Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.276 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Structural transformation and electrochemical study of layered MnO2 in rechargeable aqueous zinc-ion battery
Alfaruqi MH, Islam S, Putro DY, Mathew V, Kim S, Jo J, Kim S, Sun YK, Kim K, Kim J
12 - 20 Mineralization of electronic wastewater by electro-Fenton with an enhanced graphene-based gas diffusion cathode
Garcia-Rodriguez O, Lee YY, Olvera-Vargas H, Deng FX, Wang ZX, Lefebvre O
21 - 27 Metal-organic complex derived hierarchical porous carbon as host matrix for rechargeable Na-Se batteries
Xu QJ, Liu H, Du WY, Zhan RM, Hu LY, Bao SJ, Dai CL, Liu F, Xu MW
28 - 36 Performance of carbon xerogel-graphene hybrids as electrodes in aqueous supercapacitors
Canal-Rodriguez M, Menendez JA, Arenillas A
37 - 46 Improved electrochemical performance of LiMn2O4 cathode material by Ce doping
Michalska M, Ziolkowska DA, Jasinski JB, Lee PH, Lawniczak P, Andrzejewski B, Ostrowski A, Bednarski W, Wu SH, Lin JY
47 - 63 Development of 3D MoO3/graphene aerogel and sandwich-type polyaniline decorated porous MnO2-graphene hybrid film based high performance all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors
Ghosh K, Yue CY
64 - 72 Electrochemical, spectroscopic and electrochemiluminescent characterization of self-assembled 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane/CdTe quantum dots hybrids on screen-printed electrodes
Garcia C, Navarro F, Celis F, Ruiz D, Toledo S, Sanhueza L, Quinones A, Aguirre MJ
73 - 80 Enhanced high-rate performance of Li4Ti5O12 microspheresi multiwalled carbon nanotubes composites prepared by electrostatic self-assembly
Zhao S, Zhang MM, Wang ZH, Xian XC
81 - 91 Cobalt incorporated MoS2 hollow structure with rich out-of-plane edges for efficient hydrogen production
Chen G, Dong WF, Li BL, Deng YH, Wang XH, Zhang XF, Luo HQ, Li NB
92 - 101 Manganese hexacyanoferrate/multi-walled carbon nanotubes nanocomposite: Facile synthesis, characterization and application to high performance supercapacitors
Zhang XJ, He P, Zhang XQ, Li CX, Liu HH, Wang S, Dong FQ
102 - 110 Solvothermal synthesis and electrochemical properties of Na2CoSiO4 and Na2CoSiO4/carbon nanotube cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries
Rangasamy VS, Thayumanasundaram S, Locquet JP
111 - 117 Vulcanized polymeric cathode material featuring a polyaniline skeleton for high-rate rechargeability and long-cycle stability lithium-sulfur batteries
Tsao CH, Hsu CH, Zhou JD, Chin CW, Kuo PL, Chang CH
118 - 124 Densely packed porous graphene film for high volumetric performance supercapacitor
Chao YZ, Chen SB, Chen HQ, Hu XJ, Ma Y, Gao WS, Bai YX
125 - 133 High-performance lithium-ion capacitor composed of electrodes with porous three-dimensional current collector and bis(fluorosulfonyl) imide-based ionic liquid electrolyte
Hirota N, Okuno K, Majima M, Hosoe A, Uchida S, Ishikawa M
134 - 141 Graphene-embedded LiMn0.8Fe0.2PO4 composites with promoted electrochemical performance for lithium ion batteries
Wen F, Lv TA, Gao P, Wu B, Liang QQ, Zhang YY, Shu HB, Yang XK, Liu L, Wang XY
142 - 152 Pseudocapacitive charge storage properties of Na2/3Co2/3Mn2/9Ni1/9O2 in Na-ion batteries
Valvo M, Doubaji S, Saadoune I, Edstrom K
153 - 161 Graphene supported atomic Co/nanocrystalline Co3O4 for oxygen evolution reaction
Li A, Wang CW, Zhang HN, Zhao Z, Wang J, Cheng M, Zhao HF, Wang JY, Wu MH, Wang JZ
162 - 175 A parameter study of solid oxide electrolysis cell degradation: Microstructural changes of the fuel electrode
Hoerlein MP, Riegraf M, Costa R, Schiller G, Friedrich KA
176 - 183 Activation/deactivation behavior of nano-NiOx based anodes towards the OER: Influence of temperature
Sayed DM, El-Nagar GA, Sayed SY, El-Anadouli BE, El-Deab MS
184 - 193 Polymeric ionic liquid enhanced all-solid-state electrolyte membrane for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Wang AL, Liu X, Wang S, Chen J, Xu H, Xing Q, Zhang LY
194 - 206 Electrochemical aspects of copper atmospheric corrosion in the presence of sodium chloride
Schindelholz EJ, Cong H, Jove-Colon CF, Li S, Ohlhausen JA, Moffat HK
207 - 213 An acid-pasting strategy towards PTCDA based high performance lithium/sodium ion battery cathodes
Jing F, Huang T, Tao GZ, Ma L, Lu D, Liu RL, Xi X, Wu DQ
214 - 222 Ex-vivo biological tissue differentiation by the Distribution of Relaxation Times method applied to Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy
Ramirez-Chavarria RG, Sanchez-Perez C, Matatagui D, Qureshi N, Perez-Garcia A, Hernandez-Ruiz J
223 - 232 Effect of directional light dependence on enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of ZnIn2S4/TiO2 binary heterostructure photoelectrodes
David S, Mahadik MA, An GW, Ryu J, Kim HG, Jang JS
233 - 239 Potential-pulse assisted thiol chemisorption minimizes non-specific adsorptions in DNA assays
Jambrec D, Conzuelo F, Zhao B, Schuhmann W
240 - 246 Non-enzymatic electrochemical lactate sensing by NiO and Ni(OH)(2) electrodes: A mechanistic investigation
Kim S, Kim K, Kim HJ, Lee HN, Park TJ, Park YM
247 - 260 Microstructure and electrochemical anodic behavior of Inconel 718 fabricated by high-power laser solid forming
Guo PF, Lin X, Ren YM, Xu JJ, Li JQ, Zhang YF, Chen J, Huang WD
261 - 267 Carbon based perovskite solar cells constructed by screen-printed components
Raminafshar C, Dracopoulos V, Mohammadi MR, Lianos P
268 - 283 Oxygen diffusion in cation-form Nafion membrane of microbial fuel cells
Huang D, Song BY, Li MJ, Li XY
284 - 292 Heteroatom doped graphene based hybrid electrode materials for supercapacitor applications
Santhosh R, Raman SRS, Krishna SM, Ravuri SS, Sandhya V, Ghosh S, Sahu NK, Punniyakoti S, Karthik M, Kollu P, Jeong SK, Grace AN
293 - 303 Heat treatment effect on the microstructure and corrosion behavior of 316L stainless steel fabricated by selective laser melting for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Kong DC, Ni XQ, Dong CF, Zhang L, Man C, Yao JZ, Xiao K, Li XG
304 - 310 Heteroatom doping and activation of carbon nanofibers enabling ultrafast and stable sodium storage
Bao Y, Huang YP, Song X, Long J, Wang SQ, Ding LX, Wang HH
311 - 318 One-step facile preparation of ZnO nanorods as high-performance photoanodes for photoelectrochemical cathodic protection
Yang Y, Cheng YF
319 - 324 High performing all-solid electrochemical capacitor using chitosan/poly(acrylamide-co-diallyldimethylammonium chloride) as anion conducting membranes
Ao B, Wei YN, Wang M, Cai YX, Lian K, Qiao JL
325 - 332 Li7P3S11 solid electrolyte coating silicon for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Xu XY, Ai Q, Pan L, Ma XX, Zhai W, An YL, Hou GM, Chen JH, Zhang L, Si PC, Lou J, Feng JK, Ci LJ
333 - 342 Effect of Ni content in NixMn1-xCO3 (x=0, 0.20, 0.25, 0.33) submicrospheres on the performances of rechargeable lithium ion batteries
Li JF, Xu WJ, Guo C, Li M, Zhang L
343 - 351 Study on effects of applied current and voltage on the ageing of supercapacitors
Zheng FH, Li YX, Wang XS
352 - 361 Blister evolution time invariance at very low electrolyte pH: H2SO4/graphite system investigated by electrochemical atomic force microscopy
Yivlialin R, Magagnin L, Duo L, Bussetti G
362 - 369 CoP particles embedded in N-doped two-dimensional carbon sheets as efficient electrocatalyst for water splitting
Yin TW, Zhou XG, Wu AP, Yan HJ, Feng QM, Tian CG
370 - 376 Entropy-induced temperature variation as a new indicator for state of health estimation of lithium-ion cells
Wu Y, Jossen A
377 - 388 An activated carbon fiber-supported graphite carbon nitride for effective electro-Fenton process
He ZQ, Chen JP, Chen Y, Makwarimba CP, Huang XW, Zhang SH, Chen JM, Song S
389 - 398 Ascorbic acid-sensitized Au nanorods-functionalized nanostructured TiO2 transparent electrodes for photoelectrochemical genosensing
Bettazzi F, Laschi S, Voccia D, Gellini C, Pietraperzia G, Falciola L, Pifferi V, Testolin A, Ingrosso C, Placido T, Comparelli R, Curri ML, Palchetti I
399 - 411 Electrochemical analysis and mixed potentials theory of ionic liquid based Metal-Air batteries with Al/Si alloy anodes
Aslanbas O, Durmus YE, Tempel H, Hausen F, Ein-Eli Y, Eichel RA, Kungl H
412 - 416 Tributyl borate as a novel electrolyte additive to improve high voltage stability of lithium cobalt oxide in carbonate-based electrolyte
Qin ZM, Hong B, Duan BY, Hong S, Chen YC, Lai YQ, Feng J
417 - 423 On the electrochemical formation of nickel nanoparticles onto glassy carbon from a deep eutectic solvent
Aldana-Gonzalez J, Romero-Romo M, Robles-Peralta J, Morales-Gil P, Palacios-Gonzalez E, Ramirez-Silva MT, Mostany J, Palomar-Pardave M
424 - 433 Operando X-ray tomography and sub-second radiography for characterizing transport in polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyzer
Leonard E, Shum AD, Normile S, Sabarirajan DC, Yared DG, Xiao XH, Zenyuk IV
434 - 445 Nature of mixed electrical transport in Ag2O-ZnO-P2O5 glasses containing WO3 and MoO3
Pavic L, Santic A, Nikolic J, Mosner P, Koudelka L, Pajic D, Mogus-Milankovic A