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1 - 11 Effects of low temperature annealing on the photo-electrochemical performance of tin-doped hematite photo-anodes
Bedoya-Lora FE, Hankin A, Holmes-Gentle I, Regoutz A, Nania M, Payne DJ, Cabral JT, Kelsall GH
12 - 24 Synthesis of graphene oxide/polybenzoxazine-based nitrogen-containing porous carbon nanocomposite for enhanced supercapacitor properties
Wan L, Du C, Yang SB
25 - 31 Label-free and enzyme-free strategy for sensitive electrochemical lead aptasensor by using metal-organic frameworks loaded with AgPt nanoparticles as signal probes and electrocatalytic enhancers
Xu WJ, Zhou XX, Gao JX, Xue SY, Zhao JM
32 - 42 Electro-organic synthesis of 2-(4,5-diphenyl-1H-imidazol-2-yl)phenol in Aqueous medium for organic monomer based Supercapacitor electrode
Elanthamilan E, Sarala L, Bella A, Sathiyan A, Lydia IS, Manoharan SS, Merlin JP
43 - 50 Ternary NiO/RGO-Sn Hybrid Flexible Freestanding Film as Interlayer for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries with Improved Performance
Li CX, Dong SH, Guo DX, Zhang ZW, Wang MQ, Yin LW
51 - 59 Enhanced performance based on a hybrid cathode backing layer using a biomass derived activated carbon framework for methanol fuel cells
Balakrishnan P, Inal IIG, Cooksey E, Banford A, Aktas Z, Holmes SM
60 - 70 Amorphous carbon thin film electrodes with intrinsic Pt-gradient for hydrogen peroxide detection
Isoaho N, Wester N, Peltola E, Johansson LS, Boronat A, Koskinen J, Feliu J, Climent V, Laurila T
71 - 80 An electrochemical sensor based on metal-organic framework-derived porous carbon with high degree of graphitization for electroanalysis of various substances
Xu JY, Xia JF, Zhang FF, Wang ZH
81 - 90 Mo-MoO3-graphene nanocomposites as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries: scalable, facile preparation and characterization
Lee HJ, Shim HW, Kim JC, Kim DW
91 - 98 Fast charge rate supercapacitors based on nitrogen-doped aligned carbon nanosheet networks
Zhou QH, Chang J, Jiang YT, Wei T, Sheng LZ, Fan ZJ
99 - 108 Contribution of Surface Distributions to Constant-Phase-Element (CPE) Behavior: 3. Adsorbed Intermediates
Alexander CL, Tribollet B, Vivier V, Orazem ME
109 - 118 Characterization and electrochemical properties of graphite felt-based electrode modified using an ionomer impregnation approach for vanadium redox flow battery
Chou YS, Jeng KT, Yen SC
119 - 128 3D flower-like MnCO3 microcrystals: evolution mechanisms of morphology and enhanced electrochemical performances
Mu YL, Wang L, Zhao Y, Liu MJ, Zhang W, Wu JT, Lai X, Fan GY, Bi J, Gao DJ
129 - 136 Construction of Zn2GeO4/Graphene Nanostructures with Dually-Protected Functional Nanoframes for Enhanced Lithium-Storage Performances
Ding CH, Zhao YJ, Yan D, Su DZ, Zhao YZ, Zhou HP, Li JB, Jin HB
137 - 144 Modelling of solid oxide electrolyser cell using extreme learning machine
Zhang CZ, Liu QL, Wu Q, Zheng YF, Zhou J, Tu ZK, Chan SH
145 - 154 Investigation on polyethylene supported poly(butyl methacrylate-acrylonitrile-styrene) terpolymer based gel electrolyte reinforced by doping nano-SiO2 for high voltage lithium ion battery
Huang WY, Liao YH, Li GJ, He ZY, Luo XY, Li WS
155 - 166 Loading effect of carbon-supported platinum nanocubes on oxygen electroreduction
Jukk K, Kongi N, Tammeveski K, Aran-Ais RM, Solla-Gullon J, Feliu JM
167 - 175 Novel highly active Pt/graphene catalyst for cathodes of Cu(II/I)-mediated dye-sensitized solar cells
Kavan L, Krysova H, Janda P, Tarabkova H, Saygili Y, Freitag M, Zakeeruddin SM, Hagfeldt A, Gratzel M
176 - 186 Electrodeposition of Pb from PbO in urea and 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride deep eutectic solutions
Liu AM, Shi ZN, Reddy RG
187 - 194 An experimental study of pH distributions within an electricity-producing biofilm by using pH microelectrode
Hou JX, Liu ZL, Zhou Y, Chen WW, Li YX, Sang LX
195 - 202 Hybrid Bioelectrocatalytic Reduction of Oxygen at Anthracene-modified Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Decorated with Ni90Pd10 Nanoparticles
Neto SA, Da Silva RG, Milton RD, Minteer SD, De Andrade AR
203 - 211 Thermodynamic Properties of Barium-Antimony Alloys Determined by Emf Measurements
Lichtenstein T, Gesualdi J, Nigl TP, Yu CT, Kim H
212 - 222 Spectroelectrochemistry and electrosynthesis of polypyrrole supercapacitor electrodes based on gamma aluminum oxide and gamma iron (III) oxide nanocomposites
Arjomandi J, Lee JY, Ahmadi F, Parvin MH, Moghanni-Bavil-Olyaei H
223 - 234 Polyacrylonitrile gel polymer electrolyte based dye sensitized solar cells for a prototype solar panel
Arof AK, Noor IM, Buraidah MH, Bandara TMWJ, Careem MA, Albinsson I, Mellander BE
235 - 243 Cliff-like NiO/Ni3S2 Directly Grown on Ni Foam for Battery-type Electrode with High Area Capacity and Long Cycle Stability
Yan ZY, Guo CL, Yang F, Zhang CC, Mao YQ, Cui SX, Wei YH, Hou LF, Xu LC
244 - 249 Production of hydrogen by water splitting in a photoelectrochemical cell using a BiVO4/TiO2 layered photoanode
Monfort O, Raptis D, Satrapinskyy L, Roch T, Plesch G, Lianos P
250 - 255 Light-activated electrochemistry without surface-bound redox species
Kashi MB, Silva SM, Yang Y, Goncales VR, Parker SG, Barfidokht A, Ciampi S, Gooding JJ
256 - 262 Optimization of an amperometric biosensor array for simultaneous measurement of ethanol, formate, D- and L-lactate
Pilas J, Yazici Y, Selmer T, Keusgen M, Schoning MJ
263 - 269 Densely-stacked N-doped porous carbon monolith derived from sucrose for high-volumetric energy storages
Dong XW, Yang Z, Wu X, Luo YS, Chen TQ, Li M, Hu NT, Zhang YF
270 - 283 Synthesis and characterization of nanometal-ordered mesoporous carbon composites as heterogeneous catalysts for electrooxidation of aniline
Duan XY, Chen YW, Liu XY, Chang LM
284 - 292 Nickel phosphate-based materials with excellent durability for urea electro-oxidation
Song XY, Gao L, Li YM, Chen W, Mao LQ, Yang JH
293 - 300 Interconnected binary carbon hybrids for supercapacitor electrode
Chang QH, Li LM, Sai LM, Shi WZ, Chen Q, Huang L
301 - 306 Correlations of concentration changes of electrolyte salt with resistance and capacitance at the surface of a graphite electrode in a lithium ion battery studied by in situ microprobe Raman spectroscopy
Yamanaka T, Nakagawa H, Tsubouchi S, Domi Y, Doi T, Abe T, Ogumi Z
307 - 315 Mesoporous Zn2SnO4 as effective electron transport materials for high-performance perovskite solar cells
Bao S, Wu JH, He X, Tu YG, Wang SB, Huang ML, Lan Z
316 - 323 Insight into electrochemical and elastic properties in AFe(1-x)M(x)SO(4)F (A = Li, Na; M = Co, Ni, Mg) cathode materials: A first principle study
Liang J, Li YH, Hou XY, Wang FD, Zhang WQ, Zhang JP, Tang SW, Sun H
324 - 335 Passivity breakdown on 300 M and S280 ultra-high strength steels in borate buffer solutions containing chloride ion
Zhong JY, Mao FX, Ghanbari E, Macdonald DD
336 - 343 Synergistic action of Co-Fe layered double hydroxide electrocatalyst and multiple ions of sea salt for efficient seawater oxidation at near-neutral pH
Cheng FF, Feng XL, Chen X, Lin WG, Rong JF, Yang WS
344 - 354 Snowflake-like core-shell alpha-MnO2@delta-MnO2 for high performance asymmetric supercapacitor
Li Y, Xu ZY, Wang DW, Zhao J, Zhang HH
355 - 362 Effect of bromide adsorption on electrowetting of Au electrode with hexadecane
Morooka T, Tahara H, Sagara T
363 - 377 In-situ carbon encapsulation of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 using pillared ethylene glycol trapped in the metal hydroxide interlayers for enhanced cyclic stability
Vasu S, Sahana MB, Sudakar C, Gopalan R, Sundararajan G
378 - 387 Co(SxSe1-x)(2) Nanorods Arrays with Rhombus Cross-section Exhibiting High Catalytic Activity for Quantum dot Sensitized Solar Cells
Wang HJ, Wu DP, Cao K, Wang FJ, Gao ZY, Xu F, Jiang K
388 - 395 Influence of electrochemical cycling on the rheo-impedance of anolytes for Li-based Semi Solid Flow Batteries
Narayanan A, Wijnperle D, Mugele F, Buchholz D, Vaalma C, Dou X, Passerini S, Duits MHG
396 - 406 Self-doped carbon architectures with heteroatoms containing nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur as high-performance anodes for lithium-and sodium-ion batteries
Lu MJ, Yu WH, Shi J, Liu W, Chen SG, Wang X, Wang HL
407 - 414 Co-doped Li4Ti5O12 nanosheets with enhanced rate performance for lithium-ion batteries
Liang Q, Cao N, Song ZH, Gao XJ, Hou LN, Guo TR, Qin X
415 - 426 Co3O4 spinel nanoparticles decorated graphite electrode: Bio-mediated synthesis and electrochemical H2O2 sensing
Das RK, Golder AK
427 - 441 Structural transformations and adsorption properties of PtNi nanoalloy thin film electrocatalysts prepared by magnetron co-sputtering
Brummel O, Waidhas F, Khalakhan I, Vorokhta M, Dubau M, Kovacs G, Aleksandrov HA, Neyman KM, Matolin V, Libuda J
442 - 451 Electrochemical investigation of the toxicity of a new nitrocompound and its interaction with beta-cyclodextrin and polyamidoamine third-generation
da Silva MPG, Candido ACL, Lins SD, de Aquino TM, Mendonca FJ, de Abreu FC
452 - 460 Basic electrochemical properties of sputtered gold film electrodes
Libansky M, Zima J, Barek J, Reznickova A, Svorcik V, Dejmkova H
461 - 474 A model describing the growth of a PEO coating on AM50 Mg alloy under constant voltage mode
Ma X, Blawert C, Hoche D, Kainer KU, Zheludkevich ML
475 - 481 Structural properties of electrodeposited Cu-Ag alloys
Bernasconi R, Hart JL, Lang AC, Magagnin L, Nobili L, Taheri ML
482 - 487 Effect of Ge substitution for Nb on Li ion conductivity of Li5La3Nb2O12 solid state electrolyte
Peng HJ, Feng LL, Li L, Zhang YQ, Zou YP
488 - 497 Bifunctional electrode performance for zinc-air flow cells with pulse charging
Pichler B, Weinberger S, Rescec L, Grimmer I, Gebetsroither F, Bitschnau B, Hacker V
498 - 504 Monodispersed Co in Mesoporous Polyhedrons: Fine-tuning of ZIF-8 Structure with Enhanced Oxygen Reduction Activity
Shah SSA, Peng LS, Najam T, Cheng C, Wu GP, Nie Y, Ding W, Qi XQ, Chen SG, Wei ZD
505 - 512 Binder free platinum nanoparticles decorated graphene-polyaniline composite film for high performance supercapacitor application
Sha R, Badhulika S
513 - 521 Effect of light source and applied potential in the electrochemical synthesis of Prussian blue on carbon nanotubes
Gimenes DT, Nossol E
522 - 531 Electrochemical reduction of sulfite based on gold nanoparticles/silsesquioxane-modified electrode
Winiarski JP, de Barros MR, Magosso HA, Jost CL
532 - 545 In-Situ Integration of Waste Coconut Shell Derived Activated Carbon/Polypyrrole/Rare Earth Metal Oxide (Eu2O3): A Novel Step Towards Ultrahigh Volumetric Capacitance
Thakur AK, Choudhary RB, Majumder M, Gupta G
546 - 553 Core-Shell Nanorod Arrays of Crystalline/Amorphous TiO2 Constructed by Layer-by-Layer Method for High-Performance Electrochromic Electrodes
Chen YB, Li XM, Bi ZJ, He XL, Xu XK, Gao XD
554 - 561 BaCe0.5Zr0.3Y0.2-xYbxO3-delta proton-conducting electrolytes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Lyagaeva J, Vdovin G, Hakimova L, Medvedev D, Demin A, Tsiakaras P
562 - 572 Fabrication, characterization, electrochemistry, and redox-induced electrochromism of viologen-functionalized silica core-shell nano-composites
Wang J, Wang JF, Chen M, Qian DJ, Liu MH
573 - 580 Reactions of the Additive 1,3-Propane Sultone with Electrolyte Compounds Investigated by Capillary Electrophoresis and High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Pyschik M, Winter M, Nowak S
581 - 587 A Ca and Fe Co-Doped Layered Perovskite as Stable Air Electrode in Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells under High-Current Electrolysis
Zheng YF, Yang H, Pan ZH, Zhang CZ
588 - 594 PdRu alloy nanoparticles of solid solution in atomic scale: outperformance towards formic acid electro-oxidation in acidic medium
Miao KH, Luo Y, Zou JS, Yang J, Zhang FQ, Huang L, Huang J, Kang XW, Chen SW
595 - 601 Sinusoidal Alternating-Current Voltammetry and Metrological Properties of a Flat Voltammetric Electrode in the Time Domain
Suchocki K
602 - 612 Influence of the autonomous oscillations and the CO concentration on the performance of an ECPrOx reactor
Arias IKP, Sundmacher K, Hanke-Rauschenbach R
613 - 620 Zinc doped H2Ti12O25 Anode and Activated Carbon Cathode for Hybrid Supercapacitor with superior performance
Choi HJ, Lee SH, Kim JH, Kim HK, Kim JM
621 - 630 Advanced electrochemical platform for determination of cytostatic drug flutamide in various matrices using a boron-doped diamond electrode
Svorc L, Borovska K, Cinkova K, Stankovic DM, Plankova A
631 - 637 Ultrahigh methanol electro-oxidation activity from gas phase synthesized palladium nanoparticles optimized with three-dimensional carbon nanostructured supports
Wang J, Pan HY, Ding YY, Li YC, Liu C, Liu F, Zhang QF, Wang GH, Han M
638 - 650 MOF derived Mesoporous Nitrogen doped Carbons with high Activity towards Oxygen Reduction
Diaz-Duran AK, Roncaroli F
651 - 659 Electrodeposition of germanium-containing precursors for Cu-2(Sn,Ge) S-3 thin film solar cells
Malaquias JC, Wu MX, Lin JJ, Robert EVC, Sniekers J, Binnemans K, Dale PJ, Fransaer J
660 - 671 N-doped graphene supported WxC composite material as an efficient non-noble metal electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Wang JB, Chen WL, Wang XL, Wang EB
672 - 680 In-situ Synthesis of MnO2@Graphdiyne Oxides Nanocomposite with Enhanced Performance of Supercapacitors
Xu J, Li JQ, Yang QL, Xiong Y, Chen CG
681 - 689 Simulated impedance of diffusion in porous media
Cooper SJ, Bertei A, Finegan DP, Brandon NP
690 - 698 Effect of Particle Size and Surface Treatment on Si/Graphene Nanocomposite Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes
Cen YJ, Qin QW, Sisson RD, Liang JY
699 - 709 In-Situ Reduction of Au, Pd, and Pt Metal Precursors in Polyaniline: Electrochemistry of Variable Metal Content Polymer/Metal Composites in Alkaline Solution
Hatchett DW, Quy T, Goodwin N, Millick NM
710 - 728 Achieving High-Performance Silicon Anodes of Lithium-Ion Batteries via Atomic and Molecular Layer Deposited Surface Coatings: an Overview
Zhu CY, Han K, Geng DS, Ye HQ, Meng XB
729 - 731 Electrochemical Micro & Nanosystem Technologies (EMNT 2016): Foreword
Terryn H