Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.268 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Understanding the roles of activated porous carbon nanotubes as sulfur support and separator coating for lithium-sulfur batteries
Huang JQ, Chong WG, Zheng QB, Xu ZL, Cui J, Yao SS, Wang CW, Kim JK
10 - 19 Porous Co3O4/CoS2 nanosheet-assembled hierarchical microspheres as superior electrocatalyst towards oxygen evolution reaction
Guo MM, Xu K, Qu YH, Zeng FY, Yuan CL
20 - 26 Controllable ZnFe2O4/reduced graphene oxide hybrid for high-performance supercapacitor electrode
Yang SH, Han ZZ, Sun J, Yang XP, Hu X, Li CC, Cao BQ
27 - 40 The use of lithium-ion batteries for JPL's Mars missions
Smart MC, Ratnakumar BV, Ewell RC, Surampudi S, Puglia FJ, Gitzendanner R
41 - 48 Improved stability of Ni-rich cathode by the substitutive cations with stronger bonds
Jiang Y, Bi YJ, Liu M, Peng Z, Huai LY, Dong P, Duan JG, Chen ZL, Li X, Wang DY, Zhang YJ
49 - 58 Effect of oxygen vacancies in electrodeposited NiO towards the oxygen evolution reaction: Role of Ni-Glycine complexes
Arciga-Duran E, Meas Y, Perez-Bueno JJ, Ballesteros JC, Trejo G
59 - 65 A neodymium oxide nanoparticle-doped carbon felt as promising electrode for vanadium redox flow batteries
Fetyan A, El-Nagar GA, Derr I, Kubella P, Dau H, Roth C
66 - 72 Electrosynthesis of polypyrrole nano/micro structures using an electrogenerated oriented polypyrrole nanowire array as framework
Debiemme-Chouvy C, Fakhry A, Pillier F
73 - 81 CaTiO3 perovskite in the framework of activated carbon and its effect on enhanced electrochemical capacitance
Cao XL, Ren TZ, Yuan ZY, Bandosz TJ
82 - 93 Solid-state symmetrical supercapacitor based on hierarchical flower-like nickel sulfide with shape-controlled morphological evolution
Parveen N, Ansari SA, Ansari SG, Fouad H, Abd El-Salam NM, Cho MH
94 - 100 The effect of cation chemistry on physicochemical behaviour of superconcentrated NaFSI based ionic liquid electrolytes and the implications for Na battery performance
Hilder M, Howlett PC, Saurel D, Gonzalo E, Basile A, Armand M, Rojo T, Kar M, MacFarlane DR, Forsyth M
101 - 110 Carbon-supported MnO2 nanoflowers: Introducing oxygen vacancies for optimized volcano-type electrocatalytic activities towards H2O2 generation
Aveiro LR, da Silva AGM, Antonin VS, Candido EG, Parreira LS, Geonmonond RS, de Freitas IC, Lanza MRV, Camargo PHC, Santos MC
111 - 120 A redox conducting polymer of a meso-Ni(II)-SaldMe monomer and its application for a multi-composite supercapacitor
Lepicka K, Pieta P, Gupta R, Dabrowski M, Kutner W
121 - 130 Electrochemical study of tetraalkylammonium tetrafluoroborate electrolytes in combination with microporous and mesoporous carbon monoliths
Moreno-Fernandez G, Perez-Ferreras S, Pascual L, Llorente I, Ibanez J, Rojo JM
131 - 138 Polyaniline-carbon based binder-free asymmetric supercapacitor in neutral aqueous electrolyte
Simotwo SK, Kalra V
139 - 149 Fabrication of NiCo2S4 nanoball embedded nitrogen doped mesoporous carbon on nickel foam as an advanced charge storage material
Sahoo MK, Rao GR
150 - 162 A new organic redox species-indole tetraone trapped MWCNT modified electrode prepared by in-situ electrochemical oxidation of indole for a bifunctional electrocatalysis and simultaneous flow injection electroanalysis of hydrazine and hydrogen peroxide
Mayuri P, Huang ST, Mani V, Kumar AS
163 - 172 Hollow mesoporous architecture: A high performance Bi-functional photoelectrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Shakeel M, Arif M, Yasin G, Li BS, Khan AU, Khan FU, Baloch MK
173 - 186 Faradaic reactions' mechanisms and parameters in charging of oils
Sankaran A, Staszel C, Mashayek F, Yarin AL
187 - 194 About the species formed during the electrochemical half oxidation of polyaniline: Polaron-bipolaron equilibrium
Scotto J, Florit MI, Posadas D
195 - 201 The effect of pore-former morphology on the electrochemical performance of solid oxide fuel cells under combined fuel cell and electrolysis modes
Laguna-Bercero MA, Hanifi AR, Menand L, Sandhu NK, Anderson NE, Etsell TH, Sarkar P
202 - 210 Size-tunable polyaniline nanotube- modified electrode for simultaneous determination of Pb(II) and Cd(II)
Zhu GD, Ge YX, Dai Y, Shang XH, Yang JM, Liu JY
211 - 217 Surface engineering of hierarchical Ni(OH)(2) nanosheet@nanowire configuration toward superior urea electrolysis
Yue ZH, Yao SY, Li YZ, Zhu WX, Zhang WT, Wang R, Wang J, Huang LJ, Zhao DY, Wang JL
218 - 225 Plasma synthesis of polyaniline enrobed carbon nanotubes for electrochemical applications
Hussain S, Kovacevic E, Amade R, Berndt J, Pattyn C, Dias A, Boulmer-Leborgne C, Ammar MR, Bertran-Serra E
226 - 233 Interfaces in solid-state sodium-ion batteries: NaCoO2 thin films on solid electrolyte substrates
Guhl C, Kehne P, Ma QL, Tietz F, Komissinskiy P, Jaegermann W, Hausbrand R
234 - 240 Vertical graphene nanowalls coating of copper current collector for enhancing rate performance of graphite anode of Li ion battery: The merit of optimized interface architecture
Liu XF, Wang D, Zhang BS, Luan C, Qin TT, Zhang W, Wang D, Shi XY, Deng T, Zheng WT
241 - 247 Improved electrochemical performance of silicon nitride film by hydrogen incorporation for lithium-ion battery anode
Huang XD, Gan XF, Zhang F, Huang QA, Yang JZ
248 - 255 Acrylonitrile copolymer/graphene skinned cathode for long cycle life rechargeable hybrid aqueous batteries at high-temperature
Zhi J, Bertens K, Yazdi AZ, Chen P
256 - 259 Advances in lithium and hydrogen electrochemical systems for energy conversion and storage (ITM/B 2017): Foreword
Bolzan AE, Jones D, Leiva EPM
260 - 267 Fabrication of in operando, self-growing, core-shell solid electrolyte interphase on LiFePO4 electrodes for preventing undesirable high-temperature effects in Li-ion batteries
Wang FM, Kuo YL, Huang LS, Ramar A, Su CH
268 - 275 The study on the active origin of electrocatalytic water splitting using Ni-MoS2 as example
Li Y, Wang LX, Song AL, Xia MR, Li ZP, Shao GJ
276 - 282 Electrochemical detection of small molecule induced Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm dispersion
Robb AJ, Vinogradov S, Danell AS, Anderson E, Blackledge MS, Melander C, Hvastkovs EG
283 - 294 Atomic layer deposition assisted fabrication of high-purity carbon nanocoil for electrochemical energy storage
Yu L, Wan GP, Qin Y, Wang GZ
295 - 303 A hamburger-structure imidazolium-modified silica/polyphenyl ether composite membrane with enhancing comprehensive performance for anion exchange membrane applications
Chen NJ, Long C, Li YX, Wang D, Zhu H
304 - 315 Highly exfoliated GO-PPy-Ag ternary nanocomposite for electrochemical supercapacitor
Singu BS, Yoon KR
316 - 322 Accelerating oxygen evolution reaction via sodium extraction of Na0.71CoO2
Wang GP, Yang H, Guan J, Huan DM, Liu Y, Cai HL, Peng RR, Lu YL
323 - 331 Adjustable and pseudocapacitance-prompted Li storage via the controlled preparation of nanocomposites with 0D-2D carbon networks
Hou BH, Wang YY, Lu HY, Ning QL, Yan X, Liu DS, Chen Y, Wang J, Wang X, Wu XL
332 - 339 Structural and electrochemical properties of recycled active electrodes from spent lead acid battery and modified with different manganese dioxide contents
Rada S, Cuibus D, Vermesan H, Rada M, Culea E
340 - 346 Interconnected network of ultrafine MnO2 nanowires on carbon cloth with weed-like morphology for high-performance supercapacitor electrodes
Xu ZH, Sun SS, Cui W, Lv J, Geng YH, Li H, Deng JC
347 - 357 Organic dyes festooned with fluorene and fused thiazine for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Karuppasamy A, Stalindurai K, Peng JD, Ho KC, Ramalingan C
358 - 365 Improving cycling performance and rate capability of Ni-rich LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 cathode materials by Li4Ti5O12 coating
Xu YD, Xiang W, Wu ZG, Xu CL, Li YC, Guo XD, Lv GP, Peng X, Zhong BH
366 - 382 Analysis of the role of the microporous layer in improving polymer electrolyte fuel cell performance
Zhou J, Shukla S, Putz A, Secanell M
383 - 391 Superior ethylene glycol oxidation electrocatalysis enabled by hollow PdNi nanospheres
Zhang K, Xu H, Yan B, Wang J, Du YK, Liu QY
392 - 402 Electrophoretic deposition of mixed copper oxide/GO as cathode and N-doped GO as anode for electrochemical energy storage
Jafari EA, Moradi M, Hajati S, Kiani MA, Espinos JP
403 - 410 Hydrothermally prepared alpha-MnSe nanoparticles as a new pseudocapacitive electrode material for supercapacitor
Sahoo S, Pazhamalai P, Krishnamoorthy K, Kim SJ
411 - 423 High energy density supercapacitive material based on a ternary hybrid nanocomposite of cobalt hexacyanoferrate/carbon nanofibers/polypyrrole
Rawool CR, Punde NS, Rajpurohit AS, Karna SP, Srivastava AK
424 - 434 Relaxing volume stress and promoting active sites in vertically grown 2D layered mesoporous MoS2(1-x)Se2x/rGO composites with enhanced capability and stability for lithium ion batteries
Wang SS, Liu BC, Zhi GL, Gong X, Gao ZQ, Zhang J
435 - 447 Critical parameters and factors in the formation of spaced TiO2 nanotubes by self-organizing anodization
Ozkan S, Mazare A, Schmuki P
448 - 461 Electrodeposition and electrodissolution of zinc in mixed methanesulfonate-based electrolytes
Amini K, Pritzker MD
462 - 468 Electrochemical characterizations of darbufelone, a di-tert-butylphenol derivative, by voltammetric techniques and density functional theory calculations
de Macedo IYL, Garcia LF, Menegatti R, Guimaraes FF, Liao LM, de Carvalho FS, dos Santos WTP, Verly RM, Arotiba OA, Gil ED
469 - 475 Rugged catalyst layer supported on a Nafion fiber mat for enhancing mass transport of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Choi S, Yuk S, Lee DH, Doo G, Lee DW, Choo MJ, Kim HT
476 - 483 All poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) organic electrochemical transistor to amplify amperometric signals
Gualandi I, Scavetta E, Mariani F, Tonelli D, Tessarolo M, Fraboni B
484 - 493 Exploring the use of polyaniline-modified stainless steel plates as low-cost, high-performance anodes for microbial fuel cells
Sonawane JM, Al-Saadi S, Raman RKS, Ghosh PC, Adeloju SB
494 - 502 Formation of needle-like and honeycomb-like magnesium oxide/hydroxide structures by electrodeposition from magnesium nitrate melts
Cvetkovic VS, Vukicevic NM, Nikolic ND, Brankovic G, Barudzija TS, Jovicevic JN
503 - 511 Synergistically enhanced lithium storage performance based on titanium carbide nanosheets (MXene) backbone and SnO2 quantum dots
Xiong J, Pan LM, Wang HH, Du F, Chen YM, Yang J, Zhang CF
512 - 519 High energy aqueous sodium-ion capacitor enabled by polyimide electrode and high-concentrated electrolyte
Zhang YD, Nie P, Xu CY, Xu GY, Ding B, Dou H, Zhang XG
520 - 530 Enabling real-time detection of electrochemical desorption phenomena with sub-monolayer sensitivity
Trimarco DB, Scott SB, Thilsted AH, Pan JY, Pedersen T, Hansen O, Chorkendorff I, Vesborg PCK
531 - 538 Modification of gold electrode with a monolayer of self-assembled microgels
Mackiewicz M, Marcisz K, Strawski M, Romanski J, Stojek Z, Karbarz M
539 - 545 Improved the long-term air stability of ZnO-based perovskite solar cells prepared under ambient conditions via surface modification of the electron transport layer using an ionic liquid
Zhang WY, Ren ZQ, Guo Y, He X, Li X
546 - 553 Photoelectrochemical reactivity of well-defined mesoscale gold arrays on SiO2/Si substrates in CO2-saturated aqueous electrolyte
Filser S, Maier TL, Nagel RD, Schindler W, Lugli P, Becherer M, Krischer K
554 - 561 Electrochemicolor imaging of endogenous alkaline phosphatase and respiratory activities of mesenchymal stem cell aggregates in early-stage osteodifferentiation
Ino K, Onodera T, Kanno Y, Suda A, Kunikata R, Matsue T, Shiku H
562 - 568 Design of a novel redox-active gel polymer electrolyte with a dual-role ionic liquid for flexible supercapacitors
Tu QM, Fan LQ, Pan F, Huang JL, Gu Y, Lin JM, Huang ML, Huang YF, Wu JH