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Electrochimica Acta, Vol.292 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 9 FeS2 walnut-like microspheres wrapped with rGO as anode material for high-capacity and long-cycle lithium-ion batteries
Xu QT, Xue HG, Guo SP
10 - 19 Preparation of dense polybenzimidazole proton exchange membranes with different basicity and flexibility for vanadium redox flow battery applications
Ding LM, Song XP, Wang LH, Zhao ZP, He GH
20 - 30 Supermolecule polymerization derived porous nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide as a high-performance electrode material for supercapacitors
Cheng HH, Zhou XP, Gao AM, Yi FY, Shu D, Song XN, Zeng RH, He C, Li SY, Zeng DP
31 - 38 Self-assembled MXene(Ti3C2Tx)/alpha-Fe2O3 nanocomposite as negative electrode material for supercapacitors
Zou R, Quan HY, Pan MH, Zhou S, Chen DZ, Luo XB
39 - 46 Novel MnO2/cobalt composites nanosheets array as efficient anode for asymmetric supercapacitor
Qin TF, Peng SL, Hao JX, Li HQ, Wen YX, Wang ZL, Huang JJ, Ma F, Hou J, Cao GZ
47 - 54 Stable cycling of beta-VOPO4/NaVOPO4 cathodes for sodium-ion batteries
Ni Y, He G
55 - 62 Preparation of highly conductive biochar nanoparticles for rapid and sensitive detection of 17 beta-estradiol in water
Dong XW, He LZ, Liu Y, Piao YX
63 - 71 Facile synthesis of Nb2O5/carbon nanocomposites as advanced anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Lin JD, Yuan Y, Su Q, Pan AQ, Dinesh S, Peng C, Cao GZ, Liang SQ
72 - 80 One-step hydrothermal reduction synthesis of tiny Sn/SnO2 nanoparticles sandwiching between spherical graphene with excellent lithium storage cycling performances
Wang ZX, Song DY, Si J, Jiang Y, Yang YQ, Jiang Y, Huang SS, Chen ZW, Zhao B
81 - 87 The reduction mechanism of p-cyanophenylviologen in PVA-borax gel polyelectrolyte-based bicolor electrochromic devices
Dmitrieva E, Rosenkranz M, Alesanco Y, Vinuales A
88 - 97 Synthetic strategy and evaluation of hierarchical nanoporous NiO/NiCoP microspheres as efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Guo MM, Qu YH, Zeng FY, Yuan CL
98 - 106 Sodium intercalation/de-intercalation mechanism in Na4MnV(PO4)(3) cathode materials
Nisar U, Shakoor RA, Essehli R, Amin R, Orayech B, Ahmad Z, Kumar PR, Kahraman R, Al-Qaradawi S, Soliman A
107 - 114 3D graphene aerogel supported FeNi-P derived from electroactive nickel hexacyanoferrate as efficient oxygen evolution catalyst
Kumar AVN, Li YH, Yu HJ, Yin SL, Xue HR, Xu Y, Li XN, Wang HJ, Wang L
115 - 124 Strong interface coupling and few-crystalline MnO2/Reduced graphene oxide composites for supercapacitors with high cycle stability
Chen YF, Zhang JJ, Li MX, Yang CY, Zhang L, Wang CC, Lu HB
125 - 135 Auxiliary electrode oxidation for naked-eye electrochemical determinations in microfluidics: Towards on-the-spot applications
Martucci DH, Todao FR, Shimizu FM, Fukudome TM, Schwarz SD, Carrilho E, Gobbi AL, Oliveira ON, Lima RS
136 - 141 Surface extension of MeS2 (Me=Mo or W) nanosheets by embedding MeSx for hydrogen evolution reaction
Nguyen TP, Le QV, Choi S, Lee TH, Hong SP, Choi KS, Jang HW, Lee MH, Park TJ, Kim SY
142 - 146 Electrical and electrochemical properties of triphenylene based lithium solvated electron solutions
Lunchev AV, Liu ZH, Su HB, Yazami R, Grimsdale AC
147 - 156 Improved manganese oxide electrochemical capacitor performance arising from a systematic study of film storage/drying effects on electrochemical properties
Davis MA, Andreas HA
157 - 167 Tip-welded ferric-cobalt sulfide hollow nanoneedles on highly conductive carbon fibers for advanced asymmetric supercapacitors
Huang YP, Zhao Y, Bao J, Lian JB, Cheng M, Li HM
168 - 179 One-pot synthesis of 2D Ti3C2/Ni2CO3(OH)(2) composite as electrode material with superior capacity and high stability for hybrid supercapacitor
Guo J, Zhao YY, Jiang N, Liu AM, Gao LG, Li YQ, Wang HX, Ma TL
180 - 189 High-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells based on bilayer structured photoanode consisting of carbon nanofiber/TiO2 composites and Ag@TiO2 core-shell spheres
Lu DX, Qin LG, Liu DY, Sun P, Liu FM, Lu GY
190 - 198 Structural and electrochemical properties of Na2FeSiO4 polymorphs for sodium-ion batteries
Zhu L, Zeng YR, Wen J, Li L, Cheng TM
199 - 207 Electron bridging structure glued yolk-shell hierarchical porous carbon/sulfur composite for high performance Li-S batteries
Wu F, Zhao SY, Chen L, Lu Y, Su YF, Li J, Bao LY, Yao JY, Zhou YW, Chen RJ
208 - 216 High selectivity PtRh/RGO catalysts for ethanol electro-oxidation at low potentials: Enhancing the efficiency of CO2 from alcoholic groups
Zhu FC, Tu KF, Huang L, Qu XM, Zhang JM, Liao HG, Zhou ZY, Jiang YX, Sun SG
217 - 226 Improving the cycling stability of Ni-rich cathode materials by fabricating surface rock salt phase
Su YF, Yang YQ, Chen L, Lu Y, Bao LY, Chen G, Yang ZR, Zhang QY, Wang J, Chen RJ, Chen S, Wu F
227 - 233 Oriented growth of Li metal for stable Li/carbon composite negative electrode
Tian R, Wan SL, Guan L, Duan HN, Guo YP, Li H, Liu HZ
234 - 246 Understanding the electrochemical mechanism of high sodium selective material Na3V2(PO4)(2)F-3 in Li+/Na+ dual-ion batteries
Xiong HG, Liu YT, Shao HX, Yang YF
247 - 255 Selenium phosphorus co-doped cobalt oxide nanosheets anchored on Co foil: A self-supported and stable bifunctional electrode for efficient electrochemical water splitting
Jiang YF, Yuan CZ, Zhou X, Liu YN, Zhao ZW, Zhao SJ, Xu AW
256 - 267 Superoxide-assisted electrochemical deposition of Mn-aminophenyl porphyrins: Process characteristics and properties of the films
Kuzmin SM, Chulovskaya SA, Parfenyuk VI
268 - 275 Two-step oxygen reduction on spinel NiFe2O4 catalyst: Rechargeable, aqueous solution- and gel-based, Zn-air batteries
Naik KM, Sampath S
276 - 284 Yolk-shell m-SiO2@ Nitrogen doped carbon derived zeolitic imidazolate framework high efficient counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Ahmed ASA, Xiang WC, Li ZY, Amiinu IS, Zhao XJ
285 - 291 Physical modeling of the electrochemical impedance spectra for the O-2 reduction reaction in HTPEM fuel cells' cathodic electrochemical interface
Giotakos PI, Neophytides SG
292 - 298 Impedance spectroscopy assessment of catalyst coated Nafion assemblies for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Moghaddam RB, Easton EB
299 - 308 High-performance asymmetric supercapacitor based on flowery nickel-zinc phosphate microspheres with carbon dots
Guo MY, Wang SH, Zhao LJ, Guo ZX
309 - 321 Analysis of catechol, 4-methylcatechol and dopamine electrochemical reactions on different substrate materials and pH conditions
Chumillas S, Palomaki T, Zhang M, Laurila T, Climent V, Feliu JM
322 - 330 Synergistic effect of silane and graphene oxide for enhancing the photoelectrochemical water oxidation performance of WO3NS arrays
Zhao ZF, Zheng LX, Hu WW, Zheng HJ
331 - 338 Highly efficient lithium container based on non-Wadsley-Roth structure Nb18W16O93 nanowires for electrochemical energy storage
Ye WQ, Yu HX, Cheng X, Zhu HJ, Zheng RT, Liu TT, Long NB, Shui M, Shu J
339 - 346 Carbon-encapsulated MoSe2/C nanorods derived from organic-inorganic hybrid enabling superior lithium/sodium storage performances
Su Q, Cao XX, Kong XZ, Wang YP, Peng C, Chen J, Yin B, Shi JR, Liang SQ, Pan AQ
347 - 356 3D Ni-Co sulfoxide nanosheet arrays electrodeposited on Ni foam: A bifunctional electrocatalyst towards efficient and stable water splitting
Li CQ, Zhao X, Liu Y, Wei W, Lin YQ
357 - 363 A dual-layer micro/nanostructured fibrous membrane with enhanced ionic conductivity for lithium-ion battery
Chen YF, Gao Y, Jian JJ, Lu YH, Zhang BY, Liu HQ, Li L, Wang XW, Kuang CX, Zhai YY
364 - 373 Synthesis of mesoporous ribbon-shaped graphitic carbon nanofibers with superior performance as efficient supercapacitor electrodes
Ma C, Cao EC, Li JJ, Fan QC, Wu LQ, Song Y, Shi JL
374 - 382 Hierarchical Ni-Mn layered double hydroxide grown on nitrogen-doped carbon foams as high-performance supercapacitor electrode
Chen DM, Yan S, Chen HJ, Yao L, Wei W, Lin HL, Han S
383 - 389 Implementation of DEIS for reliable fault monitoring and detection in PEMFC single cells and stacks
Darowicki K, Janicka E, Mielniczek M, Zielinski A, Gawel L, Mitzel J, Hunger J
390 - 398 Two-dimensional holey ZnFe2O4 nanosheetireduced graphene oxide hybrids by self-link of nanoparticles for high-rate lithium storage
Yao W, Xu ZX, Xu X, Xie Y, Qiu WJ, Xu JG, Zhang DW
399 - 406 High performance perovskite solar cells fabricated from porous PbI2-xBrx prepared with mixture solvent pore generation treatment
Chang CW, Kwang ZW, Hsieh TY, Wei TC, Lu SY
407 - 418 Epitaxial MoS2 nanosheets on nitrogen doped graphite foam as a 3D electrode for highly efficient electrochemical hydrogen evolution
Liu BT, Wang SW, Mo QH, Peng LL, Cao SX, Wang J, Wu CR, Li C, Guo J, Liu BQ, Chen WB, Lin Y
419 - 424 Reduction of Pd2+ pre-adsorbed on cyanide-modified Pt(111) electrodes: Adlayer metallization vs. metal-on-metal deposition
Mwanda JA, Cuesta A
425 - 434 Influences of semiconductor oxide fillers on the corrosion behavior of metals under coatings
Li SJ, Sun W, Yang ZQ, Zhang XY, Wang LD, Liu GC
435 - 445 Characterisations of carbon-fenced conductive silver nanowires-supported hierarchical polyaniline nanowires
Chen SY, Zhang XY, Liu B, Shi H, Chen F, Hu CL, Chen J
446 - 457 Effects of testing conditions on the performance of carbon-supported bifunctional electrodes
Velraj S, Estes AK, Bates BL, Zhu JH
458 - 467 Polyaniline-modified porous carbon tube bundles composite for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Zhao J, Li YJ, Chen X, Zhang HQ, Song CY, Liu Z, Zhu K, Cheng K, Ye K, Yan J, Cao DX, Wang GL, Zhang XF
468 - 476 Activated graphene nanosheetsispinule-like Ni(OH)(2) composite as cathode materials for high performance supercapacitors
Yang HX, Zhao DL, Lin H, Tian XM, Han XY, Duan YJ, Zhao M
477 - 488 Direct electroiodimetric sensing of reducing biomolecules using a modified multiwall carbon nanotube/ionic liquid paste electrode by tetra-n-octylammonium triiodide
Tavakkoli H, Akhond M, Absalan G
489 - 501 Electrochemical properties of a series of Co(II) complexes, containing substituted phenanthrolines
Ferreira H, Conradie MM, Conradie J
502 - 510 A three-dimensional LiVPO4F@C/MWCNTs/rGO composite with enhanced performance for high rate Li-ion batteries
Hu GR, Gan ZG, Cao YB, Du K, Du Y, Peng ZD
511 - 521 Probe effects on concentration profiles in the diffusion layer: Computational modeling and near-surface pH measurements using microelectrodes
Critelli RAJ, Bertotti M, Torresi RM
522 - 531 Biomass-derived carbon/gamma-MnO2 nanorods/S composites prepared by facile procedures with improved performance for Li/S batteries
Luna-Lama F, Hernandez-Rentero C, Caballero A, Morales J
532 - 539 Silica template assisted synthesis of ordered mesoporous beta-MnO2 nanostructures and their performance evaluation as negative electrode in Li-ion batteries
Ette PM, Selvakumar K, Kumar SMS, Ramesha K
540 - 545 High performance of Mo-doped La0.6Sr0.4Fe0.9Ni0.1O3-delta perovskites as anode for solid oxide fuel cells
Hou YT, Wang LJ, Bian LZ, Chen N, Chou KC
546 - 557 Spray printing and optimization of anodes and cathodes for high performance Li-Ion batteries
Lee SH, Huang C, Johnston C, Grant PS
558 - 567 Symmetric supercapacitor performances of CaCu3Ti4O12 decorated polyaniline nanocomposite
Padmini M, Elumalai P, Thomas P
568 - 574 Three-dimensional hierarchical porous TiO2/graphene aerogels as promising anchoring materials for lithium-sulfur batteries
Wang J, Fu CM, Wang XF, Yao YM, Sun ML, Wang LN, Liu TX
575 - 585 Facile synthesis of Co3O4/Co@N-doped carbon nanotubes as anode with improved cycling stability for Li-ion batteries
Chen ZL, Wang SF, Zhang ZB, Zhou WL, Chen DJ
586 - 593 Dynamic impact of LiCoO2 electrodes for Li-ion battery aging evaluation
Adams RA, Li B, Kazmi J, Adams TE, Tomar V, Pol VG
594 - 601 Electrochemical sensors performance: The role of specific surface and recognition receptors footprint
Falah S, Xue YP, Taleb A, Beji M
602 - 613 Preparation and characterization of Grafoil/Ni and polyaniline/Ni composites from the controlled electrochemical reduction of NiCl42-
Pacini M, Hatchett DW
614 - 627 Characterization of porous anodic alumina with AC-incorporated silver
Girginov C, Kozhukharov S, Kiradzhiyska D, Mancheva R
628 - 638 Lithium-ion cycling performance of multi-walled carbon nanotube electrodes and current collectors coated with nanometer scale Al2O3 by atomic layer deposition
Crompton KR, Hladky MP, Park HH, Prokes SM, Love CT, Landi BJ
639 - 645 Hierarchical porous reduced graphene oxide decorated with molybdenum disulfide for high-performance supercapacitors
Huo JH, Xue YJ, Zhang XJ, Guo SW
646 - 654 Rationally designed carbon coated ZnSnS3 nano cubes as high-performance anode for advanced sodium-ion batteries
Jia H, Dirican M, Chen C, Zhu P, Yan CY, Li Y, Zhu JD, Li ZL, Guo JS, Zhang XW
655 - 666 Degradation of p-chloroaniline using an electrochemical ceramic microfiltration membrane with built-in electrodes
Xu SP, Zheng JJ, Wu ZC, Liu MX, Wang ZW
667 - 675 Sensitive determination of fenitrothion in water samples based on an electrochemical sensor layered reduced graphene oxide, molybdenum sulfide (MoS2)-Au and zirconia films
Qi PP, Wang J, Wang X, Wang XY, Wang ZW, Xu H, Di SS, Wang Q, Wang XQ
676 - 684 Roles of mechanical stress and lower-valent oxide in the formation of anodic titanium dioxide nanotube layers
Dou Q, Shrotriya P, Li WF, Hebert KR
685 - 696 Electrochemically reductive dechlorination of 3,6-dichloropicolinic acid on a palladium/nitrogen-doped carbon/nickel foam electrode
He ZQ, Tong YW, Ni SL, Ye XC, Makwarimba CP, Huang XW, Zhang SH, Song S
697 - 706 Perovskite solar cells with versatile electropolymerized fullerene as electron extraction layer
Suarez MB, Aranda C, Macor L, Durantini J, Heredia DA, Durantini EN, Otero L, Guerrero A, Gervaldo M
707 - 717 3D CNTs-threaded N-doped hierarchical porous carbon hybrid with embedded Co/CoOx nanoparticles as efficient bifunctional catalysts for oxygen electrode reactions
Liu S, Chen XW, Wang S, Yang Z, Gao JX, Zhu P, Zhao XS, Wang GX
718 - 726 A novel solid PEO/LLTO-nanowires polymer composite electrolyte for solid-state lithium-ion battery
Zhu L, Zhu PH, Fang QX, Jing MX, Shen XQ, Yang LZ
727 - 735 Quasi-atomic-scale platinum anchored on porous titanium nitride nanorod arrays for highly efficient hydrogen evolution
Wang CH, Shi HM, Liu HZ, Fu JC, Wei DH, Zeng W, Wan Q, Zhang GH, Duan HG
736 - 741 An advanced blackberry-shaped Na3V2(PO4)(3) cathode: Assists in high-rate performance and long-life stability
Zhang JW, Liu WF, Hu H, Li XQ, Huang YP, Chen T, Zhuo Y, Liu KY
742 - 748 Effect of diethylenetriamine as additive to stabilize the lithium metal anode
Chen ZH, Huang XL, Gong H, Sheng L, Guo H, Wang T, He JP, He PT
749 - 758 Fabrication of silver nanoparticles in titanium dioxide/poly(vinyl alcohol) alternate thin films: A nonenzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor application
Jeon BH, Yang DH, Kim YD, Shin JS, Lee CS
759 - 768 Design of well-defined porous Ti2Nb10O29/C microspheres assembled from nanoparticles as anode materials for high-rate lithium ion batteries
Liu XD, Wang H, Zhang SY, Liu GY, Xie HQ, Ma JM
769 - 778 A porous cross-linked gel polymer electrolyte separator for lithium-ion batteries prepared by using zinc oxide nanoparticle as a foaming agent and filler
Gu LM, Zhang MZ, He JL, Ni PH
779 - 788 Improvement of Li-S battery electrochemical performance with 2D TiS2 additive
Sun K, Fu MS, Xie ZH, Su D, Zhong H, Bai JM, Dooryhee E, Gan H
789 - 804 New synthesized ionic liquid functionalized graphene oxide: Synthesis, characterization and its nanocomposite with conjugated polymer as effective electrode materials in an energy storage device
Ajdari FB, Kowsari E, Ehsani A, Schorowski M, Ameri T
805 - 816 Tuning optical and electronic properties in novel carbazole photosensitizers for p-type dye-sensitized solar cells
Carella A, Centore R, Borbone F, Toscanesi M, Trifuoggi M, Bella F, Gerbaldi C, Galliano S, Schiavo E, Massaro A, Munoz-Garcia AB, Pavone M
817 - 827 Size matching effect between anion vacancies and halide ions in passive film breakdown on copper
Kong DC, Dong CF, Wei X, Man C, Lei XW, Mao FX, Li XG
828 - 837 Photoelectrocatalytic oxidation of As(III) over hematite photoanodes: A sensible indicator of the presence of highly reactive surface sites
Spanu D, Dal Santo V, Malara F, Naldoni A, Turolla A, Antonelli M, Dossi C, Marelli M, Altomare M, Schmuki P, Recchia S
838 - 845 Insights into the role of oxygen functional groups and defects in the rechargeable nonaqueous Li-O-2 batteries
Qian ZY, Sun BY, Du L, Lou SF, Du CY, Zuo PJ, Ma YL, Cheng XQ, Gao YZ, Yin GP
846 - 854 Fast kinetics in free-standing porous Cu3P anode for Li-ion batteries
Yarmiayev V, Miroshnikov Y, Gershinsky G, Shokhen V, Zitoun D
855 - 864 Highly fluorescent carbon quantum dots-Nafion as proton selective hybrid membrane for direct methanol fuel cells
Parthiban V, Panda SK, Sahu AK
865 - 870 Intrinsic AuPt-alloy particles decorated on TiO2 nanotubes provide enhanced photocatalytic degradation
Sanabria-Arenas BE, Mazare A, Yoo J, Nguyen NT, Hejazi S, Bian HD, Diamanti MV, Pedeferri MP, Schmuki P
871 - 878 Enhanced electrochemical performance of iron-manganese based cathode by Li doping for sodium-ion batteries
Ding ZY, Liu YC, Tang QM, Jiang Q, Lu J, Xiao ZZ, Yao PH, Monasterio M, Wu JW, Liu XL
879 - 886 Confining ferric oxides in porous carbon for efficient lithium storage
Wang CZ, Zhao YJ, Zhai XM, Zhao XC, Li JB, Jin HB
887 - 894 Amperometric determination of endoglin in human serum using disposable immunosensors constructed with poly(pyrrolepropionic) acid-modified electrodes
Martinez-Perinan E, Sanchez-Tirado E, Gonzalez-Cortes A, Barderas R, Sanchez-Puelles JM, Martinez-Santamaria L, Campuzano S, Yanez-Sedeno P, Pingarron JM
895 - 902 CuCo2S4/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites synthesized by one-step solvothermal method as anode materials for sodium ion batteries
Gong YM, Zhao JC, Wang HX, Xu JL
903 - 913 The influence of a chloride-based supporting electrolyte on electrodeposited zinc in zinc/bromine flow batteries
Rajarathnam GP, Montoya A, Vassallo AM
914 - 934 Current and concentration distributions in electrochemical microreactors: Numerical calculations and asymptotic approximations for self-supported paired synthesis
Fransen S, Fransaer J, Kuhn S
935 - 941 Nickel nanoparticles activated highly porous carbon for excellent sodium storage
Pan GX, Cao F, Xie D, Zhang YJ, Xia XH
942 - 950 Crucial role for oxygen functional groups in the oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalytic activity of nitrogen-doped carbons
Zhang H, Lv K, Fang B, Forster MC, Dervisoglu R, Andreas LB, Zhang K, Chen SL
951 - 959 Prior vacuuming for supercritical fluid synthesis of SnO2/graphene nanocomposites with superior electrochemical Li+ storage performance
Xie JD, Li HY, Umesh B, Lee TC, Chang JK, Gandomi YA
960 - 973 A comprehensive evaluation framework to evaluate energy management strategies of fuel cell electric vehicles
Song K, Chen H, Wen PM, Zhang T, Zhang BQ, Zhang T
974 - 981 Diagnostic of failure mechanisms in Li/S rechargeable batteries using thermal micro-calorimetry technique applied to pouch and cylindrical type cells
Barchasz C, Boutafa L, Mayousse E, Chavillon B
982 - 989 Isolation and characterization of an exoelectrogenic strain CL-1 from soil and electron transfer mechanism by linking electrochemistry and spectroscopy
Jiang ZH, Zhang YC, Liu ZZ, Ma YM, Kang JQ, Liu Y
990 - 990 Hollow mesoporous architecture: A high performance bi-functional photoelectrocatalyst for overall water splitting (vol 268, pg 163, 2018)
Shakeel M, Arif M, Yasin G, Li BS, Khan AU, Khan FU, Baloch MK
991 - 991 Capacitance characteristics of carbon-based electrochemical capacitors exposed to heteropolytungstic acid electrolyte (vol 282, pg 533, 2018)
Skunik-Nuckowska M, Dyjak S, Grzejszczyk K, Wisinska NH, Beguin F, Kulesza PJ
992 - 1000 Hollow mesoporous architecture: A high performance bi-functional photoelectrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Shakeel M, Arif M, Yasin G, Li BS, Khan AU, Khan FU, Baloch MK
1001 - 1001 RETRACTION: Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of MWCNTs-improved Li3V2(PO4)(3)/C as cathode material for lithium-ion batteries with extremely high capacity (Retraction of Vol 180, Pg 252, 2015)
Li J, Li SF, Li XF, Huang S, Liu JJ, Xu SJ
1002 - 1002 RETRACTION: Hard Carbon Wrapped in Graphene Networks as Lithium Ion Battery Anode (Retraction of Vol 292, Pg 1002, 2018)
Zhang X, Fan CL, Li LF, Zhang WH, Zeng W, He X, Han SC
1003 - 1003 Synthesis of edge-site selectively deposited Au nanocrystals on TiO2 nanosheets: An efficient heterogeneous catalyst with enhanced visible-light photoactivity (vol 283, pg 1095, 2018)
Anwer S, Bharath G, Iqbal S, Qian HM, Masood T, Liao K, Cantwell WJ, Zhang JT, Zheng LX