Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.281 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Octopus tentacles-like WO3/C@CoO as high property and long life-time electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Lv Y, Liu YK, Chen CM, Wang TH, Zhang M
9 - 16 Grain-boundary effect and post treatment of active layer for efficient inverted planar perovskite solar cells
Yang CP, Wang JY, Bao XC, Gao J, Liu ZW, Yang RQ
17 - 23 The use of RRDE voltammetry to study acid-base reactions in unbuffered solutions
Rahman MH, Ryan MD
24 - 30 Improving rate performance of high-voltage spinel cathode by changing structural evolution from two-phase to solid-solution reactions
Xue Y, Han Y, Yu HX, Shu J, Wang ZB, Zheng LL, Xia YF
31 - 38 Improved lithium storage properties of Co3O4 nanoparticles via laser irradiation treatment
Wan HC, Liu YG, Zhang HZ, Zhang WX, Jiang N, Wang ZY, Luo SH, Arandiyan H, Liu H, Sun HY
39 - 47 Electrochemical performance of MnOx center dot nH(2)O@Ni composite foam electrodes for energy storage in KOH media
Siwek KI, Eugenio S, Silva TM, Montemor MF
48 - 59 High-voltage electrochemical performance of LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 cathode material via the synergetic modification of the Zr/Ti elements
Chen YX, Li YJ, Li W, Cao GL, Tang SY, Su QY, Deng SY, Guo J
60 - 68 Improving the performance of water splitting electrodes by composite plating with nano-SiO2
Yang H, Li FS, Wu XJ, Zhang PL, Li WL, Cao SY, Shan Y, Sun LC
69 - 77 Flower-shaped multiwalled carbon nanotubes@nickel-trimesic acid MOF composite as a high-performance cathode material for energy storage
Wang QH, Wang QX, Xu BY, Gao F, Gao F, Zhao C
78 - 87 Rapid and controllable synthesis of Fe3O4 octahedral nanocrystals embedded-reduced graphene oxide using microwave irradiation for high performance lithium-ion batteries
Kumar R, Singh RK, Alaferdov AV, Moshkalev SA
88 - 98 Electrochemical properties of carbon-wrapped FeF3 nanocomposite as cathode material for lithium ion battery
Li J, Fu LC, Xu ZW, Zhu JJ, Yang WL, Li DY, Zhou LP
99 - 108 X-ray absorption near edge structure analysis of the charge-discharge mechanisms of dithiobiuret polymer used as a high-capacity cathode material for lithium-ion batteries
Uemachi H, Tamenori Y, Itono T, Masuda T, Shimoda T, Fujiwara A
109 - 116 Construction of hierarchical nickel cobalt selenide complex hollow spheres for pseudocapacitors with enhanced performance
Quan L, Liu TQ, Yi MJ, Chen QD, Cai DP, Zhan HB
117 - 126 High-temperature annealing enabled iridium oxide nanofibers for both non-enzymatic glucose and solid-state pH sensing
Dong QC, Song DH, Huang YK, Xu ZH, Chapman JH, Willis WS, Li BK, Lei Y
127 - 132 Absence of diffuse double layer effect on the vibrational properties and oxidation of chemisorbed carbon monoxide on a Pt(111) electrode
Figueiredo MC, Hiltrop D, Sundararaman R, Schwarz KA, Koper MTM
133 - 141 In situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction study of Zn/Bi2O3 electrodes prior to and during discharge of Zn-air batteries: Influence on ZnO deposition
Santos F, Abad J, Vila M, Castro GR, Urbina A, Romero AJF
142 - 151 A novel H2O2-assisted method to fabricate Li4Ti5O12/TiO2 materials for high-performance energy storage
Zhou JQ, Zhu QC, Hu H, Chen WJ, Yu Y
152 - 161 Phospholipid bilayers at the mercury (Hg)/water interface
Rashid A, Vakurov A, Nelson A
162 - 169 Novel hyper-crosslinked polymer anode for lithium-ion batteries with highly reversible capacity and long cycling stability
Li ZP, Zhong WH, Cheng A, Li ZH, Li LQ, Zhang HY
170 - 188 Diffusion impedance of electroactive materials, electrolytic solutions and porous electrodes: Warburg impedance and beyond
Huang J
189 - 197 Co3O4/Ni-based MOFs on carbon cloth for flexible alkaline battery-supercapacitor hybrid devices and near-infrared photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Zhang LJ, Zhang YY, Huang SL, Yuan YL, Li H, Jin ZY, Wu JH, Liao QF, Hu L, Lu JG, Ruan SC, Zeng YJ
198 - 207 Controllable synthesis of ultrathin Co9S8 nanosheets as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Yang Y, Yuan MW, Li HF, Sun GB, Ma SL
208 - 217 Improvement in electrochemical performance of Na3V2(PO4)(3)/C cathode material for sodium-ion batteries by K-Ca co-doping
Zhu Q, Cheng H, Zhang XM, He LQ, Hu LZ, Yang JW, Chen QQ, Lu ZG
218 - 226 Eliminating light soaking effect of inverted polymer solar cells functionalized with a conjugated macroelectrolyte electron-collecting interlayer
Li ZQ, Guo JX, Lu FB, Liu CY, Zhang XY, Shen L, Wu HY, Guo WB
227 - 236 Biogenous iron oxide (L-BIOX) as a high capacity anode material for lithium ion batteries
Furusawa H, Konishi R, Mori D, Horino H, Horiba T, Takeda Y, Takada J, Yamamoto O, Imanishi N
237 - 245 Nanocomposites of nickel selenide supported on cube-shaped lidless graphitic boxes as efficient counter electrodes for quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells
Feng CQ, Jin ZT, Zhang MR, Wang ZS
246 - 256 Synergistic effect of Ti(OBu)(4) and annealing regime on the structure, morphology and photoelectrochemical response of alpha-Fe2O3 photoanode
Li LZ, Liu CH, Zhang HL, Liang PH, Mitsuzaki N, Chen ZD
257 - 265 Facilitation of lithium polysulfides adsorption by nitrogen doped carbon nanofibers with 3D interconnected pore structures for high-stable lithium-sulfur batteries
Liang YY, Deng NP, Ju JG, Zhou XH, Yan J, Zhong CL, Kang WM, Cheng BW
266 - 273 Current as an indicator of ammonia concentration during wastewater treatment in an integrated microbial electrolysis cell - Nitrification system
Zhao NN, Angelidaki I, Zhang YF
274 - 281 Unraveling the effect of succinonitrile additive on cycling performance in cylindrical lithium-ion battery
Lee K, Jung H, Chung J, Kim KS, Song J, Park J
282 - 291 Design of advanced thick anode for Li-ion battery by inserting a graphite/polymer buffer layer: An in-situ mechanical study
Zeng WD, Xing JH, Chen JCM, Ng KYS, Oshihara K, Cheng MMC
292 - 298 Influence of particle size on electrochemical thermodynamics of Nano-Au electrodes: Mechanism, factors, range and degree
Duan HJ, Cui ZX, Xue YQ, Fu QS, Chen XH, Zhang R
299 - 311 Towards high-voltage Li-ion batteries: Reversible cycling of graphite anodes and Li-ion batteries in adiponitrile-based electrolytes
Farhat D, Maibach J, Eriksson H, Edstrom K, Lemordant D, Ghamouss F
312 - 322 Electrophoretic deposition of carbon nanofibers/silicon film with honeycomb structure as integrated anode electrode for lithiumion batteries
Yao M, Zeng ZP, Zhang H, Yan JH, Liu XB
323 - 328 In-situ electrochemical surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy study of formic acid electrooxidation at variable temperatures by high-frequency heating technology
Xie WC, Ling Y, Zhang YZ, Pan H, Liu GK, Tang J
329 - 337 Development of 2D La(OH)(3) /graphene nanohybrid by a facile solvothermal reduction process for high-performance supercapacitors
Subasri A, Balakrishnan K, Nagarajan ER, Devadoss V, Subramania A
338 - 347 Atomic layered deposition iron oxide on perovskite LaNiO3 as an efficient and robust bi-functional catalyst for lithium oxygen batteries
Gong C, Zhao L, Li S, Wang HW, Gong YS, Wang R, He BB
348 - 356 Hierarchical cobalt sulfide with vertical in-plane edge structure for enhanced electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction
Lin RJ, Lin TX, Huang JY, Huang XH, Liu YJ
357 - 369 Harnessing the thermogalvanic effect of the ferro/ferricyanide redox couple in a thermally chargeable supercapacitor
Kundu A, Fisher TS
370 - 377 The effects of the functional electrolyte additive on the cathode material Na0.76Ni0.3Fe0.4Mn0.3O2 for sodium-ion batteries
Song XN, Meng T, Deng YM, Gao AM, Nan JM, Shu D, Yi FY
378 - 385 Identification of Lithium Plating in Lithium-Ion Batteries using Nonlinear Frequency Response Analysis (NFRA)
Harting N, Wolff N, Krewer U
386 - 393 A self-supporting graphene supported cobalt hydroxide for enhanced oxygen evolution catalysis
Chen LB, Zang JB, Liu XX, Zhang Y, Jia SP, Tian PF, Wang YH
394 - 404 Enhanced cycleability of faradic CoNi2S4 electrode by reduced graphene oxide coating for efficient asymmetric supercapacitor
Gao ZY, Chen C, Chang JL, Chen LM, Wang PY, Wu DP, Xu F, Guo YM, Jiang K
405 - 409 Investigation of 2, 3-epoxypropyl methanesulfonate (OMS) as an electrolyte additive for lithium ion batteries
Zhang B, Laszczynski N, Lucht BL
410 - 419 In-situ electrochemical formation of nickel oxyhydroxide (NiOOH) on metallic nickel foam electrode for the direct oxidation of ammonia in aqueous solution
Shih YJ, Huang YH, Huang CP
420 - 428 Two-dimensional beta-cobalt hydroxide phase transition exfoliated to atom layers as efficient catalyst for lithium-oxygen batteries
Sun ZM, Lin L, Yuan MW, Li HF, Sun GB, Nan CY, Ma SL, Yang XJ
429 - 436 Electrochemical printing of calcium alginate/gelatin hydrogel
Taira N, Ino K, Robert J, Shiku H
437 - 444 1,2-butylene carbonate as solvent for EDLCs
Hess LH, Balducci A
445 - 458 Theory of generalized Gerischer impedance for quasi-reversible charge transfer at rough and finite fractal electrodes
Chowdhury NR, Kant R
459 - 465 Graphene@hierarchical meso-/microporous carbon for ultrahigh energy density lithium-ion capacitors
Li NW, Du XY, Shi JL, Zhang XL, Fan W, Wang JN, Zhao SY, Liu YB, Xu WH, Li MC, Guo YG, Li CJ
466 - 471 Comparing the kinetic activation energy of the oxygen evolution and reduction reactions
Suermann M, Schmidt TJ, Buchi FN
472 - 485 Impact of heterogeneous cation-exchange membrane surface modification on chronopotentiometric and current-voltage characteristics in NaCl, CaCl2 and MgCl2 solutions
Gil VV, Andreeva MA, Jansezian L, Han J, Pismenskaya ND, Nikonenko VV, Larchet C, Dammak L
486 - 493 Co/MnO/N-C hybrid derived from N-methyl-D-glucamine as efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts
Wang W, Wang HT, Wu ZX, Yu Y, Asif M, Wang ZY, Qiu XY, Liu HF
494 - 501 Detection and imaging of reactive oxygen species associated with the electrochemical oxygen evolution by hydrodynamic scanning electrochemical microscopy
Iffelsberger C, Raith T, Vatsyayan P, Vyskocil V, Matysik FM
502 - 509 Critical role of iron carbide nanodots on 3D graphene based nonprecious metal catalysts for enhancing oxygen reduction reaction
Zhang XR, Lyu DD, Mollamahale YB, Yu F, Qing M, Yin SB, Zhang XY, Tian ZQ, Shen PK
510 - 516 Characteristics of the electric double-layer capacitors using organic electrolyte solutions containing different alkylammonium cations
Han J, Yoshimoto N, Todorov YM, Fujii K, Morita M
517 - 524 Flexible and conductive titanium carbide-carbon nanofibers for high-performance glucose biosensing
Guo QH, Liu LJ, Wu TT, Wang QQ, Wang HH, Liang JY, Chen SL
525 - 533 Hierarchical multidimensional MnO2 via hydrothermal synthesis for high performance supercapacitors
Bai XL, Tong XL, Gao YL, Zhu WQ, Fu C, Ma JY, Tan TC, Wang CL, Luo YS, Sun HB
534 - 539 Fast scanning voltammetric detector for high performance liquid chromatography
Bavol D, Scampicchio M, Zima J, Barek J, Dejmkova H
540 - 548 Oxygen-incorporated defect-rich MoP for highly efficient hydrogen production in both acidic and alkaline media
Zhang XY, Wu ZZ, Wang DZ
549 - 561 One-pot synthesis of novel silver-polyaniline-polyvinylpyrrolidone electrocatalysts for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Stamenovic U, Gavrilov N, Pasti IA, Otonicar M, Ciric-Marjanovic G, Skapin SD, Mitric M, Vodnik V
562 - 570 The effect of oxygen content of carbon nanotubes on the catalytic activity of carbon-based iron phthalocyanine for oxygen reduction reaction
Yan XM, Xu X, Zhong Z, Liu JJ, Tian XM, Kang LT, Yao JNA
571 - 581 L-cysteine-assisted synthesis of ruthenium sulfide/thermally reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites: Promising electrode materials for high-performance energy storage applications
Bolagam R, Um S
582 - 593 Hierarchical porous PANI/MIL-101 nanocomposites based solid-state flexible supercapacitor
Wang Q, Shao L, Ma ZL, Xu JJ, Li Y, Wang CY
594 - 600 Battery and supercapacitor materials in flow cells. Electrochemical energy storage in a LiFePO4/reduced graphene oxide aqueous nanofluid
Rueda-Garcia D, Caban-Huertas Z, Sanchez-Ribot S, Marchante C, Benages R, Dubal DP, Ayyad O, Gomez-Romero P
601 - 610 Flexible electrospun carbon nanofiber embedded with TiO2 as excellent negative electrode for vanadium redox flow battery
He ZX, Li MM, Li YH, Zhu J, Jiang YQ, Meng W, Zhou HZ, Wang L, Dai L
611 - 618 Combination of cyclic voltammetry and single-particle Brownian dynamics methodology to evaluate the fluidity of phospholipid monolayers at polarized liquid/liquid interfaces
Juarez AV, Juarez AV, Wilke N, Yudi LM
619 - 623 On the high cycling stability of NbSnSb in Li-ion batteries at high temperature
Coquil G, Sougrati MT, Biscaglia S, Ayme-Perrot D, Girard PF, Monconduit L
624 - 637 Kinetics of Fe(III)-Fe(II) redox half-reactions on sphalerite surface
Karimi S, Ghahreman A, Rashchi F
638 - 645 Three-dimensional kenaf stem-derived macroporous carbon/reduced graphene oxide/polyaniline integrated electrode for supercapacitors
Wang L, Miao LF, Yang H, Xu LJ, Peng CW
646 - 653 Well-defined heteroatom-rich porous carbon electrocatalyst derived from biowaste for high-performance counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cells
Jing HY, Shi YT, Wu DY, Liang SX, Song XD, An YL, Hao C
654 - 664 In-silico screening of metal and bimetallic alloy catalysts for SOFC anode at high, intermediate and low temperature operations
Khan TS, Hussain S, Anjum U, Haider MA
665 - 675 Modeling 3D-microbatteries based on carbon foams
Priimagi P, Asfaw HD, Srivastav S, Kasemagi H, Aabloo A, Brandell D, Zadin V
676 - 683 Synthesis and characterization of Si nanoparticles wrapped by V2O5 nanosheets as a composite anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Carbonari G, Maroni F, Birrozzi A, Tossici R, Croce F, Nobili F
684 - 691 Insight into water oxidation activity enhancement of Ni-based electrocatalysts interacting with modified carbon supports
Lee SY, Jung H, Chae SY, Oh HS, Min BK, Hwang YJ
692 - 699 Nickel precursor-free synthesis of nickel cobalt-based ternary metal oxides for asymmetric supercapacitors
Sun HY, Lin LY, Huang YY, Hong WL
700 - 709 Tannic acid tuned metal-organic framework as a high-efficiency chemical anchor of polysulfide for lithium-sulfur batteries
Ge XL, Li CX, Li ZQ, Yin LW
710 - 716 Molybdenum carbide/phosphide hybrid nanoparticles embedded P, N co-doped carbon nanofibers for highly efficient hydrogen production in acidic, alkaline solution and seawater
Liu TT, Liu H, Wu XJ, Niu YL, Feng BM, Li W, Hu WH, Li CM
717 - 724 Three-dimensional ordered macroporous NiFe2O4 coated carbon yarn for knittable fibriform supercapacitor
Zhao P, Ye XK, Zhu YC, Jiang HD, Wang LL, Yue ZY, Wan ZQ, Jia CY
725 - 737 Capacitance response in an aqueous electrolyte of Nb2O5 nanochannel layers anodically grown in pure molten o-H3PO4
Upadhyay KK, Cha G, Hildebrand H, Schmuki P, Silva TM, Montemor MF, Altomare M
738 - 745 In situ XANES measurements during electrodeposition of thin film: Example of birnessite, a promising material for environmental applications
Pensel A, Peulon S
746 - 752 Synthesis of In2.77S4 nanoflakes/graphene composites and their application as counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cells
Zhou B, Zhang X, Jin P, Li XM, Yuan XF, Wang JF, Liu L
753 - 760 Contributions of storage sites located in micro- and meso/macropores to the capacitance of carbonaceous double layer capacitor electrodes
Lederer I, Balzer C, Reichenauer G
761 - 768 High areal capacitance and rate capability using filled Ni foam current collector
Yu ZY, Cheng ZX, Tsekouras G, Wang XL, Kong XY, Osada M, Dou SX
769 - 776 Enhancing lithium-ion batteries performance via electron-beam irradiation strategies: A case study of graphene aerogels loaded with SnO2 quantum dots
Huang SS, Wang WF, Chen DY, Hu ZJ, Jiang Y, Chen ZW, Li Z, Pan DY, Zhao B
777 - 788 Synthesis of novel families of conductive cationic poly(ionic liquid)s and their application in all-polymer flexible pseudo-supercapacitors
Ponkratov DO, Lozinskaya EI, Vlasov PS, Aubert PH, Plesse C, Vidal F, Vygodskii YS, Shaplov AS
789 - 795 S0.87Se0.13/CPAN composites as high capacity and stable cycling performance cathode for lithium sulfur battery
Zhu TC, Pang Y, Wang YG, Wang CX, Xia YY
796 - 809 Influence of nitrogen species on the porous-alumina-assisted growth of TiO2 nanocolumn arrays
Bendova M, Kolar J, Marik M, Lednicky T, Mozalev A
810 - 815 Electrochemical deposition of alkaline-earth elements (Sr and Ba) from LiCl-KCl-SrCl2-BaCl2 solution using a liquid bismuth electrode
Lichtenstein T, Nigl TP, Smith ND, Kim H
816 - 821 Laser-scribed Ru organometallic complex for the preparation of RuO2 micro-supercapacitor electrodes on flexible substrate
Brousse K, Nguyen S, Gillet A, Pinaud S, Tan R, Meffre A, Soulantica K, Chaudret B, Taberna PL, Respaud M, Simon P
822 - 830 Electrochemical characterization of lithium cobalt oxide within aqueous flow suspensions as an indicator of rate capability in lithium-ion battery electrodes
Geng LX, Denecke ME, Foley SB, Dong HX, Qi ZX, Koenig GM
831 - 840 Chlorine species evolution during electrochlorination on boron-doped diamond anodes: In-situ electrogeneration of Cl-2, Cl2O and ClO2
Mostafa E, Reinsberg P, Garcia-Segura S, Baltruschat H