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ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Removal of Procion Red MX-5B dye from wastewater by conductive-diamond electrochemical oxidation
Cotillas S, Llanos J, Canizares P, Clematis D, Cerisola G, Rodrigo MA, Panizza M
8 - 16 Catalytic effect of pyrite on the leaching of arsenopyrite in sulfuric acid and acid culture medium
Deng S, Gu GH, He GS, Li LJ
17 - 25 Ammonia strengthened graphene/CNT-wrapped polyaniline-nanofiber composites loaded with palladium nanoparticles for coin cell supercapacitors
Mensing JP, Lomas T, Tuantranont A
26 - 33 Dye sensitized solar cells using the electric field assisted spray deposited kesterite (Cu2ZnSnS4) films as the counter electrodes for improved performance
Swami SK, Chaturvedi N, Kumar A, Dutta V
34 - 39 Designing high-power graphite-based dual-ion batteries
Chan CY, Lee PK, Xu ZH, Yu DYW
40 - 46 Water-enhanced performance in capacitive deionization for desalination based on graphene gel as electrode material
Ma J, Wang L, Yu F
47 - 52 "Water-in-ionic liquid" solutions towards wide electrochemical stability windows for aqueous rechargeable batteries
Zhang YL, Ye RJ, Henkensmeier D, Hempelmann R, Chen RY
53 - 59 Highly crosslinked organosulfur copolymer nanosheets with abundant mesopores as cathode materials for efficient lithium-sulfur batteries
Zeng SB, Li LG, Yu JP, Wang N, Chen SW
60 - 67 Stabilizing the electrodeposit-electrolyte interphase in soluble lead flow batteries with ethanoate additive
Lin YT, Tan HL, Lee CY, Chen HY
68 - 75 Prelithiation treatment of graphite as cathode material for rechargeable aluminum batteries
Li ZY, Niu BB, Liu YY, Li JL, Kang FY
76 - 84 Identification of the best chemical equivalent ratio to produce emeraldine salt exhibiting better pseudo capacitance
Venkatesh S, Vishista K
85 - 93 Metal-organic-framework derived carbon polyhedron and carbon nanotube hybrids as electrode for electrochemical supercapacitor and capacitive deionization
Gao T, Zhou F, Ma W, Li HB
94 - 101 3D hierarchical CMF/MoSe2 composite foam as highly efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution
Huang YP, Cui F, Zhao Y, Lian JB, Bao J, Liu TX, Li HM
102 - 109 Modifying the ORR route by the addition of lithium and potassium salts in Na-O-2 batteries
Landa-Medrano I, de Larramendi IR, Rojo T
110 - 117 Insights into the energy storage mechanism of hybrid supercapacitors with redox electrolytes by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Navalpotro P, Anderson M, Marcilla R, Palma J
118 - 126 Electrochemical sensing of hydrogen peroxide using Pd@Ag bimetallic nanoparticles decorated functionalized reduced graphene oxide
Guler M, Turkoglu V, Bulut A, Zahmakiran M
127 - 133 Improving salt-to-solvent ratio to enable high-voltage electrolyte stability for advanced Li-ion batteries
Drozhzhin OA, Shevchenko VA, Zakharkin MV, Gamzyukov PI, Yashina LV, Abakumov AM, Stevenson KJ, Antipov EV
134 - 139 Efficient hole-conductor-free printable mesoscopic perovskite solar cells based on SnO2 compact layer
Jiang XX, Xiong YL, Zhang ZH, Rong YG, Mei AY, Tian CB, Zhang J, Zhang YM, Jin YX, Han HW, Liu QJ
140 - 146 Hybrid of Fe-4[Fe(CN)6]3 nanocubes and MoS2 nanosheets on nitrogendoped graphene realizing improved electrochemical hydrogen production
Zhang X, Wu YH, Sun YF, Ding P, Liu QY, Tang L, Guo JX
147 - 157 Highly ordered 1D NiCo2O4 nanorods on graphene: An efficient dualfunctional hybrid materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage applications
Samantara AK, Kamila S, Ghosh A, Jena BK
158 - 167 In-situ synthesis of carbon@Ti4O7 non-woven fabric as a multifunctional interlayer for excellent lithium-sulfur battery
Tang H, Yao SS, Xue SK, Liu MQ, Chen LL, Jing MX, Shen XQ, Li TB, Xiao KS, Qin SB
168 - 175 A high-performance hybrid Mg2+/Li+ battery based on hierarchical copper sulfide microflowers conversion cathode
Li T, Qin AQ, Wang HT, Wu MY, Zhang YY, Zhang YJ, Zhang DH, Xu F
176 - 183 Electro-polymerisation and characterisation of PEDOT in Lewis basic, neutral and acidic EMImCl-AlCl3 ionic liquid
Schoetz T, de Leon CP, Bund A, Ueda M
184 - 191 Co-utilization of mixed sugars in an enzymatic fuel cell based on an in vitro enzymatic pathway
Zhu ZG, Ma CL, Zhang YHP
192 - 200 Scalable synthesis of Mo2C/CNT networks as highly efficient and stable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Hu Y, Guan DG, Yu B, Hou WQ, Zheng BJ, Zhang WL, Chen YF
201 - 208 A novel catalyst layer structure based surface-patterned Nafion (R) membrane for high-performance direct methanol fuel cell
Chen M, Wang M, Yang ZY, Ding XN, Li QF, Wang XD
209 - 216 Galvanic exchange-formed ultra-low Pt loading on synthesized unique porous Ag-Pd nanotubes for increased active sites toward oxygen reduction reaction
Zhao ZL, Wang Q, Zhang LY, An HM, Li Z, Li CM
217 - 227 Performance of double perovskite symmetrical electrode materials Sr(2)TiFe(1-x)Mo(x)O(6-delta)ed (x=0.1, 0.2) for solid oxide fuel cells
Niu BB, Jin FJ, Zhang LL, Shen PF, He TM
228 - 236 Model-supported characterization of a PEM water electrolysis cell for the effect of compression
Frensch SH, Olesen AC, Araya SS, Kaer SK
237 - 248 Effects of the LiPO2F2 additive on unwanted lithium plating in lithiumion cells
Liu QQ, Ma L, Du CY, Dahn JR
249 - 260 Thermal influence on the electrochemical behavior of a supercapacitor containing an ionic liquid electrolyte
Haque M, Li Q, Smith AD, Kuzmenko V, Kohler E, Lundgren P, Enoksson P
261 - 271 Electrocatalytic ammonia oxidation over a nickel foam electrode: Role of Ni(OH)(2(s))-NiOOH(s) nanocatalysts
Shih YJ, Huang YH, Huang CP
272 - 276 Black phosphorus with superior lithium ion batteries performance directly synthesized by the efficient thermal-vaporization method
Jiang QQ, Li J, Yuan NN, Wu ZX, Tang JG
277 - 285 Enhanced electrochromism in short wavelengths for NiO:(Li, Mg) films in full inorganic device ITO/NiO:(Li, Mg)/Ta2O5/WO3/ITO
Dong DM, Wang WW, Barnabe A, Presmanes L, Rougier A, Dong GB, Zhang F, Yu H, He YC, Diao XG
286 - 298 Polyethylene glycol assisted one-pot hydrothermal synthesis of NiWO4/WO3 heterojunction for direct Methanol fuel cells
Mohamed MM, Khairy M, Eid S
299 - 310 Fabrication and characterization of porous, conductive, monolithic Ti4O7 electrodes
Nayak S, Chaplin BP
311 - 317 Facile activation of commercial Ni foil as robust cathode for advanced rechargeable Ni-Zn battery
Cheng XY, Zhou LJ, Lu YZ, Xu W, Zhang P, Lu XH
318 - 327 Copper oxide nanosheets prepared by molten salt method for efficient electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction with low catalyst loading
Qian MM, Liu X, Cui SS, Jia HX, Du PW
328 - 337 Cobalt-doped molybdenum disulfide in-situ grown on graphite paper with excellent electrocatalytic activity for triiodide evolution
Zheng F, Huang N, Peng RC, Ding YY, Li GW, Xia ZF, Sun PP, Sun XH, Geng JG
338 - 345 Fully metal oxide charge selective layers for n-i-p perovskite solar cells employing nickel oxide nanoparticles
Icli KC, Ozenbas M
346 - 352 Understanding the limits of rapid charging using instrumented commercial 18650 high-energy Li-ion cells
Amietszajew T, McTurk E, Fleming J, Bhagat R
353 - 361 IrO2-Ta2O5 vertical bar Ti electrodes prepared by electrodeposition from different Ir:Ta ratios for the degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Herrada RA, Acosta-Santoyo G, Sepulveda-Guzman S, Brillas E, Sires I, Bustos E
362 - 372 Improved electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction properties using PVP modified direct growth Co-based metal oxides electrocatalysts on nickel foam
Tomboc GM, Agyemang FO, Kim H
373 - 381 Coupling plasmonic nanoparticles with TiO2 nanotube photonic crystals for enhanced dye-sensitized solar cells performance
Guo M, Chen J, Zhang J, Su HJ, Liu L, Fu NQ, Xie KY
382 - 390 Azulene-ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid: A versatile molecule for colorimetric and electrochemical sensors for metal ions
Buica GO, Lazar IG, Birzan L, Lete C, Prodana M, Enachescu M, Tecuceanu V, Stoian AB, Ungureanu EM
391 - 399 Three dimensional hierarchically porous ZIF-8 derived carbon/LDH core-shell composite for high performance supercapacitors
Han B, Cheng G, Zhang EYY, Zhang LJ, Wang XK
400 - 408 Anodic oxidation of anti-cancer drug Imatinib on different electrodes: Kinetics, transformation by-products and toxicity assessment
Turkay O, Barisci S, Ulusoy E, Seker MG, Dimoglo A
409 - 416 Preparation and supercapacitive property of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) nanoflake arrays- tungsten trioxide (WO3) nanorod arrays composite heterojunction: A synergistic effect of one-dimensional and two-dimensional nanomaterials
Gong HQ, Zheng F, Xu JH, Sun CC, Gao LC, Hu PF, Li Y, Gong Y, Zhen Q, Bashir S
417 - 425 Facile and fast Na-ion intercalation employing amorphous black TiO2-x/C composite nanofiber anodes
Lee NW, Jung JW, Lee JS, Jang HY, Kim ID, Ryu WH
426 - 432 Comparison of two ways using Ag nanoparticles to improve the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells
Qin LG, Liu DY, Zhang YQ, Zhao PL, Zhou LS, Liu YY, Liu FM, Lu GY
433 - 446 Impact of carbonation processes in anion exchange membrane fuel cells
Krewer U, Weinzierl C, Ziv N, Dekel DR
447 - 453 Facile synthesis of petroleum-based activated carbons/tubular polypyrrole composites with enhanced electrochemical performance as supercapacitor electrode materials
Lee JW, Lee HI, Park SJ
454 - 464 Combination of copolymer film (PPy-PPyCOOH) and magnetic nanoparticles as an electroactive and biocompatible platform for electrochemical purposes
Matysiak-Brynda E, Siekiera I, Krolikowska A, Donten M, Nowicka AM
465 - 473 Ammonia modification of high-surface-area activated carbons as metal-free electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Wang YF, Zuo SL, Liu Y
474 - 479 Study on enhancing electrochemical properties of Li in layered compound Na0.7Li0.3Mn0.75O2
Yu H, Liu GQ, Li GC, Zhang JY, Chen G, Wen L
480 - 489 Electrochemical and optical characterization of thin polydopamine films on carbon surfaces for enzymatic sensors
Almeida LC, Correia JP, Viana AS
490 - 498 Electrochemical reduction of porous vanadium trioxide precursors in molten fluoride salts
Kong YP, Chen JS, Li BC, Liu KR, Han Q
499 - 507 Determination of the critical micellar concentration of perfluorinated surfactants by cyclic voltammetry at liquid/liquid interfaces
Viada BN, Juarez AV, Gomez EMP, Fernandez MA, Yudi LM
508 - 514 A series of zero-strain lithium insertion materials that undergo a non-topotactic reaction
Mukai K
515 - 523 In-situ single-step chemical synthesis of graphene-decorated CoFe2O4 composite with enhanced Li ion storage behaviors
Wu KP, Liu DW, Tang Y
524 - 532 Synergistic combination of electronic and electrical properties of SnO2 and TiO2 in a single SnO2-TiO2 composite nanofiber for dye-sensitized solar cells
Bakr ZH, Wali QM, Ismail J, Elumalai NK, Uddin A, Jose R
533 - 543 Ionic conduction and vibrational characteristics of Al3+ modified monoclinic LiZr2(PO4)(3)
Pareek T, Singh B, Dwivedi S, Yadav AK, Anita, Sen S, Kumar P, Kumar S
544 - 554 Cerium ion intercalated MnO2 nanospheres with high catalytic activity toward oxygen reduction reaction for aluminum-air batteries
Sun SS, Xue YJ, Wang Q, Huang HR, Miao H, Liu ZP
555 - 560 Formation of holes into granule Li4Ti5O12 anode for enhanced performance of hybrid supercapacitors
Lee BG, Lee SH, Yoon JR, Ahn HJ
561 - 569 Three-dimensional graphene network supported ultrathin CeO2 nanoflakes for oxygen reduction reaction and rechargeable metal-air batteries
Li XX, Liu ZX, Song L, Wang DY, Zhang ZP
570 - 575 An organic-inorganic hybrid photoelectrochemical storage cell for improved solar energy storage
Wei Z, Almakrami H, Lin GZ, Agar E, Liu FQ
576 - 584 Bimetal metal-organic frameworks derived Co0.4Fe0.28P and Co0.37Fe0.26S nanocubes for enhanced oxygen evolution reaction
Cao Z, Zhou TT, Xi W, Zhao YF
585 - 595 Electrochemical films deposition and electro-optical properties of bis-carbazol-triphenylamine end-caped dendrimeric polymers
Mangione MI, Spanevello RA, Minudri D, Cavallo P, Otero L, Fungo F
596 - 609 Boosting Pt oxygen reduction reaction activity and durability by carbon semi-coated titania nanorods for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Dhanasekaran P, Selvaganesh SV, Shukla A, Nagaraju N, Bhat SD
610 - 610 Influence of thickness on the structure, electrical, optical and electrochromic properties of AZO thin films and their inorganic all-solid-state devices (vol 258, pg 1336, 2017)
Wang MY, Liu QR, Dong GB, He YC, Diao XG