured NaTi2(PO4)(3) decorated by nitrogen-doped carbon
Yao M, Zhu J, Meng WW, Li CC, Li C, Wang L, Jiang Z, He ZX, Li YH, Meng W, Zhou HX, Dai L
233 - 239 Surface modified MXene film as flexible electrode with ultrahigh volumetric capacitance
Zhang XF, Liu Y, Dong SL, Yang JQ, Liu XD
240 - 248 Carbonized peat moss electrodes for efficient salinity gradient energy recovery in a capacitive concentration flow cell
Zhu HH, Xu WW, Tan GC, Whiddon E, Wang Y, Arges CG, Zhu XP
249 - 259 Ionic liquid crystal with fast ion-conductive tunnels for potential application in solvent-free Li-ion batteries
Yuan F, Chi S, Dong SP, Zou X, Lv SY, Bao LX, Wang JL
260 - 267 Construction of nanoporous gold/g-C3N4 heterostructure for electrochemical supercapacitor
Chen AY, Zhang TT, Qiu YJ, Wang D, Wang P, Li HJ, Li Y, Yang JH, Wang XY, Xie XF
268 - 275 Mollusc shell derived 3D porous carbon skeleton for high-performance hybrid electrodes
Wu X, Zhang HH, Liu XY, Li SY, Wu QF, Huang KJ, Zeng Y, Zhu ZH
276 - 285 Conditions for self-ordering of porous structure of anodic aluminum oxide in weak and strong acids
Mirzoev RA, Davydov AD, Vystupov SI, Kabanova TB
286 - 296 A new hexacyanoferrate nanosheet array converted from copper oxide as a high-performance binder-free energy storage electrode
Yao H, Zhang F, Zhang GW, Yang YY
297 - 303 An investigation of Fe incorporation on the activity and stability of homogeneous (FexNi1-x)(2)P solid solutions as electrocatalysts for alkaline hydrogen evolution
Zhang BW, Zhang JJ, Tang XH, Lui YH, Hu S
304 - 311 Construction of non-enzymatic sensor based on porous carbon matrix loaded with Pt and Co nanoparticles for real-time monitoring of cellular superoxide anions
Li YF, Shi LB, Cai X, Zhao HL, Niu XH, Lan MB
312 - 324 Porous polylactic acid/carbon nanotubes/polyaniline composite film as flexible free-standing electrode for supercapacitors
Wang Q, Wang HX, Du PC, Liu JL, Liu D, Liu P
325 - 336 Hierarchical NiSe@Co-2(CO3)(OH)(2) heterogeneous nanowire arrays on nickel foam as electrode with high areal capacitance for hybrid supercapacitors
Yuan YC, Chen RR, Zhang HS, Liu Q, Liu JY, Yu J, Wang C, Sun ZY, Wang J
337 - 344 Enhanced efficiency and ambient stability of planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells by using organic-inorganic double layer electron transporting material
Noh YW, Lee JH, Jin IS, Park SH, Jung JW
345 - 356 Enhancing the supercapacitive performance of Nickel based metal organic framework-carbon nanofibers composite by changing the ligands
Rawool CR, Karna SP, Srivastava AK
357 - 364 High-rate and long-cycle life performance of nano-porous nano-silicon derived from mesoporous MCM-41 as an anode for lithium-ion battery
Shivaraju GC, Sudakar C, Prakash AS
365 - 375 Information content of the voltage vs. current curve of a solid oxide fuel cell
Nafe H
376 - 382 Carbon foam@reduced graphene oxide scaffold grown with polyaniline nanofibers for high performance symmetric supercapacitor
Hong XD, Lu YG, Li SL, Wang XL, Wang XW, Liang J
383 - 390 Hierarchical shell-core structures of concave spherical NiO nanospines@carbon for high performance supercapacitor electrodes
Liu PB, Yang MY, Zhou SH, Huang Y, Zhu YD
391 - 397 Production of 160 mg/L ozone water using circulating water electrolysis system
Okada F, Nagashima K, Kobayashi T
398 - 405 Preparation of oxygen-enriched hierarchically porous carbon by KMnO4 one-pot oxidation and activation: Mechanism and capacitive energy storage
Qiu DP, Guo NN, Gao A, Zheng L, Xu WJ, Li M, Wang F, Yang R
406 - 412 Unique hierarchical flower-like PtNi alloy nanocrystals with enhanced oxygen reduction properties
You SL, Luo P, Fang L, Gao JJ, Liu L, Xu HT, Zhang HJ, Wang Y
413 - 422 Thermally reduced graphene paper with fast Li ion diffusion for stable Li metal anode
Yu YK, Huang W, Song X, Wang WH, Hou Z, Zhao XX, Deng KR, Ju HX, Sun YG, Zhao YS, Lu YC, Quan ZW
423 - 430 Semi-empirical methods in RedOx potential calculations of substituted aromatic compounds: Parameterizations, solvation models, approximation by frontier molecular orbital energies
Vakulin IV, Bugaets DV, Zilberg RA, Maistrenko VN