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ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Inverse modeling of thin layer flow cells for detection of solubility, transport and reaction coefficients from experimental data
Merdon C, Fuhrmann J, Linke A, Streckenbach T, Neumann F, Khodayari M, Baltruschat H
11 - 17 Three dimensional self-assembly ZnSb nanowire balls with good performance as sodium ions battery anode
Liao S, Sun Y, Wang J, Cui H, Wang CX
18 - 26 Nanopalladium grained polymer nanocomposite based sensor for the sensitive determination of Melatonin
Kumar N, Rosy, Goyal RN
27 - 35 A disposable biosensor for noninvasive diabetic diagnosis rest on the Au/TiO2 nano-composite intensified electrochemiluminescence
Yu LY, Wei XH, Fang C, Tu YF
36 - 43 Sensitive detection of hydrogen peroxide and nitrite based on silver/carbon nanocomposite synthesized by carbon dots as reductant via one step method
Zhang S, Liu XY, Huang N, Lu QJ, Liu ML, Li HT, Zhang YY, Yao SZ
44 - 51 Cycling stability of ultrafine beta-Ni(OH)(2) nanosheets for high capacity energy storage device via a multilayer nickel foam electrode
Mao YQ, Li TT, Guo CL, Zhu FC, Zhang CC, Wei YH, Hou LF
52 - 58 In-situ electrochemical atomic force microscopy study of aging of magnetron sputtered Pt-Co nanoalloy thin films during accelerated degradation test
Khalakhan I, Vorokhta M, Vaclavu M, Smid B, Lavkova J, Matolinova I, Fiala R, Tsud N, Skala T, Matolin V
59 - 70 Hybrid of NiCo2S4 and nitrogen and sulphur-functionalized multiple graphene aerogel for application in supercapacitors and oxygen reduction with significant electrochemical synergy
Yang TT, Li RY, Li ZJ, Gu ZG, Wang GL, Liu JK
71 - 76 Application of Centri-voltammetry to Cytosensors: Cyto-centrivoltammetry
Tepeli Y, Barlas FB, Timur S, Anik U
77 - 82 Hierarchical tubular structures constructed from rutile TiO2 nanorods with superior sodium storage properties
Gu X, Li LJ, Wang Y, Dai PC, Wang HB, Zhao XB
83 - 91 Nanoporous TiO2/Co3O4 Composite as an Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Zhao DY, Hao Q, Xu CX
92 - 100 Performance optimization in dye-sensitized solar cells with beta-NaYF4:Yb3+,Er3+@SiO2@TiO2 mesoporous microspheres as multi-functional photoanodes
Wang YW, Zhu YH, Yang XL, Shen JH, Li XQ, Qian SH, Li CZ
101 - 109 State of charge estimation of power Li-ion batteries using a hybrid estimation algorithm based on UKF
He ZG, Chen D, Pan CF, Chen L, Wang SH
110 - 118 Use of Polyelectrolytes for the Fabrication of Porous NiO Films by Electrophoretic Deposition for Supercapacitor Electrodes
Gonzalez Z, Ferrari B, Sanchez-Herencia AJ, Caballero A, Morales J
119 - 125 Nanoparticles-Constructed Spinel Li4Ti5O12 with Extra Surface Lithium Storage Capability towards Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries
Ge H, Hao TT, Zhang B, Chen L, Cui LX, Song XM
126 - 141 Initial stages of localized corrosion at cut-edges of adhesively bonded Zn and Zn-Al-Mg galvanized steel
Yasakau KA, Kallip S, Lisenkov A, Ferreira MGS, Zheludkevich ML
142 - 147 Three-dimensional reconstruction of coarse-dense dual catalyst layer for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Jung CY, Kim SK, Lee SJ, Yi SC
148 - 155 Surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy and electrochemistry reveal the impact of nanoparticles on the function of protein immobilized on mimic biointerface
Zhang XF, Zeng L, Liu L, Ma ZF, Jiang X
156 - 163 High Capacity Retention Anode Material for Lithium Ion Battery
Sagar RUR, Mahmood N, Stadler FJ, Anwar T, Navale ST, Shehzad K, Du B
164 - 172 Nitrogen-doped graphene/molybdenum disulfide composite as the electrocatalytic film for dye-sensitized solar cells
Fan MS, Lee CP, Li CT, Huang YJ, Vittal R, Ho KC
173 - 182 Electrospun Mo-BiVO4 for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation: Direct Evidence of Improved Hole Diffusion Length and Charge separation
Antony RP, Bassi PS, Abdi FF, Chiam SY, Ren Y, Barber J, Loo JSC, Wong LH
183 - 192 Hollow porous carbon spheres with hierarchical nanoarchitecture for application of the high performance supercapacitors
Liu J, Wang XY, Gao J, Zhang YW, Lu Q, Liu M
193 - 198 Acid-base and redox equilibria of a tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amine copper complex; their effects on electrocatalytic oxygen reduction by the complex
Asahi M, Yamazaki S, Itoh S, Ioroi T
199 - 206 Enhanced performance of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube membrane-based filtration cathode microbial fuel cell
Zuo KC, Liu H, Zhang QY, Liang P, Vecitis CD, Huang X
207 - 216 Facile Synthesis of Hollow Polyhedral (Cubic, Octahedral and Dodecahedral) NiO with Enhanced Lithium Storage Capabilities
Lin FN, Wang H, Wang G
217 - 224 A high energy density asymmetric supercapacitor from ultrathin manganese molybdate nanosheets
Mu XM, Zhang YX, Wang H, Huang BY, Sun PB, Chen T, Zhou JY, Xie EQ, Zhang ZX
225 - 233 Nitrogen and Oxygen-Doped Hierarchical Porous Carbons from Algae Biomass: Direct Carbonization and Excellent Electrochemical Properties
Tian ZW, Xiang M, Zhou JC, Hu LQ, Cai JJ
234 - 244 Electrochemical behavior of Sn-Fe alloy film negative electrodes for a sodium secondary battery using inorganic ionic liquid Na[FSA]-K[FSA]
Yamamoto T, Nohira T, Hagiwara R, Fukunaga A, Sakai S, Nitta K
245 - 254 Synergistic effects of gelatin and convection on copper foil electrodeposition
Chang TR, Jin Y, Wen L, Zhang CS, Leygraf C, Wallinder IO, Zhang JP
255 - 264 Facile synthesis of electrospinning Mn2O3-Fe2O3 loaded carbon fibers for electrocatalysis of hydrogen peroxide reduction and hydrazine oxidation
Li C, Li M, Bo XJ, Yang L, Mtukula AC, Guo LP
265 - 272 Experimental Study on Sodiation of Amorphous Silicon for Use as Sodium-Ion Battery Anode
Lim CH, Huang TY, Shao PS, Chien JH, Weng YT, Huang HF, Hwang BJ, Wu NL
273 - 288 An efficient ZrO2/Co3O4/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite electrochemical sensor for simultaneous determination of gallic acid, caffeic acid and protocatechuic acid natural antioxidants
Puangjan A, Chaiyasith S
289 - 296 yy Li-ion capacitor based on activated rice husk derived porous carbon with improved electrochemical performance
Babu B, Lashmi PG, Shaijumon MM
297 - 304 A pH-Dependent Electrochemical Immunosensor Based on Integrated Macroporous Carbon Electrode for Assay of Carcinoembryonic Antigen
Song YH, Shen Y, Chen JY, Song YG, Gong CC, Wang L
305 - 312 Porous carbon-wrapped mesoporous Co9S8 fibers as stable anode for Li-Ion Batteries
Qu GL, Geng HB, Ge DH, Tang MH, Zheng JW, Gu HW
313 - 321 Diffusion Coefficient of Ho3+ at Liquid zinc Electrode and Co-reduction Behaviors of Ho3+ and Zn2+ on W Electrode in the LiCl-KCl Eutectic
Liu YL, Zhou W, Tang HB, Liu ZR, Liu K, Yuan LY, Feng YX, Chai ZF, Shi WQ
322 - 330 Anodic platinum dissolution, entrapping by amine functionalized-reduced graphene oxide: a simple approach to derive the uniform distribution of platinum nanoparticles with efficient electrocatalytic activity for durable hydrogen evolution and ethanol oxidation
Navaee A, Salimi A
Standish T, Chen J, Jacklin R, Jakupi P, Ramamurthy S, Zagidulin D, Keech P, Shoesmith D
343 - 355 Electrochemical synthesis, morphological and structural characteristics of carbon nanomaterials produced in molten salts
Novoselova IA, Kuleshov SV, Volkov SV, Bykov VN
356 - 363 Effect of the Heat Treatment on the Dimensional Stability of Si Electrodes with PVDF Binder
Hwang SS, Sohn M, Park HI, Choi JM, Cho CG, Kim H
364 - 374 Co-sensitization of Dithiafulvenyl-Phenothiazine Based Organic Dyes with N719 for Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Luo JS, Wan ZQ, Jia CY, Wang Y, Wu XC, Yao XJ
375 - 384 Influence of zirconium dioxide and titanium dioxide binders on the photovoltaic performance of dye sensitized solar cell tungsten carbide nanorods based counter electrode
Paranthaman V, Muthu SP, Alagarsamy P, Ming HN, Perumalsamy R
385 - 394 Influence of Oxygen content on the electrochemical behavior of Ta1-xOx coatings
Alves CFA, Calderon SV, Dias D, Carvalho S
395 - 403 The application of plasma treatment for Ti3+ modified TiO2 nanowires film electrode with enhanced lithium-storage properties
Li X, Zhao JB, Sun SG, Huang L, Qiu ZP, Dong P, Zhang YJ
404 - 410 In-situ assembly of three-dimensional MoS2 nanoleaves/carbon nanofiber composites derived from bacterial cellulose as flexible and binder-free anodes for enhanced lithium-ion batteries
Zhang F, Tang YB, Yang Y, Zhang XL, Lee CS
411 - 419 Flexible fiber hybrid supercapacitor with NiCo2O4 nanograss@carbon fiber and bio-waste derived high surface area porous carbon
Senthilkumar ST, Fu NQ, Liu Y, Wang Y, Zhou LM, Huang HT
420 - 429 Simulations and Interpretation of Three-Electrode Cyclic Voltammograms of Pseudocapacitive Electrodes
Girard HL, Dunn B, Pilon L
430 - 436 Solvothermal synthesis of Na2Ti3O7 nanowires embedded in 3D graphene networks as an anode for high-performance sodium-ion batteries
Zhou ZM, Xiao HM, Zhang F, Zhang XL, Tang YB
437 - 444 Latent Fingermarks Enhancement in Deep Eutectic Solvent by Co-electrodepositing Silver and Copper Particles on Metallic Substrates
Zhang Y, Zhang MQ, Wei QH, Gao YJ, Guo LJ, Zhang XJ
445 - 452 Perovskite-type La-0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3, Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.2Fe0.8O3, and Sm0.5Sr0.5Co0.2Fe0.8O3 cathode materials and their chromium poisoning for solid oxide fuel cells
Shen FY, Lu K
453 - 460 The influence of electrolyte composition on the growth of nanoporous anodic alumina
Stepniowski WJ, Moneta M, Norek M, Michalska-Domanska M, Scarpellini A, Salerno M
461 - 468 Design and Tailoring of a Three-Dimensional Lithium Rich Layered Oxide-Graphene/Carbon Nanotubes Composite for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Wang T, Chen ZJ, Zhao RR, Chen HY
469 - 477 Supercapacitor Electrode Based on Nano-Vanadium Nitride Incorporated on Porous Carbon Nanospheres Derived from Ionic Amphiphilic Block Copolymers & Vanadium-Contained Ion Assembly Systems
Liu Y, Liu LY, Kong LB, Kang L, Ran F
478 - 487 Effect of gas diffusion layer properties on water distribution across air-cooled, open-cathode polymer electrolyte fuel cells: A combined ex-situ X-ray tomography and in-operando neutron imaging study
Meyer Q, Ashton S, Boillat P, Cochet M, Engebretsen E, Finegan DP, Lu XK, Bailey JJ, Mansor N, Abdulaziz R, Taiwo OO, Jervis R, Torija S, Benson P, Foster S, Adcock P, Shearing PR, Brett DJL
488 - 498 Activated carbon derived from non-metallic printed circuit board waste for supercapacitor application
Rajagopal RR, Aravinda LS, Rajarao R, Bhat BR, Sahajwalla V
499 - 506 Preparation of sandwich-like phosphorus/reduced graphene oxide composites as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Wang LY, Guo HL, Wang W, Teng KY, Xu ZW, Chen C, Li CY, Yang CY, Hu CS
507 - 514 Synthesis and electrochemical performance of micro-sized Li-rich layered cathode material for Lithium-ion batteries
Pan LC, Xia YG, Qiu B, Zhao H, Guo HC, Jia K, Gu QW, Liu ZP
515 - 523 Exploration for the Self-ordering of Porous Alumina Fabricated via Anodizing in Etidronic Acid
Takenaga A, Kikuchi T, Natsui S, Suzuki RO
524 - 532 Fabrication of ultrafine manganese oxide-decorated carbon nanofibers for high-performance electrochemical capacitors
Yang Y, Lee S, Brown DE, Zhao HR, Li XS, Jiang DQ, Hao SJ, Zhao YX, Cong DY, Zhang X, Ren Y
533 - 544 The Electrochemical Study of Vanillin in Acetonitrile
Lee JHQ, Lauw SJL, Webster RD
545 - 551 Cost-effective carbon supported Fe2O3 nanoparticles as an efficient catalyst for non-aqueous lithium-oxygen batteries
Wu MC, Zhao TS, Tan P, Jiang HR, Zhu XB
552 - 560 Fast growth of self-aligned titania nanotube arrays with excellent transient photoelectric responses
Cao CB, Zhang GS, Ye J, Hua RM, Sun ZQ, Cui JB
561 - 567 Electrochemically active species in aluminum electrodeposition baths of AlCl3/glyme solutions
Kitada A, Nakamura K, Fukami K, Murase K
568 - 575 Traditional earth-abundant coal as new energy materials to catalyze the oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline solution
Chen XX, Huang XN, Wang T, Barwe S, Xie KP, Kayran YU, Wintrich D, Schuhmann W, Masa J
576 - 585 Enhanced Visible-light Response and Conductivity of the TiO2/reduced graphene oxide/Sb2S3 Heterojunction for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation
Song YT, Lin LY, Hong JY
586 - 594 Optimal design of amperometric biosensors applying multi -objective optimization and decision visualization
Baronas R, Zilinskas A, Litvinas L
595 - 602 Facile synthesis of novel metal-organic nickel hydroxide nanorods for high performance supercapacitor
Xu J, Yang C, Xue YF, Wang C, Cao JY, Chen ZD
603 - 610 Doping MoS2 with Graphene Quantum Dots: Structural and Electrical Engineering towards Enhanced Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution
Guo JX, Zhu HF, Sun YF, Tang L, Zhang X
611 - 618 Non-Fluorescence label protein sensing with track-etched nanopore decorated by avidin/biotin system
Lepoitevin M, Bechelany M, Balanzat E, Janot JM, Balme S
619 - 626 Evaluation of Low-cost Natrochalcite Na[Cu-2(OH)(H2O)(SO4)(2)] as an Anode Material for Li- and Na-ion Batteries
Liu Z, Zhou HJ, Ang SS, Zhang JJ
627 - 635 Facile preparation and sulfidation analysis for activated multiporous carbon@NiCo2S4 nanostructure with enhanced supercapacitive properties
Wang T, Le QJ, Zhang GD, Zhu SJ, Guan B, Zhang JM, Xing SX, Zhang YX
636 - 643 Synthesis of Polyvinylpyrrolidone-Stabilized Nonstoichiometric SnO2 Nanosheets with Exposed {101} Facets and Sn(II) Self-Doping as Anode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries
Wang HK, Lu X, Tucek J, Zheng JG, Yang G, Zboril R, Niu CM
644 - 651 Strategic PbS quantum dot-based multilayered photoanodes for high efficiency quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Basit MA, Abbas MA, Jung ES, Park YM, Bang JH, Park TJ
652 - 662 Focus on factors affecting pH, flow of Cr and transformation between Cr(VI) and Cr(III) in the soil with different electrolytes
Wu JNA, Zhang J, Xiao CZ
663 - 670 Tailoring 1,4-naphthoquinone with electron-withdrawing group: toward developing redox polymer and FAD-GDH based hydrogel bioanode for efficient electrocatalytic glucose oxidation
Hou CT, Lang QL, Liu AH
671 - 678 Controlling Electrochemical Lithiation/Delithiation Reaction Paths for Long-cycle Life Nanochain-structured FeS2 Electrodes
Yang J, Liu MN, Wei ZH, Pan ZH, Qiu YC, Ye FM, Yang YL, Zhao XL, Sheng LM, Zhang YG
679 - 688 In-Situ Raman Study of the Intercalation of Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl) imid Ions into Graphite inside a Dual-Ion Cell
Balabajew M, Reinhardt H, Bock N, Duchardt M, Kachel S, Hampp N, Roling B
689 - 696 Novel MOFs@XC-72-Nafion nanohybrid modified glassy carbon electrode for the sensitive determination of melamine
Zhang WQ, Xu GR, Liu RQ, Chen J, Li XB, Zhang YD, Zhang YP
697 - 703 Investigation of non-woven carbon paper as a current collector for sulfur positive electrode-Understanding of the mechanism and potential applications for Li/S batteries
Walus S, Barchasz C, Bouchet R, Martin JF, Lepretre JC, Alloin F
704 - 710 Photo-Gated Intervalence Charge Transfer of Ethynylferrocene Functionalized Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles
Peng Y, Lu JE, Deming CP, Chen LM, Wang N, Hirata EY, Chen SW
711 - 719 Operando Analyses of Solar Fuels Light Absorbers and Catalysts
Lewerenz HJ, Lichterman MF, Richter MH, Crumlin EJ, Hu S, Axnanda S, Favaro M, Drisdell W, Hussain Z, Brunschwig BS, Liu Z, Nilsson A, Bell AT, Lewis NS, Friebel D
720 - 725 Tin Selenide - Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Hybrid Anodes for High Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries
Gurung A, Naderi R, Vaagensmith B, Varnekar G, Zhou ZP, Elbohy H, Qiao QQ
726 - 734 Interaction of amines with electrodes modified by polymeric complexes of Ni with salen-type ligands
Vereshchagin AA, Sizov VV, Verjuzhskij MS, Hrom SI, Volkov AI, Danilova JS, Novozhilova MV, Laaksonen A, Levin OV
735 - 743 Manganese-cobalt mixed oxide film as a bifunctional catalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteries
Davari E, Johnson AD, Mittal A, Xiong M, Ivey DG
744 - 753 High temperature stability study of carbon supported high surface area catalysts-Expanding the boundaries of ex-situ diagnostics
Polymeros G, Baldizzone C, Geiger S, Grote JP, Knossalla J, Mezzavilla S, Keeley GP, Cherevko S, Zeradjanin AR, Schuth F, Mayrhofer KJJ
754 - 760 Stability of type 310S stainless steel bipolar plates tested at various current densities in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Kumagai M, Myung ST, Katada Y, Yashiro H
761 - 767 High performance Ni3S2/Ni film with three dimensional porous architecture as binder-free anode for lithium ion batteries
Zhang ZJ, Zhao HL, Xia Q, Allen J, Zeng ZP, Gao CH, Li ZL, Du XF, Swierczek K
768 - 776 Nitrogen- and oxygen-codoped porous carbonaceous foam templated from high internal emulsion as PtRu catalyst support for direct methanol fuel cell
Yi FY, Gao Y, Li HM, Yi LH, Chen DY, Lu SR
777 - 786 Studies on the early oxidation process of dopamine by electrochemical measurements and quantum chemical calculations
Ismail I, Okajima T, Kawauchi S, Ohsaka T
787 - 793 An electrochemical device generating metal ion adducts of organic compounds for electrospray mass spectrometry
Dytrtova JJ, Jakl M, Navratil T, Cvacka J, Paces O
794 - 803 MoSe2 nanosheet/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly (styrenesulfonate) composite film as a Pt-free counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Huang YJ, Fan MS, Li CT, Lee CP, Chen TY, Vittal R, Ho KC
804 - 813 Ion conducting and paramagnetic d-PCL(530)/siloxane-based biohybrids doped with Mn2+ ions
Pereira RFP, Donoso JP, Magon CJ, Silva IDA, Cardoso MA, Goncalves MC, Sabadini RC, Pawlicka A, Bermudez VD, Silva MM
814 - 821 High-Performance Non-Noble Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Using Fluidic Acrylonitrile Telomer as Precursor
Hong F, Liu JX, Xie MS, Chang YQ, He CX, Zhang QL, Niu HB, Liu JH
822 - 831 Improving the cycling performance of LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 by surface coating with Li2TiO3
Meng K, Wang ZX, Guo HJ, Li XH, Wang D
832 - 841 Simple Synthesis of TiO2/MnOx Composite with Enhanced Performances as Anode Materials for Li-Ion Battery
Wu D, Yang R, Sun QX, Shen L, Ji WX, Shen R, Jiang M, Ding WP, Peng LM
842 - 850 Optimization of the PtFe alloy structure for application as an efficient counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Omelianovych O, Dao VD, Larina LL, Choi HS
851 - 859 Potentiodynamic dissolution study of PtRu/C electrocatalyst in the presence of methanol
Jovanovic P, Selih VS, Sala M, Hocevar S, Ruiz-Zepeda F, Hodnik N, Bele M, Gaberscek M
860 - 870 Ternary alloying additions and multilayering as strategies to enhance the galvanic protection ability of Al-Zn coatings electrodeposited from ionic liquid solution
Cross SR, Schuh CA
871 - 878 Fabrication of mesoporous NiFe2O4 nanorods as efficient oxygen evolution catalyst for water splitting
Liu G, Wang KF, Gao XS, He DY, Li JP
879 - 890 Grafting of 4-pyrrolyphenyldiazonium in situ generated on NiTi, an adhesion promoter for pyrrole electropolymerisation?
Jacques A, Chehimi MM, Poleunis C, Delcorte A, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
891 - 899 Synthesis and properties of morphology controllable copper sulphide nanosheets for supercapacitor application
Xu WC, Liang YQ, Su YG, Zhu SL, Cui ZD, Yang XJ, Inoue A, Wei Q, Liang CY
900 - 910 3D multi-structural porous NiAg films with nanoarchitecture walls: high catalytic activity and stability for hydrogen evolution reaction
Yu XT, Wang MY, Wang Z, Gong XZ, Guo ZC
Albu AM, Maior I, Nicolae CA, Bocaneala FL
918 - 925 Increased efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells by addition of rare earth oxide microparticles into a titania acceptor
Luitel T, Fernando K, Tatum BS, Alphenaar BW, Zamborini FP
926 - 932 Towards an all-vanadium redox-flow battery electrolyte: electrooxidation of V(III) in V(IV)/V(III) redox couple
Roznyatovskaya N, Noack J, Fuhl M, Pinkwart K, Tubke J
933 - 940 Effect of Iron Precursors on the Structure and Oxygen Reduction Activity of Iron-Nitrogen-Carbon Catalysts
Setyowati VA, Huang HC, Liu CC, Wang CH
941 - 949 Electroactive biopolymer/graphene hydrogels prepared for high-performance supercapacitor electrodes
Xiong CL, Zhong WB, Zou YB, Luo JW, Yang WT
950 - 961 Investigation of pharmaceutically active ionic liquids as electrolyte for the electrosynthesis of polypyrrole and active component in controlled drug delivery
Carquigny S, Lakard B, Lakard S, Moutarlier V, Hihn JY, Viau L
962 - 971 MgO-template-assisted synthesis of worm-like carbon@MoS2 composite for lithium ion battery anodes
Wan L, Sun W, Shen JJ, Li XC
972 - 981 Surfactant-free self-assembly of reduced graphite oxide-MoO2 nanobelt composites used as electrode for lithium-ion batteries
Zhu YP, Xu XM, Chen G, Zhong YJ, Cai R, Li L, Shao ZP
982 - 988 Micron-sized Spherical Si/C Hybrids Assembled via Water/Oil System for High-Performance Lithium Ion Battery
Yun QB, Qin XY, He YB, Lv W, Kaneti YV, Li BH, Yang QH, Kang FY
989 - 997 Cell Performance Determining Parameters in High Pressure Water Electrolysis
Suermann M, Schmidt TJ, Buchi FN
998 - 1005 Functionalized porous Si nanowires for selective and simultaneous electrochemical detection of Cd(II) and Pb(II) ions
Guo Z, Seol ML, Gao C, Kim MS, Ahn JH, Choi YK, Huang XJ
1006 - 1015 Plasticization of NaX-PEO solid polymer electrolytes by Pyr(13)X ionic liquids
Boschin A, Johansson P
1016 - 1023 Kinetic Modulation of Outer-Sphere Electron Transfer Reactions on Graphene Electrode with a Sub-surface Metal Substrate
Hui JS, Zhou X, Bhargava R, Chinderle A, Zhang JR, Rodriguez-Lopez J
1024 - 1032 Sequential and Transient Electrocatalysis of Glucose Oxidation Reactions by Octahedral, Rhombic Dodecahedral, and Cubic Palladium Nanocrystals
Ye JS, Hsu SY, Lee CL
1033 - 1040 Design and Construction of a Novel Flame-Based Electroanalyzer for Sensitive and Selective Detection of Alkali ions at nM Levels by Amperometry: Discrimination of Alzheimer's Disease
Doroodmand MM, Ghasemi F
1041 - 1047 Three-Dimensional Oxygen-Deficient Li4Ti5O12 Nanospheres as High-Performance Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries
Liu Y, Xiao RJ, Fang YQ, Zhang P
1048 - 1055 Rational design and synthesis of 3D MoS2 hierarchitecture with tunable nanosheets and 2H/1T phase within graphene for superior lithium storage
Zhou Y, Liu Y, Zhao WX, Xu RM, Wang DH, Li BJ, Zhou X, Shen H
1056 - 1065 Anodizing of multiphase aluminium alloys in sulfuric acid: in-situ electrochemical behaviour and oxide properties
Veys-Renaux D, Chahboun N, Rocca E
1066 - 1075 Nano nickel oxide coated graphene/polyaniline composite film with high electrochemical performance for flexible supercapacitor
Wu XM, Wang QG, Zhang WZ, Wang Y, Chen WX
1076 - 1091 Harmonic analysis based method for linearity assessment and noise quantification in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements: Theoretical formulation and experimental validation for Tafelian systems
Giner-Sanz JJ, Ortega EM, Perez-Herranz V
1092 - 1092 Quantum dot sensitized solar cell based on TiO2/CdS/CdSe/ZnS heterostructure (vol 203, pg 74, 2016)
Pawar SA, Patil DS, Jung HR, Park JY, Mali SS, Hong CK, Shin JC, Patil PS, Kim JH