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Electrochimica Acta, Vol.293 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Feasibility study of atmospheric-pressure dielectric barrier discharge treatment on CH3NH3PbI3 films for inverted planar perovskite solar cells
Tsai JH, Cheng IC, Hsu CC, Chueh CC, Chen JZ
8 - 18 Sb2Te3-TiC-C nanocomposites for the high-performance anode in lithium-ion batteries
Kim H, Kim M, Yoon YH, Nguyen QH, Kim IT, Hur J, Lee SG
19 - 24 A free-standing nitrogen-doped porous carbon foam electrode derived from melaleuca bark for lithium-sulfur batteries
Zhu QC, Deng HH, Su QM, Du GH, Yu Y, Ma SF, Xu BS
25 - 29 Composite electrolytes of pyrrolidone-derivatives-PEO enable to enhance performance of all solid state lithium-ion batteries
Li X, Wang ZJ, Lin H, Liu YD, Min Y, Pan F
30 - 39 Worm-like PtP nanocrystals supported on NiCo2Px/C composites for enhanced methanol electrooxidation performance
Jiang MH, Ma L, Gan MY, Hu LQ, He HM, Xie F, Zhang HH
40 - 46 Facile construction of Co(OH)(2)@Ni(OH)(2) core-shell nanosheets on nickel foam as three dimensional free-standing electrode for supercapacitors
Wang Y, Yin ZL, Wang ZX, Li XH, Guo HJ, Wang JX, Zhang DC
47 - 59 Three-dimensional interconnected network few-layered MoS2/N, S co-doped graphene as anodes for enhanced reversible lithium and sodium storage
Yang GH, Li X, Wang YY, Li QY, Yan ZX, Cui LS, Sun SH, Qu YH, Wang HQ
60 - 77 Effects of hydrogen and stress on the electrochemical and passivation behaviour of 304 stainless steel in simulated PEMFC environment
Wang XZ, Luo H, Luo JL
78 - 83 Three-dimensional lithium mapping of graphite anode using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Imashuku S, Taguchi H, Fujieda S, Suzuki S, Wagatsuma K
84 - 96 Robust cyclic stability and high-rate asymmetric supercapacitor based on orange peel-derived nitrogen-doped porous carbon and intercrossed interlinked urchin-like NiCo2O4@3DNF framework
Parveen N, Al-Jaafari AI, Han JI
97 - 104 VO2 (A)/graphene nanostructure: Stand up to Na ion intercalation/deintercalation for enhanced electrochemical performance as a Na-ion battery cathode
Hu XY, Zhao ZJ, Wang L, Li JB, Wang CZ, Zhao YJ, Jin HB
105 - 115 Design and modelling of a photo-electrochemical transduction system based on solubilized photosynthetic reaction centres
Milano F, Ciriaco F, Trotta M, Chirizzi D, De Leo V, Agostiano A, Valli L, Giotta L, Guascito MR
116 - 127 Pourbaix diagram for HP-13Cr stainless steel in the aggressive oilfield environment characterized by high temperature, high CO2 partial pressure and high salinity
Zhao Y, Xie JF, Zeng GX, Zhang T, Xu DK, Wang FH
128 - 140 Kinetics of electrochemical charge transfer in HT-PEM fuel cells
Unnikrishnan A, Rajalakshmi N, Janardhanan VM
141 - 148 A robust strategy for engineering Li4Ti5O12 hollow micro-cube as superior rate anode for lithium ion batteries
Chen CC, Guo HN, Zhao ZB, Li SY, Jiang ZH, Luo DJ, Wang YJ
149 - 159 Facile coupling of content design and efficient modulation on the activity of CNT-supported PdAgCu nanoparticle electrocatalysts: Leaching lift-up and annealing fall-off
Li RX, Yuan HF, Ma ZZ, Tang B, Li JP, Wang XG
160 - 165 Novel bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide-based and ether-functionalized ionic liquids for lithium batteries with improved cycling properties
Tsurumaki A, Ohno H, Panero S, Navarra MA
166 - 173 Oscillatory electro-oxidation of ethanol on platinum studied by in situ ATR-SEIRAS
Silva MF, Delmonde MVF, Batista BC, Boscheto E, Varela H, Camara GA
174 - 183 Employing tetraethyl orthosilicate additive to enhance trap passivation of planar perovskite solar cells
Guan MJ, Zhang QL, Wang F, Liu HY, Zhao JY, Jia C, Chen YQ
184 - 190 Solid molybdenum nitride microdisc electrodes: Fabrication, characterisation, and application to the reduction of peroxodisulfate
Bin Shafiee SA, Hector AL, Denuault G
191 - 198 Confined and covalent sulfur for stable room temperature potassium-sulfur battery
Ma RF, Fan L, Wang J, Lu BG
199 - 210 Anodic activation of Mg in the presence of In3+ ions in dilute sodium chloride solution
Gore P, Fajardo S, Birbilis N, Frankel GS, Raja VS
211 - 219 Interface engineering with NiO nanocrystals for highly efficient and stable planar perovskite solar cells
Zhang WN, Zhang XZ, Wu TY, Sun WH, Wu JH, Lan Z
220 - 229 A simple, supersensitive and highly selective electrochemical aptasensor for Microcystin-LR based on synergistic signal amplification strategy with graphene, DNase I enzyme and Au nanoparticles
Liu MC, Sun CQ, Wang GQ, Wang Y, Lu HX, Shi HJ, Zhao GH
230 - 239 Au nanoparticle-decorated urchin-like TiO2 hierarchical microspheres for high performance dye-sensitized solar cells
Li Y, Zhou YS, Wang Y, Zhou R, Ling Q, Niu HH, Zhang W, Wang CQ, Qiu JH, Guo ZQ, Xu JZ
240 - 246 Insights into Ni-Fe couple in perovskite electrocatalysts for highly efficient electrochemical oxygen evolution
Gui LQ, Huang ZL, Li G, Wang Q, He BB, Zhao L
247 - 259 Galvano- and Potentio-dynamic studies during ethanol electro-oxidation reaction in acid vs. alkaline media: Energy dissipation and blocking nature of potassium
Sallum LF, Mota-Lima A, Gonzalez ER
260 - 272 Studies on nano composites of SPEEK/ethylene glycol/cellulose nanocrystals as promising proton exchange membranes
Bano S, Negi YS, Illathvalappil R, Kurungot S, Ramya K
273 - 282 High-performance 3D CuO/Cu flowers supercapacitor electrodes by femtosecond laser enhanced electrochemical anodization
Wang SC, Hu J, Jiang L, Li X, Cao J, Wang QS, Wang AD, Li XJ, Qu LT, Lu YF
283 - 289 Novel electrochemical sensor for mononitrotoluenes using silver oxide quantum dots
Bhanjana G, Chaudhary GR, Dilbaghi N, Chauhan M, Kim KH, Kumar S
290 - 298 Interactions between elemental components during the dealloying of Cu-Zn alloys
Zhou P, Erning JW, Ogle K
299 - 306 Mn-based layered oxide microspheres assembled by ultrathin nanosheets as cathode material for potassium-ion batteries
Chong SK, Wu YF, Chen YZ, Guo SW, Tai ZG, Shu CY, Tan Q, Sun JJ, Liu YN
307 - 317 Fabrication and evaluation of a carbon quantum dot/gold nanoparticle nanohybrid material integrated onto planar micro gold electrodes for potential bioelectrochemical sensing applications
Buk V, Pemble ME, Twomey K
318 - 327 Disposable electrochemical sensor based on copper-electrodeposited screen-printed gold electrode and its application in sensing L-Cysteine
Kurniawan A, Kurniawan F, Gunawan F, Chou SH, Wang MJ
328 - 337 Fabrication of hierarchical NiCo2S4@CoS2 nanostructures on highly conductive flexible carbon cloth substrate as a hybrid electrode material for supercapacitors with enhanced electrochemical performance
Govindasamy M, Shanthi S, Elaiyappillai E, Wang SF, Johnson PM, Ikeda H, Hayakawa Y, Ponnusamy S, Muthamizhchelvan C
338 - 347 Pyrochlore Pr2Zr1.95In0.05O7+delta oxygen conductors: Defect-induced electron transport and enhanced NO2 sensing performances
Zhong FL, Zhao JW, Shi LQ, Cai GH, Zheng Y, Zheng Y, Xiao YH, Jiang LL
348 - 355 Mo2C based electrocatalyst with nitrogen doped three-dimensional mesoporous carbon as matrix, synthesis and HER activity study
An KL, Xu XX
356 - 363 High quality perovskite film solar cell using methanol as additive with 19.5% power conversion efficiency
Feng MH, You S, Cheng NA, Du JH
364 - 370 Potato derived biomass porous carbon as anode for potassium ion batteries
Cao W, Zhang EJ, Wang J, Liu ZM, Ge JM, Yu XZ, Yang HG, Lu BA
371 - 379 Tuning the A-site cation and X-site anion composition of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite material for efficient planar perovskite solar cells
Cai YY, Xie L, Zhang ZB, Zhou Y, Liu H, Lu XB, Gao XS, Gao JW, Shu LL, Wu SJ, Liu JM
380 - 389 Elucidating Li-ion adsorption and diffusion behavior on the surface of Cu0.7Co2.3O4 and improvement of performance as flexible full solid-state supercapacitor
Liu QP, Wan J, Li YR, Ye HY, Han XY, Lai MH, He XY, Gu X, Hu CG
390 - 398 PtRu alloy nanoparticles supported on nanoporous gold as an efficient anode catalyst for direct methanol fuel cell
Tian MM, Shi S, Shen YL, Yin HM
399 - 407 Reduced graphene oxide/polymer dots-based flexible symmetric supercapacitors delivering an output potential of 1.7 V with electrochemical charge injection
Guo XM, Feng BX, Gai LG, Zhou JH
408 - 418 Construction of nanoflower SnS2 anchored on g-C3N4 nanosheets composite as highly efficient anode for lithium ion batteries
Yin LX, Cheng RL, Song Q, Yang J, Kong XG, Huang JF, Lin Y, Ouyang HB
419 - 425 Ultra-dispersed island-like Co9S8 nanoparticles composed of nanosheets in-situ grown on nitrogen-doped graphene for asymmetric supercapacitor
Wang XZ, Su DC, Xiao YH, Xu SG, Fang SM, Cao SK
426 - 431 A deep eutectic solvent (DES) electrolyte-based vanadium-iron redox flow battery enabling higher specific capacity and improved thermal stability
Xu Q, Qin LY, Ji YN, Leung PK, Su HN, Qiao F, Yang WW, Shah AA, Li HM
432 - 438 MoS2 nanosheets@N-carbon microtubes: A rational design of sheet on-tube architecture for enhanced lithium storage performances
Ma TT, Liu XH, Sun L, Xu YS, Zheng LL, Zhang J
439 - 446 Electroanalytical determination of caffeic acid - Factors controlling the oxidation reaction in the case of PEDOT-modified electrodes
Karabozhikova V, Tsakova V
447 - 457 Influence of the pH on the electrochemical synthesis of polypyrrole nanotubes and the supercapacitive performance evaluation
Hryniewicz BM, Lima RV, Wolfart F, Vidotti M
458 - 465 Anchoring polysulfides in hierarchical porous carbon aerogel via electric-field-responsive switch for lithium sulfur battery
Yu JJ, Li XL, Shu YZ, Ma L, Zhang XC, Ding YS
466 - 475 First principles calculation of redox potential for tetravalent actinides in molten LiCl-KCl eutectic based on vertical substitution and relaxation
Zhang Y, Song J, Li XJ, Yan LM, Shi SP, Jiang T, Peng SM
476 - 495 Towards uniformly distributed heat, mass and charge: A flow field design study for high pressure and high current density operation of PEM electrolysis cells
Olesen AC, Frensch SH, Kaer SK
496 - 503 Relation between texture and high-rate capacitance of oppositely charged microporous carbons from biomass waste in acetonitrile-based supercapacitors
Redondo E, Segalini J, Carretero-Gonzalez J, Goikolea E, Mysyk R
504 - 513 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of three-dimensional nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide hydrogels anchored PtPd alloyed nanoparticles for ethylene glycol oxidation and hydrogen evolution reactions
Shi YC, Feng JJ, Lin XX, Zhang L, Yuan JH, Zhang QL, Wang AJ
514 - 524 Reducing subjectivity in EIS interpretation of corrosion and corrosion inhibition processes by in-situ optical analysis
Denissen PJ, Garcia SJ