Electrochimica Acta

Electrochimica Acta, Vol.190 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 15 Mechanical and Electrochemical Response of a LiCoO2 Cathode using Reconstructed Microstructures
Mendoza H, Roberts SA, Brunini VE, Grillet AM
16 - 24 Laccase-catalyzed electrochemical fabrication of polyaniline/graphene oxide composite onto graphite felt electrode and its application in bioelectrochemical system
Hui J, Jiang XB, Xie HF, Chen D, Shen JY, Sun XY, Han WQ, Li JS, Wang LJ
25 - 32 TiO2 mesoporous single crystals with controllable architectures and TiO2/graphene oxide nanocomposites for high-performance lithium ion battery anodes
Fu XX, Shi L, Fan CY, Yu SQ, Qian GD, Wang ZY
33 - 39 Bead-curtain shaped SiC@SiO2 core-shell nanowires with superior electrochemical properties for lithium-ion batteries
Hu YW, Liu XS, Zhang XP, Wan N, Pan D, Li XJ, Bai Y, Zhang WF
40 - 48 Carbon nanomaterials for simultaneous determination of dopamine and uric acid in the presence of ascorbic acid: from one-dimensional to the quasi one-dimensional
Hu HF, Song YP, Feng M, Zhan HB
49 - 56 Chemically drilling carbon nanotubes for electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction
Zhong GY, Wang HJ, Yu H, Wang HH, Peng F
57 - 63 Synergistic effect of Ni and Co ions on molybdates for superior electrochemical performance
Chen HC, Chen S, Zhu YY, Li C, Fan MQ, Chen D, Tian GL, Shu KY
64 - 68 Cathodic electrochemiluminescence of singlet oxygen induced by the electroactive zinc porphyrin in aqueous media
Zhang GY, Deng SY, Zhang XJ, Shan D
69 - 75 In-situ carbon coating to enhance the rate capability of the Li4Ti5O12 anode material and suppress the electrolyte reduction decomposition on the electrode
Li X, Xu J, Huang PX, Yang W, Wang ZQ, Wang MS, Huang Y, Zhou Y, Qu MZ, Yu ZL, Lin YH
76 - 84 Platinum alloy decorated polyaniline counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Yu Y, Tang QW, He BL, Chen HY, Zhang ZM, Yu LM
85 - 91 Ternary platinum alloy counter electrodes for high-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells
Yang QM, Yang PZ, Duan JL, Wang XP, Wang L, Wang ZL, Tang QW
92 - 103 Exploring the electrochemistry of 6xxx series aluminium alloys as a function of Si to Mg ratio, Cu content, ageing conditions and microstructure
Kairy SK, Rometsch PA, Diao K, Nie JF, Davies CHJ, Birbilis N
104 - 117 Mesoporous TiO2 and Co-doped TiO2 Nanotubes/Reduced Graphene Oxide Composites as Electrodes for Supercapacitors
Xiao H, Guo WJ, Sun B, Pei MS, Zhou GW
118 - 125 Honeycomb-like mesoporous cobalt nickel phosphate nanospheres as novel materials for high performance supercapacitor
Tang YF, Liu ZY, Guo WF, Chen T, Qiao YQ, Mu SC, Zhao YF, Gao FM
126 - 133 Facile Synthesis of Mesoporous Co3O4-Carbon Nanowires Array Nanocomposite for the Enhanced Lithium Storage
Peng L, Ouyang Y, Li WX, Qiu HJ, Wang Y
134 - 140 A novel process to recycle spent LiFePO4 for synthesizing LiFePO4/C hierarchical microflowers
Bian DC, Sun YH, Li S, Tian Y, Yang ZH, Fan XM, Zhang WX
141 - 149 An Advanced Lithium Ion Battery Based on a Sulfur-Doped Porous Carbon Anode and a Lithium Iron Phosphate Cathode
Sun YZ, Ning GQ, Qi CL, Li JC, Ma XL, Xu CG, Li YF, Zhang X, Gao JS
150 - 158 Nickel nanowire arrays electrode as an efficient catalyst for urea peroxide electro-oxidation in alkaline media
Guo F, Ye K, Du MM, Cheng K, Gao YY, Wang GL, Cao DX
159 - 167 Engineering of three dimensional (3-D) diatom@TiO2@MnO2 composites with enhanced supercapacitor performance
Guo XL, Kuang M, Li F, Liu XY, Zhang YX, Dong F, Losic D
168 - 177 Systematic investigation of reduced graphene oxide foams for high-performance supercapacitors
Tao HC, Zhu SC, Yang XL, Zhang LL, Ni SB
178 - 185 Numerical modeling of nickel-infiltrated gadolinium-doped ceria electrodes reconstructed with focused ion beam tomography
Kishimoto M, Lomberg M, Ruiz-Trejo E, Brandon NP
186 - 192 Stable mesoporous ZnFe2O4 as an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Sun MY, Chen YJ, Tian GH, Wu AP, Yan HJ, Fu HG
193 - 198 Steam/CO2 electrolysis in symmetric solid oxide electrolysis cell with barium cerate-carbonate composite electrolyte
Pu TT, Tan WY, Shi HG, Na Y, Lu JG, Zhu B
199 - 207 Facile synthesis of Pt-Cu@silicon nanostructure as a new electrocatalyst supported matrix, electrochemical detection of hydrazine and hydrogen peroxide
Ensafi AA, Abarghoui MM, Rezaei B
208 - 214 Cathodic Behavior of Samarium(III) and Sm-Al alloys Preparation in Fluorides Melts
Gao Y, Shi YK, Liu XL, Huang C, Li B
215 - 220 High temperature calcination for analyzing influence of 3d transition metals on gas sensing performance of mixed potential sensor Pt/YSZ/LaMO3 (M = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni)
Tho ND, Huong DV, Giang HT, Ngan PQ, Thai GH, Thu DTA, Thu DT, Tuoi NTM, Toan NN, Thang PD, Nhat HN
221 - 228 Synthesis and properties of nanoporous Ag2S/CuS catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Ren HT, Xu WC, Zhu SL, Cui ZD, Yang XJ, Inoue A
229 - 239 KOH-activated nitrogen doped porous carbon nanowires with superior performance in supercapacitors
Wang B, Qiu JH, Feng H, Sakai E, Komiyama T
240 - 247 Electrochemical properties of poly(aniline-co-N-methylthionine) for zinc-conducting polymer rechargeable batteries
Chen CX, Hong XZ, Chen AK, Xu TT, Lu L, Lin SL, Gao YH
248 - 257 In-situ X-ray diffraction study on the structural reversibility of lithium nickel cobalt oxide in a broad electrochemical window of 1.35-4.3 V
Wang PF, Li P, Yi TF, Yu HX, Lin XT, Qian SS, Zhu YR, Shui M, Shu J
258 - 263 Graphene oxide-protected three dimensional Se as a binder-free cathode for Li-Se battery
Huang DK, Li SH, Luo YP, Xiao X, Gao L, Wang MK, Shen Y
264 - 275 Mg-Al-B co-substitution LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 cathode materials with improved cycling performance for lithium-ion battery under high cutoff voltage
Hu GR, Zhang MF, Liang LW, Peng ZD, Du K, Cao YB
276 - 284 In situ prepared reduced graphene oxide/CoO nanowires mutually-supporting porous structure with enhanced lithium storage performance
Leng XN, Ding XD, Hu JJ, Wei SF, Jiang ZH, Lian JS, Wang GY, Jiang Q, Liu JA
285 - 293 An acoustic impedance study of PEDOT layers obtained in aqueous solution
Lyutov V, Gruia V, Efimov I, Bund A, Tsakova V
294 - 304 Influence of electric field on the remediation of polluted soil using a biobarrier assisted electro-bioremediation process
Mena E, Villasenor J, Canizares P, Rodrigo MA
305 - 312 Designing two dimensional nanoarchitectured MoS2 sheets grown on Mo foil as a binder free electrode for supercapacitors
Krishnamoorthy K, Veerasubramani GK, Pazhamalai P, Kim SJ
313 - 321 UV Light-assisted Electropolymerization of Pyrrole on TiO2 for Supercapacitors: Investigating the Role of TiO2
Ni ZD, Song YT, Chen HQ, Lin LY
322 - 328 Tri-modal mesoporous carbon/sulfur nanocomposite for high performance Li-S battery
Hu W, Zhang HM, Wang MR, Zhang HZ, Qu C
Goncalves R, Correa AA, Pereira R, Pereira EC
337 - 345 Garlic peel derived high capacity hierarchical N-doped porous carbon anode for sodium/lithium ion cell
Selvamani V, Ravikumar R, Suryanarayanan V, Velayutham D, Gopukumar S
346 - 353 Multiwall carbon nanotube-nickel cobalt oxide hybrid structure as high performance electrodes for supercapacitors and lithium ion batteries
Mondal AK, Liu H, Li ZF, Wang GX
354 - 359 Carbon-Coated MnMoO4 Nanorod for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries
Guan BQ, Sun WW, Wang Y
360 - 364 Zn0.76Co0.24S/CoS2 nanowires array for efficient electrochemical splitting of water
Liang YH, Liu Q, Luo YL, Sun XP, He YQ, Asiri AM
365 - 370 Ni(II)-Based Metal-Organic Framework Anchored on Carbon Nanotubes for Highly Sensitive Non-Enzymatic Hydrogen Peroxide Sensing
Wang MQ, Zhang Y, Bao SJ, Yu YN, Ye C
371 - 377 Solar-powered electrokinetic remediation for the treatment of soil polluted with the herbicide 2,4-D
Souza FL, Saez C, Llanos J, Lanza MRV, Canizares P, Rodrigo MA
378 - 387 One-pot construction of 3-D nitrogen-doped activated graphene-like nanosheets for high-performance supercapacitors
Li ZS, Li BL, Liu ZS, Li DH, Wang HQ, Li QY
388 - 395 Iron/Polyindole-based Electrocatalysts to Enhance Oxygen Reduction in Microbial Fuel Cells
Nguyen MT, Mecheri B, Iannaci A, D'Epifanio A, Licoccia S
396 - 401 Nuclease assisted target recycling and spherical nucleic acids gold nanoparticles recruitment for ultrasensitive detection of microRNA
Miao P, Tang YG, Wang BD, Jiang CM, Gao LQ, Bo B, Wang J
402 - 408 Investigation of the Effect of Fluoroethylene Carbonate Additive on Electrochemical Performance of Sb-Based Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries
Lu HY, Wu L, Xiao LF, Ai XP, Yang HX, Cao YL
409 - 418 Dissolution-resistant platinum alloy counter electrodes for stable dye-sensitized solar cells
Li HY, Tang QW, Meng YY, He BL, Yu LM
419 - 425 Investigation of Interfacial Consecutive Electron Transfer and Redox Behaviors of Zinc-tetraarylporphyrins
Fan YR, Huang Y, Wang SX, Jiang Y, Shan DL, Lu XQ
426 - 433 A novel acetylene black/sulfur@graphene composite cathode with unique three-dimensional sandwich structure for lithium-sulfur batteries
Feng JN, Qin XJ, Ma ZP, Yang J, Yang W, Shao GJ
434 - 445 A non-isothermal transient model for a metal-free quinone-bromide flow battery
Chu DD, Li X, Zhang S
446 - 454 Insight into CO Activation over Cu(100) under Electrochemical Conditions
Sheng T, Wang D, Lin WF, Hu P, Sun SG
455 - 462 Graphene quantum dots modified glassy carbon electrode via electrostatic self-assembly strategy and its application
Jian X, Liu X, Yang HM, Guo MM, Song XL, Dai HY, Liang ZH
463 - 470 Titanium dioxide nanoparticles modified three dimensional ordered macroporous carbon for improved energy output in microbial fuel cells
Liu MM, Zhou MH, Yang HJ, Ren GB, Zhao YY
471 - 479 Self-ordered Porous Alumina Fabricated via Phosphonic Acid Anodizing
Akiya S, Kikuchi T, Natsui S, Sakaguchi N, Suzuki RO
480 - 489 An Electrochemical Sensor based on p-aminothiophenol/Au Nanoparticle-Decorated HxTiS2 Nanosheets for Specific Detection of Picomolar Cu (II)
Gan XR, Zhao HM, Quan X, Zhang YB
490 - 494 Electrochemical enhancement of long alkyl-chained surfactants for sensitive determination of tetrabromobisphenol A
Chen XR, Ji LD, Zhou YK, Xia SH, Tong JH, Wu KB
495 - 503 Water-processable polypyrrole microparticle modules for direct fabrication of hierarchical structured electrochemical interfaces
Vagin MY, Jeerapan I, Wannapob R, Thavarungkul P, Kanatharana P, Anwar N, McCormac T, Eriksson M, Turner APP, Jager EWH, Mak WC
504 - 510 Hybrid electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction: Integrating enzymatic and non-platinum group metal catalysis
Rojas-Carbonell S, Babanova S, Serov A, Ulyanova Y, Singhal S, Atanassov P
511 - 520 Reclaiming salt-affected soils using electro-remediation technology: PCPSS evaluation
Abou-Shady A
521 - 530 Takovite-derived 2-D Ni/Al double hydroxide monolayer and graphene hybrid electrodes for electrochemical energy storage applications with high volumetric capacitance
Du M, Yin XS, Tang CH, Huang TJ, Gong H
531 - 537 Composition optimization of samarium strontium manganite-yttria stabilized zirconia cathode for high performance intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Li WL, Xiong CY, Zhang Q, Jia LC, Chi B, Pu J, Jian L
538 - 547 Poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride)-assisted synthesis of MoS2/graphene composites with enhanced electrochemical performances for reversible lithium storage
Ye JB, Chen WX, Chen QN, Yu ZT, Lee JY
548 - 555 High efficiency immobilization of sulfur on Ce-doped carbon aerogel for high performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Li XL, Pan LS, Wang YY, Xu CS
556 - 565 Enhancing Electrochemical Performances of TiO2 Porous Microspheres through Hybridizing with FeTiO3 and Nanocarbon
Guo SM, Liu JR, Qiu S, Wang YR, Yan XR, Wu NN, Wang SY, Guo ZH
566 - 573 Ultra small and highly dispersed Fe3O4 nanoparticles anchored on reduced graphene for supercapacitor application
Li L, Gao P, Gai SL, He F, Chen YJ, Zhang ML, Yang PAP
574 - 587 Three-dimensional Multi-Particle Electrochemical Model of LiFePO4 Cells based on a Resistor Network Methodology
Mastali M, Samadani E, Farhad S, Fraser R, Fowler M
588 - 595 Photochemical Green Synthesis of Nanostructured Cobalt Oxides as Hydrogen Peroxide Redox for Bifunctional Sensing Application
Su CY, Lan WJ, Chu CY, Liu XJ, Kao WY, Chen CH
596 - 604 A supramolecular approach to Polyaniline graphene nanohybrid with three dimensional pillar structures for high performing electrochemical supercapacitor applications
Kumari P, Khawas K, Nandy S, Kuila BK
605 - 611 Plasmonic Enhancement of the Performance of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells by Incorporating Hierarchical TiO2 Spheres Decorated with Au Nanoparticles
Bai LH, Liu XL, Li MY, Guo KM, Luoshan MD, Zhu YD, Jiang RH, Liao L, Zhao XZ
612 - 619 Photocurrent switching effect on platelet-like BiOI electrodes: influence of redox system, light wavelength and thermal treatment
Kazyrevich ME, Malashchonak MV, Mazanik AV, Streltsov EA, Kulak AI, Bhattacharya C
620 - 627 In situ nitrogen-doping of nickel nanoparticle-dispersed carbon nanofiber-based electrodes: Its positive effects on the performance of a microbial fuel cell
Modi A, Singh S, Verma N
628 - 635 Three-dimensional graphene nanosheets loaded with Si nanoparticles by in situ reduction of SiO2 for lithium ion batteries
Wu LL, Yang J, Tang JJ, Ren YP, Nie Y, Zhou XY
636 - 647 Tailoring the pseudocapacitive behavior of electrochemically deposited manganese-nickel oxide films
Tahmasebi MH, Raeissi K, Golozar MA, Vicenzo A, Hashempour M, Bestetti M
648 - 654 Counter electrodes from platinum alloy nanotube arrays with ZnO nanorod templates for dye-sensitized solar cells
Yang QM, Duan JL, Yang PZ, Tang QW
655 - 658 Electrochemical conversion of CO2 to carbon and oxygen in LiCl-Li2O melts
Li LX, Shi ZN, Gao BL, Hu XW, Wang ZW
659 - 667 Sonochemical Formation of Ga-Pt Intermetallic Nanoparticles Embedded in Graphene and its Potential Use as an Electrocatalyst
Kumar VB, Sanetuntikul J, Ganesan P, Porat Z, Shanmugam S, Gedanken A
668 - 677 Development of ternary hexafluoroisopropylidenedianiline/cyclophosphazene/benzidine-disulfonic acid-carbon nanotubes (HFPA/CP/BZD-CNT) composite as a catalyst support for high performance alcohol fuel cell applications
Prasanna D, Selvaraj V
678 - 688 Amorphous-crystalline TiO2/carbon nanofibers composite electrode by one-step electrospinning for symmetric supercapacitor
Tang KX, Li YP, Cao HB, Su CL, Zhang ZS, Zhang Y
689 - 694 One-pot electrochemical synthesis of CdTe quantum dots in cavity cell
Passos SGB, Freitas DV, Dias JMM, Neto ET, Navarro M
695 - 702 Ultrahigh Voltage Synthesis of 2D Amorphous Nickel-Cobalt Hydroxide Nanosheets on CFP for High Performance Energy Storage Device
Peng HR, Zhou M, Li YH, Cui X, Yang Y, Zhang YH, Xiao P
703 - 712 Synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 as Novel Anode material for Lithium-ion Battery
Jiang Q, Chen X, Gao H, Feng CQ, Guo ZP
713 - 719 Intelligent Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Tip and Substrate Control Utilizing Fuzzy Logic
Barforoush JM, McDonald TD, Desai TA, Widrig D, Bayer C, Brown MK, Cummings LC, Leonard KC
720 - 728 Electro-polymerization of polypyrrole/multi-wall carbon nanotube counter electrodes for use in platinum-free dye-sensitized solar cells
Hou WJ, Xiao YM, Han GY, Zhou HH
729 - 736 Cu-Pt bimetallic nanoparticles supported metal organic framework-derived nanoporous carbon as a catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Mandegarzad S, Raoof JB, Hosseini SR, Ojani R
737 - 743 An Organic Electroactive Material for Flow Batteries
Zhang S, Li X, Chu DD
744 - 752 Self-organized Anodic TiO2 Nanotube Layers: Influence of the Ti substrate on Nanotube Growth and Dimensions
Sopha H, Jager A, Knotek P, Tesar K, Jarosova M, Macak JM
753 - 757 Electrode-electrolyte interface characterization of carbon electrodes in Li-O-2 batteries: capabilities and limitations of infrared spectroscopy
Streich D, Novak P
758 - 765 Tetrahydrofuran and hydrogen peroxide mediated conversion of potassium hexacyanoferrate into Prussian blue nanoparticles: Application to hydrogen peroxide sensing
Pandey PC, Panday D
766 - 774 One-pot Aerosol Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube-Zn2GeO4 Composite Microspheres for Enhanced Lithium-ion Storage Properties
Choi SH, Kim JH, Choi YJ, Kang YC
775 - 779 Cubic: Column composite structure (NH2CH=NH2)(x)(CH3NH3)(1-x)PbI3 for efficient hole-transport material-free and insulation layer free perovskite solar cells with high stability
Bai SH, Cheng NA, Yu ZH, Liu P, Wang CL, Zhao XZ
780 - 789 Composite gel polymer electrolyte with modified silica for LiMn2O4 positive electrode in lithium-ion battery
Kurc B
790 - 796 Borohydride electrooxidation reaction on Pt(111) and Pt(111) modified by a pseudomorphic Pd monolayer
Oliveira VL, Sibert E, Soldo-Olivier Y, Ticianelli EA, Chatenet M
797 - 803 Ionic Liquid as the C and N Sources to Prepare Yolk-shell Fe3O4@N-doped Carbon Nanoparticles and its High Performance in Lithium-ion Battery
Yang L, Guo GN, Sun HJ, Shen XD, Hu JH, Dong AG, Yang D
804 - 810 A novel strategy to prepare Sb thin film sandwiched between the reduced graphene oxide and Ni foam as binder-free anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Yi Z, Han QG, Cheng Y, Wang FX, Wu YM, Wang LM
811 - 816 Flexible composite felt of electrospun TiO2 and SiO2 nanofibers infused with TiO2 nanoparticles for lithium ion battery anode
Wang XX, Xi M, Wang XH, Fong H, Zhu ZT
817 - 828 Self-assembled CeO2 on carbon nanotubes supported Au nanoclusters as superior electrocatalysts for glycerol oxidation reaction of fuel cells
Yuan WY, Zhang J, Shen PK, Li CM, Jiang SP
829 - 834 Improved activity and different performances of reduced graphene oxide-supported Pt nanoparticles modified with a small amount of Au in the electrooxidation of ethylene glycol and glycerol
Jin CC, Zhu JH, Dong RL, Huo QS
835 - 842 Electrochemical properties of core-shell structured NiO@SiO2 ultrafine nanopowders below 10 nm for lithium-ion storages
Won JM, Hong YJ, Kim JH, Choi YJ, Kang YC
843 - 851 Tucked flower-like SnS2/Co3O4 composite for high-performance anode material in lithium-ion batteries
Zhu YF, Chu YH, Liang JH, Li YS, Yuan ZL, Li WT, Zhang YQ, Pan XX, Chou SL, Zhao LZ, Zeng RH
852 - 861 Nanoporous AuPt alloy with low Pt content: a remarkable electrocatalyst with enhanced activity towards formic acid electro-oxidation
Li DW, Meng FH, Wang H, Jiang XJ, Zhu Y
862 - 871 Nitrogen-doped interconnected carbon nanosheets from pomelo mesocarps for high performance supercapacitors
Peng H, Ma GF, Sun KJ, Zhang ZG, Yang Q, Lei ZQ
872 - 878 Simple synthesis of bimetallic AuPd dendritic alloyed nanocrystals with enhanced electrocatalytic performance for hydrazine oxidation reaction
Chen LX, Jiang LY, Wang AJ, Chen QY, Feng JJ
879 - 886 A Route to Unbuffered pH Monitoring: A Novel Electrochemical Approach
Dai CC, Chan CWI, Barrow W, Smith A, Song P, Potier F, Wadhawan JD, Fisher AC, Lawrence NS
887 - 893 Protein Imprinted Material electrochemical sensor for determination of Annexin A3 in biological samples
Rebelo TSCR, Pereira CM, Sales MGF, Noronha JP, Silva F
894 - 902 Assembling mesoporous ZnxCo3-xO4 fibers with interconnected nanocrystals via a topotactic conversion route for enhanced performance Lithium-ion batteries
Xu Z, Liu Y, Zhao WX, Li BJ, Zhou X, Shen H
903 - 911 ZnO nanorods assisted Ni1.1Pt and CO3.9Pt alloy microtube counter electrodes for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Wang J, Tang QW, He BL, Yu LM, Yang PZ
912 - 922 Nitrogen Doped Microporous Carbons with Tunable and Selective performances in Supercapacitor and Heterogeneous Catalysis
Chang JL, Gao ZY, Zhao WQ, Guo LY, Chu ME, Tang YD, Wu DP, Xu F, Jiang K
923 - 931 Outstanding capacitive performance of reticular porous carbon/graphene sheets with superhigh surface area
Li XJ, Zhou J, Xing W, Subhan F, Zhang Y, Bai P, Xu BJ, Zhuo SP, Xue QZ, Yan ZF
932 - 938 Controlled synthesis of spherical hierarchical LiNi1-x-yCOxAlyO2 (0 < x, y < 0.2) via a novel cation exchange process as cathode materials for High-Performance Lithium Batteries
Chen WH, Li YY, Yang D, Feng XM, Guan XX, Mi LW
939 - 947 Electrochemical properties of Ce-doped SrFeO3 perovskites-modified electrodes towards hydrogen peroxide oxidation
Deganello F, Liotta LF, Leonardi SG, Neri G
948 - 955 Multifunctional Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO)/Fe3O4/CdSe Nanocomposite for Electrochemiluminescence Immunosensor
Yang Y, Liu Q, Liu XP, Liu PZ, Mao CJ, Niu HL, Jin BK, Zhang SY
956 - 963 A facile approach for preparation of highly dispersed platinum-copper/carbon nanocatalyst toward formic acid electro-oxidation
Huang YY, Zhao TS, Zeng L, Tan P, Xu JB
964 - 971 Hierarchical sandwich-type tungsten trioxide nanoplatelets/graphene anode for high-performance lithium-ion batteries with long cycle life
Zeng FY, Ren YF, Chen L, Yang Y, Li QL, Gu G
972 - 979 Amino acid assisted growth of CuO nanostructures and their potential application in electrochemical sensing of organophosphate pesticide
Soomro RA, Hallam KR, Ibupoto ZH, Tahira A, Sherazi STH, Sirajjuddin, Memon SS, Willander M
980 - 987 Integration of graphene-hemin hybrid materials in an electroenzymatic system for degradation of diclofenac
Cheng L, Yan K, Zhang JD
988 - 996 MoN-decorated nitrogen doped carbon nanotubes anode with high lithium storage performance
Abbas SM, Zia-ur-Rehman, Rana UA, Khan SUD, Iqbal Z, Ahmad N
997 - 1006 Redox and Ligand Exchange during the Reaction of Tetrachloroaurate with Hexacyanoferrate(II) at a Liquid-Liquid Interface: Voltammetry and X-ray Absorption Fine-Structure Studies
Uehara A, Chang SY, Booth SG, Schroeder SLM, Mosselmans JFW, Dryfe RAW
1007 - 1014 Development of surfactant based electrochemical sensor for the trace level detection of mercury
Zahid A, Lashin A, Rana UA, Al-Arifi N, Ullah I, Dionysiouf DD, Qureshi R, Waseem A, Kraatz HB, Shah A
1015 - 1024 Synthesis and electrochromic properties of a novel conducting polymer film based on dithiafulvenyl-triphenylamine-di(N-carbazole)
Zhou P, Wan ZQ, Liu YN, Jia CY, Weng XL, Xie JL, Deng LJ
1025 - 1031 A reductively treated thin layer MoS2 nanosheet-poly(xanthurenic acid) composite with dramatically enhanced electrochemical performance and extended sensing applications
Wang XX, Ma WQ, Ge T, Yang T, Jiao K
1032 - 1040 Three-dimensional network structure of silicon-graphene-polyaniline composites as high performance anodes for Lithium-ion batteries
Mi HW, Li F, He CX, Chai XY, Zhang QL, Li CH, Li YL, Liu JH
1041 - 1049 Design and synthesis of Ni2P/Co3V2O8 nanocomposite with enhanced electrochemical capacitive properties
Hu YM, Liu MC, Hu YX, Yang QQ, Kong LB, Han W, Li JJ, Kang L
1050 - 1056 Nickel-rare earth electrodes for sodium borohydride electrooxidation
Santos DMF, Sljukic B, Amaral L, Milikic J, Sequeira CAC, Maccio D, Saccone A
1057 - 1065 Stable poly(arylene ether sulfone)s anion exchange membranes containing imidazolium cations on pendant phenyl rings
Wang CY, Xu C, Shen B, Zhao XY, Li J
1066 - 1077 Electrochemical Study of the Diffusion and Nucleation of Gallium(III) in [Bmim][TfO] Ionic Liquid
Zhang J, An MZ, Chen Q, Liu AM, Jiang X, Ji S, Lian Y, Wen X
1078 - 1086 Voltammetric monitoring of prostasome aggregation and self-fusion
Skoczek M, Nosek M, Weronski P
1087 - 1099 Kinetic analysis of lithium intercalating systems: cyclic voltammetry
Vassiliev SY, Levin EE, Nikitina VA
1100 - 1112 Electrooxidation of Ethanol on highly active and stable carbon supported PtSnO2 and its application in passive direct ethanol fuel cell: Effect of tin oxide synthesis method
Gharibi H, Sadeghi S, Golmohammadi F
1113 - 1123 Cobalt and Nitrogen Co-Doped Tungsten Carbide Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction and Hydrogen Evolution Reactions
Bukola S, Merzougui B, Akinpelu A, Zeama M
1124 - 1133 Degradation Mechanisms of C-6/LiFePO4 Batteries: Experimental Analyses of Calendar Aging
Li DJ, Danilov DL, Xie J, Raijmakers L, Gao L, Yang Y, Notten PHL
1134 - 1141 Nitrogen-doped activated carbon derived from prawn shells for high-performance supercapacitors
Gao F, Qu JY, Zhao ZB, Wang ZY, Qiu JS
1142 - 1149 The control and performance of Li4Mn5O12 and Li2MnO3 phase ratios in the lithium-rich cathode materials
Wang D, Wang XY, Yu RZ, Bai YS, Wang G, Liu MH, Yang XK
1150 - 1158 Electrolytic exfoliation synthesis of boron doped graphene quantum dots: a new luminescent material for electrochemiluminescence detection of oncogene microRNA-20a
Zhang TT, Zhao HM, Fan GF, Li YX, Li L, Quan X
1159 - 1166 5-Aminoorotic acid directed synthesis of graphene-supported AuPt nanocrystals with enhanced electrocatalytic properties
Ju KJ, Feng JJ, Zhang QL, Wei J, Wang AJ
1167 - 1174 Modeling a CuCl(aq)HCl(aq) Electrolyzer using Thermodynamics and Electrochemical Kinetics
Hall DM, Lvov SN