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Electrochimica Acta, Vol.173 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4686 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Alcohol-dependent environments for fabricating graphene aerogels toward supercapacitors
Liu T, Song WL, Fan LZ
7 - 16 Hydrothermal-Assisted Synthesis of Li-Rich Layered Oxide Microspheres with High Capacity and Superior Rate-capability as a Cathode for Lithium-ion Batteries
Fan JM, Li GS, Luo D, Fu CC, Li Q, Zheng J, Li LP
17 - 23 Variability within a single type of polyacrylonitrile-based graphite felt after thermal treatment. Part I: physical properties
Rabbow TJ, Trampert M, Pokorny P, Binder P, Whitehead AH
24 - 30 Variability within a single type of polyacrylonitrile-based graphite felt after thermal treatment. Part II: chemical properties
Rabbow TJ, Trampert M, Pokorny P, Binder P, Whitehead AH
31 - 39 Non-enzymatic amperometric detection of hydrogen peroxide using grass-like copper oxide nanostructures calcined in nitrogen atmosphere
Gao P, Gong YX, Mellott NP, Liu DW
40 - 49 Electrochemical Properties of Composite Electrodes, Prepared by Spontaneous Deposition of Manganese Oxide into Poly-3,4-ethylendioxythiophene
Tolstopjatova EG, Eliseeva SN, Nizhegorodova AO, Kondratiev VV
50 - 58 Preparation and supercapacitive performance of clew-like porous nanocarbons derived from sucrose by catalytic graphitization
Liu TT, Liu EH, Ding R, Luo ZY, Hu TT, Li ZP
59 - 66 Development of label-free impedimetric platform based on new conductive polyaniline polymer and three-dimensional interdigitated electrode array for biosensor applications
Voitechovic E, Bratov A, Abramova N, Razumiene J, Kirsanov D, Legin A, Lakshmi D, Piletsky S, Whitcombe M, Ivanova-Mitseva PK
67 - 75 Co/Al layered double hydroxide coated electrode for in flow amperometric detection of sugars
Gualandi I, Scavetta E, Vlamidis Y, Casagrande A, Tonelli D
76 - 81 Ionic, paramagnetic and photophysical properties of a new biohybrid material incorporating copper perchlorate
Leones R, Donoso JP, Magon CJ, Silva IDA, de Camargo ASS, Pawlicka A, Silva MM
82 - 90 Scalable Upcycling Silicon from Waste Slicing Sludge for High-performance Lithium-ion Battery Anodes
Bao Q, Huang YH, Lan CK, Chen BH, Duh JG
91 - 95 A simple model for charge storage in a nanotube
Schmickler W
96 - 104 Comparison of phase composition, morphology and electrochemical property for Li3-xNaxV2(PO4)(3) (x=0.5, 1.5 and 2.0) as lithium storage cathode materials
Mao JL, Shao LY, Li P, Lin XT, Shui M, Long NB, Shu J
105 - 116 Conjugated silane-based arylenes as luminescent materials
Zajac D, Soloducho J, Jarosz T, Lapkowski M, Roszak S
117 - 123 Titanium dioxide/tungsten trioxide nanoarrays film for high electrochromic performance
Li YJ, Liu ZF, Zhao L, Cui T, Wang B, Guo KY, Han JH
124 - 130 Coating and lamination of Nafion117 with partially sulfonated PVdF for low methanol crossover in DMFC applications
Kumar P, Kundu PP
131 - 138 Electrospun porous vanadium pentoxide nanotubes as a high-performance cathode material for lithium-ion batteries
Li ZT, Liu GX, Guo M, Ding LX, Wang SQ, Wang HH
139 - 147 Facile, Nonhydrothermal, Mass-Producible Synthesis of Mesoporous TiO2 Spheres for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Lee CS, Lim JY, Chi WS, Kim JH
148 - 155 In situ chemical synthesis of sandwich-structured MnO2/graphene nanoflowers and their supercapacitive behavior
Liu JL, Zhang YQ, Li YP, Li J, Chen ZH, Feng HB, Li JH, Jiang JB, Qian D
156 - 163 Investigation on Interfacial Charge Transfer Process in CdSexTe1-x Alloyed Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells
Wei HY, Wang GS, Luo YH, Li DM, Meng QB
164 - 171 Graphene coated cotton fabric as textile structured counter electrode for DSSC
Sahito IA, Sun KC, Arbab AA, Qadir MB, Jeong SH
172 - 177 V2O5/Mesoporous Carbon Composite as a Cathode Material for Lithium-ion Batteries
Ihsan M, Meng Q, Li L, Li D, Wang HQ, Seng KH, Chen ZX, Kennedy SJ, Guo ZP, Liu HK
178 - 183 Cycling Stability of Spinel LiMn2O4 with Different Particle Sizes in Aqueous Electrolyte
Wang YH, Chen L, Wang YG, Xia YY
184 - 192 Three-dimensional graphene-polyaniline hybrid hollow spheres by layer-by-layer assembly for application in supercapacitor
Luo J, Ma Q, Gu HH, Zheng Y, Liu XY
193 - 199 GeO2 decorated reduced graphene oxide as anode material of sodium ion battery
Qin W, Chen TQ, Hu BW, Sun Z, Pan LK
200 - 208 Study on solid solubility of Mg in Pr3-xMgxNi9 and electrochemical properties of PuNi3-type single-phase RE-Mg-Ni (RE = La, Pr, Nd) hydrogen storage alloys
Zhang L, Du WK, Han SM, Li Y, Yang SQ, Zhao YM, Wu C, Mu HZ
209 - 214 Synthesis of honeycomb-like NiS2/NiO nano-multiple materials for high performance supercapacitors
Zhang DM, Zhou XB, Ye K, Li YJ, Song CY, Cheng K, Cao DX, Wang GL, Li Q
215 - 222 Mesostructured HSO3-functionalized TiO2-P2O5 sol-gel films prepared by evaporation induced self-assembly method with high proton conductivity
Mosa J, Aparicio M, Duran A, Castro Y
223 - 234 Pt Catalyst Degradation in Aqueous and Fuel Cell Environments studied via In-Operando Anomalous Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
Gilbert JA, Kariuki NN, Wang XP, Kropf AJ, Yu K, Groom DJ, Ferreira PJ, Morgan D, Myers DJ
235 - 241 Structure-Property of Metal Organic Frameworks Calcium Terephthalates Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries
Wang LP, Mou CX, Sun Y, Liu W, Deng QJ, Li JZ
242 - 251 Application of a novel 3D nano-network structure for Ag-modified TiO2 film electrode with enhanced electrochemical performance
Lin HC, Li X, He XY, Zhao JB
252 - 259 Flowerlike molybdenum sulfide/multi-walled carbon nanotube hybrid as Pt-free counter electrode used in dye-sensitized solar cells
Zheng M, Huo JH, Tu YG, Wu JH, Hu LH, Dai SY
Liu XQ, Yan R, Zhu J, Huo XH, Wang XH
268 - 275 Thin bonding layer using sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone)/PVdF blends for hydrocarbon-based membrane electrode assemblies
Yu DM, Kim TH, Lee JY, Yoon S, Hong YT
276 - 281 Reduced graphene oxide/Polypyrrole/PEDOT composite films as efficient Pt-free counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Ramasamy MS, Nikolakapoulou A, Raptis D, Dracopoulos V, Paterakis G, Lianos P
282 - 289 Sulfur impregnated in tunable porous N-doped carbon as sulfur cathode: effect of pore size distribution
Wang S, Zhao ZX, Xu H, Deng YF, Li Z, Chen GH
290 - 301 Novel low temperature synthesis and electrochemical characterization of mesoporous nickel cobaltite-reduced graphene oxide (RGO) composite for supercapacitor application
Naveen AN, Selladurai S
302 - 309 Electrochemical specific adsorption of halides on Cu 111,100, and 211: A Density Functional Theory study
McCrum IT, Akhade SA, Janik MJ
310 - 315 Enhanced Electrochemical Performance of Lithium Iron(II) Phosphate Modified Cooperatively via Chemically Reduced Graphene Oxide and Polyaniline
Shen WZ, Wang YM, Yan J, Wu HX, Guo SW
316 - 322 Photoinduced charge separation in organic-inorganic hybrid system: C-60-containing electropolymer/CdSe-quantum dots
Otero M, Dittrich T, Rappich J, Heredia DA, Fungo F, Durantini E, Otero L
323 - 330 Correlation between lithium deposition on graphite electrode and the capacity loss for LiFePO4/graphite cells
Zheng HY, Tan L, Zhang L, Qu QT, Wan ZM, Wang Y, Shen M, Zheng HH
331 - 337 Multi-interfacial polyaniline-graphene/platinum counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Yang PZ, Duan JL, Liu DY, Tang QW, He BL
338 - 344 Anchoring High-dispersed MnO2 Nanowires on Nitrogen Doped Graphene as Electrode Materials for Supercapacitors
Mei J, Zhang L
345 - 353 High-current anodization: A novel strategy to functionalize titanium-based biomaterials
Chang CL, Huang XB, Liu YP, Bai L, Yang XN, Hang RQ, Tang B, Chu PK
354 - 363 Preparation of graphene/nile blue nanocomposite: Application for oxygen reduction reaction and biosensing
Shervedani RK, Amini A
364 - 369 SnO2-modified Pt electrocatalysts for ammonia-fueled anion exchange membrane fuel cells
Okanishi T, Katayama Y, Muroyama H, Matsui T, Eguchi K
370 - 376 Toward a high added value compound 3, 4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid by electrochemical conversion of phenylacetic acid
Trabelsi SK, Gargouri OD, Gargouri B, Abdelhedi R, Bouaziz M
377 - 384 High performance electrode materials for electric double-layer capacitors based on biomass-derived activated carbons
Wang DB, Geng Z, Li B, Zhang CM
385 - 392 Template-free synthesis of hierarchical porous Co3O4 microspheres and their application for electrochemical energy storage
Pan GX, Xia XH, Cao E, Chen J, Zhang YJ
393 - 398 Hydrogen evolution at nanoporous gold/tungsten sulfide composite film and its optimization
Xiao XX, Engelbrekt C, Li ZS, Si PC
399 - 407 Hydrothermal synthesis of Ni(OH)(2) nanoflakes on 3D graphene foam for high-performance supercapacitors
Jiang C, Zhao B, Cheng JY, Li JQ, Zhang HJ, Tang ZH, Yang JH
408 - 415 The effect of N-acyl and N-sulfonyl groups on the anodic methoxylation of piperidine derivatives
Golub T, Becker JY
416 - 424 Contribution of Surface Distributions to Constant-Phase-Element (CPE) Behavior: 1. Influence of Roughness
Alexander CL, Tribollet B, Orazem ME
425 - 431 Pore-filled electrolyte membranes for facile fabrication of long-term stable dye-sensitized solar cells
Seo SJ, Cha HJ, Kang YS, Kang MS
432 - 439 An optimised method for electrodialytic removal of heavy metals from harbour sediments
Pedersen KB, Jensen PE, Ottosen LM, Lejon T
440 - 447 Highly Sensitive and Selective Detection of Dopamine at Poly (chromotrope 2B)-Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode in the Presence of Uric Acid and Ascorbic Acid
Li XB, Rahman MM, Xu GR, Lee JJ
448 - 457 Controllable synthesis of nano-sized LiFePO4/C via a high shear mixer facilitated hydrothermal method for high rate Li-ion batteries
Liu YY, Gu JJ, Zhang JL, Wang J, Nie N, Fu Y, Li W, Yu F
458 - 464 Carbon coated flower like Bi2S3 grown on nickel foam as binder-free electrodes for electrochemical hydrogen and Li-ion storage capacities
Jin RC, Li GH, Zhang ZJ, Yang LX, Chen G
465 - 475 A Graphite Powder Cavity Cell as an Efficient Tool of Sustainable Chemistry: Electrocatalytic Homocoupling of 2-Halopyridines
Oliveira JL, Le Gall EW, Sengmany S, Leonel E, Dubot P, Cenedese P, Navarro M
476 - 482 High capacity and cyclability of hierarchical MoS2/SnO2 nanocomposites as the cathode of lithium-sulfur battery
Zhang DA, Wang Q, Wang Q, Sun J, Xing LL, Xue XY
483 - 489 General Strategy to Construct Hierarchical TiO2 Nanorod Arrays coupling with Plasmonic Resonance for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells
Liu YM, Zhang ML, Jiang Y, Xia Y, Sun WW, Zhao XZ
490 - 496 Electrodeposition of PbTe thin films: electrochemical behavior and effect of reverse pulse potential
Frantz C, Vichery C, Michler J, Philippe L
497 - 505 Constructing hierarchical porous titania microspheres from titania nanosheets with exposed (001) facets for dye-sensitized solar cells
Lei BX, Zhang P, Xie ML, Li Y, Wang SN, Yu YY, Sun W, Sun ZF
506 - 514 Functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes-nanostructured conducting polymer composite modified electrode for the sensitive determination of uricase inhibitor
Rajalakshmi K, John SA
515 - 522 Investigation on the enhanced electrochemical performances of Li1.2Ni0.13Co0.13Mn0.54O2 by surface modification with ZnO
Yu RB, Lin YB, Huang ZG
523 - 533 Electrochemical reactivity of Ponceau 4R (food additive E124) in different electrolytes and batch cells
Thiam A, Brillas E, Centellas F, Cabot PL, Sires I
534 - 539 Alumina Coatings on Fluorine-Doped Tin Oxide@Titanium Dioxide as Photoanode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Zhou L, Wang YF, Ren FM, Cui XR, Wang XY, Zeng JH
540 - 550 Polyoxometalate/chitosan-electrochemically reduced graphene oxide as effective mediating systems for electrocatalytic reduction of persulfate
Guo WH, Tong XL, Liu SB
551 - 558 A comparative study on the quantum-dot-sensitized, dye-sensitized and co-sensitized solar cells based on hollow spheres embedded porous TiO2 photoanodes
Cui C, Qiu YW, Zhao JH, Lu BQ, Hu HH, Yang YN, Ma N, Xu S, Xu LB, Li XY
559 - 565 Enhanced electrochemical performance of LiMnPO4/C prepared by microwave-assisted solvothermal method
Su J, Liu ZZ, Long YF, Yao H, Lv XY, Wen YX
566 - 574 Design, preparation and performance of novel three-dimensional hierarchically porous carbon for supercapacitors
Zhao QL, Wang XY, Xia H, Liu J, Wang H, Gao J, Zhang YW, Liu J, Zhou HY, Li XL, Zhang SY, Wang XY
575 - 580 Reduced Graphene Oxide Supported CoO/MnO2 Electrocatalysts from Layered Double Hydroxides for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Huang W, Zhong HH, Li DQ, Tang PG, Feng YJ
581 - 587 Large-Scale Production of MoO3-Reduced Graphene Oxide Powders with Superior Lithium Storage Properties by Spray-Drying Process
Park GD, Kim JH, Choi YJ, Kang YC
588 - 594 Porous Nano-Si/Carbon Derived from Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks@Nano-Si as Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Song YH, Zuo L, Chen SH, Wu JF, Hou HQ, Wang L
595 - 606 Lithiation and delithiation behavior of sodium lithium titanate anode
Shu J, Wu KQ, Wang PF, Li P, Lin XT, Shao LY, Shui M, Long NB, Wang DJ
607 - 612 Co-sensitization of TiO2-MWCNTs hybrid anode for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Mehmood U, Ahmed S, Hussein IA, Harrabi K
613 - 618 Transition metal oxide-carbon composites as conversion anodes for sodium-ion battery
Hasa I, Verrelli R, Hassoun J
619 - 629 Graphene nanosheets functionalized with Nile blue as a stable support for the oxidation of glucose and reduction of oxygen based on redox replacement of Pd-nanoparticles via nickel oxide
Ensafi AA, Ahmadi Z, Jafari-Asl M, Rezaei B
630 - 635 Faradaic Impedance Spectroscopy for Detection of Small Molecules Binding using the Avidin-Biotin Model
Yoetz-Kopelman T, Ram Y, Freeman A, Shacham-Diamand Y
636 - 641 Glassy carbon electrodes modified with supramolecular assemblies generated by pi-stacking of Cobalt (II) octaethylporphyrins. A 4 electrons-dioxygen reduction reaction occurring at positive potentials
Canales C, Ramirez G
642 - 648 Effects of Benzenediols on the Oxidative Polymerization of Aniline on Au(111) - Electrochemistry and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Huang YP, Yau S
649 - 655 Electrochemical Study on the Ag-Sb System by Advanced Experimental Method
Aspiala M, Tesfaye F, Taskinen P
656 - 664 Enhancing photoelectrical performance of dye-sensitized solar cell by doping SrTiO3:Sm3+@SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles in the photoanode
Li YY, Guo WH, Hao HS, Wang LJ, Su Q, Jin SS, Qin L, Gao WY, Liu GS, Hu ZQ
665 - 671 Investigation of TiO2 nanotubes/nanoparticles stacking sequences to improve power conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells
Hossain MA, Park J, Ahn JY, Park C, Kim Y, Kim SH, Lee D
672 - 679 Understanding the electrochemical superiority of 0.6Li[Li1/3Mn2/3]O-2-0.4Li[Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3]O-2 nanofibers as cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Xu GF, Li JL, Li XP, Zhou HW, Ding XA, Wang XD, Kang FY
680 - 686 One-Dimensional Vanadium Nitride Nanofibers Fabricated by Electrospinning for Supercapacitors
Xu YL, Wang J, Shen LF, Dou H, Zhang XG
687 - 697 Structure-property relationship and transport properties of structurally related silyl carbonate electrolytes
Philipp M, Bhandary R, Groche FJ, Schonhoff M, Rieger B
698 - 704 Characterization of hydrodynamics and mass transfer in two types of tubular electrochemical reactors
Wang JD, Li TT, Zhou MM, Li XP, Yu JM
705 - 714 Structurally and mechanically tunable molybdenum oxide films and patterned submicrometer structures by electrodeposition
Quintana A, Varea A, Guerrero M, Surinach S, Baro MD, Sort J, Pellicer E
715 - 720 Nitrogen plasma modified CVD grown graphene as counter electrodes for bifacial dye-sensitized solar cells
Yang W, Xu XW, Tu ZQ, Li Z, You B, Li YF, Raj SI, Yang F, Zhang LQ, Chen SL, Wang AJ
721 - 727 High rate capability and cycle performance of Ce-doped LiMnPO4/C via an efficient solvothermal synthesis in water/diethylene glycol system
Kou LQ, Chen FJ, Tao F, Dong Y, Chen L
728 - 735 Significant Enhancement of the Photoelectrochemical Activity of Nanoporous TiO2 for Environmental Applications
Chang X, Thind SS, Tian M, Hossain MM, Chen AC
736 - 742 A Thermodynamic Perspective for Formation of Solid Electrolyte Interphase in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Zhan XW, Shirpour M, Yang FQ
743 - 749 Electrochemical production of colloidal sulphur by reduction of sulphur dioxide using a parallel plate reactor with convergent flow
Fornes JP, Bisang JM
750 - 756 Vinylene carbonate and tris(trimethylsilyl) phosphite hybrid additives to improve the electrochemical performance of spinel lithium manganese oxide/graphite cells at 60 degrees C
Koo B, Lee J, Lee Y, Kim JK, Choi NS
757 - 770 Effect of chloride and sulfate additions on corrosion of low alloy steel in high-temperature water
Sipila K, Bojinov M, Mayinger W, Saario T, Stanislowski M
771 - 778 Nanostructured palladium tailored via carbonyl chemical route towards oxygen reduction reaction
Luo Y, Mora-Hernandez JM, Estudillo-Wong LA, Arce-Estrada EM, Alonso-Vante N
779 - 795 Electroreduction of halogen oxoanions via autocatalytic redox mediation by halide anions: novel EC" mechanism. Theory for stationary 1D regime
Vorotyntsev MA, Konev DV, Tolmachev YV
796 - 803 Influence of monomer concentration during polymerization on performance and catalytic mechanism of resultant poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Han RB, Lu S, Wang YJ, Zhang XH, Wu Q, He T
804 - 811 Improving cyclic stability of lithium cobalt oxide based lithium ion battery at high voltage by using trimethylboroxine as an electrolyte additive
Wang XS, Xing LD, Liao XL, Chen XF, Huang WN, Yu QP, Xu MQ, Huang QM, Li WS
812 - 818 Synthesis of PbS/Ni2+ doped CdS quantum dots cosensitized solar cells: Enhanced power conversion efficiency and durability
Chen YL, Tao Q, Fu WY, Yang HB
819 - 826 Electrodeposition of mixed chromium metal-carbide-oxide coatings from a trivalent chromium-formate electrolyte without a buffering agent
Wijenberg JHOJ, Steegh M, Aarnts MP, Lammers KR, Mol JMC
827 - 833 Effects of Interlayer Distance and van der Waals Energy on Electrochemical Activation of Partially Reduced Graphite Oxide
Yoo HD, Jang JH, Cho K, Zheng YP, Park Y, Ryu JH, Oh SM
834 - 838 Simple Preparation of Fluorine-Doped TiO2 Photoanode for High Performance Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
Song JL, Wang X, Wong CC
839 - 846 Ultrasensitive electrochemical sensor based on CdTe quantum dots-decorated poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride)-functionalized graphene nanocomposite modified glassy carbon electrode for the determination of puerarin in biological samples
Yang R, Miao DD, Liang YM, Qu LB, Li JJ, Harrington PD
847 - 859 Electrochemical and optical properties of molecular triads based on triphenylamine, diketopyrrolopyrrole and boron-dipyrromethene
Ruff A, Heyer E, Roland T, Haacke S, Ziessel R, Ludwigs S