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ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 12 ZnO Nanorods with Tunable Aspect Ratios Deriving from Oriented-attachment for Enhanced Performance in Quantum-dot Sensitized Solar Cells
Wu DP, Wang XL, Cao K, An YP, Song XH, Liu N, Xu F, Gao ZY, Jiang K
13 - 19 Carbon supported ultrafine gold phosphorus nanoparticles as highly efficient electrocatalyst for alkaline ethanol oxidation reaction
Li TF, Fu GT, Su JH, Wang Y, Lv YJ, Zou XY, Zhu XS, Xu L, Sun DM, Tang YW
20 - 26 Electrochemically roughened nanoporous platinum electrodes for non-enzymatic glucose sensors
Weremfo A, Fong STC, Khan A, Hibbert DB, Zhao C
27 - 35 Carbonized polydopamine coated single-crystalline NiFe2O4 nanooctahedrons with enhanced electrochemical performance as anode materials in a lithium ion battery
Liu XX, Zhang T, Qu Y, Tian G, Yue HJ, Zhang D, Feng SH
36 - 43 Hierarchical alpha-Fe2O3@MnO2 core-shell nanotubes as electrode materials for high-performance supercapacitors
Nie GD, Lu XF, Chi MQ, Zhu Y, Yang ZZ, Song N, Wang C
44 - 52 Electrochemical stability and electron transfer across 4-methyl-4'-(n-mercaptoalkyl) biphenyl monolayers on Au(100)-(1x1) electrodes in 1-hexyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate ionic liquid
Martinez-Romero NE, Aguilar-Sanchez R, Fu YC, Homberger M, Simon U
53 - 60 A solid-contact Pb2+- selective electrode based on electrospun polyaniline microfibers film as ion-to-electron transducer
Liu CC, Jiang XH, Zhao YY, Jiang WW, Zhang ZM, Yu LM
61 - 68 Influence of annealing conditions on anodic tungsten oxide layers and their photoelectrochemical activity
Syrek K, Zych M, Zaraska L, Sulka GD
69 - 76 Colloidal synthesis of MoSe2 nanonetworks and nanoflowers with efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen-evolution activity
Guo WB, Chen YZ, Wang LS, Xu J, Zeng DQ, Peng DL
77 - 84 Low-temperature processed ultrathin TiO2 for efficient planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells
Huang XK, Hu ZY, Xu J, Wang P, Zhang J, Zhu YJ
85 - 93 Dual Layer Coating Strategy Utilizing N-doped Carbon and Reduced Graphene Oxide for High-Performance LiFePO4 Cathode Material
Oh J, Lee J, Hwang T, Kim JM, Seoung KD, Piao Y
Garcia-Garabal S, Vila J, Rilo E, Dominguez-Perez M, Segade L, Tojo E, Verdia P, Varela LM, Cabeza O
103 - 114 Ceria doped with praseodymium instead of gadolinium as efficient interlayer for lanthanum nickelate SOFC oxygen electrode
Flura A, Nicollet C, Vibhu V, Rougier A, Bassat JM, Grenier JC
115 - 124 Air Breathing Cathodes for Microbial Fuel Cell using Mn-, Fe-, Co- and Ni-containing Platinum Group Metal-free Catalysts
Kodali M, Santoro C, Serov A, Kabir S, Artyushkova K, Matanovic I, Atanassov P
125 - 134 Electrochemically reduced graphene oxides/nanostructured iron oxides as binder-free electrodes for supercapacitors
Yang Q, Bi R, Yung KC, Pecht M
135 - 152 Interface and volume transport on technical cataphoretic painting: A comparison of steel, hot-dip galvanised steel and aluminium alloy
Reichinger M, Bremser W, Dornbusch M
153 - 161 Preparation and Lithium-Storage Performance of a Novel Hierarchical Porous Carbon from Sucrose Using Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxides as Template
Shi LL, Chen YX, Song HH, Li A, Chen XH, Zhou JS, Ma ZK
162 - 170 Water uptake in free films and coatings using the Brasher and Kingsbury equation: a possible explanation of the different values obtained by electrochemical Impedance spectroscopy and gravimetry
Lacombre CV, Bouvet G, Trinh D, Mallarino S, Touzain S
171 - 184 Experimental assessment and model development of cycling behavior in Li-ion coin cells
Rashid M, Gupta A
185 - 189 Development and application of a labmade apparatus using open-source "arduino" hardware for the electrochemical pretreatment of boron-doped diamond electrodes
Rosa TR, Betim FS, Ferreira RD
190 - 199 A wide linear range and stable H2O2 electrochemical sensor based on Ag decorated hierarchical Sn3O4
Tian LL, Xia KD, Hu WP, Zhong XH, Chen YL, Yang C, He GG, Su YY, Li L
200 - 208 Analysis of Fully On-Chip Microfluidic Electrochemical Systems under Laminar Flow
Li Y, Van Roy W, Lagae L, Vereecken PM
209 - 215 L-lactate selective impedimetric bienzymatic biosensor based on lactate dehydrogenase and pyruvate oxidase
Chan D, Barsan MM, Korpan Y, Brett CMA
216 - 222 Towards core-shell bifunctional catalyst particles for aqueous metal-air batteries: NiFe-layered double hydroxide nanoparticle coatings on gamma-MnO2 microparticles
Flegler A, Mussig S, Prieschl J, Mandel K, Sextl G
223 - 229 Characteristics of glyme electrolytes for sodium battery: nuclear magnetic resonance and electrochemical study
Carbone L, Munoz S, Gobet M, Devany M, Greenbaum S, Hassoun J
230 - 237 Low dimensional Bi2Te3-graphene oxide hybrid film-modified electrodes for ultra-sensitive stripping voltammetric detection of Pb(II) and Cd(II)
Tseliou F, Avgeropoulos A, Falaras P, Prodromidis MI
238 - 246 Electrochemically etched gold wire microelectrode for the determination of inorganic arsenic
Zhou C, Yang M, Li SS, Jiang TJ, Liu JH, Huang XJ, Chen X
247 - 254 High energy lithium ion battery electrode materials; enhanced charge storage via both alloying and insertion processes
Lubke M, Howard D, Armer CF, Gardecka AJ, Lowe A, Reddy MV, Liu ZL, Darr JA
255 - 263 In-situ Conversion of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes to Graphene Nanosheets: An Increasing Capacity Anode for Li Ion Batteries
Elizabeth I, Singh BP, Bijoy TK, Reddy VR, Karthikeyan G, Singh VN, Dhakate SR, Murugan P, Gopukumar S
264 - 271 A high-performance supercapacitor based on fullerene C-60 whisker and polyaniline emeraldine base composite
Wang HB, Yan XM, Piao GZ
272 - 278 Synthesis of NiO Nano Octahedron Aggregates as High-Performance Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
Wang CZ, Zhao YJ, Su DZ, Ding CH, Wang L, Yan D, Li JB, Jin HB
279 - 286 Electrochemical deposition of polyviologen-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite thin films
Wang NX, Lukaacs Z, Gadgil B, Damlin P, Janaky C, Kvarnstrom C
287 - 293 Carbon coated CoS2 thermal battery electrode material with enhanced discharge performances and air stability
Xie S, Deng YF, Mei J, Yang ZT, Lau WM, Liu H
294 - 299 Enhanced electrochemical performance of LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 by nanoscale surface modification with Co3O4
Huang YQ, Huang YH, Hu XL
300 - 308 Voltammetry of Organic Pollutants on FeOOH Nanorods
Zhang YY, Wan QJ, Yang NJ
309 - 318 On the role of salts for the treatment of wastewaters containing pharmaceuticals by electrochemical oxidation using a boron doped diamond anode
Lan YD, Coetsier C, Causserand C, Serrano KG
319 - 326 Exploring the use of cost-effective membrane materials for Microbial Fuel Cell based sensors
Chouler J, Bentley I, Vaz F, O'Fee A, Cameron PJ, Di Lorenzo M
327 - 335 Features of Porous Anodic Alumina Growth in Galvanostatic Regime in Selenic Acid Based Electrolyte
Nazarkina Y, Kamnev K, Dronov A, Dudin A, Pavlov A, Gavrilov S
336 - 343 Electrochemistry of conjugated planar anticancer molecules: Irinotecan and Sunitinib
Zotti G, Berlin A, Vercelli B
344 - 353 Supramolecular gel-assisted synthesis Co2P particles anchored in multielement co-doped graphene as efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution
Jiang H, Li C, Shen HB, Liu YS, Li WZ, Li JE
354 - 362 Preparation and Characterization of a Pd modified Ti/SnO2-Sb anode and its electrochemical degradation of Ni-EDTA
Li LH, Huang ZP, Fan XX, Zhang Z, Dou RN, Wen SL, Chen Y, Chen YC, Hu YY
363 - 370 Incorporation of rubidium cations into Li1.2Mn0.54Co0.13Ni0.13O2 layered oxide cathodes for improved cycling stability
Li N, He YS, Wang XP, Zhang WM, Ma ZF, Zhang DY
371 - 378 Electrochemical oxidation of sulfite and sulfur dioxide at a renewable graphite electrode
Zelinsky AG, Pirogov BY
379 - 385 Effect of 1-allyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium chloride addition to ethylmagnesium bromide electrolyte on a rechargeable magnesium battery
Cho JH, Ha JH, Lee SH, Cho BW, Chung KY, Na BK, Kim KB, Oh SH
386 - 395 Efficient Pt electrocatalysts supported onto flavin mononucleotideexfoliated pristine graphene for the methanol oxidation reaction
Ayan-Varela M, Ruiz-Rosas R, Villar-Rodil S, Paredes JI, Cazorla-Amoros D, Morallon E, Martinez-Alonso A, Tascon JMD
396 - 402 Uniform growth of MoS2 nanosheets on carbon nanofibers with enhanced electrochemical utilization for Li-ion batteries
Wang JG, Zhou R, Jin DD, Xie KY, Wei BQ
403 - 411 Excellent electrochemical properties and large CO2 capture of nitrogen-doped activated porous carbon synthesised from waste longan shells
Wei HM, Chen HJ, Fu N, Chen J, Lan GX, Qian W, Liu YP, Lin HL, Han S
412 - 416 Charge-discharge performance of Na2/3Fe1/3Mn2/3O2 positive electrode in an ionic liquid electrolyte at 90 degrees C for sodium secondary batteries
Ding CS, Nohira T, Hagiwara R
417 - 428 Oxygen-containing hierarchically porous carbon materials derived from wild jujube pit for high-performance supercapacitor
Sun KL, Yu SS, Hu ZL, Li ZH, Lei GT, Xiao QZ, Ding YH
429 - 436 The effect of different exposed facets on the photoelectrocatalytic degradation of o-chlorophenol using p-type Cu2O crystals
Sang WJ, Zhang G, Lan HC, An XQ, Liu HJ
437 - 452 Spectroelectrochemistry of alternating ambipolar copolymers of 4,4'-and 2,2'-bipyridine isomers and quaterthiophene
Zassowski P, Golba S, Skorka L, Szafraniec-Gorol G, Matussek M, Zych D, Danikiewicz W, Krompiec S, Lapkowski M, Slodek A, Domagala W
Badessa TS, Shaposhnik VA
460 - 467 Hausmannite Manganese oxide cathodes for supercapacitors: Surface Wettability and Electrochemical Properties
Kulkarni S, Puthusseri D, Thakur S, Banpurkar A, Patil S
468 - 478 Anion intercalation into a graphite cathode from various sodium-based electrolyte mixtures for dual-ion battery applications
Aladinli S, Bordet F, Ahlbrecht K, Tubke J, Holzapfel M
479 - 486 Core-shell structured Fe3O4@NiS nanocomposite as high-performance anode material for alkaline nickel-iron rechargeable batteries
Luo H, Wang B, Li YH, Liu TF, You WL, Wang DL
487 - 494 High Conductive Architecture: Bimetal Oxide with Metallic Properties @ Bimetal Hydroxide for High-performance Pseudocapacitor
Zhang Y, Shi Z, Liu L, Gao YF, Liu JR
495 - 501 Development of novel and ultrahigh-performance asymmetric supercapacitor based on redox electrode-electrolyte system
Zhao CM, Deng T, Xue XX, Chang LM, Zheng WT, Wang SM
502 - 510 Synthesis and enhanced electrochemical performance of Pt-Ag/porous polyaniline composites for glycerol oxidation
Xie AJ, Tao F, Hu L, Li YF, Sun WL, Jiang C, Cheng FF, Luo SP, Yao C
511 - 520 The hierarchical cobalt oxide-porous carbons composites and their high performance as an anode for lithium ion batteries enhanced by the excellent synergistic effect
Zhao S, Liu W, Liu SA, Zhang Y, Wang HL, Chen SG
521 - 528 Studies on electrochemical activity of CNT/PANI composite thin film coating on ITO coated glass surfaces: Effect of concentration on fractal dimension
Kalagi SS, Patil PS
529 - 538 Effect of the solvent in the catalyst ink preparation on the properties and performance of unsupported PtRu catalyst layers in direct methanol fuel cells
Alcaide F, Alvareza G, Cabot PL, Genova-Koleva R, Grande HJ, Miguel O
539 - 548 Reduced graphene oxide based ternary nanocomposite cathodes for high-performance aqueous asymmetric supercapacitors
Rakhi RB, Lekshmi ML
549 - 556 Fe/N co-doped mesoporous carbon nanomaterial as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
He CS, Zhang TT, Sun FZ, Li CQ, Lin YQ
557 - 564 Phosphorus doped and defects engineered graphene for improved electrochemical sensing: synergistic effect of dopants and defects
Chu K, Wang F, Tian Y, Wei Z
565 - 574 Novel method of preparing CoFe2O4/graphene by using steel rolling sludge for supercapacitor
Liu P, Chen HY, Chang X, Xue Y, Zhou JW, Zhao ZC, Lin HL, Han S
575 - 581 Magnetic bead-based electrochemical assay for determination of DNA methyltransferase activity
Dudova Z, Bartosik M, Fojta M
582 - 589 Decoration of MnO Nanocrystals on Flexible Freestanding Carbon Nanofibers for Lithium Ion Battery Anodes
Samuel E, Jo HS, Joshi B, An S, Park HG, Kim YI, Yoon WY, Yoon SS
590 - 600 Uncovering the intrinsic relationship of electrocatalysis and molecular electrochemistry for dissociative electron transfer to polychloroethanes at silver cathode
Huang BB, Zhu YY, Li J, Zeng GM, Lei C
601 - 608 Structure evolutions and high electrochemical performances of carbon aerogels prepared from the pyrolysis of phenolic resin gels containing ZnCl2
Xu ZJ, Wang JY, Hu ZH, Geng R, Gan LH
609 - 616 In-situ growing NiCo2O4 nanoplatelets on carbon cloth as binder-free catalyst air-cathode for high-performance microbial fuel cells
Cao C, Wei LL, Wang G, Shen JQ
617 - 625 Nickel cobalt sulfide nanosheets uniformly anchored on porous graphitic carbon nitride for supercapacitors with high cycling performance
Li ZC, Wu L, Wang LB, Gu AJ, Zhou QF
626 - 631 Self-assembled CoSe2 nanocrystals embedded into carbon nanowires as highly efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Zhou KR, He JR, Wang XQ, Lin J, Jing Y, Zhang WL, Chen YF
632 - 640 Electrosorption of monovalent alkaline metal ions onto highly ordered mesoporous titanium dioxide nanotube electrodes
Li X, Close T, Pustulka S, Pedu S, Xue Y, Richter C, Taboada-Serrano P
641 - 649 Photoelectrocatalysis of Rhodamine B and Solar Hydrogen Production by TiO2 and Pd/TiO2 Catalyst Systems
Yilmaz P, Lacerda AM, Larrosa I, Dunn S
650 - 658 Covalent anchoring of cobalt hexacyanoferrate particles on graphitic carbon: A simple and renewable robust pellet electrode as an electrochemical interface for amperometric quantification of sulfite
Devaramani S, Adarakatti PS, Malingappa P
659 - 669 Quantum chemical modeling of tri-Mn-substituted W-based Keggin polyoxoanions
Kremleva A, Aparicio PA, Genest A, Rosch N
670 - 676 Fabrication of TiO2 in-situ decorated and hierarchical Li4Ti5O12 for improved lithium storage
Tian QH, Chen JZ, Zhang ZX, Yang L
677 - 685 Ultrasensitive and simultaneous detection of hydroquinone, catechol and resorcinol based on the electrochemical co-reduction prepared Au-Pd nanoflower/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite
Chen Y, Liu XY, Zhang S, Yang LQ, Liu ML, Zhang YY, Yao SZ
686 - 693 A new A-site excessive strategy to improve performance of layered perovskite cathode for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Yang Y, Chen YH, Tian D, Lu XY, Ding YZ, Yu WL, Lin B
694 - 704 Integrated electro-Fenton process enabled by a rotating Fe3O4/gas diffusion cathode for simultaneous generation and activation of H2O2
Zhang Y, Gao MM, Wang SG, Zhou WZ, Sang YH, Wang XH
705 - 712 High capacitive property for supercapacitor using Fe3+/Fe2+ redox couple additive electrolyte
Ren LJ, Zhang GN, Yan Z, Kang LP, Xu H, Shi F, Lei ZB, Liu ZH
713 - 720 W@Au Nanostructures Modifying Carbon as Materials for Hydrogen Peroxide Electrogeneration
Antonin VS, Parreira LS, Aveiro LR, Silva FL, Valim RB, Hammer P, Lanza MRV, Santos MC
721 - 731 The double-walled nature of TiO2 nanotubes and formation of tube-in-tube structures - a characterization of different tube morphologies
So S, Riboni F, Hwang I, Paul D, Hammond J, Tomanec O, Zboril R, Sadoway DR, Schmuki P
732 - 738 V2O3 nanoparticles anchored onto the reduced graphene oxide for superior lithium storage
Leng JG, Mei HL, Zhan L, Wang YL, Yang SB, Song Y
739 - 748 Parametric aqueous electrodeposition study and characterization of Fe-Cu films
Dislaki E, Sort J, Pellicer E
749 - 758 Synthesis and characterization of MnO2-decorated graphene for supercapacitors
Singu BS, Yoon KR