Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.286 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Support-induced morphology and content tailored NiCo2O4 nanostructures on temperature-dependent carbon nanofibers with enhanced pseudocapacitive performance
Yang Y, Zeng DH, Gu L, Liu BJ, Guo FM, Ren Y, Hao SJ
14 - 21 Low crystalline 2D CoSx derived from cobalt carbonate hydroxide by sulfidation at room temperature for supercapacitor
Cheng JP, Chen WQ, Gao SQ, Guo SH, Liu F
22 - 28 Phosphorus-doped carbon nitride as powerful electrocatalyst for high-power vanadium flow battery
Su JC, Zhao Y, Xi JY
29 - 38 The effect of N-configurations on selective detection of dopamine in the presence of uric and ascorbic acids using surfactant-free N-graphene modified ITO electrodes
Matsoso BJ, Mutuma BK, Billing C, Ranganathan K, Lerotholi T, Jones G, Coville NJ
39 - 46 A non-absorbing organic redox couple for sensitization-based solar cells with metal-free polymer counter electrode
Rahman MM, Wang J, Nath NCD, Lee JJ
47 - 54 Perovskite oxide/carbon nanotube hybrid bifunctional electrocatalysts for overall water splitting
Wu XH, Yu J, Yang GM, Liu H, Zhou W, Shao ZP
55 - 64 Sodium-ion diffusion and charge transfer kinetics of sodium-ion hybrid capacitors using bio-derived hierarchical porous carbon
Phattharasupakun N, Wutthiprom J, Ma N, Chanlek N, Sawangphruk M
65 - 76 Nickel sulfide wrapped by porous cobalt molybdate nanosheet arrays grown on Ni foam for oxygen evolution reaction and supercapacitor
Tao KY, Gong Y, Zhou QF, Lin JH
77 - 85 LiAlCl4 center dot 3SO(2) as a high conductive, non-flammable and inorganic non-aqueous liquid electrolyte for lithium ion batteries
Gao TT, Wang B, Wang L, Liu GJ, Wang F, Luo H, Wang DL
86 - 91 1, 3, 5-Pentanetricarbonitrile additive for improving high voltage stability of lithium cobalt oxide cells
Duan BY, Hong B, Li J, Qin ZM, Jiang F, Lai YQ
92 - 102 Interconnected network of zinc-cobalt layered double hydroxide stick onto rGO/nickel foam for high performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Gao JH, Xuan HC, Xu YK, Liang T, Han XK, Yang J, Han PD, Wang DH, Du YW
103 - 113 Synthesis of hollow ZnCo2O4 microspheres with enhanced electrochemical performance for asymmetric supercapacitor
Shang YY, Xie T, Ma CL, Su LH, Gai YS, Liu J, Gong LY
114 - 122 Influence of Na-substitution on the structure and electrochemical properties of layered oxides K0.67Ni017Co0.17Mn0.66O2 cathode materials
Liu CL, Luo SH, Huang HB, Zhai YC, Wang ZW
123 - 130 Stability study of silver nanoparticles towards the halide electroreduction
Vanrenterghem B, Jovanovic P, Sala M, Bele M, Selih VS, Hodnik N, Breugelmans T
131 - 138 VS2 nanoarchitectures assembled by single-crystal nanosheets for enhanced sodium storage properties
Li WB, Huang JF, Feng LL, Cao LY, Liu YJ, Pan LM
139 - 147 A modelling approach on the impact of an oxide layer on the hydrogen permeation through iron membranes in the Devanathan-Stachurski cell
Vecchi L, Pecko D, Van den Steen N, Mamme MH, Ozdirik B, Van Laethem D, Van Ingelgem Y, Deconinck J, Terryn H
148 - 157 Environmentally benign non-fluoro deep eutectic solvent and free-standing rice husk-derived bio-carbon based high-temperature supercapacitors
Sathyamoorthi S, Phattharasupakun N, Sawangphruk M
158 - 162 Lithium dissolution/deposition behavior with Li3PS4-LiI electrolyte for all-solid-state batteries operating at high temperatures
Suyama M, Kato A, Sakuda A, Hayashi A, Tatsumisago M
163 - 171 High-rate electrochemical performance of Li4Ti5O12 obtained from TiCl4 by means of a citric acid aided route
Kirillov SA, Romanova IV, Lisnycha TV, Potapenko AV
172 - 178 Nickel-iron diselenide hollow nanoparticles with strongly hydrophilic surface for enhanced oxygen evolution reaction activity
Lv L, Li ZS, Ruan YJ, Chang YX, Ao X, Li JG, Yang ZX, Wang CD
179 - 186 A cross examination of electron transfer rate constants for carbon screen-printed electrodes using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry
Randviir EP
187 - 194 Conjugated microporous polymer based on star-shaped triphenylamine-benzene structure with improved electrochemical performances as the organic cathode material of Li-ion battery
Chen ZX, Li WJ, Dai YY, Xu N, Su C, Liu JL, Zhang C
195 - 204 (NiFe)S-2 nanoparticles grown on graphene as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Liu CY, Ma H, Yuan MW, Yu ZH, Li J, Shi KR, Liang ZP, Yang Y, Zhu TJ, Sun GB, Li HF, Ma SL
205 - 211 Integrating electrochemical immunosensing and cell adhesion technologies for cancer cell detection and enumeration
Seenivasan R, Warrick JW, Rodriguez CI, Mattison W, Beebe DJ, Setaluri V, Gunasekaran S
212 - 218 Highly efficient ZIF-8/graphene oxide derived N-doped carbon sheets as counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Ou JH, Gong CH, Wang M, Xiang J, Liu JX
219 - 230 Aging process analysis of LiNi0.88Co0.09Al0.03O2/graphite-SiOx pouch cell
Wang LV, Zhang B, Pang J, Liu Y, Wang X, Chang ZH, Lu SG
231 - 241 Compared investigation of carbon-decorated Na3V2(PO4)(3) with saccharides of different molecular weights as cathode of sodium ion batteries
Liu XH, Wang EH, Feng GL, Wu ZG, Xiang W, Guo XD, Li JT, Zhong BH, Zheng Z
242 - 251 Gel polymer electrolyte based on p(acrylonitrile-maleic anhydride) for lithium ion battery
Huang YX, Huang Y, Liu B, Cao HJ, Zhao L, Song AM, Lin YH, Wang MS, Li X, Zhang ZP
252 - 263 Electrooxidation as post treatment of ultrafiltration effluent in a landfill leachate MBR treatment plant: Effects of BDD, Pt and DSA anode types
Ukundimana Z, Omwene PI, Gengec E, Can OT, Kobya M
264 - 270 Self-assembly of biomass microfibers into 3D layer-stacking hierarchical porous carbon for high performance supercapacitors
Chen D, Li L, Xi YL, Li JZ, Lu MJ, Cao JM, Han W
271 - 278 Spin-dependent electrochemistry: Enantio-selectivity driven by chiral-induced spin selectivity effect
Gazzotti M, Arnaboldi S, Grecchi S, Giovanardi R, Cannio M, Pasquali L, Giacomino A, Abollino O, Fontanesi C
279 - 286 On the influence of physical parameters on the properties of the electric double layer modelled by soft potentials. A Monte Carlo study
Gorniak R, Lamperski S
287 - 295 Methanol oxidation reaction on Pt based electrocatalysts modified ultramicroelectrode (UME): Novel electrochemical method for monitoring rate of CO adsorption
Joshi VS, Poudyal DC, Satpati AK, Patil KR, Haram SK
296 - 303 A bifunctional triphenylamine-based electrochromic polymer with excellent self-healing performance
Zheng RZ, Fan YR, Wang Y, Wan ZQ, Jia CY, Weng XL, Xie JL, Deng LJ
304 - 312 Rotating ring-disk electrode as a quantitative tool for the investigation of the oxygen evolution reaction
Filimonenkov IS, Istomin SY, Antipov EV, Tsirlina GA, Savinova ER
313 - 323 Development of new pyrazole-based lithium salts for battery applications - Do established basic design concepts really work?
Grunebaum M, Buchheit A, Krause D, Hiller MM, Schmidt C, Winter M, Wiemhofer HD
324 - 338 Controls on the formation of Fe(II,III) (hydr)oxides by Fe(0) electrolysis
van Genuchten CM, Behrends T, Kraal P, Stipp SLS, Dideriksen K
339 - 349 Corrosion investigation of the 18Ni 300 grade maraging steel in aqueous chloride medium containing H2S and CO2
Avelino AE, Araujo WS, Dias DF, dos Santos LPM, Correia AN, de Lima-Neto P
350 - 364 Development of robust proton exchange membranes for fuel cell applications by the incorporation of sulfonated beta-cyclodextrin into crosslinked sulfonated poly(vinyl alcohol)
Munavalli BB, Naik SR, Kariduraganavar MY
365 - 373 Development of a flow microsensor for selective detection of nitric oxide in the presence of hydrogen peroxide
Oliveira R, Sella C, Souprayen C, Ait-Yahiatene E, Slim C, Griveau S, Thouin L, Bedioui F
374 - 396 Detailed theoretical treatment of homogeneous chemical reactions coupled to interfacial charge transfers
Molina A, Laborda E
397 - 405 Hybrid cobalt-based electrocatalysts with adjustable compositions for electrochemical water splitting derived from Co2+-Loaded MIL-53(Fe) particles
Wang JY, Cui C, Lin RB, Xu CH, Wang J, Li ZQ