Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.219 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Mechanism of the Br-/Br-2 Redox Reaction on Platinum and Glassy Carbon Electrodes in Nitrobenzene by Cyclic Voltammetry
Bennett B, Chang JH, Bard AJ
10 - 19 Inverse spinel transition metal oxides for lithium-ion storage with different discharge/charge conversion mechanisms
Wang JW, Ren YR, Huang XB, Ding JN
20 - 27 Hydrogen-reduced bismuth oxyiodide nanoflake arrays with plasmonic enhancements for efficient photoelectrochemical water reduction
Gan JY, Rajeeva BB, Wu ZL, Penley D, Zheng YB
28 - 37 Film growth and alloy enrichment during anodizing AZ31 magnesium alloy in fluoride/glycerol electrolytes of a range of water contents
Nemcova A, Galal O, Skeldon P, Kubena I, Smid M, Briand E, Vickridge I, Ganem JJ, Habazaki H
38 - 48 Impact of preparation method of TiO2-RGO nanocomposite photoanodes on the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells
Nouri E, Mohammadi MR, Lianos P
49 - 60 The enhanced high cut-off voltage electrochemical performances of LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 by the CeO2 modification
Xu Y, Li XH, Wang ZX, Guo HJ, Peng WJ, Pan W
61 - 69 Pseudocapacitive Transparent/Flexible Supercapacitor based on Graphene wrapped Ni(OH)(2) Nanosheet Transparent Film Produced using Scalable Bio-inspired Methods
Li N, Huang XK, Li RJ, Chen YM, Li YY, Shi ZC, Zhang HY
70 - 81 Computational modeling of sodium-iodine secondary batteries
Zhu HY, Kee RJ
82 - 87 A label-free photoelectrochemical cocaine aptasensor based on an electropolymerized ruthenium-intercalator complex
Haddache F, Le Goff A, Spinelli N, Gairola P, Gorgy K, Gondran C, Defrancq E, Cosnier S
88 - 98 Carbon Nanofiber-skinned Three Dimensional Ni/Carbon Micropillars: High Performance Electrodes of a Microbial Fuel Cell
Khare P, Ramkumar J, Verma N
99 - 106 Photoelectrochromic devices: Influence of device architecture and electrolyte composition
Costa C, Mesquita I, Andrade L, Mendes A
107 - 120 CuInS2/CdS Quantum Dots and Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/Carbon-Fabric Based Solar Cells
Kokal RK, Deepa M, Ghosal P, Srivastava AK
121 - 129 Gold particles growth on carbon felt for efficient micropower generation in a hybrid biofuel cell
Le TXH, Bechelany M, Engel AB, Cretin M, Tingry S
130 - 142 Alkylated [6,6]-open difluoromethanofullerenes C-60(CF2)R-2: Facile synthesis, electrochemical behavior and photovoltaic applications
Brotsman VA, Ioutsi VA, Rybalchenko AV, Bogdanov VP, Sokolov SA, Belov NM, Lukonina NS, Markov VY, Ioffe IN, Troyanov SI, Magdesieva TV, Trukhanov VA, Paraschuk DY, Goryunkov AA
143 - 151 Excellent Performance of Lithium-Sulfur batteries with Carbonized Porous Aromatic Framework Nanobeads as Support
Zhai WL, Tu WL, Liu Y, Gao HY, Yu JG, Zhao YN, Li GD
152 - 162 Interplay Between Structure and Conductivity in 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate/(delta-MgCl2)(f) Electrolytes for Magnesium Batteries
Bertasi F, Vezzu K, Nawn G, Pagot G, Di Noto V
163 - 169 Tuning the carbon content on TiO2 nanosheets for optimized sodium storage
Wen YF, Yun JH, Luo B, Lyu MQ, Wang LZ
170 - 177 Point-of-use electroanalytical platform based on homemade potentiostat and smartphone for multivariate data processing
Giordano GF, Vicentini MBR, Murer RC, Augusto F, Ferrao MF, Helfer GA, da Costa AB, Gobbi AL, Hantao LW, Lima RS
178 - 186 Influence of mass transfer and electrolyte composition on anodic oxygen evolution in molten oxides
Caldwell AH, Lai E, Gmitter AJ, Allanore A
187 - 193 MoS2 nanosheet decorated with trace loads of Pt as highly active electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Luo YP, Huang DK, Li M, Xiao X, Shi WN, Wang MK, Su J, Shen Y
194 - 203 Self-supported porous Ni-Fe-P composite as an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction in both acidic and alkaline medium
Ma ZZ, Li RX, Wang M, Meng HJ, Zhang F, Bao XQ, Tang B, Wang XG
204 - 213 Electrochemical and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic insights into Molybdenum(0) Fischer ethoxycarbene complexes
van Rensburg AJ, Landman M, Erasmus E, van der Westhuizen D, Ferreira H, Conradie MM, Conradie J
214 - 226 One Pot Solvothermal Synthesis of Sandwich-like Mg Al Layered Double Hydroxide anchored Reduced Graphene Oxide: An excellent electrode material for Supercapacitor
Hatui G, Nayak GC, Udayabhanu G
227 - 234 Mo-doped Gray Anatase TiO2: Lattice Expansion for Enhanced Sodium Storage
Liao HX, Xie LL, Zhang Y, Qiu XQ, Li SM, Huang ZD, Hou HS, Ji XB
235 - 240 Preparation of Li7P3S11 glass-ceramic electrolyte by dissolution-evaporation method for all-solid-state lithium ion batteries
Xu RC, Xia XH, Yao ZJ, Wang XL, Gu CD, Tu JP
241 - 250 Exfoliated SnS2 Nanoplates for Enhancing Direct Electrochemical Glucose Sensing
Lee KT, Liang YC, Lin HH, Li CH, Lu SY
251 - 257 In situ analysis of surface morphology and viscoelastic effects during deposition of thin silicon layers from 1-butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide
Ivanov S, Vlaic C, Bund A, Efimov I
258 - 266 Reduced graphene oxide catalysts for efficient regeneration of cobalt-based redox electrolytes in dye-sensitized solar cells
Giannouri M, Bidikoudi M, Pastrana-Martinez LM, Silva AMT, Falaras P
267 - 276 Ionic liquid hybrids: Progress toward non-corrosive electrolytes with high-voltage oxidation stability for magnesium-ion based batteries
Huie MM, Cama CA, Smith PF, Yin JF, Marschilok AC, Takeuchi KJ, Takeuchi ES
277 - 283 Voltammetric and impedance characterization of Li4Ti5O12/n-Ag composite for lithium-ion batteries
Krajewski M, Hamankiewicz B, Czerwinski A
284 - 294 High capacity supercapacitor material based on reduced graphene oxide loading mesoporpus murdochite-type Ni6MnO8 nanospheres
Wang L, Duan GR, Zhu JW, Chen SM, Liu XH
295 - 304 Constraining polyselenide formation in ether based electrolytes through confinement of Se in microporous carbon matrix for Li-Se batteries
Babu DB, Ramesha K
305 - 311 Cations/Anions Effects of Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids on the Diffusion Properties of Iron- and Ruthenium-bipyridine/phenanthroline Complexes
Patah A, Bachle J, Grampp G
312 - 320 Identification of Resistivity Distributions in Dielectric Layers by Measurement Model Analysis of Impedance Spectroscopy
Chen YM, Nguyen AS, Orazem ME, Tribollet B, Pebere N, Musiani M, Vivier V
321 - 329 Simple fabrication of core-shell AuPt@Pt nanocrystals supported on reduced graphene oxide for ethylene glycol oxidation and hydrogen evolution reactions
Shao FQ, Lin XX, Feng JJ, Yuan J, Chen JR, Wang AJ
330 - 338 Carbon Coated MoO3 Nanowires/Graphene oxide Ternary Nanocomposite for High-Performance Supercapacitors
Shaheen W, Warsi MF, Shahid M, Khan MA, Asghar M, Ali Z, Sarfraz M, Anwar H, Nadeem M, Shakir I
339 - 349 Facile synthesis of bicontinuous microporous/mesoporous carbon foam with ultrahigh specific surface area for supercapacitor application
Li ZS, Hu XH, Xiong DQ, Li BL, Wang HQ, Li QY
350 - 355 Molybdenum-doped Pt3Ni on carbon nanofibers as counter electrode for high-performance dye-sensitized solar cell
Li L, Wang MK, Xiao JY, Sui HD, Zhang WM, Li XW, Yang K, Zhang YC, Wu MX
356 - 362 Hollow carbon nanosphere embedded with ultrafine Fe3O4 nanoparticles as high performance Li-ion battery anode
Liu L, Zhang H, Liu SW, Yao HM, Hou HQ, Chen SL
363 - 376 Electroactive polymers made by loading redox ions inside crosslinked polymeric hydrogels. Effects of hydrophobic interactions and solvent dynamics
Martinez MV, Bruno MM, Miras MC, Barbero CA
377 - 385 Synthesis and characterization of Ni-P-Ag composite coating as efficient electrocatalyst for alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction
Elias L, Hegde AC
386 - 393 Sunlight driven photoelectrochemical light-to-electricity conversion of screen-printed surface nanostructured TiO2 decorated with plasmonic Au nanoparticles
Moakhar RS, Masudy-Panah S, Jalali M, Goh GKL, Dolati A, Ghorbani M, Riahi-Noori N
394 - 400 Electrochemical Performance of La1.5Sr0.5Ni1-xFexO4+delta Cathode for IT-SOFCs
Yia S, Shen YN, Zhao HL, Du ZH, Chen N, Huang BX
401 - 411 The influence of arsenic alloying on the localised corrosion behaviour of magnesium
Williams G, Dafydd HAL, McMurray HN, Birbilis N
412 - 417 Controlled Tuning of the Ferri/Ferrocyanide Electron Transfer at Oligo (Ethylene Glycol)-Modified Electrodes
Doneux T, Cherif LY, Buess-Herman C
418 - 424 Silver Terephthalate (Ag2C8H4O4) Offering in-situ Formed Metal/Organic Nanocomposite as the Highly Efficient Organic Anode in Li-ion and Na-ion Batteries
Xue J, Fan C, Deng QJ, Zhao MJ, Wang LP, Zhou AJ, Li JZ
425 - 434 The synergic effect of activated carbon and Li3V1.95Ni0.05(PO4)(3)/C for the development of high energy and power electrodes
Secchiarolia M, Marassi R, Wohlfahrt-Mehrens M, Dsoke S
435 - 446 Frequency and atomic mass based selective electrochemical recovery of rare earth metals and isotopes
Sarswat PK, Free ML
447 - 452 Nondisruptive In Situ Raman Analysis for Gas Evolution in Commercial Supercapacitor Cells
Kim J, Kim E, Lee U, Lee I, Han S, Son H, Yoon S
453 - 462 A comparative photophysical and photoelectrochemical study of undoped and 2-aminothiophene-3-carbonitrile-doped carbon nitride
Diaz-Garcia AK, Diez-Garcia MI, Lana-Villarreal T, Gomez R
463 - 469 Impact of size on energy storage performance of graphene based supercapacitor electrode
Lu L, Li WF, Zhou LS, Zhang YJ, Zhang Z, Chen Y, Liu JH, Liu LW, Chen W, Zhang YG
470 - 481 Strategy for enhancing the solar-driven water splitting performance of TiO2 nanorod arrays with thin Zn(O,S) passivated layer by atomic layer deposition
Shin SW, Suryawanshi MP, Hong HK, Yun G, Lim D, Heo J, Kang SH, Kim JH
482 - 491 Metal@MOF Materials in Electroanalysis: Silver-Enhanced Oxidation Reactivity Towards Nitrophenols Adsorbed into a Zinc Metal Organic Framework-Ag@MOF-5(Zn)
Yadav DK, Ganesan V, Marken F, Gupta R, Sonkar PK
492 - 501 alpha-MnO2 Nanowires/Graphene Composites with High Electrocatalytic Activity for Mg-Air Fuel Cell
Jiang M, He H, Huang C, Liu B, Yi WJ, Chao ZS
502 - 508 Modelling transport-limited discharge capacity of lithium-sulfur cells
Zhang T, Marinescu M, Walus S, Offer GJ
509 - 515 Optimized degradation removal of 2-nitrotoluene by combination of cathodic reduction and electro-oxidation process
Wang BJ, Wu YF, Jiang BC, Song H, Li WT, Jiang YL, Wang CM, Sun L, Li Q, Li AM
516 - 523 Li1.15Mn0.49Ni0.18Co0.18O2 nanoplates with exposed (012) plane as high energy and power cathode of Li-ion batteries
Luo D, Wang G, Fang S, Yang L, Hirano S
524 - 530 Influence of iron doping on structure and electrochemical properties of Li4Ti5O12
Stenina IA, Sobolev AN, Yaroslavtsev SA, Rusakov VS, Kulova TL, Skundin AM, Yaroslavtsev AB
531 - 539 The Effect of Atomic Arrangements on the Oxygen Reduction Reaction Performance of Carbon-supported CoPtAg Catalysts
Huang PH, Liu CW, Guo YZ, Lee SW, Lin ZJ, Wang KW
540 - 546 Cage-like MnO2-Mn2O3 hollow spheres with high specific capacitance and high rate capability as supercapacitor material
Jia S, Ma YY, Wang H, Key JL, Brett DJL, Wang RF
547 - 552 Effect of VO43- substitution for PO43- on electrochemical properties of the Li3Fe2(PO4)(3) cathode materials
Yang YG, Zhang YG, Hua ZS, Wang X, Peng HF, Bakenov Z
553 - 559 Toward Enhanced Oxygen Evolution on Perovskite Oxides Synthesized from Different Approaches: A Case Study of Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta
Xu XM, Pan YL, Zhou W, Chen YB, Zhang ZB, Shao ZP
560 - 567 Conformal Coating of Heterogeneous CoO/Co Nanocomposites on Carbon Nanotubes as Efficient Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Li-Air Batteries
Liu Y, Liu Y, Cheng SHS, Yu SC, Nan B, Bian HD, Md K, Wang M, Chung CY, Lu ZG
568 - 576 Complexes of DNA with peptide derivatives of cisPt. Electroanalytical examination
Zabost E, Liwinska W, Kowalczyk A, Glowinska A, Tomczyszyn A, Misicka A, Stojek Z
577 - 587 Importance of Protons and Specifically Adsorbing Ions on Changing Capacitance, Space Charge Potential Inside the Solid, and the Interfacial Potential at the TiO2 Aqueous Solution Interface
Wang Y, Tejedor-Tejedor MI, Tan W, Anderson MA
588 - 591 Estimation of continuity of electroactive inorganic films based on apparent anti-Ohmic trend in their charge transfer resistance
Komkova MA, Karpova EV, Sukhorukov GA, Sadovnikov AA, Karyakin AA
592 - 603 Nitrogen-doped hierarchically porous carbon networks: synthesis and applications in lithium-ion battery, sodium-ion battery and zinc-air battery
Wang L, Yang CL, Dou S, Wang SY, Zhang JT, Gao X, Ma JM, Yu Y
604 - 613 Graphene sheets wrapped carbon nanofibers as a highly conductive three-dimensional framework for perpendicularly anchoring of MoS2: Advanced electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Gu HH, Huang YP, Zuo LZ, Fan W, Liu TX
614 - 622 Synthesis, stability and conductivity of SrCe0.8-xZrxY0.2O3-delta as electrolyte for proton conducting SOFC
Mahadik PS, Jain D, Shirsat AN, Manoj N, Varma S, Wani BN, Bharadwaj SR
623 - 629 In-situ Growth of Ultrathin ZIF-67 Nanosheets on Conductive Ti@TiO2/CdS Substrate for High-efficient Electrochemical Catalysis
Zhang T, Du J, Zhang HL, Xu CL
630 - 637 The electrochemical behavior of a Metal-Organic Framework modified gold electrode for methanol oxidation
Vulcu A, Olenic L, Blanita G, Berghian-Grosan C
638 - 646 Electrodeposition of NiO Films and Inverse Opal Organized Layers from Polar Aprotic Solvent-Based Electrolyte
Koussi-Daoud S, Majerus O, Schaming D, Pauporte T
647 - 654 Highly dispersed AuPd alloy nanoparticles immobilized on UiO-66-NH2 metal-organic framework for the detection of nitrite
Yang J, Yang LT, Ye HL, Zhao FQ, Zeng BZ
655 - 663 A novel high performance configuration of electrochemical cell to produce alkali for sequestration of carbon dioxide
Mehmood A, Iqbal MI, Lee JY, Hwang J, Jung KD, Ha HY
664 - 672 Towards phase pure kesterite CZTS films via Cu-Zn-Sn electrodeposition followed by sulfurization
Unveroglu B, Zangari G
673 - 681 Synthesis and electropolymerization of bis(4-cyano-1-pyridino) alkanes: effect of co- and counter-ions
Zhidkova MN, Aysina KE, Kotov VY, Ivanov VK, Nelyubina YV, Ananyev IV, Laurinavichyute VK
682 - 692 Li3V2(PO4)(3)/LiFePO4 composite hollow microspheres for wide voltage lithium ion batteries
He W, Wei CL, Zhang XD, Wang YY, Liu QZ, Shen JX, Wang LZ, Yue YZ
693 - 700 In-situ Grown of MoS2/RGO/MoS2@Mo Nanocomposite and Its supercapacitor Performance
Zhang YX, Ju PW, Zhao CJ, Qian XZ
701 - 710 Graphene-Modified Electrodeposited Dendritic Porous Tin Structures as Binder Free Anode for High Performance Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Mohan EH, Sarada BV, Naidu RVR, Salian G, Haridas AK, Rao BVA, Rao TN
711 - 720 Battery pack topology structure on state-of-charge estimation accuracy in electric vehicles
Wang LM, Zhao XL, Liu L, Wang RC
721 - 733 Investigation of the effects of uranium(III)-chloride concentration on voltammetry in molten LiCl-KCl eutectic with a glass sealed tungsten electrode
Rappleye D, Teaford K, Simpson MF
734 - 741 Sandwich-like nanostructure of amorphous ZnSnO3 encapsulated in carbon nanosheets for enhanced lithium storage
Luo P, Zhang HJ, Liu L, Fang L, Wang Y
742 - 750 A high-performance flexible solid-state supercapacitor based on Li-ion intercalation into tunnel-structure iron sulfide
Javed MS, Jiang ZQ, Zhang CL, Chen L, Hu CG, Gu X
751 - 765 Impedance Characteristics and Diagnoses of Automotive Lithium-Ion Batteries at 7.5% to 93.0% State of Charge
Huang QA, Shen Y, Huang YH, Zhang L, Zhang JJ
766 - 772 Influence of polyoxyethylene phytosterol addition in ionic liquid-based electrolyte on photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cells
Takahashi M, Sato K, Sakurai S, Kobayashi K
773 - 780 Photo-electrocatalytic hydrogen generation at dye-sensitised electrodes functionalised with a heterogeneous metal catalyst
Hoogeveen DA, Fournier M, Bonke SA, Fang XY, Mozer AJ, Mishra A, Bauerle P, Simonov AN, Spiccia L
781 - 789 Enhanced electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution in graphene via defect engineering and heteroatoms co-doping
Tian Y, Mei R, Xue DZ, Zhang X, Peng W
790 - 797 Salinity gradient power: Optimization of nanopore size
Tseng SJ, Li YM, Lin CY, Hsu JP