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Electrochimica Acta, Vol.260 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Embedded binary functional materials/cellulose-based paper as freestanding anode for lithium ion batteries
Wang BY, Guo RS, Zheng M, Liu ZC, Li FY, Meng LC, Li TT, Luo YN, Jiang H
1 - 10 Embedded binary functional materials/cellulose-based paper as freestanding anode for lithium ion batteries
Wang BY, Guo RS, Zheng M, Liu ZC, Li FY, Meng LC, Li TT, Luo YN, Jiang H
11 - 23 Asymmetric supercapacitor based on vanadium disulfide nanosheets as a cathode and carbonized iron cations adsorbed onto polyaniline as an anode
Rantho MN, Madito MJ, Ochai-Ejeh FO, Manyala N
24 - 30 Active basal plane catalytic activity and conductivity in Zn doped MoS2 nanosheets for efficient hydrogen evolution
Liu PT, Zhu JY, Zhang JY, Tao K, Gao DQ, Xi PX
31 - 39 A powerful Li-O-2 battery based on an efficient hollow Cu2O cathode catalyst with tailored crystal plane
Ma SY, Liu QC, Lei DL, Guo XQ, Li SF, Li ZJ
40 - 46 Cost effective surface passivation film construction on Li4Ti5O12 anode of lithium ion batteries
Wu K, Qian L, Sun XN, Lei XL, Wu NN, Zhao HL, Zhang YC
47 - 54 One-step stabilizer-free synthesis of porous bimetallic PdCu nanofinger supported on graphene for highly efficient methanol electro-oxidation
Cui XX, Wang XS, Xu XW, Yang SG, Wang Y
55 - 64 Composition and microstructure dependent corrosion behaviour of Mg-Li alloys
Li CQ, Xu DK, Chen XB, Wang BJ, Wu RZ, Han EH, Birbilis N
65 - 72 Nano-TiNb2O7/carbon nanotubes composite anode for enhanced lithium-ion storage
Lin CF, Hu L, Cheng CB, Sun K, Guo XK, Shao Q, Li JB, Wang N, Guo ZH
73 - 81 Polymer-clay nanocomposite coatings as efficient, environment-friendly surface pretreatments for aluminum alloy 2024-T3
Suarez-Martinez PC, Robinson J, An HS, Nahas RC, Cinoman D, Lutkenhaus JL
82 - 91 Three-dimensional well-mixed / highly-densed NiS-CoS nanorod arrays: An efficient and stable bifunctional electrocatalyst for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions
Ma ZZ, Zhao Q, Li JP, Tang B, Zhang ZH, Wang XG
92 - 100 Carbon dots with multi-functional groups and the application in proton exchange membranes
Jia W, Tang BB, Wu PY
101 - 111 Critical roles of semi-conductive LaFeO3 coating in enhancing cycling stability and rate capability of 5 V LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode materials
Mou JR, Deng YL, He LH, Zheng QJ, Jiang N, Lin DM
112 - 120 Fabrication of graphene@graphite-based gas diffusion electrode for improving H2O2 generation in Electro-Fenton process
Zhang ZH, Meng HS, Wang YJ, Shi LM, Wang X, Chai SN
121 - 128 Reduced-temperature redox-stable LSM as a novel symmetrical electrode material for SOFCs
Luo XY, Yang Y, Yang Y, Tian D, Lu XY, Chen YH, Huang Q, Lin B
129 - 138 High-performance MoS2-based nanocomposite anode prepared by high-energy mechanical milling: The effect of carbonaceous matrix on MoS2
Hai NQ, Kwon SH, Kim H, Kim IT, Lee SG, Hur J
139 - 149 Fast switching electrochromic nanocomposite based on Poly(pyridinium salt) and multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Pichugov RD, Makhaeva EE, Keshtov ML
150 - 156 Enhanced photoelectrochemical activity in the heterostructure of vertically aligned few-layer MoS2 flakes on ZnO
Trung TN, Seo DB, Quang ND, Kim D, Kim ET
157 - 167 Influence of TiO2 nano-particles on charge carrier transport and cell performance of PMMA-LiClO4 based nano-composite electrolytes
Pal P, Ghosh A
168 - 176 Peptide templated AuPt alloyed nanoparticles as highly efficient bi-functional electrocatalysts for both oxygen reduction reaction and hydrogen evolution reaction
Wu W, Tang ZH, Wang K, Liu Z, Li LG, Chen SW
177 - 183 Optimization of a cell for the electrochemical synergistic production of peroxoacetic acid
Llanos J, Moraleda I, Saez C, Rodrigo MA, Canizares P
184 - 195 Reducing the corrosion rate of magnesium via microalloying additions of group 14 and 15 elements
Liu RL, Scully JR, Williams G, Birbilis N
196 - 203 Enhancement of Congo red decolorization by membrane-free structure and bio-cathode in a microbial electrolysis cell
Huang WT, Chen JF, Hu YY, Zhang LH
204 - 211 Confinement effect of natural hollow fibers enhances flexible supercapacitor electrode performance
Yang QQ, Gao LF, Zhu ZY, Hu CX, Huang ZP, Liu RT, Wang Q, Gao F, Zhang HL
212 - 220 Nanostar morphology of plasmonic particles strongly enhances photoelectrochemical water splitting of TiO2 nanorods with superior incident photon-to-current conversion efficiency in visible/near-infrared region
Wang LY, Wang Y, Schmuki P, Kment S, Zboril R
221 - 234 The influence of electron donating tendency on electrochemical oxidative behavior of hydroquinone: Experimental and theoretical investigations
Nagaraja C, Venkatesha TV
235 - 245 High capacity Li-ion battery anodes: Impact of crystallite size, surface chemistry and PEG-coating
Minnici K, Kwon YH, Huie MM, de Simon MV, Zhang BJ, Bock DC, Wang JJ, Wang J, Takeuchi KJ, Takeuchi ES, Marschilok AC, Reichmanis E
246 - 253 Zinc particles coated with bismuth oxide based glasses as anode material for zinc air batteries with improved electrical rechargeability
Schmid M, Willert-Porada M
254 - 263 The role of interface between LiPON solid electrolyte and electrode in inorganic monolithic electrochromic devices
Xiao Y, Zhong XL, Guo JJ, Zhou C, Zuo HP, Liu QR, Huang QJ, Zhang QQ, Diao XG
264 - 273 Enhancement of oxygen reduction reaction performance: The characteristic role of Fe-N coordinations
Yi M, Hua YQ, Wang K, Wang Y, Song SQ, Tsiakaras P
274 - 280 Improved electrochromic performance of WO3 films with size controlled nanorods
Yuan GZ, Hua CZ, Khan S, Jiang SS, Wu ZZ, Liu Y, Wang JX, Song CL, Han GR
281 - 289 Highly transparent 3D NiO-Ni/Ag-nanowires/FTO micro-supercapacitor electrodes for fully transparent electronic device purpose
Liu F, Yang XP, Qiao ZS, Zhang LQ, Cao BQ, Duan GB
290 - 304 New phase field model for simulating galvanic and pitting corrosion processes
Mai WJ, Soghrati S
305 - 313 Cu2NiSnS4 nanosphere array on carbon cloth as free-standing and binder-free electrodes for energy storage
Pan P, Chen LH, Wang F, Feng CQ, Du J, Yang X, Qin CQ, Ding Y
314 - 323 Synthesis, spectroscopic and electrochemical characterization of Co(II)-terpyridine based metallopolymer
Zanardi C, Zanfrognini B, Morandi S, Terzi F, Pigani L, Pasquali L, Seeber R
324 - 329 Electrochemical generation and observation by magnetic resonance of superparamagnetic cobalt nanoparticles
Khusnuriyalova AF, Petr A, Gubaidullin AT, Sukhov AV, Morozov VI, Buchner B, Kataev V, Sinyashin OG, Yakhvarov DG
330 - 337 Enhanced supercapacitive performance of binary cooperative complementary Co(OH)(2)/Mn3O4 nanomaterials directly synthesized through ion diffusion method controlled by ion exchange membrane
Liu H, Xue Q, Zhao JS, Zhang Q
338 - 347 Electrochemical behaviour of electrogenerated hydrophilic carbon nanomaterials
Vieira RS, Fernandes AJS, Oliveira MC
348 - 357 Linking the Cu(II/I) potential to the onset of dynamic phenomena at corroding copper microelectrodes immersed in aqueous 0.5M NaCl
Langley AR, Carta M, Malpass-Evans R, McKeown NB, Dawes JHP, Murphy E, Marken F
358 - 364 Improving the electrocatalytic activity for hydrogen evolution reaction by lowering the electrochemical impedance of RuO2/Ni-P
Cheng C, Shah SSA, Najam T, Qi XQ, Wei ZD
365 - 371 An enhanced electrochemical energy conversion behavior of thermally treated thin film of 1-dimensional CoTe synthesized from aqueous solution at room temperature
Kim EK, Bui HT, Shrestha NK, Shin CY, Patil SA, Khadtare S, Bathula C, Noh YY, Han SH
372 - 383 3D ordered macroporous SmCoO3 perovskite for highly active and selective hydrogen peroxide detection
He J, Zhou W, Sunarso J, Xu XM, Zhong YJ, Shao ZP, Chen XJ, Zhu H
384 - 390 A comparative study of LiTi2(P8/9V1/9O4)(3) and LiTi2(PO4)(3): Synthesis, structure and electrochemical properties
Pang JY, Kuang Q, Zhao YM, Han W, Fan QH
391 - 399 Improved performance of polyaniline/reduced-graphene-oxide supercapacitor using atmospheric-pressure-plasma-jet surface treatment of carbon cloth
Chien HH, Liao CY, Hao YC, Hsu CC, Cheng IC, Yu IS, Chen JZ
400 - 406 In situ surface stress measurement and computational analysis examining the oxygen reduction reaction on Pt and Pd
Ha YY, Oberst JL, Zeng ZH, Hoang TTH, Cohen Y, Wetzel DJ, Nuzzo RG, Greeley J, Gewirth AA
407 - 412 Facile fabrication of polyether sulfone (PES) protecting layer on Cu foil for stable Li metal anode
Fan W, Zhang RE, Wang ZF, Lei XF, Qin CL, Liu XZ
413 - 419 PEDOT and derivatives tailored conducting gel electrolytes for high-efficiency quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells
Li QH, Li HY, Jin X, Chen ZP
420 - 429 Microwave-assisted synthesis of the cobalt-iron phosphates nanosheets as an efficient electrocatalyst for water oxidation
Yin DQ, Jin ZY, Liu MM, Gao TT, Yuan HY, Xiao D
430 - 438 Surface oxo-functionalized hard carbon spheres enabled superior high-rate capability and long-cycle stability for Li-ion storage
Fu RS, Chang ZZ, Shen CX, Guo HC, Huang HR, Xia YG, Liu ZP
439 - 448 Construction of molybdenum dioxide nanosheets coated on the surface of nickel ferrite nanocrystals with ultrahigh specific capacity for hybrid supercapacitor
Zhao Y, Yuan M, Chen Y, Yan J, Xu L, Huang YP, Lian JB, Bao J, Qiu JX, Xu L, Xu YG, Xu H, Li HM
449 - 458 Temperature dependent supercapacitive performance in La2O3 nano sheet decorated reduce graphene oxide
Miah M, Bhattacharya S, Dinda D, Saha SK
459 - 467 Twisting of diarylnitroxides: An efficient tool for redox tuning
Levitskiy OA, Sentyurin VV, Magdesieva TV
468 - 476 High performance planar perovskite solar cells based on CH3NH3PbI3-x(SCN)(x) perovskite film and SnO2 electron transport layer prepared in ambient air with 70% humility
Zhou Y, Zhang ZB, Cai YY, Liu H, Qin QQ, Tai QD, Lu XB, Gao XS, Shui LL, Wu SJ, Liu JM
477 - 482 Electrodeposition of porous MoO42--doped NiFe nanosheets for highly efficient electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reactions
Su XS, Sun QQ, Bai JJ, Wang ZL, Zhao C
483 - 488 Effect of crystallographic structure of iridium based oxides on electrochemical degradation
Sun W, Cao LM, Yang J
489 - 497 The polypropylene membrane modified by an atmospheric pressure plasma jet as a separator for lithium-ion button battery
Yin MM, Huang J, Yu JS, Chen GL, Qu SQ, Wang XQ, Li CR
498 - 503 High dimensional stability of LiCoMnO4 as positive electrodes operating at high voltage for lithium-ion batteries with a long cycle life
Ariyoshi K, Yamamoto H, Yamada Y
504 - 513 Multi-growth site graphene/polyaniline composites with highly enhanced specific capacitance and rate capability for supercapacitor application
Zheng XW, Yu HT, Xing RG, Ge X, Sun H, Li RH, Zhang QW
514 - 525 Towards high-performance dual-graphite batteries using highly concentrated organic electrolytes
Heckmann A, Thienenkamp J, Beltrop K, Winter M, Brunklaus G, Placke T
526 - 535 Facile synthesis of Pd-Cu@Cu2O/N-RGO hybrid and its application for electrochemical detection of tryptophan
Li JH, Jiang JB, Xu ZF, Liu MQ, Tang SP, Yang CM, Qian D
536 - 548 Robust and sulfur-containing ingredient surface film to improve the electrochemical performance of LiDFOB-based high-voltage electrolyte
Zhao DN, Wang P, Cui XL, Mao LP, Li CL, Li SY
549 - 556 Al2O3 coating on Li1.256Ni0.198Co0.082Mn0.689O2.25 with spinel-structure interface layer for superior performance lithium ion batteries
Wen XF, Liang K, Tian LY, Shi KY, Zheng JS
557 - 563 Fabrication of current collector using a composite of polylactic acid and carbon nano-material for metal-free supercapacitors with graphene oxide separators and microwave exfoliated graphite oxide electrodes
Baskakov SA, Baskakova YV, Lyskov NV, Dremova NN, Irzhak AV, Kumar Y, Michtchenok A, Shulga YM
564 - 570 Altered electrochemistry of oxcarbazepine on cathodically treated boron-doped diamond electrode: Selective detection by pulsed amperometric detection coupled to flow-injection analysis
Lima AB, de Oliveira FM, Guedes TD, Sousa RMF, Munoz RAA, dos Santos WTP
571 - 581 Synthesis of rose like structured LaCoO3 assisted functionalized carbon nanofiber nanocomposite for efficient electrochemical detection of anti-inflammatory drug 4-aminoantipyrine
Sakthivel M, Ramaraj S, Chen SM, Dinesh B
582 - 588 Experimental characterization of inhomogeneity in current density and temperature distribution along a single-channel PEM water electrolysis cell
Immerz C, Schweins M, Trinke P, Bensmann B, Paidar M, Bystron T, Bouzek K, Hanke-Rauschenbach R
589 - 597 Electrochemical switching fluorescence emission in rhodamine derivatives
Cizkova M, Cattiaux L, Mallet JM, Labbe E, Buriez O
598 - 605 A facile in-situ polymerization strategy towards polyimide/carbon black composites as high performance lithium ion battery cathodes
Zhang GF, Xu ZX, Liu P, Su YZ, Huang T, Liu RL, Xi X, Wu DQ
606 - 613 Amino acid-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes: A metal-free chiral catalyst for the asymmetric electroreduction of aromatic ketones
Yue YN, Meng WJ, Liu L, Hu QL, Wang H, Lu JX
614 - 622 Nonlinear Frequency Response Analysis on Lithium-Ion Batteries: A Model-Based Assessment
Wolff N, Harting N, Heinrich M, Roder F, Krewer U
623 - 629 A new electron transfer mediator actuated non-enzymatic nitrite sensor based on the voltammetry synthetic composites of 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol nanostructures coated electrochemical reduced graphene oxide nanosheets
Xue ZH, Fu XX, Rao HH, Zhou XB, Liu XH, Lu XQ
630 - 639 A synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction and step potential electrochemical spectroscopy study on the change in manganese dioxide capacitive behaviour during cycling
Gibson AJ, Dupont MF, Wood RJ, Gu QF, Cameron AP, Donne SW
640 - 647 Optimizing solid electrolyte interphase on graphite anode by adjusting the electrolyte solution structure with ionic liquid
Gao XM, Ding YL, Qu QT, Liu G, Battaglia VS, Zheng HH
648 - 655 New protocol to determine the equilibrium constant of atom transfer radical polymerization
Lorandi F, Fantin M, Isse AA, Gennaro A, Matyjaszewski K
656 - 663 Graphene bonded carbon nanofiber aerogels with high capacitive deionization capability
Luo GM, Wang YZ, Gao LX, Zhang DQ, Lin T
664 - 673 Water-based LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2-cathodes with good electrochemical performance by use of additives
Memm M, Hoffmann A, Wohlfahrt-Mehrens M
674 - 683 Variations in performance-degradation behavior of Pt/CNF and Pt/C MEAs for the same degree of carbon corrosion
Park JH, Hwang SM, Park GG, Park SH, Park ED, Yim SD
684 - 694 Electrochemical dissolution of nickel produced by the Mond method under alternating temperatures and nickel carbonyl gas pressures
Morrison A, Leitch JJ, Szymanski G, Moula G, Barlow B, Burgess IJ, Shobeir B, Huang H, Lipkowski J
695 - 702 Li2TiSiO5 and expanded graphite nanocomposite anode material with improved rate performance for lithium-ion batteries
Liu JY, Liu Y, Hou MY, Wang YG, Wang CX, Xia YY
703 - 715 An approach for electrochemical functionalization of carbon nanotubes/1-amino-9,10-anthraquinone electrode with catechol derivatives for the development of NADH sensors
Rebis T, Sobczak A, Wierzchowski M, Frankiewicz A, Tezyk A, Milczarek G
716 - 725 Electrodeposited MoS2 as electrocatalytic counter electrode for quantum dot- and dye-sensitized solar cells
Quy VHV, Vijayakumar E, Ho P, Park JH, Rajesh JA, Kwon J, Chae J, Kim JH, Kang SH, Ahn KS
726 - 737 Experimental study and mathematical modeling of the electrochemical degradation of dyeing wastewaters in presence of chloride ion with dimensional stable anodes (DSA) of expanded meshes in a FM01-LC reactor
Cruz-Diaz MR, Rivero EP, Rodriguez FA, Dominguez-Bautista R
738 - 747 Enhancing the specific capacitance of SrRuO3 and reduced graphene oxide in NaNO3, H3PO4 and KOH electrolytes
Galal A, Hassan HK, Jacob T, Atta NF
748 - 754 Solid oxide fuel cells with proton-conducting La0.99Ca0.01NbO4 electrolyte
Bi L, Fabbri E, Traversa E
755 - 761 Pyrite FeS2@C nanorods as smart cathode for sodium ion battery with ultra-long lifespan and notable rate performance from tunable pseudocapacitance
Lu ZX, Wang NN, Zhang YH, Xue P, Guo MQ, Tang B, Bai ZC, Dou SX
762 - 771 Influence of glycine on Co electrodeposition: IR spectroscopy and near-surface pH investigations
Critelli RAJ, Sumodjo PTA, Bertotti M, Torresi RM
772 - 782 Isoindigo as an electron-deficient unit for high-performance polymeric electrochromics
Gu H, Ming SL, Lin KW, Chen S, Liu XM, Lu BY, Xu JK
783 - 788 Hollow carbon sphere with open pore encapsulated MnO2 nanosheets as high-performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Zang J, Ye JC, Qian H, Lin Y, Zhang XW, Zheng MS, Dong QF
789 - 797 A novel three-dimensional graphene for remarkable performance of electrochemical energy storage
Zhang ZG, Zhao JP, Gao LL, Zhou J, Miao ZC, Zhao Y, Zhuo SP
798 - 804 NASICON-type Na3V2(PO4)(3) as a new positive electrode material for rechargeable aluminium battery
Nacimiento F, Cabello M, Alcantara R, Lavela P, Tirado JL
805 - 813 Nanostructured-VO2(B): A high-capacity magnesium-ion cathode and its electrochemical reaction mechanism
Luo T, Liu YP, Su HF, Xiao RC, Huang LT, Xiang Q, Zhou Y, Chen CG
814 - 822 Interface polarization matters: Enhancing supercapacitor performance of spinel NiCo2O4 nanowires by reduced graphene oxide coating
Zhang C, Lei CL, Cen C, Tang SL, Deng MS, Li YL, Du YW
823 - 829 Fabrication of porous ZnCo2O4 nanoribbon arrays on nickel foam for high-performance supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries
Zhang ZQ, Zhang XY, Feng Y, Wang XF, Sun QS, Yu DY, Tong WM, Zhao XD, Liu XY
830 - 837 High-performance Si-Mn/C composite anodes with integrating inactive Mn4Si7 alloy for lithium-ion batteries
Deng L, Wu ZY, Yin ZW, Lu YQ, Huang ZG, You JH, Li JT, Huang L, Sun SG
838 - 846 Hydrothermal synthesis of nanostructured Cr-doped hematite with enhanced photoelectrochemical activity
Bouhjar F, Mollar M, Chourou ML, Mari B, Bessais B
847 - 854 A dual-amplified electrochemiluminescence immunosensor constructed on dual-roles of rutile TiO2 mesocrystals for ultrasensitive zearalenone detection
Zheng H, Yi H, Lin W, Dai H, Hong ZS, Lin YY, Li XH
855 - 860 Using an in-plane geometry in Hebb-Wagner measurements to avoid errors from electrode overpotential
Nam GD, Ahn JH, Joo JH
861 - 871 Solar tandem water splitting from efficient III-V photovoltaics: Implications of electrochemical surface activation
Munoz AG, Heine C, Hannappel T, Lewerenz HJ
872 - 881 Composition effects of electrodeposited Co-Fe as electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction
Xiong M, Ivey DG
882 - 889 Sustainable solid-state strategy to hierarchical core-shell structured Fe3O4@graphene towards a safer and green sodium ion full battery
Ding X, Huang XB, Jin JL, Ming H, Wang LM, Ming J
890 - 897 Electrochemical dissolution of magnetite electroplated coatings on titanium
Agullo J, Bataillon C, Roy M
898 - 904 Ultrathin layered double hydroxide nanosheets with Ni(III) active species obtained by exfoliation for highly efficient ethanol electrooxidation
Xu L, Wang Z, Chen X, Qu ZK, Li F, Yang WS
905 - 911 High-efficiency platinum-free quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells from polyaniline (polypyrrole)-carbon nanotube complex tailored conducting gel electrolytes and counter electrodes
Jin X, You L, Chen ZP, Li QH
912 - 920 Hollow polypyrrole @ MnO2 spheres as nano-sulfur hosts for improved lithium-sulfur batteries
Li Y, Shi B, Liu W, Guo R, Pei HJ, Ye DX, Xie JY, Kong JL
921 - 931 Redox active KI solid-state electrolyte for battery-like electrochemical capacitive energy storage based on MgCo2O4 nanoneedles on porous beta-polytype silicon carbide
Kim M, Kim J
932 - 943 Balanced energy density and power density: Asymmetric supercapacitor based on activated fullerene carbon soot anode and graphene-Co3O4 composite cathode
Gao ZY, Chen C, Chang JL, Chen LM, Wu DP, Xu F, Jiang K
944 - 951 Flexible, all-solid-state, high-cell potential supercapacitors based on holey reduced graphene oxide/manganese dioxide nanosheets
Amir FZ, Pham VH, Schultheis EM, Dickerson JH
952 - 958 One-pot microwave synthesis of NiO/MnO2 composite as a high-performance electrode material for supercapacitors
Bi YH, Nautiyal A, Zhang HP, Luo JJ, Zhang XY
959 - 964 NaYbF4:Tb/Eu modified with organic antenna for improving performance of polymer solar cells
Jiao JQ, Gai SS, Li Y, Shen WF, Tang JG, Wang Y, Huang LJ, Liu JX, Wang W, Belfiore LA
965 - 973 Hierarchical three-dimensional Fe3O4@porous carbon matrix/graphene anodes for high performance lithium ion batteries
Hao SJ, Zhang BW, Wang Y, Li CJ, Feng JY, Ball S, Srinivasan M, Wu JS, Huang YZ
974 - 985 Sensors for voltammetric determination of food azo dyes - A critical review
Lipskikh OI, Korotkova EI, Khristunova YP, Barek J, Kratochvil B
986 - 993 Role of LaNiO3 in suppressing voltage decay of layered lithium-rich cathode materials
Wu F, Li Q, Bao LY, Zheng Y, Lu Y, Su YF, Wang J, Chen S, Chen RJ, Tian J
994 - 994 Linear versus volcano correlations for the electrocatalytic oxidation of hydrazine on graphite electrodes modified with MN4 macrocyclic complexes (vol 140, pg 314, 2014)
Tasca F, Recio FJ, Venegas R, Geraldo DA, Sancy M, Zagal JH