Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.264 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Template synthesis of hierarchical mesoporous delta-MnO2 hollow microspheres as electrode material for high-performance symmetric supercapacitor
Xiao W, Zhou WJ, Yu H, Pu Y, Zhang YH, Hu CB
12 - 19 Multi-functional graphene/carbon nanotube aerogels for its applications in supercapacitor and direct methanol fuel cell
Zhou Y, Hu XC, Guo SD, Yu CL, Zhong SW, Liu XB
20 - 25 TiO2 nanowire array as a polar absorber for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Yan YC, Lei TY, Jiao Y, Wu CY, Xiong J
26 - 35 Enhanced charge separation and transfer by Bi2MoO6@Bi2Mo2O9 compound using SILAR for photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Xiong YL, Yang L, He HC, Wan J, Xiao P, Guo WL
36 - 45 Co/CoO/C@B three-phase composite derived from ZIF67 modified with NaBH4 solution as the electrocatalyst for efficient oxygen evolution
Wei XD, Li N, Zhang XM
46 - 52 Hierarchical double-shelled poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) and MnO2 decorated Ni nanotube arrays for durable and enhanced energy storage in supercapacitors
Li XX, Deng XH, Li QJ, Huang S, Xiao K, Liu ZQ, Tong YX
53 - 60 Promotional effects of trace Bi on its highly catalytic activity for methanol oxidation of hollow Pt/graphene catalyst
Li ZS, Xu SH, Xie YX, Wang YL, Lin S
61 - 68 SnO2/graphene oxide composite material with high rate performance applied in lithium storage capacity
Zuo SY, Li DR, Wu ZG, Sun YQ, Lu QH, Wang FY, Zhuo RF, Yan D, Wang J, Yan PX
69 - 82 Corrosion mechanism in PVD deposited nano-scale titanium nitride thin film with intercalated titanium for protecting the surface of silicon
Chaudhry AU, Mansoor B, Mungole T, Ayoub G, Field DP
83 - 90 Reversed double-beam photoacoustic spectroscopy of metal-oxide powders for estimation of their energy-resolved distribution of electron traps and electronic-band structure
Nitta A, Takashima M, Murakami N, Takase M, Ohtani B
91 - 100 A novel flexible electrode with coaxial sandwich structure based polyaniline-coated MoS2 nanoflakes on activated carbon cloth
Zhang HY, Qin G, Lin YX, Zhang DF, Liao HY, Li ZH, Tian JT, Wu QB
101 - 108 Correlation between electrochemical impedance measurements and corrosion rates of Mg-1Ca alloy in simulated body fluid
Liu YX, Curioni M, Liu Z
109 - 118 Experimental and numerical studies of a bifunctional proton conducting anode of ceria-based SOFCs free from internal shorting and carbon deposition
Wang XX, Wei KW, Kang JH, Shen SL, Budiman RA, Ou XM, Zhou FB, Ling YH
119 - 127 Candle soot-derived carbon nanoparticles: An inexpensive and efficient electrode for microbial fuel cells
Singh S, Bairagi PK, Verma N
128 - 139 Electrochemical conversion of corn stover lignin to biomass-based chemicals between Cu/Ni-Mo-Co cathode and Pb/PbO2 anode in alkali solution
Cai P, Fan HX, Cao S, Qi J, Zhang SM, Li G
140 - 149 Polypropylene/polyethylene multilayer separators with enhanced thermal stability for lithium-ion battery via multilayer coextrusion
Li YJ, Pu HT, Wei YL
150 - 156 Iron (III) oxide hydroxide based novel electrode for the electrochemical detection of trace level fluoride present in water
Maikap A, Mukherjee K, Mandal N, Mondal B, Meikap AK
157 - 165 Fe-doped Co9S8 nanosheets on carbon fiber cloth as pH-universal freestanding electrocatalysts for efficient hydrogen evolution
Ao KL, Li DW, Yao YX, Lv PF, Cai YB, Wei QF
166 - 172 P-doping Li2CoSiO4/C cathode material: A joint experimental and theoretical study
Zhang ZF, Chen ZL, Zhang XH, Wu DY, Li J
173 - 182 Horsetail-derived Si@N-doped carbon as low-cost and long cycle life anode for Li-ion half/full cells
He YY, Xu G, Wang CS, Xu LQ, Zhang K
183 - 190 Quantitative Raman spectroelectrochemistry using silver screen-printed electrodes
Martin-Yerga D, Perez-Junquera A, Gonzalez-Garcia MB, Perales-Rondon JV, Heras A, Colina A, Hernandez-Santos D, Fanjul-Bolado P
191 - 202 Spherical cobalt/cobalt oxide - Carbon composite anodes for enhanced lithium-ion storage
Patrinoiu G, Etacheri V, Somacescu S, Teodorescu VS, Birjega R, Culita DC, Hong CN, Calderon-Moreno JM, Pol VG, Carp O
203 - 215 Scalable lattice-strain in preferentially oriented acceptor-doped cerium oxide film and its impact on oxygen ion transport kinetics
Pandiyan A, Rajagopalan R, Tanveer WH, Yu W, Cha SW, Moorthy SBK
216 - 224 Platinum decorated hierarchical porous structures composed of ultrathin titanium nitride nanoflakes for efficient methanol oxidation reaction
Yu FY, Xie YJ, Tang HQ, Yang NT, Meng XX, Wang XB, Tian XL, Yang X
225 - 232 Blending Fe3O4 into a Ni/NiO composite for efficient and stable bifunctional electrocatalyst
Xie YM, Wang XF, Tang K, Li Q, Yan CL
233 - 243 Expanding the boundaries of metal deposition: High aspect ratio silver nanoplatelets created by merging nanobelts
Muench F, Vaskevich A, Popovitz-Biro R, Bendikov T, Feldman Y, Rubinstein I
244 - 250 A facile co-precipitation synthesis of robust FeCo phosphate electrocatalysts for efficient oxygen evolution
Wang ZJ, Liu M, Du J, Lin Y, Wei SX, Lu XQ, Zhang J
251 - 259 Novel composite polymer electrolyte membrane using solid superacidic sulfated zirconia - Functionalized carbon nanotube modified chitosan
Ou Y, Tsen WC, Jang SC, Chuang FS, Wang J, Liu H, Wen S, Gong CL
260 - 268 Hollow spherical lithium-rich layered oxide cathode material with suppressed voltage fading
Ding WX, Cui XY, Lei J, Lin XD, Zhao SL, Wu QH, Zheng MS, Dong QF
269 - 274 pH dependent CO adsorption and roughness-induced selectivity of CO2 electroreduction on gold surfaces
Narayanaru S, Chinnaiah J, Phani KL, Scholz F
275 - 283 Role of acid-treated CNTs in chemical and electrochemical impedance study of dye-sensitised solar cell
Mahalingam S, Abdullah H, Manap A
284 - 291 Carbon coated nickel - Nickel oxide composites as a highly efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction in acid medium
Chu M, Wang L, Li X, Hou MJ, Li N, Dong YZ, Li XZ, Xie ZZ, Lin YW, Cai WQ, Zhang CC
292 - 300 1D porous MnO@N-doped carbon nanotubes with improved Li-storage properties as advanced anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Liu DS, Liu DH, Hou BH, Wang YY, Guo JZ, Ning QL, Wu XL
301 - 311 Correlation of electrochemical properties of expanded pyridinium compounds with their single molecule conductance
Lachmanova SN, Sebera J, Kolivoska V, Gasior J, Meszaros G, Dupeyre G, Laine PP, Hromadova M
312 - 318 High-efficiency magnetic carbon spheres counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cell
Gao CJ, Wang HR, Han QJ, Hu ZX, Wu MX
319 - 328 Magnetic silica/titania xerogel applied as electrochemical biosensor for catechol and catecholamines
Morawski FD, Deon M, Nicolodi S, de Menezes EW, Costa TMH, Dias SLP, Benvenutti EV, Arenas LT
329 - 340 Enlarged interlayer spaced molybdenum disulfide supported on nanocarbon hybrid network for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Kunhiraman AK, Ramanathan S, Pullithadathil B
341 - 349 High-performance Li-Se battery cathode based on CoSe2-porous carbon composites
Yang J, Gao HC, Ma DJ, Zou JS, Lin Z, Kang XW, Chen SW
350 - 357 Surface determination and electrochemical behavior of IrO2-RuO2-SiO2 ternary oxide coatings in oxygen evolution reaction application
Liu B, Wang CY, Chen YQ
358 - 366 Systematic comparison of hollow and solid Co3V2O8 micro-pencils as advanced anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Gong F, Xia DW, Bi C, Yang J, Zeng W, Chen C, Ding YL, Xu ZQ, Liao JX, Wu MQ
367 - 375 Poly(ethylene oxide carbonates) solid polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries
Meabe L, Huynh TV, Lago N, Sardon H, Li CM, O'Dell LA, Armand M, Forsyth M, Mecerreyes D
376 - 385 Mesoporous perforated Co3O4 nanoparticles with a thin carbon layer for high performance Li-ion battery anodes
Park JS, Shin DO, Lee CS, Lee YG, Kim JY, Kim KM, Shin K
386 - 392 Bio-inorganic hybrid photoanodes of photosystem II and ferricyanide-intercalated layered double hydroxide for visible-light-driven water oxidation
Kato M, Sato H, Yagi I, Sugiura M
393 - 399 Self-organized TiO2 nanotubes grown on Ti substrates with different crystallographic preferential orientations: Local structure of TiO2 nanotubes vs. photo-electrochemical response
Krbal M, Sopha H, Pohl D, Benes L, Damm C, Rellinghaus B, Kupcik J, Bezdicka P, Subrt J, Macak JM
400 - 409 A chaos genetic algorithm based extended Kalman filter for the available capacity evaluation of lithium-ion batteries
Shen YQ
410 - 420 A new theory and automatic computation of reversible cyclic voltammograms at an inlaid disk electrode
Bieniasz LK