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1 - 9 Reduced graphene oxide supported Ni@Au@Pd core@bishell nanoparticles as highly active electrocatalysts for ethanol oxidation reactions and alkaline direct bioethanol fuel cells applications
Wang F, Qiao JS, Wang J, Wu HT, Yue XY, Wang ZH, Sun W, Sun KN
10 - 18 Identifying intermediates in the reductive intramolecular cyclisation of allyl 2-bromobenzyl ether by an improved electron paramagnetic resonance spectroelectrochemical electrode design combined with density functional theory calculations
Pauwels D, Ching HYV, Samanipour M, Neukermans S, Hereijgers J, Van Doorslaer S, De Wael K, Breugelmans T
19 - 26 Formation of CdS using electrochemical atomic layer deposition (E-ALD) and successive ionic layer adsorption reaction (SILAR)
Shen S, Zhang XY, Perdue B, Stickney JL
27 - 34 Constructed 3D hierarchical porous wool-ball-like NiO-loaded AlOOH electrode materials for the determination of toxic metal ions
Dong YY, Zhang L
35 - 40 Electrochemical measurement of lamotrigine using boron-doped diamond electrodes
Hanawa A, Asai K, Ogata G, Hibino H, Einaga Y
41 - 48 Significant photocatalytic degradation and electricity generation in the photocatalytic fuel cell (PFC) using novel anodic nanocomposite of Fe, graphene oxide, and titanium phosphate
Nahyoon NA, Liu LF, Rabe K, Thebo KH, Yuan LX, Sun JQ, Yang FL
49 - 57 N/P co-doped hierarchical porous carbon materials for superior performance supercapacitors
Chen J, Wei HM, Chen HJ, Yao WH, Lin HL, Han S
58 - 66 A multifunctional graphene oxide-Zn(II)-triazole complex for improved performance of lithium-sulfur battery at low temperature
Zhang ZQ, Wang YQ, Liu J, Sun DY, Ma XD, Jin YC, Cui YJ
67 - 76 A polypyrrole hollow nanosphere with ultra-thin wrinkled shell: Synergistic trapping of sulfur in Lithium-Sulfur batteries with excellent elasticity and buffer capability
Liu Y, Yan WJ, An XW, Du X, Wang ZD, Fan HL, Liu SB, Hao XG, Guan GQ
77 - 83 Interconversions of nitrogen-containing species on Pt(100) and Pt(111) electrodes in acidic solutions containing nitrate
Katsounaros I, Figueiredo MC, Chen XT, Calle-Vallejo F, Koper MTM
84 - 91 Long-term stability of Au nanoparticle-anchored porous boron-doped diamond hybrid electrode for enhanced dopamine detection
Mei XR, Wei QP, Long HY, Yu ZM, Deng ZJ, Meng LC, Wang J, Luo JT, Lin CT, Ma L, Zheng KZ, Hu NX
92 - 102 Constructing graphene-like nanosheets on porous carbon framework for promoted rate performance of Li-ion and Na-ion storage
Li JY, Qi H, Wang QG, Xu ZW, Liu YJ, Li QY, Kong XG, Huang JF
103 - 109 Polymeric binders for the sulfur electrode compatible with ionic liquid containing electrolytes
Hwa Y, Cairns EJ
110 - 119 High-performance hybrid supercapacitor of mixed-valence manganese oxide/N-doped graphene aerogel nanoflower using an ionic liquid with a redox additive as the electrolyte: In situ electrochemical X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Ma N, Phattharasupakun N, Wutthiprom J, Tanggarnjanavalukul C, Wuanprakhon P, Kidkhunthod P, Sawangphruk M
120 - 126 NASICON-type La3+ substituted LiZr2(PO4)(3) with improved ionic conductivity as solid electrolyte
Ramar V, Kumar S, Sivakkumar SR, Balaya P
127 - 136 The development of Speek/Pva/Teos blend membrane for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Sahin A
137 - 145 Surface pore-containing NiCo2O4 nanobelts with preferred (311) plane supported on reduced graphene oxide: A high-performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Fu YS, Peng CQ, Zha DS, Zhu JW, Zhang LL, Wang X
146 - 149 Advanced materials and systems for electrochemical energy storage (EMRS/B 2017): Foreword
Vlad A, Passerini S, Yao Y, Sun YK
150 - 157 Cyclic ammonium grafted poly (arylene ether ketone) hydroxide ion exchange membranes for alkaline water electrolysis with high chemical stability and cell efficiency
Lee N, Duong DT, Kim D
158 - 164 Impedance technique for monitoring of apatite precipitation from simulated body fluid
Fojt J, Joska L, Hybasek V, Pruchova E, Malek J
165 - 172 In-situ construction of hierarchical accordion-like TiO2/Ti3C2 nanohybrid as anode material for lithium and sodium ion batteries
Yang C, Liu Y, Sun X, Zhang YR, Hou LR, Zhang QA, Yuan CZ
173 - 179 A sensitive ratiometric electrochemiluminescence biosensor for hypoxanthine detection by in situ generation and consumption of coreactants
Zuo FM, Zhang H, Xie J, Chen SH, Yuan R
180 - 189 Bis(1,10-phenanthroline) copper complexes with tailored molecular architecture: from electrochemical features to application as redox mediators in dye-sensitized solar cells
Benazzi E, Magni M, Colombo A, Dragonetti C, Caramori S, Bignozzi CA, Grisorio R, Suranna GP, Cipolla MP, Manca M, Roberto D
190 - 202 Electrochemical transformations of polymers formed from nickel (II) complexes with salen-type ligands in aqueous alkaline electrolytes
Kuznetsov N, Yang PX, Gorislov G, Zhukov Y, Bocharov V, Malev V, Levin O
203 - 210 Evolution of Pt and Ag nanoparticles composites with polyphenazines onto ITO electrodes during the oxidation of H2O2 with ascorbic acid
Romero MPR, Gonzalez-Rodriguez J, Rodriguez-Amaro R, Mellado JMR
211 - 219 Comparative investigation of the molybdenum sulphide doped with cobalt and selenium towards hydrogen evolution reaction
Bose R, Seo M, Jung CY, Yi SC
220 - 231 Comparative electrochemical studies of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of Quinoxaline and Brimonidine redox process
Rupar J, Aleksic MM, Nikolic K, Popovic-Nikolic MR
232 - 241 Mesoporous ultrafine Ta2O5 nanoparticle with abundant oxygen vacancies as a novel and efficient catalyst for non-aqueous Li-O-2 batteries
Zhang RH, Zhao TS, Wu MC, Jiang HR, Zeng L
242 - 251 Porous CoS nanosheets coated by N and S doped carbon shell on graphene foams for free-standing and flexible lithium ion battery anodes: Influence of void spaces, shell and porous nanosheet
Yao YF, Zhu YH, Huang JF, Shen JH, Li CZ
252 - 260 Electrochemical synthesis and tribological properties of flower-like and sheet-like MoS2 in LiCl-KCl-(NH4)(6)Mo7O24-KSCN melt
Liu YH, Jing XY, Zhang ML, Yan YD, Ji DB, Li P, Xu HB, Xue Y
261 - 267 Pt nanoparticle/Si nanowire composites as an excellent catalytic counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Yang LL, Ji YJ, Liao F, Cheng YF, Sun YY, Li YY, Shao MW
268 - 275 Combining dc and ac electrochemical characterization with micro Raman analysis on industrial DSCs under accelerated thermal stress
Hu JG, Kontos AG, Georgiou CA, Bidikoudi M, Stein N, Breen B, Falaras P
276 - 283 Structure tuned Li1.2Mn0.6Ni0.2O2 with low cation mixing and Ni segregation as high performance cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
Yang PH, Li HL, Wei X, Zhang SC, Xing YL
284 - 296 Hierarchical coating of MnO2 nanosheets on ZnCo2O4 nanoflakes for enhanced electrochemical performance of asymmetric supercapacitors
Kumbhar VS, Kim DH
297 - 304 Charge storage properties of single wall carbon nanotubes/Prussian blue nanocube composites studied by multi-scale coupled electrogravimetric methods
Escobar-Teran F, Perrot H, Sel O
305 - 311 Assembly of direct-electron-transfer-type bioelectrodes with high performance
Sakai K, Xia H, Kitazumi Y, Shirai O, Kano K
312 - 318 New insight into electropolymerization of melamine. I: Chloride promoted growth of polymelamine in different pH medium
Chen S, Liu SY, Wen AL, Zhang J, Nie HD, Chen J, Zeng RJ, Long YF, Jin YX, Mai RM
319 - 336 Electrochemical polarization and impedance of reinforced concrete and hybrid fiber-reinforced concrete under cracked matrix conditions
Nguyen W, Duncan JF, Devine TM, Ostertag CP
337 - 350 Effect of electrolyte cation on the charge storage mechanism of manganese dioxide for electrochemical capacitors
Dupont MF, Forghani M, Cameron AP, Donne SW
351 - 360 Bismuth Oxychloride/MXene symmetric supercapacitor with high volumetric energy density
Xia QX, Shinde NM, Yun JM, Zhang T, Mane RS, Mathur S, Kim KH
361 - 369 Localized surface plasmon resonance enhanced label-free photoelectrochemical immunoassay by Au-MoS2 nanohybrid
Shi Y, Zhang Q, Zhai TT, Zhou Y, Yang DR, Wang FB, Xia XH
370 - 378 Electrodeposition of metastable Ag-Rh alloys and study of their hydrogen storage ability in comparison with Pd
Mattarozzi L, Cattarin S, Comisso N, Gerbasi R, Guerriero P, Musiani M, Vazquez-Gomez L
379 - 387 Advanced flower-like Co3O4 with ultrathin nanosheets and 3D rGO aerogels as double ion-buffering reservoirs for asymmetric supercapacitors
Lai CW, Sun Y, Zhang XQ, Yang H, Kang WW, Lin BP
388 - 396 Coaxial titanium vanadium nitride core-sheath nanofiberswith enhanced electrocatalytic activity for triiodide reduction in dye-sensitized solar cells
Zhang XY, Hao YL, Shang CQ, Chen X, Li WH, Hu SQ, Cui GL
397 - 405 Simple solvothermal synthesis of uniform Pt66Ni34 nanoflowers as advanced electrocatalyst to significantly boost the catalytic activity and durability of hydrogen evolution reaction
Huang XY, Zhu XY, Zhang XF, Zhang L, Feng JJ, Wang AJ
406 - 416 Nanosized graphitic carbon with balanced micro/mesoporosity for robust supercapacitor with superior volumetric capacitance and cyclic performance
Xue CF, Yang FJ, Wang EY, Feng L, Du X, Hao XG, Li XP
417 - 424 A novel dual-signal electrochemical sensor for bisphenol A determination by coupling nanoporous gold leaf and self-assembled cyclodextrin
Zhang RY, Zhang Y, Deng XL, Sun SG, Li YC
425 - 432 CuS/MnS composite hexagonal nanosheet clusters: Synthesis and enhanced pseudocapacitive properties
Liu HY, Guo ZX, Wang XB, Hao J, Lian JS
433 - 447 Activated porous carbon supported rhenium composites as electrode materials for electrocatalytic and supercapacitor applications
Veerakumar P, Rajkumar C, Chen SM, Thirumalraj B, Lin KC
448 - 453 Electrogenerated chemiluminescence from the monomer of a tetradentate chelate Pt(II) compound
He SJ, Wang X, Xiang GM, Lac K, Wang SN, Ding ZF
454 - 463 Semi-quantitative determination of ion transfers at an interface between water and quaternary ammonium polybromide droplets through stochastic electrochemical analysis
Lee S, Park S, Kim KM, Chang J
464 - 471 Self-accelerated electrochemiluminescence emitters of Ag@SnO2 nanoflowers for sensitive detection of cardiac troponin T
Jiang MH, Lu P, Lei YM, Chai YQ, Yuan R, Zhuo Y
472 - 480 Functionalized p-silicon photocathodes for solar fuels applications: Insights from electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Sartori A, Orlandi M, Berardi S, Mazzi A, Bazzanella N, Caramori S, Boaretto R, Natali M, Fernandes R, Patel N, Bignozzi CA, Miotello A
481 - 489 Improved performance of the rechargeable hybrid aqueous battery at near full state-of-charge
Xiong WL, Yang DJ, Zhi J, Hoang TKA, Qiu XQ, Chen P
490 - 497 Verification of the electro-decomposition of the CaO component in equimolar CaCl2-NaCl molten salt during the direct electrolysis of ilmenite in a two-terminal chamber
Zhou ZR, Zhang YJ, Hua YX, Dong P, Xu CY, Li Y, Wang D
498 - 506 Effect of reaction temperature on the amorphous-crystalline transition of copper cobalt sulfide for supercapacitors
Guo SH, Chen WQ, Li M, Wang J, Liu F, Cheng JP
507 - 518 Core-shell structured Ni3S2 nanorods grown on interconnected Ni-graphene foam for symmetric supercapacitors
Kamali-Heidari E, Xu ZL, Sohi MH, Ataie A, Kim JK
519 - 525 Effects of atom arrangement and thickness of Pt atomic layers on Pd nanocrystals for electrocatalysis
Lin YF, Tian N, Xiao C, Sheng T, Li G, Zhang FY, Ye JY, Xu BB, Zhou ZY, Sun SG
526 - 536 Novel insight into the epitaxial growth mechanism of six-fold symmetrical beta-Co(OH)(2)/Co(OH)F hierarchical hexagrams and their water oxidation activity
Liang ZZ, Yang ZY, Huang ZH, Qi J, Chen MX, Zhang W, Zheng HQ, Sun JL, Cao R
537 - 543 Towards a fuel-flexible direct alcohol microfluidic fuel cell with flow-through porous electrodes: Assessment of methanol, ethylene glycol and glycerol fuels
Martins CA, Ibrahim OA, Pei P, Kjeang E
544 - 550 A catalyst based on copper-cadmium bimetal for electrochemical reduction of CO2 to CO with high faradaic efficiency
Wang CQ, Cao ML, Jiang XX, Wang MK, Shen Y
551 - 559 Enhanced effects of ionic liquid and gold nanoballs on the photoelectrochemical sensing performance of WS2 nanosheets towards 2,4,6-tribromophenol
Wang YY, Ma JQ, Ye XX, Wong WL, Li CY, Wu KB
560 - 566 Some peculiarities of taxifolin electrooxidation in the aqueous media: The dimers formation as a key to the mechanism understanding
Chernikov DA, Shishlyannikova TA, Kashevskii AV, Bazhenov BN, Kuzmin AV, Gorshkov AG, Safronov AY
567 - 575 Systematic stacking of PbS/CdS/CdSe multi-layered quantum dots for the enhancement of solar cell efficiency by harvesting wide solar spectrum
Manjceevan A, Bandara J
576 - 581 Electrodeposition of high-purity nanostructured iron films from Fe(II) and Fe(III) non-aqueous solutions based on ethylene glycol
Panzeri G, Accogli A, Gibertini E, Rinaldi C, Nobili L, Magagnin L
582 - 590 Self-supporting ethyl cellulose/poly(vinylidene fluoride) blended gel polymer electrolyte for 5 V high-voltage lithium-ion batteries
Zuo X, Ma XX, Wu JH, Deng X, Xiao X, Liu JS, Nan JM
591 - 598 Micro-/mesoporous carbon nanofibers embedded with ordered carbon for flexible supercapacitors
Li YJ, Ou-Yang W, Xu XT, Wang M, Hou SJ, Lu T, Yao YF, Pan LK
599 - 607 Ultrahigh-content nitrogen-decorated nanoporous carbon derived from metal organic frameworks and its application in supercapacitors
Zou JZ, Liu P, Huang L, Zhang Q, Lan TB, Zeng SZ, Zeng XR, Yu L, Liu SY, Wu HL, Tu WX, Yao YC
608 - 616 Carbon-coated Li3V2(PO4)(3) derived from metal-organic framework as cathode for lithium-ion batteries with high stability
Liao YX, Li C, Lou XB, Hu XS, Ning YQ, Yuan FY, Chen B, Shen M, Hu BW
617 - 623 Enhanced cycleability and dendrite-free lithium deposition by addition of sodium ion in electrolyte for lithium metal batteries
Xu Q, Yang YF, Shao HX
624 - 631 Ultra-thin bacterial cellulose/poly(ethylenedioxythiophene) nanofibers paper electrodes for all-solid-state flexible supercapacitors
Bu Y, Cao ML, Jiang YY, Gao L, Shi ZJ, Xiao X, Wang MK, Yang G, Zhou YH, Shen Y
632 - 640 Preparation of polyvinylpyrrolidone-based polymer electrolytes and their application by in-situ gelation in dye-sensitized solar cells
Chalkias DA, Giannopoulos DI, Kollia E, Petala A, Kostopoulos V, Papanicolaou GC
641 - 651 Fabrication of highly stable silver nanoparticles with shape-dependent electrochemical efficacy
Waqas M, Zulfiqar A, Ahmad HB, Akhtar N, Hussain M, Shafiq Z, Abbas Y, Mehmood K, Ajmal M, Yang MH
652 - 665 Quantifying the trade-offs between energy consumption and salt removal rate in membrane-free cation intercalation desalination
Liu SZ, Smith KC
666 - 676 Investigation of anodic oxidation mechanism of 4H-SiC (0001) for electrochemical mechanical polishing
Yang X, Sun RY, Ohkubo Y, Kawai K, Arima K, Endo K, Yamamura K
677 - 684 Investigation of Ba0.5Sr0.5CoxFe1-xO3-delta as a pseudocapacitive electrode material with high volumetric capacitance
Lannelongue P, Le Vot S, Fontaine O, Sougrati MT, Crosnier O, Brousse T, Favier F
685 - 698 Mono and di-substituted BODIPY with electron donating carbazole, thiophene, and 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene units
Kurowska A, Brzeczek-Szafran A, Zassowski P, Lapkowski M, Domagala W, Wagner P, Wagner K
699 - 718 Electrochemical surface engineering of titanium-based alloys for biomedical application
Gao A, Hang RQ, Bai L, Tang B, Chu PK