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1 - 9 Nanofiber-based La0.4Sr0.6TiO3-Gd0.2Ce0.8O1.9-Ni composite anode for solid oxide fuel cells
Hu QJ, Liu CJ, Fan LQ, Wang YW, Xiong YP
10 - 18 The role of Cr doping in Ni-Fe oxide/(oxy)hydroxide electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution
Xu DY, Stevens MB, Rui YC, DeLuca G, Boettcher SW, Reichmanis E, Li YG, Zhang QH, Wang HZ
19 - 31 Constructing hierarchical mushroom-like bifunctional NiCo/NiCo2S4@NiCo/Ni foam electrocatalysts for efficient overall water splitting in alkaline media
Ning YY, Ma DD, Shen Y, Wang FM, Zhang XB
32 - 40 Co9S8-porous carbon spheres as bifunctional electrocatalysts with high activity and stability for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions
Li WQ, Li YH, Wang HJ, Cao YH, Yu H, Peng F
41 - 46 Observation of the intercalation of dimethyl sulfoxide-solvated lithium ion into graphite and decomposition of the ternary graphite intercalation compound using in situ Raman spectroscopy
Maruyama S, Fukutsuka T, Miyazaki K, Abe T
47 - 55 Enhanced electrochemical performance of polypyrrole depending on morphology and structure optimization by reduced graphene oxide as support frameworks
Zhu JB, Xu YL
56 - 64 Enhancement of microbial fuel cell performance by introducing a nano-composite cathode catalyst
Kodali M, Herrera S, Kabir S, Serov A, Santoro C, Ieropoulos I, Atanassov P
65 - 70 Improvement of ionic conductivity in Li3.6Si0.6V0.4O4 ceramic inorganic electrolyte by addition of LiBO2 glass for Li ion battery application
Gundale SS, Deshpande AV
71 - 77 Manganese oxide/hierarchical porous carbon nanocomposite from oily sludge for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Li XY, Wang ZB, Guo LJ, Han D, Li B, Gong ZQ
78 - 88 Electrochemical synthesis of thin, dense, and conformal anion exchange membranes with quaternary ammonium groups
Braglia M, Ferrari IV, Pasquini L, Djenizian T, Sette M, Di Vona ML, Knauth P
89 - 97 Evaluation of guar gum-based biopolymers as binders for lithium-ion batteries electrodes
Carvalho DV, Loeffler N, Hekmatfar M, Moretti A, Kim GT, Passerini S
98 - 106 Theoretical lifetime extraction and experimental demonstration of stable cesium-containing tri-cation perovskite solar cells with high efficiency
Zhang R, Liu DT, Wang YF, Zhang T, Gu XL, Zhang P, Wu J, Chen ZD, Zhao YC, Li SB
107 - 114 Electrochemical mechanism of Li insertion/extraction in ZnS and ZnS/C anodes for Li-ion batteries
Park AR, Jeon KJ, Park CM
115 - 120 Electrochemical activation, voltage decay and hysteresis of Li-rich layered cathode probed by various cobalt content
Wu YQ, Xie LQ, He XM, Zhuo LH, Wang LM, Ming J
121 - 130 Improvement of electrochemical performances of catechol-based supercapacitor electrodes by tuning the redox potential via different-sized O-protected catechol diazonium salts
Touze E, Gohier F, Daffos B, Taberna PL, Cougnon C
131 - 139 Optimized reduction of graphite oxide for highly exfoliated silver nanoparticles anchored graphene sheets for dye sensitized solar cell applications
Kumar S, Singh R, Mahajan A, Bedi RK, Saxena V, Aswal DK
140 - 150 Improving the electrochemical properties of MXene Ti3C2 multilayer for Li-ion batteries by vacuum calcination
Kong FY, He XD, Liu QQ, Qi XX, Zheng YT, Wang RG, Bai YL
151 - 159 Metal-organic frameworks based membrane as a permselective separator for lithium-sulfur batteries
Suriyakumar S, Kanagaraj M, Kathiresan M, Angulakshmi N, Thomas S, Stephan AM
160 - 165 Solid-state attachments of Ag nanoparticles onto the surfaces of LiFePO4 cathode materials for Li storage with enhanced capabilities
Meng EC, Zhang M, Hu Y, Gong FL, Zhang LS, Li F
166 - 174 Role of electrochemical process parameters on the electrodeposition of silicon from 1-butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide ionic liquid
Thomas S, Kowalski D, Molinari M, Mallet J
175 - 183 High performance hybrid Mg-Li ion batteries with conversion cathodes for low cost energy storage
Chen XZ, Wang SQ, Wang HH
184 - 193 Rapid electroanalysis of uric acid and ascorbic acid using a poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-modified sensor with application to milk
Motshakeri M, Travas-Sejdic J, Phillips ARJ, Kilmartin PA
194 - 201 Alternative bases to 4-tert-butylpyridine for dye-sensitized solar cells employing copper redox mediator
Ferdowsi P, Saygili Y, Zakeeruddin SM, Mokhtari J, Gratzel M, Hagfeldt A, Kavan L
202 - 208 Surfactant assisted self assembly of novel ultrathin Cu[Fe(CN)(5)NO] nanosheets for enhanced electrocatalytic oxygen evolution: Effect of nanosheet thickness
Rahut S, Patra SK, Basu JK
209 - 220 Effects of oxalate and persulfate addition to Electrofenton and Electrofenton-Fenton processes for oxidation of Ketoprofen: Determination of reactive species and mass balance analysis
Fard MA, Barkdoll B
221 - 231 FeS-decorated hierarchical porous N, S-dual-doped carbon derived from silica-ionogel as an efficient catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media
Liu S, Yang Z, Li ML, Liu LW, Wang Y, Lv WJ, Qin ZL, Zhao XS, Zhu P, Wang GX
232 - 243 Understanding longitudinal degradation mechanisms of large-area micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cells
Slodczyk A, Torrell M, Hornes A, Morata A, Kendall K, Tarancon A
244 - 253 Electrochemical performance of Li-rich Li[Li0.2Mn0.56Ni0.17Co0.07]O-2 cathode stabilized by metastable Li2SiO3 surface modification for advanced Li-ion batteries
Wang DD, Zhang XP, Xiao RJ, Lu X, Li YP, Xu TH, Pan D, Hu YS, Bai Y
254 - 258 Redox switching of polyoxometalate-doped polypyrrole films in ionic liquid media
Anwar N, Armstrong G, Laffir F, Dickinson C, Vagin M, McCormac T
259 - 264 Co-synthesis of LSCFN-GDC electrode for symmetric solid oxide fuel cell running on propane
Xu N, Zhu TL, Yang ZB, Han MF
265 - 274 Electrochemical sensor for determining the manganese content in molten iron
Deng WZ, Li Y
275 - 283 In-situ synthesis of graphitic carbon nitride/iron oxide-copper composites and their application in the electrochemical detection of glucose
Liu L, Wang MD, Wang CY
284 - 291 Ball-in-ball hierarchical design of P2-type layered oxide as high performance Na-ion battery cathodes
Xie H, Wang CD, Tao S, Wu GX, Zhou Y, Wu CQ, Wang XB, Sang Y, Song L, Zhang GB, Pan GQ, Marcelli A, Chu WS, Wei SQ
292 - 302 Investigation of the corrosion behavior of highly As-doped crystalline Si in alkaline Sieair batteries
Durmus YE, Guerrero SSM, Aslanbas O, Tempel H, Hausen F, de Haart LGJ, Ein-Eli Y, Eichel RA, Kungl H
303 - 315 An integrated experimental-theoretical approach to understand the electron transfer mechanism of adsorbed ferrocene-terminated alkanethiol monolayers
Stragliotto MF, Fernandez JL, Dassie SA, Giacomelli CE
316 - 325 A low-overpotential nature-inspired molecular chromium water oxidation catalyst
Shamsipur M, Taherpour A, Sharghi H, Lippolis V, Pashabadi A
326 - 335 Band gap narrowing and dielectric constant enhancement of (NbxTa(1-x))(2)O-5 by electrochemical nitrogen doping
Di Franco F, Zaffora A, Santamaria M
336 - 347 MOF-derived nickel and cobalt metal nanoparticles in a N-doped coral shaped carbon matrix of coconut leaf sheath origin for high performance supercapacitors and OER catalysis
Jayakumar A, Antony RP, Zhao J, Lee JM
348 - 354 Core-shell structured Si@Ni nanoparticles encapsulated in graphene nanosheet for lithium ion battery anodes with enhanced reversible capacity and cyclic performance
Cheng XW, Zhao DL, Wu LL, Ding ZW, Hu T, Meng S
355 - 363 A new electrochemical sensor with the Refreshable Silver Liquid Amalgam Film multi-Electrode for sensitive voltammetric determination of vitamin K2 (menaquinone)
Jedlinska K, Strus M, Bas B
364 - 371 Platinum supported on multifunctional titanium cobalt oxide nanosheets assembles for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Yu FY, Xie YJ, Wang LK, Yang NT, Meng XX, Wang XB, Tian XL, Yang X
372 - 378 Mesoporous Co3O4 anchored on the graphitic carbon nitride for enhanced performance supercapacitor
Zhu HL, Zheng YQ
379 - 390 A new route for the synthesis of polyaniline nanoarrays on graphene oxide for high-performance supercapacitors
Tabrizi AG, Arsalani N, Mohammadi A, Ghadimi LS, Ahadzadeh I, Namazi H
391 - 399 A facile cathode design with a LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2 core and an AlF3-activated Li1.2Ni0.2Mn0.6O2 shell for Li-ion batteries
Hu GR, Qi XY, Hu KH, Lai XW, Zhang X, Du K, Peng ZD, Cao YB
400 - 410 Reduction of carbon dioxide at copper(I) oxide photocathode activated and stabilized by over-coating with oligoaniline
Szaniawska E, Rutkowska IA, Frik M, Wadas A, Seta E, Krogul-Sobczak A, Rajeshwar K, Kulesza PJ
411 - 418 Impedancemetric NO2 sensor based on Pd doped perovskite oxide sensing electrode conjunction with phase angle response
Dai L, Ma LC, Meng W, Li YH, He ZX, Wang L
419 - 429 Nanoflakes assembled hydrangea-like Fe2O3@C@MoS2@C nanocomposite as high performance anode materials for lithium/sodium ion batteries
Xu DH, Chen WY, Zheng MT, Huang XY, Fang YP, Yu XY
430 - 436 Modulating the hydration number of calcium ions by varying the electrolyte concentration: Electrochemical performance in a Prussian blue electrode/aqueous electrolyte system for calcium-ion batteries
Lee C, Jeong SK
437 - 447 Effect of lithium-site doping on enhancing the lithium storage performance of SrLi2Ti6O14
Peng N, Zhu HJ, Cheng X, Yu HX, Liu TT, Zheng RT, Zhang JD, Shui M, Shu J
448 - 454 Ti(III) self-doped Li2ZnTi3O8 as a superior anode material for Li-ion batteries
Chen C, Ai CC, Liu XY
455 - 473 Hierarchical porous Co(OH)F/Ni(OH)(2): A new hybrid for supercapacitors
Li XD, Ding R, Shi W, Xu QL, Ying DF, Huang YF, Liu EH
474 - 479 Electrochemical characterization of multicomponent sodium cryolite electrolytes with high content of aluminium fluoride
Kubinakova E, Danielik V, Hives J
480 - 487 Li insertion into Li4Ti5O12 spinel prepared by low temperature solid state route: Charge capability vs surface area
Zukalova M, Fabian M, Klusackova M, Klementova M, Laskova BP, Dankova Z, Senna M, Kavan L
488 - 496 Enhancement of mass transport in fuel cells using three-dimensional graphene foam as flow field
Park JE, Lim J, Kim S, Choi I, Ahn CY, Hwang W, Lim MS, Cho YH, Sung YE
497 - 506 Tuning active sites on cobalt/nitrogen doped graphene for electrocatalytic hydrogen and oxygen evolution
Zhang YJ, Li WF, Lu LH, Song WG, Wang CR, Zhou LS, Liu JH, Chen Y, Jin HY, Zhang YG
507 - 513 Electrodeposited nanometer-size IrO2/Ti electrodes with 0.3 mg IrO2 cm(-2) for sludge dewatering electrolysers
Zhang YL, Cao MM, Lv H, Wei JC, Gu YY, Liu DG, Zhang WB, Ryan MP, Wu X
514 - 522 Electrodeposited molybdenum selenide sheets on nickel foam as a binder-free electrode for supercapacitor application
Mariappan VK, Krishnamoorthy K, Pazhamalai P, Sahoo S, Kim SJ
523 - 531 Support modification in Pt/C electrocatalysts for durability increase: A degradation study assisted by identical location transmission electron microscopy
Souza NE, Bott-Neto JL, Rocha TA, da Silva GC, Teixeira-Neto E, Gonzalez ER, Ticianelli EA
532 - 546 Influence of rare earth elements on porosity controlled synthesis of MnO2 nanostructures for supercapacitor applications
Rajagopal R, Ryu KS
547 - 555 Biomimicking vitamin B12. A Co phthalocyanine pyridine axial ligand coordinated catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction
Riquelme J, Neira K, Marco JF, Hermosilla-Ibanez P, Orellana W, Zagal JH, Tasca F
556 - 568 To form layer by layer composite film in view of its application as supercapacitor electrode by exploiting the techniques of thin films formation just around the corner
Patil SH, Gaikwad AP, Sathaye SD, Patil KR
569 - 576 Understanding galvanic interactions between chalcopyrite and magnetite in acid medium to improve copper (Bio)Leaching
Saavedra A, Garcia-Meza JV, Corton E, Gonzalez I
577 - 585 Fe-doped CoSe2 nanoparticles encapsulated in N-doped bamboo-like carbon nanotubes as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Li J, Liu GY, Liu BB, Min ZY, Qian D, Jiang JB, Li JH
586 - 593 Zirconium(IV) electrochemical behavior in molten LiF-NaF
Quaranta D, Massot L, Gibilaro M, Mendes E, Serp J, Chamelot P
594 - 600 Enhanced electrochemical charge storage performance by doping of copper phthalocyanine-3,4 ',4 '',4 '''-tetrasulfonic acid tetrasodium salt into polypyrrole/multi-walled carbon nanotubes 3D-nanostructured electrodes
Lu YC, Zheng QQ, Wu J, Yu YH
601 - 608 Micromorphology-controlled synthesis of polypyrrole films by using binary surfactant of Span80/OP10 via interfacial polymerization and their enhanced electrochemical capacitance
Hou ZZ, Lu H, Yang QH, Zhao QL, Liu J
609 - 619 Phase-field modeling of solid electrolyte interface (SEI) influence on Li dendritic behavior
Yurkiv V, Foroozan T, Ramasubramanian A, Shahbazian-Yassar R, Mashayek F
620 - 628 High efficiency oxygen evolution reaction enabled by 3D network composed of nitrogen-doped graphitic carbon-coated metal/metal oxide heterojunctions
Hu Q, Liu XF, Tang CY, Fan LD, Chai XY, Zhang QL, Liu JH, He CX
629 - 637 Covariance controlled state-of-charge estimator of LiFePO4 cells using a simplified hysteresis model
Chun CY, Cho BH, Kim J
638 - 650 Double pulse voltammetric study of the IT-CeqC mechanism underlying the oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution reactions at liquid/liquid interfaces
Torralba E, Lopez-Tenes M, Laborda E, Molina A
651 - 661 MOF derived nitrogen-doped carbon polyhedrons decorated on graphitic carbon nitride sheets with enhanced electrochemical capacitive energy storage performance
Kong LR, Chen QR, Shen XP, Xu ZY, Xu C, Ji ZY, Zhu J
662 - 669 Quantitative and qualitative study on the solid electrolyte interface formed by 2-(5H) furanone: A novel additive for propylene carbonate-based lithium-ion battery electrolytes
Lee Y, Jung C
670 - 680 Ultrathin electrochemically driven conducting polymer actuators: fabrication and electrochemomechanical characterization
Nguyen TN, Rohtlaid K, Plesse C, Nguyen GTM, Soyer C, Grondel S, Cattan E, Madden JDW, Vidal F
681 - 689 Alginate derived Co3O4/Co nanoparticles decorated in N-doped porous carbon as an efficient bifunctional catalyst for oxygen evolution and reduction reactions
Zhan TR, Lu SS, Liu XL, Teng HN, Hou WG
690 - 701 Novel rechargeable 3D-Microbatteries on 3D-printed-polymer substrates: Feasibility study
Cohen E, Menkin S, Lifshits M, Kamir Y, Gladkich A, Kosa G, Golodnitsky D
702 - 708 Pyromellitic dianhydride-based polyimide anodes for sodium-ion batteries
Zhao QL, Gaddam RR, Yang DF, Strounina E, Whittaker AK, Zhao XS
709 - 716 High-rate and ultra-stable Na-ion storage for Ni3S2 nanoarrays via self-adaptive pseudocapacitance
Tang J, Ni SB, Chao DL, Liu JL, Yang XL, Zhao JB
717 - 725 Optimization and characterization of nanostructured paper-based electrodes
Sanchez-Calvo A, Nunez-Bajo E, Fernandez-Abedul MT, Blanco-Lopez MC, Garcia AC
726 - 735 Abnormal phase-separated state of LixNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 in the first charge: Effect of electrode compaction
Bobrikov IA, Samoylova NY, Ivanshina OY, Vasin RN, Sumnikov SV, Kornieieva KA, Balagurov AM
736 - 750 Advanced impedance modelling of Ni/8YSZ cermet anodes
Dierickx S, Joos J, Weber A, Ivers-Tiffee E