Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.283 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Synthesis of density-multiplied Pt-NP arrays and their application in fuel cell by self-assembly of di-block copolymer
Gan Y, Wang ZD, Shi Y, Guo CQ, Tan HY, Lu ZX, Yan CF
11 - 17 Methanol dehydrogenation reaction at Au@Pt catalysts: Insight into the methanol electrooxidation
Jeong H, Kim J
18 - 26 Polymeric binuclear ruthenium complex as efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Matias TA, Parussulo ALA, Benavides PA, Guimaraes RR, Dourado AHB, Nakamura M, de Torresi SIC, Bertotti M, Araki K
27 - 35 Probing the electron transfer mechanism of the half-sandwich iron(II)-carbonyl complexes and their catalysis on proton reduction
Rong BY, Zhong W, Gu EX, Long L, Song LJ, Liu XM
36 - 44 Carbon coated MoS2 nanosheets vertically grown on carbon cloth as efficient anode for high-performance sodium ion hybrid capacitors
Chen N, Han CP, Shi RY, Xu L, Li HF, Liu YS, Li JQ, Li BH
45 - 53 Effect of in-plane size of MoS2 nanoparticles grown over multilayer graphene on the electrochemical performance of anodes in Li-ion batteries
Bulusheva LG, Koroteev VO, Stolyarova SG, Chuvilin AL, Plyusnin PE, Shubin YV, Vilkov OY, Chen XH, Song HH, Okotrub AV
54 - 62 In situ integration of ultrathin PtRuCu alloy overlayer on copper foam as an advanced free-standing bifunctional cathode for rechargeable Zn-air batteries
Wang HF, Min YT, Li PC, Yang JQ, Li JF
63 - 74 Carbon black free Selenium/CTAB decorated carbon nanotubes composite with high selenium content for Li-Se batteries
Mukkabla R, Deshagani S, Deepa M, Shivaprasad SM, Ghosal P
75 - 87 Statistical physics-based model of mechanical degradation in lithium ion batteries
Tahmasbi AA, Eikerling MH
88 - 96 Direct electron transfer of bilirubin oxidase at a carbon flow-through electrode
Wernert V, Lebouin C, Benoit V, Gadiou R, de Poulpiquet A, Lojou E, Denoyel R
97 - 103 Solid polymer electrolyte membranes based on quaternized polysulfone and solvent-free fluid as separators for electrical double-layer capacitors
Ji YS, Liang N, Xu J, Qu R, Chen DZ, Zhang HW
104 - 110 An ultrathin nickel-based film electrodeposited from a Ni-Tris molecular precursor for highly efficient electrocatalytic water oxidation
Chen H, Gao Y, Ye L, Yao YN, Wei Y, Chen XY
111 - 120 A novel boron-based ionic liquid electrolyte for high voltage lithium-ion batteries with outstanding cycling stability
Liang FX, Yu JL, Chen JH, Wang D, Lin CD, Zhu CZ, Wang ML, Dong L, Li CH
121 - 131 Highly active and porous M3S4 (M = Ni, Co) with enriched electroactive edge sites for hybrid supercapacitor with better power and energy delivery performance
Song XX, Chen HC, Huang CH, Qin YL, Li HL
132 - 140 Coal tar pitch derived N-doped porous carbon nanosheets by the in-situ formed g-C3N4 as a template for supercapacitor electrodes
Wang DH, Wang YZ, Chen Y, Liu W, Wang HQ, Zhao PH, Li Y, Zhang JF, Dong YG, Hu SL, Yang JL
141 - 148 Automatic signal decoding and sensor stability of a 3-electrode mixed-potential sensor for NOx/NH3 quantification
Tsui LK, Benavidez A, Palanisamy P, Evans L, Garzon F
149 - 154 The effect of metal ions doping on the electrochemical performance of molybdenum trioxide
Zhang X, Xu YD, Li DQ, Zhang YJ
155 - 166 Ag and AgCu as brazing materials for Ti6Al4V-Y3Al5O12 joints: Does ennoblement affect the galvanic behaviour in seawater?
Benedetti A, Gambaro S, Valenza F, Faimali M, Colli M, Hostasa J, Delucchi M
167 - 173 Potential-induced phase transition of benzoxazole-2-thiol, naphthaleneoxazole-2-thiol and anthraceneoxazole-2-thiol monolayers on gold electrodes
Schneider S, Partes C, Wiesner A, Terfort A
174 - 182 Mn3O4/RGO/SWCNT hybrid film for all-solid-state flexible supercapacitor with high energy density
He J, Yang D, Li H, Cao X, Kang LP, He XX, Jiang RB, Sun J, Lei ZB, Liu ZH
183 - 189 Influences of oxygen content on the electrochemical performance of a-SiOx thin-film anodes
Meng XL, Huo HY, Cui ZH, Guo XX, Dong SM
190 - 196 General self-template synthesis of transition-metal oxide microspheres and their excellent charge storage properties
Wang CY, Zeng XJ, Jiang GM, Chen M, Zhu LY, Yu RH
197 - 211 One-step mild synthesis of Mn-based spinel (MnCr2O4)-Cr-II-O-III/(MnMn2O4)-Mn-II-O-III/C and Co-based spinel CoCr2O4/C nanoparticles as battery-type electrodes for high-performance supercapacitor application
Zhou QF, Wang JZ, Zheng RR, Gong Y, Lin JH
212 - 220 Identifying corrosion of carbon steel buried in iron ore and coal cargoes based on recurrence quantification analysis of electrochemical noise
Hou Y, Aldrich C, Lepkova K, Kinsella B
221 - 227 C/N-co-doped Pd coated Ag nanowires as a high-performance electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Liu YY, Zhang HP, Zhu B, Zhang HW, Fan LD, Chai XY, Zhang QL, Liu JH, He CX
228 - 233 High-performance polycrystalline RuOx cathodes for thin film Li-ion batteries
Perego D, Heng JST, Wang XH, Shao-Horn Y, Thompson CV
234 - 247 Application of layer-by-layer assembled chitosan/montmorillonite nanocomposite as oxygen barrier film over the ceramic separator of the microbial fuel cell
Yousefi V, Mohebbi-Kalhori D, Samimi A
248 - 259 Flexible asymmetric supercapacitors made of 3D porous hierarchical CuCo2O4@CQDs and Fe2O3@CQDs with enhanced performance
Wei GJ, Zhao XX, Du K, Huang YW, An CH, Qiu SJ, Liu MA, Yao S, Wu Y
260 - 268 Poly(aniline-co-anthranilic acid) as an electrically conductive and mechanically stable binder for high-performance silicon anodes
Lee K, Kim TH
269 - 290 'Pillar effect' of chemically bonded fullerene in enhancing supercapacitance performances of partially reduced fullerenol graphene oxide hybrid electrode material
Jaiswal R, Saha U, Goswami TH, Srivastava A, Prasad NE
291 - 299 Preparation and characterization of GdSmZr2O7-(Li0.52Na0.48)(2)CO3 composite electrolyte for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Jin YJ, Liu ZG, Ding ZY, Cao G, Henniche A, Zhang HB, Zhen XY, Ouyang JH
300 - 305 Use of the Saul'yev method for the digital simulation of chronoamperometry at the disk electrode, in the presence of homogeneous chemical reactions
Britz D, Strutwolf J
306 - 312 Synthesis of sulfur-rich MoS2 nanoflowers for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction performance
Li ZC, Ma JJ, Zhou Y, Yin ZM, Tang YB, Ma YX, Wang DB
313 - 326 Numerical modelling of transport limitations in lithium titanate anodes
Rashid M, Sahoo A, Gupta A, Sharma Y
327 - 337 NiO-CNT composite for high performance supercapacitor electrode and oxygen evolution reaction
Roy A, Ray A, Saha S, Ghosh M, Das T, Satpati B, Nandi M, Das S
338 - 348 Fused and unzipped carbon nanotubes, electrochemically treated, for selective determination of dopamine and serotonin
Bonetto MC, Munoz FF, Diz VE, Sacco NJ, Corton E
349 - 356 An effectively inhibiting lithium dendrite growth in-situ-polymerized gel polymer electrolyte
Niu CQ, Zhang MK, Chen GP, Cao BK, Shi JW, Du J, Chen Y
357 - 365 3D MoS2-rGO@Mo nanohybrids for enhanced hydrogen evolution: The importance of the synergy on the Volmer reaction
He BH, Chen L, Jing MJ, Zhou MJ, Hou ZH, Chen XB
366 - 373 A high performance all-solid-state flexible supercapacitor based on carbon nanotube fiber/carbon nanotubes/polyaniline with a double core-sheathed structure
Liu JH, Xu XY, Lu WB, Xiong XB, Ouyang X, Zhao CH, Wang F, Qin SY, Hong JL, Tang JN, Chen DZ
374 - 384 Electrochemical analysis of CO3(PO4)(2).4H(2)O/graphene foam composite for enhanced capacity and long cycle life hybrid asymmetric capacitors
Mirghni AA, Momodu D, Oyedotun KO, Dangbegnon JK, Manyala N
385 - 392 Ultrahigh rate and long-life nano-LiFePO4 cathode for Li-ion batteries
An CS, Zhang B, Tang LB, Xiao B, Zheng JC
393 - 400 Polyviologen as a high energy density cathode in magnesium-ion batteries
Ikhe AB, Naveen N, Sohn KS, Pyo M
401 - 409 In situ growth of beta-FeOOH on hierarchically porous carbon as anodes for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Imtiaz M, Chen ZX, Zhu CL, Pan H, Zada I, Li Y, Bokhari SW, Luan RY, Nigar S, Zhu SM
410 - 418 High-performance aqueous symmetric supercapacitor based on polyaniline/vertical graphene/Ti multilayer electrodes
Shen HD, Li HJ, Li MJ, Li CP, Qian LR, Su L, Yang BH
419 - 427 Well-patterned Au nanodots on MoS2/TiO2 hybrids for enhanced hydrogen evolution activity
Tao JG, Chen SQ, Guan LX, Chen GF, Yu CQ, Chen L, Cheng XR, Zhang H, Xie XJ
428 - 437 Highly sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) grafted on graphene oxide as nanohybrid proton exchange membrane applied in fuel cells
Gao ST, Xu HL, Fang Z, Ouadah A, Chen H, Chen X, Shi LB, Ma B, Jing CJ, Zhu CJ
438 - 447 High performance advanced asymmetric supercapacitor based on ultrathin and mesoporous MnCo2O4.5-NiCo2O4 hybrid and iron oxide decorated reduced graphene oxide electrode materials
Halder L, Maitra A, Das AK, Bera R, Karan SK, Paria S, Bera A, Si SK, Khatua BB
448 - 458 Increase of structural defects by N doping in MoS2 cross-linked with N-doped CNTs/carbon for enhancing charge transfer in oxygen reduction
Yang L, Cai Z, Hao L, Ran LL, Xu X, Dai Y, Pan SY, Jing BJ, Zou JL
459 - 466 The art of balance: Engineering of structure defects and electrical conductivity of alpha-MnO2 for oxygen reduction reaction
Lan B, Zheng XY, Cheng G, Han JX, Li WP, Sun M, Yu L
467 - 477 Synthesis and characterization of polypyrrole/nickel hydroxide/sulfonated graphene oxide ternary composite for all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitor
Li J, Hao C, Zhou SS, Huang CX, Wang XH
478 - 487 Elucidation of key factors of water-resistance of Li-rich solid-solution layered oxide cathode materials applicable to a water-based cathode preparation process for Li-ion battery
Nomura F, Liu YB, Tanabe T, Gunji T, Tsuda T, Ugawa S, Lee H, Ohsaka T, Matsumoto F
488 - 496 Supercapacitor properties of nanowire poly((3,4-dihydro-2H-thieno [3,4-b][1,4]dioxepin-3-yl)methanol) free-supporting films
Niu JL, Chen S, Zhang WN, Zhang WW, Chai KK, Ye G, Li DQ, Zhou WQ, Duan XM, Xu JK
497 - 508 Packaging BiVO4 nanoparticles in ZnO microbelts for efficient photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
Hou HL, Liu HB, Gao FM, Shang MH, Wang L, Xu LL, Wong WY, Yang WY
509 - 516 Lipase@ZIF-8 nanoparticles-based biosensor for direct and sensitive detection of methyl parathion
Ma BK, Cheong LZ, Weng XC, Tan CP, Shen C
517 - 527 Uniform metal-ion flux through interface-modified membrane for highly stable metal batteries
Kim PJ, Kim K, Pol VG
528 - 537 Highly dispersed polydopamine-modified Mo2C/MoO2 nanoparticles as anode electrocatalyst for microbial fuel cells
Zeng LZ, Chen XF, Li HY, Xiong J, Hu MH, Li X, Li WS
538 - 547 Core-shell CoMoO4@Ni(OH)(2) on ordered macro-porous electrode plate for high-performance supercapacitor
Li M, Yang HX, Wang YH, Wang LW, Chu PK
548 - 559 Mn doping of cobalt oxynitride coupled with N-rGO nanosheets hybrid as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reaction
Yan Z, Qi H, Bai X, Huang K, Chen YR, Wang Q
560 - 567 Investigation of poly (1-vinyl imidazole co 1, 4-butanediol diglycidyl ether) as a leveler for copper electroplating of through-hole
Zheng L, He W, Zhu K, Wang C, Wang SX, Hong Y, Chen YM, Zhou GY, Miao H, Zhou JQ
568 - 577 Effective particle dispersion via high-shear mixing of the electrolyte for electroplating a nickel-molybdenum disulphide composite
Zhou N, Wang SC, Walsh FC
578 - 589 Green methodology for the preparation of chitosan/graphene nanomaterial through electrochemical exfoliation and its applicability in Sunset Yellow detection
Magerusan L, Pogacean F, Coros M, Socaci C, Pruneanu S, Leostean C, Pana IO
590 - 596 Capacitive behavior and material characteristics of congo red doped poly (3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene)
Bai MD, Wang XL, Li BM
597 - 602 Graphene tailored gel electrolytes for quasi-solid-state quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Jin X, Chang C, Chen ZP, Li QH
603 - 610 High energy density aqueous asymmetric supercapacitors based on MnO2@C branch dendrite nanoarchitectures
An CH, Li WQ, Wang MY, Deng QB, Wang YJ
611 - 618 Advances in nanoscale characterization of refined nanoporous gold
El-Zoka AA, Langelier B, Korinek A, Botton GA, Newman RC
619 - 627 Three-dimensional MoO2@few-layered MoS2 covered by S-doped graphene aerogel for enhanced lithium ion storage
Zhang YQ, Tao HC, Ma H, Du SL, Li T, Zhang YK, Li JH, Yang XL
628 - 637 Hollow NiCo2Se4 microspheres composed of nanoparticles as multifunctional electrocatalysts for unassisted artificial photosynthesis
Wang M, Ge HT, Jin ZT, Wang YH, Zhang MR, Zheng GF, Wang ZS
638 - 638 Interfacial charge kinetics of ZnO/ZnTe heterostructured nanorod arrays for CO2 photoreduction (vol 272, pg 203, 2018)
Iqbal M, Wang YJ, Hu HF, He M, Shah AH, Li P, Lin L, Woldu AR, He T
639 - 645 Oxygen-deficient tungsten oxide nanorods with high crystallinity: Promising stable anode for asymmetric supercapacitors
Wang R, Lu YZ, Zhou LJ, Han Y, Ye JQ, Xu W, Lu XH
646 - 654 Molybdenum disulfide nanosheets embedded in hollow nitrogen-doped carbon spheres for efficient lithium/sodium storage with enhanced electrochemical kinetics
Guo PQ, Sun K, Liu DQ, Cheng P, Lv MZ, Liu QM, He DY
655 - 663 One-pot synthesis of interconnected porous carbon derived from coal tar pitch and cellulose for high-performance supercapacitors
Qin B, Wang Q, Zhang XH, Xie XL, Jin LE, Cao Q
664 - 675 One-step controlled synthesis of hierarchical hollow Ni3S2/NiS@Ni3S4 core/shell submicrospheres for high-performance supercapacitors
Cheng LL, Hu YY, Ling L, Qiao DD, Cui SC, Jiao Z
676 - 682 Evolution of oxide film on the internal porosity of Ti-30Nb-13Ta-2Mn alloy foam
Guerra C, Sancy M, Walczak M, Silva D, Martinez C, Tribollet B, Aguilar C
683 - 690 Hierarchical iron sulfide-graphene nanocubes consisting of multiple nanoparticles with superior sodium ion storage properties
Xiang J, Liu Z, Song T
691 - 698 Cage-like cross-linked membranes with excellent ionic liquid retention and elevated proton conductivity for HT-PEMFCs
Wang X, Wang S, Liu C, Li JS, Liu FX, Tian X, Chen H, Mao TJ, Xu JM, Wang Z
699 - 707 Impedance analysis of film-forming amines for the corrosion protection of a carbon steel
Baux J, Causse N, Esvan J, Delaunay S, Tireau J, Roy M, You D, Pebere N
708 - 717 Edge enriched cobalt ferrite nanorods for symmetric/asymmetric supercapacitive charge storage
Lalwani S, Marichi RB, Mishra M, Gupta G, Singh G, Sharma RK
718 - 726 Studies of bipyridinium ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents as electrolytes for electrochromic devices
Jordao N, Cruz H, Pina F, Branco LC
727 - 736 Synthesis of BiOCl-Ag/AgBr heterojunction and its photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic performance
Li W, He SA, Xu W, Li J, Wang XC
737 - 743 Honeycomb-like Ni3S2 nanosheet arrays for high-performance hybrid supercapacitors
Fu WB, Zhao YY, Mei JF, Wang FJ, Han WH, Wang FC, Xie EQ
744 - 754 High-performance flexible-film supercapacitors of layered hydrous RuO2/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly(styrenesulfonate) through vacuum filtration
Chang YN, Zhou WQ, Wu J, Ye G, Zhou QJ, Li DQ, Zhu DH, Li TX, Nie GM, Du YK, Xu JK
755 - 763 Fast fabrication of ultrathin CoMn LDH nanoarray as flexible electrode for water oxidation
Yan F, Guo D, Kang JY, Liu LN, Zhu CL, Gao P, Zhang XT, Chen YJ
764 - 771 Rapid microwave-assisted solvothermal synthesis of shape-controlled Pt-Ni alloy nanoparticles for PEMFC
Lin R, Cai X, Hao Z, Pu HT, Yan HX
772 - 779 A disposable non-enzymatic histamine sensor based on the nafion-coated copper phosphate electrodes for estimation of fish freshness
Lee MY, Wu CC, Sari MI, Hsieh YH
780 - 788 Low-cost biochar derived from corncob as oxygen reduction catalyst in air cathode microbial fuel cells
Li M, Zhang HG, Xiao TF, Wang SD, Zhang BP, Chen DY, Su MH, Tang JF
789 - 797 A detailed look into hydrogen electrochemical oxidation on ceria anodes
Tabish AN, Patel HC, Schoonman J, Aravind PV
798 - 805 Highly reproducible ratiometric aptasensor based on the ratio of amplified electrochemiluminescence signal and stable internal reference electrochemical signal
Lin Y, Wang J, Luo F, Guo LH, Qiu B, Lin ZY
806 - 817 Patina enrichment with SnO2 and its effect on soluble Cu cation release and passivity of high-purity Cu-Sn bronze in artificial perspiration
Hutchison MJ, Scully JR
818 - 825 Mixed solvent-mediated exfoliation of graphene invoked by synergistic effect of steric hindrance and hydrogen bond for improved electrochemical performance on its polymeric composites
Chen JP, Shi WL, Xiong CX
826 - 833 Model electrode study of Ru@Pt core-shell nanosheet catalysts: Pure two-dimensional growth via surface limited redox replacement
Nutariya J, Kuroiwa E, Takimoto D, Shen ZR, Mochizuki D, Sugimoto W
834 - 841 Electronic structure tuning during facile construction of two-phase tungsten based electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Shi MQ, Li W, Fang J, Jiang ZZ, Gao J, Chen ZY, Sun FF, Xu YH
842 - 849 Synthesis and characterization of porous poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoro propylene) (PVDF-co-HFP)/poly(aniline) (PANI)/graphene oxide (GO) ternary hybrid polymer electrolyte membrane
Ahmad AL, Farooqui UR, Hamid NA
850 - 857 Revisiting the alluaudite NaMnFe2(PO4)(3) sodium insertion material: Structural, diffusional and electrochemical insights
Dwibedi D, Jaschin PW, Gond R, Barpanda P
858 - 870 Highly active and stable ferrocene functionalized graphene encapsulated carbon felt array - A novel rotating disc electrode for electro-Fenton oxidation of pharmaceutical compounds
Divyapriya G, Srinivasan R, Nambi IM, Senthilnathan J
871 - 881 Enhanced photoelectrochemical water oxidation on WO3 nanoflake films by coupling with amorphous TiO2
Yang MJ, He HC, Zhang HP, Zhong XH, Dong FQ, Ke GL, Chen YQ, Du JY, Zhou Y
882 - 893 Electrolyte cation length influences electrosorption and dynamics in porous carbon supercapacitors
Dyatkin B, Osti NC, Gallegos A, Zhang Y, Mamontov E, Cummings PT, Wu JZ, Gogotsi Y
894 - 903 Trapping polysulfides by chemical adsorption barrier of LixLayTiO3 for enhanced performance in lithium-sulfur batteries
Feng GL, Liu XH, Liu YN, Wu ZG, Chen YX, Guo XD, Zhong BH, Xiang W, Li JS
904 - 913 Two dimensional holey carbon nanosheets assisted by calcium acetate for high performance supercapacitor
Cai CL, Sui QL, She Z, Kraatz HB, Xiang CL, Huang PR, Chu HL, Qiu SJ, Xu F, Sun LX, Shah A, Zou YJ
914 - 921 Picomolar-level electrochemical detection of thiocyanate in the saliva samples of smokers and non-smokers of tobacco using carbon dots doped Fe3O4 nanocomposite embedded on g-C3N4 nanosheets
Ponnaiah SK, Periakaruppan P, Vellaichamy B, Paulmony T, Selvanathan R
922 - 930 Efficient and stable planar p-i-n perovskite solar cells by doping tungsten compound into PEDOT:PSS to facilitate perovskite crystalline
Fan P, Zheng D, Zheng YF, Yu JS
931 - 948 Influence of porosity parameters and electrolyte chemical composition on the power densities of non-aqueous and ionic liquid based supercapacitors
Harmas R, Palm R, Harmas M, Pohl M, Kurig H, Tallo I, Tee E, Vaas I, Vali R, Romann T, Oll O, Kanarbik R, Liivand K, Eskusson J, Kruusma J, Thomberg T, Janes A, Miidla P, Lust E
949 - 958 The first-principles study of CoSb2O4 and its electrochemical properties for supercapacitors
Shanmugavani A, Lalitha M, Kutty RKN, Vasylechko L, Lee YS, Lakshmipathi S, Selvan RK
959 - 969 Construction of a Pt-modified chestnut-shell-like ZnO photocatalyst for high-efficiency photochemical water splitting
Hong DH, Cao GZ, Zhang XJ, Qu JL, Deng YM, Liang HJ, Tang JN
970 - 978 In situ fabrication of Ni(OH)(2)/Cu2O nanosheets on nanoporous NiCu alloy for high performance supercapacitor
Liu P, Qin KQ, Wen SW, Wang LP, He F, Liu EZ, He CN, Shi CS, Li JJ, Li QY, Ma LY, Zhao NQ
979 - 986 Rapid activation and enhanced cycling stability of Co3O4 microspheres decorated by N-doped amorphous carbon shell for advanced LIBs
Liu MT, Hou XY, Wang T, Ma YD, Sun K, Liu DQ, Wang YR, He DY, Li JS
987 - 996 Synthesis of PtAu/TiO2 nanowires with carbon skin as highly active and highly stable electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Deng XT, Yin SF, Wu XB, Sun M, Xie ZY, Huang QZ
997 - 1005 Carbonous metallic framework of multi-walled carbon Nanotubes/Bi2S3 nanorods as heterostructure composite films for efficient quasi-solid state DSSCs
Memon AA, Patil SA, Sun KC, Mengal N, Arbab AA, Sahito IA, Jeong SH, Kim HS
1006 - 1016 Modelling-based data treatment and analytics of catalyst degradation in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Baroody HA, Stolar DB, Eikerling MH
1017 - 1027 Systemic strategy for biocompatibility assessments of metallic biomaterials: Representativeness of cell culture medium
Impergre A, Ter-Ovanessian B, Loughian CD, Normand B
1028 - 1036 Investigation on the electrode design of hybrid Zn-Co3O4/air batteries for performance improvements
Tan P, Chen B, Xu HR, Cai WZ, He W, Ni M
1037 - 1044 Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide on copper-based nanocatalysts using the rotating ring-disc electrode
Zhu XH, Gupta K, Bersani M, Darr JA, Shearing PR, Brett DJL
1045 - 1052 The effect of alloying of transition metals (M = Fe, Co, Ni) with palladium catalysts on the electrocatalytic activity for the oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media
Gunji T, Wakabayashi RH, Noh SH, Han B, Matsumoto F, DiSalvo FJ, Abruna HD
1053 - 1062 Enhanced performance on capacity retention of hierarchical NiS hexagonal nanoplate for highly stable asymmetric supercapacitor
Harish S, Naveen AN, Abinaya R, Archana J, Ramesh R, Navaneethan M, Shimomura M, Hayakawa Y
1063 - 1071 Nickel-manganese structured and multiphase composites as electrodes for hybrid supercapacitors
Soserov L, Stoyanova A, Boyadzhieva T, Koleva V, Kalapsazova M, Stoyanova R
1072 - 1078 Amplified electrochemical detection of surface biomarker in breast cancer stem cell using self-assembled supramolecular nanocomposites
Zhao J, Tang YY, Cao Y, Chen TS, Chen XX, Mao XX, Yin YM, Chen GF
1079 - 1086 Laser focal point sequestration for Raman micro-spectroscopy of thermally sensitive fuel cell catalytic layers
Loupe N, Doan J, Cruse R, DiMarzio CA, Smotkin ES
1087 - 1094 Synergistic effect of Co3O4@C@MnO2 nanowire heterostructures for high-performance asymmetry supercapacitor with long cycle life
Wang YJ, Lu Y, Chen KY, Cui SZ, Chen WH, Mi LW
1095 - 1104 Synthesis of edge-site selectively deposited Au nanocrystals on TiO2 nanosheets: An efficient heterogeneous catalyst with enhanced visible-light photoactivity
Anwer S, Bharath G, Iqbal S, Qian HM, Masood T, Liao K, Cantwell WJ, Zhang JT, Zheng LX
1105 - 1114 Electrochromic cell with hydrogel-stabilized water-based electrolyte using electrodeposition as a fast color changing mechanism
Rozman M, Bren U, Luksic M, Godec RF, Bokias G, Kalarakis AN, Stathatos E
1115 - 1124 All low-temperature processed carbon-based planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells employing Mg-doped rutile TiO2 as electron transport layer
Liu XY, Liu ZY, Sun B, Tan XH, Ye HB, Tu YX, Shi TL, Tang ZR, Liao GL
1125 - 1133 Asymmetric hybrid energy conversion and storage cell of thin Co2O4 and N-doped reduced graphene oxide aerogel films
Kalasina S, Phattharasupakun N, Suksomboon M, Kongsawatvoragul K, Sawangphruk M
1134 - 1145 Solution-synthesized SnO2 nanorod arrays for highly stable and efficient perovskite solar cells
Zhang CX, Deng XS, Zheng JF, Zhou X, Shi JH, Chen XH, Sun Z, Huang SM
1146 - 1153 Graphene wrapped self-assembled Ni0.85Se-SnO2 microspheres as highly efficient and stable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Hou WQ, Zheng BJ, Qi F, He JR, Zhang WL, Chen YF
1154 - 1162 Construction of CuS/TiO2 nano-tube arrays photoelectrode and its enhanced visible light photoelectrocatalytic decomposition and mechanism of penicillin G
Ma QL, Zhang HX, Guo RN, Li B, Zhang XY, Cheng XW, Xie MZ, Cheng QF
1163 - 1169 Hierarchical MoSe2 nanoflowers used as highly efficient electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Yuan XF, Zhou B, Zhang X, Li Y, Liu L
1170 - 1177 Electrochemical biosensing platform based on molecularly imprinted polymer reinforced by ZnO-graphene capped quantum dots for 6-mercaptopurine detection
Hatamluyi B, Es'haghi Z
1178 - 1187 Layer-by-layer assembly of iron oxide-decorated few-layer graphene/PANI:PSS composite films for high performance supercapacitors operating in neutral aqueous electrolytes
Fenoy GE, Van der Schueren B, Scotto J, Boulmedais F, Ceolin MR, Begin-Colin S, Begin D, Marmisolle WA, Azzaroni O
1188 - 1194 Demonstration of the conductive species in "Li-free" solid solvent doped with LiBH4 and its Li+ dominating conduction mechanism
Miyazaki R, Sakaguchi I, Weitzel KM, Hihara T
1195 - 1202 A thorough study on electrochromic properties of metal doped tungsten trioxide film prepared by a facile solution process
Hasani A, Le QV, Nguyen TP, Choi KS, Sohn W, Jang HW, Kim SY
1203 - 1212 Enhanced electrochemical performance of perovskite LaNiO3 coating on Li1.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13O2 as cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
Zhang XD, Hao JJ, Wu LC, Guo ZM, Ji ZH, Luo J, Chen CG, Shu JF, Long HM, Yang F, Volinsky AA
1213 - 1222 The high Tafel slope and small potential dependence of activation energy for formic acid oxidation on a Pd electrode
Uwitonze N, Zhou D, Lei J, Chen W, Zuo XQ, Cai J, Chen YX
1223 - 1230 Simultaneous detection of Pb2+, Cu2+ and Hg2+ by differential pulse voltammetry at an indium tin oxide glass electrode modified by hydroxyapatite
Sun MX, Li ZH, Wu S, Gu YW, Li YY
1231 - 1237 Engineering surface states and band edge of TiO2 microspheres by tuning pH value of hydrothermal treatment
Gao C, Ding YC, Mo LE, Li ZQ, Shi XQ, Hu LH, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Dai SY
1238 - 1244 Understanding the electrochemical lithiation/delithiation process in the anode material for lithium ion batteries NiFeOPO4/C using ex-situ X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy and in-situ synchrotron X-ray
Aziam H, Garhi G, Tamraoui Y, Ma L, Wu T, Xu GL, Manoun B, Alami J, Amine K, Saadoune I
1245 - 1252 Rational design of nickel cobalt sulfide/cobalt sulfide sheet-on-sheet structure for asymmetric supercapacitors
Cheng JW, Lin LY, Hong WL, Lin LY, Chen HQ, Lai HX
1253 - 1260 Phase conversion of Pt3Ni2/C from disordered alloy to ordered intermetallic with strained lattice for oxygen reduction reaction
Chen LX, Zhu J, Wang J, Xiao WP, Lei W, Zhao TH, Huang T, Zhu Y, Wang DL
1261 - 1268 Excellent room-temperature performance of lithium metal polymer battery with enhanced interfacial compatibility
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1269 - 1276 Three-dimensionally hierarchical Co3O4/Carbon composites with high pseudocapacitance contribution for enhancing lithium storage
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1277 - 1283 Free-standing Ni-Co alloy nanowire arrays: Efficient and robust catalysts toward urea electro-oxidation
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1284 - 1290 A triphenylamine-based polymer with anthraquinone side chain as cathode material in lithium ion batteries
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1291 - 1299 Metal-organic framework/carbon nanotube-coated polyethylene separator for improving the cycling performance of lithium-sulfur cells
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1300 - 1312 Effect of nano-scale martensite and beta phase on the passive film formation and electrochemical behaviour of Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al alloy in 3.5% NaCl solution
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1313 - 1322 The reduction reaction kinetics of vanadium(V) in acidic solutions on a platinum electrode with unusual difference compared to carbon electrodes
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1323 - 1338 Thermodynamically consistent three-dimensional electrochemical model for polymeric membranes
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1339 - 1350 Cation effect on the structure and properties of hexacyanometallates-based nanocomposites: Improving cathode performance in aqueous metal-ions batteries
Husmann S, Zarbin AJG
1351 - 1358 Formation and properties of phospholipid bilayers on fluorine doped tin oxide electrodes
Gabriunaite I, Valiuniene A, Valincius G
1359 - 1365 Porous magnetic iron- manganese oxide nanocubes derived from metal organic framework deposited on reduced graphene oxide nanoflake as a bi-functional electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction reaction
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1366 - 1374 Synthesis and conductivity behaviour of Mo-doped La2Ce2O7 proton conductors
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1375 - 1383 Electrostatic self-assembly of LiFePO4 cathodes on a three-dimensional substrate for lithium ion batteries
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1384 - 1389 Facile solid-state synthesis of eco-friendly sodium iron silicate with exceptional sodium storage behaviour
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1390 - 1400 Superelastic active graphene aerogels dried in natural environment for sensitive supercapacitor-type stress sensor
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1401 - 1410 Sandwich-like NiO/rGO nanoarchitectures for 4 V solid-state asymmetric-supercapacitors with high energy density
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1411 - 1417 Highly efficient AuNi-Cu2O electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction and evolution reactions: Important role of interaction between Au and Ni engineered by leaching of Cu2O
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1418 - 1424 A facile way to prepare carbon-coated Li4Ti5O12 porous fiber with excellent rate performance as anode in lithium ion battery
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1425 - 1431 Facile electrochemical synthesis of three dimensional flowerlike gold microstructure for electrochemical oxidation of hydrogen peroxide
Muthurasu A, Kim HY
1432 - 1440 Adaptive extended Kalman filter based state of charge determination for lithium-ion batteries
Shen YQ
1441 - 1449 Enhanced electrochemical performance of carbon and aluminum oxide co-coated Na3V2(PO4)(2)F-3 cathode material for sodium ion batteries
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1450 - 1459 Effects of different anionic dopants on the charge storage properties of binder less polypyrrole/vertically aligned carbon nanotube composites
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1460 - 1467 Nitrogen doped carbon coating of PbLi2Ti6O14 as high electrochemical performance anode towards long-life lithium storage
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1468 - 1474 Preparation of the poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate)@g-C3N4 composite by a simple direct mixing method for supercapacitor
Xu YX, Zhou YF, Guo JY, Zhang SY, Lu Y
1475 - 1481 Half-cell and full-cell applications of sodium ion batteries based on carbon-coated Na3Fe0.5V1.5(PO4)(3) nanoparticles cathode
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1482 - 1489 Distinction in anodic dissolution behavior on different planes of laser solid formed Ti-6Al-4V alloy
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1490 - 1497 Fabrication of Fe-doped Co2P nanoparticles as efficient electrocatalyst for electrochemical and photoelectrochemical water oxidation
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1498 - 1506 Single frequency impedance strategy employed in rapid detection of leukemia cancer cells using an electrospun PES-nanofiber reinforced ternary composite-based cytosensor
Shamsipur M, Gholivand MB, Ehzari H, Pashabadi A, Arkan E, Mansouri K
1507 - 1513 Embedded CuO nanoparticles@TiO2-nanotube arrays for photoelectrocatalytic reduction of CO2 to methanol
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1514 - 1524 TiO2 nanosheets anchoring on carbon nanotubes for fast sodium storage
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1525 - 1533 Metal-doped molybdenum nitride films for enhanced hydrogen evolution in near-neutral strongly buffered aerobic media
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1534 - 1542 Hydrostatic pressure effects on hydrogen entry into A514 steel with cathodic deposits
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1543 - 1550 Polypyrrole thin film on electrochemically modified graphite surface for mechanically stable and high-performance supercapacitor electrodes
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1551 - 1559 Supercapacitive performance analysis of low cost and environment friendly potato starch based electrolyte system with anodized aluminium and teflon coated carbon cloth as electrode
Yadav M, Kumar M, Srivastava N
1560 - 1567 Controlled synthesis of Na0.44MnO2 cathode material for sodium ion batteries with superior performance through urea-based solution combustion synthesis
Sheng N, Han CG, Lei YH, Zhu CY
1568 - 1577 Enhanced electrochemical property of graphite felt@Co-2(OH)(2)CO3 via Ni-P elctrodeposition for flexible supercapacitors
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1578 - 1588 Hierarchical core-sheath polypyrrole@carbon nanotube/bacterial cellulose macrofibers with high electrochemical performance for all-solid-state supercapacitors
Yao JJ, Ji P, Sheng N, Guan FY, Zhang MH, Wang BX, Chen SY, Wang HP
1589 - 1599 Mesoporous carbon film inlaid with Li3V2(PO4)(3) nanoclusters through delaying sol-gel method for high performance lithium-ion hybrid supercapacitors
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1600 - 1608 The role of internal cathodic support during the crevice corrosion of Ni-Cr-Mo alloys
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1609 - 1617 Binder-free electro-synthesis of highly ordered nickel oxide nanoparticles and its electrochemical performance
Edison TNJI, Atchudan R, Lee YR
1618 - 1631 Electrochemical performance of polyaniline-derivated nitrogen-doped carbon nanowires
Zhao ZC, Xie YB, Lu L
1632 - 1639 Novel nanostructured indium tin oxide electrode for electrochemical immunosensors: Suitability for the detection of TNF-alpha
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1640 - 1648 The reduction of 4-nitrobenzene diazonium electrografted layer: An electrochemical study coupled to in situ sum-frequency generation spectroscopy
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1649 - 1659 Catalytic polymerization of N-methylthionine at electrochemically reduced graphene oxide electrodes
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1660 - 1667 Few-layered WSe2 in-situ grown on graphene nanosheets as efficient anode for lithium-ion batteries
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1668 - 1678 Morphology-dependent electrochemical performance of spinel-cobalt oxide nanomaterials towards lithium-ion batteries
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1679 - 1688 Stabilization of cryptomelane alpha-MnO2 nanowires tunnels widths for enhanced electrochemical energy storage
Selvaraj AR, Rajendiran R, Chinnadurai D, Kumar GR, Kim HJ, Senthil K, Prabakar K
1689 - 1694 Metallic Sb nanoparticles in carbon nanosheets as anode material for lithium ion batteries with superior rate capability and long cycling stability
Zhang XH, Lai FY, Chen ZM, He XC, Li QY, Wang HQ
1695 - 1701 Co9S8-CuS-FeS trimetal sulfides for excellent oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalysis
Zhang SS, Sun YY, Liao F, Shen YW, Shi HX, Shao MW
1702 - 1711 Controlled scalable synthesis of yolk-shell structured large-size industrial silicon with interconnected carbon network for lithium storage
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1712 - 1718 A collaborative diagnosis on mesocarbon microbeads electrodes in dual-carbon cells with non-metal electrolytes
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1719 - 1731 An integrated theoretical-experimental approach to understand facilitated proton transfer-electron transfer coupled reactions at thick-film modified electrodes
Zanotto FM, Hernandez TA, Fernandez RA, Dassie SA
1732 - 1741 Dye-sensitized solar cells based on (D-pi-A)(3)L-2 phenothiazine dyes containing auxiliary donors and flexible linkers with different length of carbon chain
Yang WY, Cao DR, Zhang H, Yin XL, Liao XN, Huang JP, Wu GQ, Li LY, Hong YP
1742 - 1752 Radical formation in polymeric nickel complexes with N2O2 Schiff base ligands: An in situ ESR and UV-vis-NIR spectroelectrochemical study
Dmitrieva E, Rosenkranz M, Danilova JS, Smirnova EA, Karushev MP, Chepurnaya IA, Timonov AM
1753 - 1762 Molecular organic materials intermediate layers modified with carbon black in potentiometric sensors for chloride determination
Piek M, Paczosa-Bator B, Smajdor J, Piech R
1763 - 1772 Highly porous polyimide-derived carbon aerogel as advanced three-dimensional framework of electrode materials for high-performance supercapacitors
Zhang YF, Fan W, Lu HY, Liu TX
1773 - 1778 Probing the nucleation, growth, and evolution of hydrogen nanobubbles at single catalytic sites
Perera RT, Arcadia CE, Rosenstein JK
1779 - 1788 Factors affecting oxygen reduction activity of Nb2O5-doped TiO2 using carbon nanotubes as support in acidic solution
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1789 - 1797 Cotton yarns modified with three-dimensional metallic Ni conductive network and pseudocapacitive Co-Ni layered double hydroxide nanosheet array as electrode materials for flexible yarn supercapacitors
Wang HT, Jin C, Liu YN, Kang XH, Bian SW, Zhu Q
1798 - 1805 Promising pyridinium ylide based anchors towards high-efficiency dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells applications: Insights from theoretical investigations
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1806 - 1819 The effect of wetting area in carbon paper electrode on the performance of vanadium redox flow batteries: A three-dimensional lattice Boltzmann study
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1820 - 1828 Influence of geometry-induced frequency dispersion on the impedance of rectangular electrodes
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1829 - 1834 The oxophilic and electronic effects on anchored platinum nanoparticles on sp(2) carbon sites: The hydrogen evolution and oxidation reactions in alkaline medium
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1835 - 1844 Electrochemical properties of NASICON-structured glass-ceramics of the Li1+xCrx(GeyTi1-y)(2-x)(PO4)(3) system
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1845 - 1857 Duplex coating combining layered double hydroxide and 8-quinolinol layers on Mg alloy for corrosion protection
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1858 - 1870 Amino acid-assisted synthesis of Fe2O3/nitrogen doped graphene hydrogels as high performance electrode material
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1871 - 1878 Nanostructured nitrogen doped diamond for the detection of toxic metal ions
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