Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.243 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Non-linear Differential Equations and Rotating Disc Electrodes: Pade approximationTechnique
Devi MC, Rajendran L, Bin Yousaf A, Fernandez C
7 - 17 Formation and characterization of multilayers borohydride and hypophosphite reduced electroless nickel deposits
Vitry V, Bonin L
18 - 25 Rational construction the composite of graphene and hierarchical structure assembled by Fe2O3 nanosheets for lithium storage
Zhao YJ, Zhai XM, Yan D, Ding CH, Wu N, Su DZ, Zhao YZ, Zhou HP, Zhao XC, Li JB, Jin HB
26 - 32 Electrolyte decomposition and gas evolution in a lithium-sulfur cell upon long-term cycling
Schneider H, Weiss T, Scordilis-Kelley C, Maeyer J, Leitner K, Peng HJ, Schmidt R, Tomforde J
33 - 43 SPR effect of AgNPs decorated TiO2 in DSSC using TPMPI in the electrolyte: Approach towards low light trapping
Pal A, Jana A, Bhattacharya S, Datta J
44 - 52 A study of the interactions of Hg(II) with T-T mispair containing hairpin loops
Kamal A, She Z, Sharma R, Kraatz HB
53 - 64 Concentration-alternating frequency response: A new method for studying polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell dynamics
Sorrentino A, Vidakovic-Koch T, Hanke-Rauschenbach R, Sundmacher K
65 - 71 Carbonate-based additive for improvement of cycle durability of electrodeposited Si-O-C composite anode in glyme-based ionic liquid electrolyte for use in lithium secondary batteries
Seko S, Nara H, Jeong M, Yokoshima T, Momma T, Osaka T
72 - 81 Improved high-voltage performance of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 cathode with Tris(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl) phosphite as electrolyte additive
Wang L, Ma YL, Li Q, Cui YZ, Wang PP, Cheng XQ, Zuo PJ, Du CY, Gao YZ, Yin GP
82 - 89 Rapid and sensitive inhibition-based assay for the electrochemical detection of Ochratoxin A and Aflatoxin M1 in red wine and milk
Karczmarczyk A, Baeumner AJ, Feller KH
90 - 97 Electrochemical production of colloidal sulphur by oxidation of sulphide ion at lead coated-2-and-3-dimensional rotating cylinder anode surfaces
Fornes JP, Bisang JM
98 - 104 Hierarchical nanoflowers assembled from MoS2/polyaniline sandwiched nanosheets for high-performance supercapacitors
Chao J, Deng JW, Zhou WJ, Liu JW, Hu RZ, Yang LC, Zhu M, Schmidt OG
105 - 111 Improving the electrochemistry performance of layer LiNi0.5Mn0.3Co0.2O2 material at 4.5 V cutoff potential using lithium metaborate
Hu WQ, Zhang CH, Jiang H, Zheng MS, Wu QH, Dong QF
112 - 118 Fabrication of nest-like TiO2 hollow microspheres and its application for lithium ion batteries with high-rate performance
Wang ZY, Zhang F, Xing HX, Gu MY, An JL, Zhai B, An QD, Yu CS, Li GD
119 - 128 Critical influence of reduced graphene oxide mediated binding of M (M = Mg, Mn) with Co ions, chemical stability and charge storability enhancements of spinal-type hierarchical MCo2O4 nanostructures
Krishnan SG, Harilal M, Yar A, Vijayan BL, Dennis JO, Yusoff MM, Jose R
Maheshwari A, Dumitrescu MA, Destro M, Santarelli M
142 - 151 Impedimetric label-free sensor for specific bacteria endotoxin detection by surface charge registration
Brosel-Oliu S, Galyamin D, Abramova N, Munoz-Pascual FX, Bratov A
152 - 161 Construction of 3D CoO Quantum Dots/Graphene Hydrogels as Binder-Free Electrodes for Ultra-high Rate Energy Storage Applications
Wang RH, Han M, Zhao QN, Ren ZL, Xu CH, Hu N, Ning HM, Song SF, Lee JM
162 - 169 Synthesis and characterization of Mg2TiO4-coated LiCoO2 as a cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Shim JH, Cho NH, Lee S
170 - 182 Influence of boron content on the morphological, spectral, and electroanalytical characteristics of anodically oxidized boron-doped diamond electrodes
Schwarzova-Peckova K, Vosahlova J, Barek J, Sloufova I, Pavlova E, Petrak V, Zavazalova J
183 - 196 Effect of metal species on the stability of Me-N-C catalysts during accelerated stress tests mimicking the start-up and shut-down conditions
Martinaiou I, Shahraei A, Grimm F, Zhang H, Wittich C, Klement S, Dolique SJ, Kleebe HJ, Stark RW, Kramm UI
197 - 206 A bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide based ionic liquid as safe and efficient electrolyte for Si/Sn-Ni/C/Al composite anode
Sayah S, Ghamouss F, Tran-Van F, Santos-Pena J, Lemordant D
207 - 219 Li reactivity during the surface pretreatment of Al-Li alloy AA2050-T3
Gharbi O, Birbilis N, Ogle K
220 - 227 Sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) composite membranes containing microporous layered silicate AMH-3 for improved membrane performance in vanadium redox flow batteries
Kim J, Jeon JD, Kwa SY
228 - 238 Composite nanofibers by coating polypyrrole on the surface of polyaniline nanofibers formed in presence of phenylenediamine as electrode materials in neutral electrolyte
Li T, Zhou Y, Dou ZJ, Ding L, Dong S, Liu N, Qin ZY
239 - 249 One-step electrochemical preparation of graphene-coated pencil graphite electrodes by cyclic voltammetry and their application in vanadium redox batteries
Gursu H, Gencten M, Sahin Y
250 - 259 A Consistent Derivation of the Impedance of a Lithium-Ion Battery Electrode and its Dependency on the State-of-Charge
Schoenleber M, Uhlmann C, Braun P, Weber A, Ivers-Tiffee E
260 - 269 Direct electrodeposition of imidazole modified poly(pyrrole) copolymers: synthesis, characterization and supercapacitive properties
Wolfart F, Hryniewicz BM, Marchesi LF, Orth ES, Dubal DP, Gomez-Romero P, Vidotti M
Mirzoev RA, Davydov AD, Vystupov SI, Zarubenko ES, Kabanova TB, Popkovich AV
282 - 290 Silver nanoparticles embedded boron-doped reduced graphene oxide as anode material for high performance lithium ion battery
Bindumadhavan K, Chang PY, Doong RA
291 - 298 Reduced graphene oxide-polyimide/carbon nanotube film decorated with NiSe nanoparticles for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reactions
Wang TX, Li X, Jiang YM, Zhou YX, Jia LP, Wang CM
299 - 309 Performance of passive DMFC with expanded metal mesh current collectors
Mallick RK, Thombre SB
310 - 319 Electrochemically modified boron-doped diamond electrode with Pd and Pd-Sn nanoparticles for ethanol electrooxidation
Mavrokefalos CK, Hasan M, Khunsin W, Schmidt M, Maier SA, Rohan JF, Compton RG, Foord JS
320 - 330 Surface Reactions of Ethylene Carbonate and Propylene Carbonate on the Li(001) Surface
Brennan MD, Breedon M, Best AS, Morishita T, Spencer MJS
331 - 348 Electrochemical detection of Epinephrine using Polyaniline nanocomposite films doped with TiO2 and RuO2 Nanoparticles on Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube
Tsele TP, Adekunle AS, Fayemi OE, Ebenso EE
349 - 356 Silver nanoparticles/free-standing carbon nanotube Janus membranes
Ibanez D, Galindo M, Colina A, Valles E, Heras A, Gomez E
357 - 363 Improving rate capability and reducing over-potential of lithium-oxygen batteries through optimization of Dimethylsulfoxide-N/N-dimethylacetamide mixed electrolyte
Chen CG, Li LY, Su JM, Zhang CC, Chen X, Huang T, Yu AS
364 - 373 Gramicidin A ion channel formation in model phospholipid bilayers tethered to gold (111) electrode surfaces
Su ZF, Leitch JJ, Faragher RJ, Schwan AL, Lipkowski J
374 - 381 Use of a boron-doped diamond electrode to assess the electrochemical response of the naphthol isomers and to attain their truly simultaneous electroanalytical determination
Brocenschi RF, Silva TA, Lourencao BC, Fatibello O, Rocha RC
382 - 389 Electrolytic Extraction of Copper, Molybdenum and Rhenium from Molten Sulfide Electrolyte
Sahu SK, Chmielowiec B, Allanore A