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1 - 11 Fabrication of biopolymers reinforced TNT/HA coatings on Ti: Evaluation of its Corrosion resistance and Biocompatibility
Raj V, Mumjitha MS
12 - 18 Three-dimensional mono-6-thio-beta-cyclodextrin covalently functionalized gold nanoparticle/single-wall carbon nanotube hybrids for highly sensitive and selective electrochemical determination of methyl parathion
Fu XC, Zhang J, Tao YY, Wu J, Xie CG, Kong LT
19 - 27 Protonic Conductivity of Nanocrystalline Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework 8
Barbosa P, Rosero-Navarro NC, Shi FN, Figueiredo FML
28 - 32 High efficiency quasi-solid state dye-sensitized solar cells based on a novel mixed-plasticizer modified polymer electrolyte
Xia K, Peng ZG, Hu ZL, Zhang J, Hu ZY, Zhu YJ
33 - 43 Polymer dynamics in thin p-type conducting films investigated by ac-electrogravimetry. Kinetics aspects on anion exclusion, free solvent transfer, and conformational changes in poly(o-toluidine)
Agrisuelas J, Gabrielli C, Garcia-Jareno JJ, Perrot H, Sel O, Vicente F
44 - 48 Sulfonated Poly(Ether Ether Ketone)/Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Composite Membrane for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Applications
Jia CK, Cheng YH, Ling X, Wei GJ, Liu JG, Yan CW
49 - 54 Chemical Vapor Synthesized WS2-Embedded Polystyrene-derived Porous Carbon as Superior Long-term Cycling Life Anode Material for Li-ion Batteries
Lv WM, Xiang JY, Wen FS, Jia ZY, Yang RL, Xu B, Yu DL, He JL, Liu ZY
55 - 61 MoS2-reduced graphene oxide composites via microwave assisted synthesis for sodium ion battery anode with improved capacity and cycling performance
Qin W, Chen TQ, Pan LK, Niu LY, Hu BW, Li DS, Li JL, Sun Z
62 - 67 Novel Fe@Fe-O@Ag nanocomposite for efficient non-enzymatic sensing of hydrogen peroxide
Jakubec P, Urbanova V, Markova Z, Zboril R
68 - 75 Nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous carbon materials prepared from meta-aminophenol formaldehyde resin for supercapacitor with high rate performance
Zhou J, Zhang ZS, Xing W, Yu J, Han GX, Si WJ, Zhuo SP
76 - 82 Polypyrrole directly bonded to air-plasma activated carbon nanotube as electrode materials for high-performance supercapacitor
Yang LF, Shi Z, Yang WH
83 - 89 Characteristics and direct methanol fuel cell performance of polymer electrolyte membranes prepared from poly(vinyl alcohol-b-styrene sulfonic acid)
Higa M, Feng SY, Endo N, Kakihana Y
90 - 96 Enhancement of Dye-Sensitized solar cells performance by core shell Ag@organic (organic=2-nitroaniline, PVA, 4-choloroaniline and PVP): Effects of shell type on photocurrent
Amiri O, Salavati-Niasari M, Farangi M
97 - 105 UV-cured Al2O3-laden cellulose reinforced polymer electrolyte membranes for Li-based batteries
Chiappone A, Nair JR, Gerbaldi C, Bongiovanni R, Zeno E
106 - 114 The effect of the flow-regime, reversal of polarization, and oxygen on the long term stability in capacitive de-ionization processes
Cohen I, Avraham E, Bouhadana Y, Soffer A, Aurbach D
115 - 121 Surface modification by sulfated zirconia on high-capacity nickel-based cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
Woo SG, Han JH, Kim KJ, Kim JH, Yu JS, Kim YJ
122 - 129 Stability and organocatalytic efficiency of N-heterocyclic carbenes electrogenerated in organic solvents from imidazolium ionic liquids
Feroci M, Chiarotto I, D'Anna F, Forte G, Noto R, Inesi A
130 - 139 Incorporation of Pt, Ru and Pt-Ru nanoparticles into ordered mesoporous carbons for efficient oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media
Stojmenovic M, Momcilovic M, Gavrilov N, Pasti IA, Mentus S, Jokic B, Babic B
140 - 148 Enhanced electrochemical performances of mesoporous carbon microsphere/selenium composites by controlling the pore structure and nitrogen doping
Liu L, Wei YJ, Zhang CF, Zhang C, Li X, Wang JT, Ling LC, Qiao WM, Long DH
149 - 158 The behavior of dissolution/passivation and the transformation of passive films during electrocoagulation: Influences of initial pH, Cr(VI) concentration, and alternating pulsed current
Yang ZH, Xu HY, Zeng GM, Luo YL, Yang X, Huang J, Wang LK, Song PP
159 - 169 Corrosion mechanisms of Zn(Mg,Al) coated steel: The effect of HCO3- and NH4+ ions on the intrinsic reactivity of the coating
Azevedo MS, Allely C, Ogle K, Volovitch P
170 - 174 Fabrication of La-doped TiO2 Film Electrode and investigation of its electrocatalytic activity for furfural reduction
Wang FW, Xu M, Wei L, Wei YJ, Hu YH, Fang WY, Zhu CG
175 - 183 Facile synthesis of PtAu nanoparticles supported on polydopamine reduced and modified graphene oxide as a highly active catalyst for methanol oxidation
Ren FF, Zhai CY, Zhu MS, Wang CQ, Wang HW, Bin D, Guo J, Yang P, Du YK
184 - 189 Electrochemical behavior of manganese oxides on flexible substrates for thin film supercapacitors
Abdur R, Kim K, Kim JH, Lee J
190 - 199 Electrochemical Behavior of Paraquat on a Highly Ordered Biosensor Based on an Unmodified DNA-3D Gold Nanoparticle Composite and Its Application
Niu LM, Liu F, Wang W, Lian KQ, Ma L, Shi HM, Kang WJ
200 - 209 Efficient quantum dot-sensitized solar cell based on CdSxSe1-x/Mn-CdS/TiO2 nanotube array electrode
Li Z, Yu LB, Liu YB, Sun SQ
210 - 216 Electrochemical Production of 70 wt ppm Ozone Water
Okada F, Tanaka S, Tanaka S, Naya K
217 - 224 Synthesis and structural stability of Li2.1Mn0.9[PO4](0.1)[SiO4](0.9)/C mixed polyanion cathode material for Li-ion battery
Zhai PY, Zhao SX, Cheng HM, Zhao JW, Nan CW
225 - 231 Mechanical Properties of Electrodeposited Ni-W ThinFilms with Alternate W-Rich and W-Poor Multilayers
Lee S, Choi M, Park S, Jung H, Yoo B
232 - 237 Investigation of Li+ insertion in columbite structured FeNb2O6 and rutile structured CrNb2O6 materials
Samarasingha PB, Thomas CI, Fjellvag H
238 - 245 SECM imaging of the cut edge corrosion of galvanized steel as a function of pH
Marques AG, Izquierdo J, Souto RM, Simoes AM
246 - 253 Flexible of multiwalled carbon nanotubes/manganese dioxide nanoflake textiles for high-performance electrochemical capacitors
Jiang Y, Ling XT, Jiao Z, Li L, Ma QL, Wu MH, Chu YL, Zhao B
254 - 262 Influence of Membrane Thickness on Membrane Degradation and Platinum Agglomeration under Long-term Open Circuit Voltage Conditions
Zhao M, Shi WY, Wu BB, Liu WM, Liu JG, Xing DM, Yao YF, Hou ZJ, Ming PW, Zou ZG
263 - 272 A study of the importance of the cell geometry in non-Faradaic systems. A new definition of the cell constant for conductivity measurement
Bataller R, Gandia JM, Garcia-Breijo E, Alcaniz M, Soto J
273 - 279 Nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous carbon as an efficient electrode material for supercapacitors
Wang GQ, Zhang J, Kuang S, Zhou J, Xing W, Zhuo SP
280 - 286 Interaction of ferroceneboronic acid with diols at aqueous and non-aqueous conditions - signalling and binding abilities of an electrochemical probe for saccharides
Lacina K, Novotny J, Moravec Z, Skladal P
287 - 294 Influence of pentavalent niobium doping on microstructure and electrical conductivity of oxy-apatite La10Si6O27 electrolytes
Xiang J, Ouyang JH, Liu ZG, Qi GC
295 - 299 A nonenzymatic approach for selective and sensitive determination of glycerol in biodiesel based on a PtRu-modified screen-printed edge band ultramicroelectrode
Chen WC, Li PY, Chou CH, Chang JL, Zen JM
300 - 305 Fe-added Fe3C carbon nanofibers as anode for Li ion batteries with excellent low-temperature performance
Li JX, Wen WW, Xu GG, Zou MZ, Huang ZG, Guan LH
306 - 315 Charge and energy transfer interplay in hybrid sensitized solar cells mediated by graphene quantum dots
Mihalache I, Radoi A, Mihaila M, Munteanu C, Marin A, Danila M, Kusko M, Kusko C
316 - 324 Highly-Ordered Magneli Ti4O7 Nanotube Arrays as Effective Anodic Material for Electro-oxidation
Geng P, Su JY, Miles C, Comninellis C, Chen GH
325 - 333 Efficient Carbon Dioxide Electrolysis Based on Perovskite Cathode Enhanced with Nickel Nanocatalyst
Li YX, Xie K, Chen SG, Li HX, Zhang Y, Wu YC
334 - 342 In-situ growth of LiFePO4 nanocrystals on interconnected carbon nanotubes/mesoporous carbon nanosheets for high-performance lithium ion batteries
Wu RF, Xia GF, Shen SY, Zhu FJ, Jiang FJ, Zhang JL
343 - 351 Panchromatic Ru (II) Dipyrrins as NCS Free Sensitizers Showing Highest Efficiency for DSSCs
Swetha T, Niveditha S, Bhanuprakash K, Singh SP
352 - 360 A facile one-step in situ synthesis of copper nanostructures/graphene oxide as an efficient electrocatalyst for 2-naphthol sensing application
Li JH, Li J, Feng HB, Zhang YQ, Jiang JB, Feng YL, Chen MS, Qian D
361 - 369 An Oriented Ultrathin Catalyst Layer Derived from High Conductive TiO2 Nanotube for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell
Zhang CK, Yu HM, Fu L, Xiao Y, Gao Y, Li YK, Zeng YC, Jia J, Yi BL, Shao ZG
370 - 378 Influence of gold nanoparticle loading in Au/C on the activity towards electrocatalytic glycerol oxidation
Marshall AT, Golovko V, Padayachee D
379 - 384 Preparation and characterization of carbon black diamond composite electrodes for anodic degradation of phenol
Ajeel MA, Aroua MK, Daud WMAW
385 - 392 LiMnPO4 nanoplates grown via a facile surfactant-mediated solvothermal reaction for high-performance Li-ion batteries
Zhang WX, Shan ZQ, Zhu KL, Liu SZ, Liu XY, Tian JH
393 - 398 Mesoporous Hierarchical Anatase for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Achieving Over 10% Conversion Efficiency
Lin JJ, Heo YU, Nattestad A, Yamauchi Y, Dou SX, Kim JH
399 - 408 Change in Local Structure of 0.4Li(2)MnO(3)-0.6LiMn(1/3)Ni(1/3)Co(1/3)O(2) During First Discharge Process
Idemoto Y, Yamamoto R, Ishida N, Kitamura N
409 - 415 Self-organization of TiO2 Nanobamboos by Anodization with Deep Eutectic Solvent
Chen CY, Ozasa K, Kitamura F, Katsumata K, Maeda M, Okada K, Matsushita N
416 - 425 Discovery and optimization of Zn0.3Cd0.7S-based photocatalysts by scanning electrochemical microscopy and characterization of potential photocatalysts
Weng YC, Chou YD
426 - 432 Mixtures of Azepanium Based Ionic Liquids and Propylene Carbonate as High Voltage Electrolytes for Supercapacitors
Pohlmann S, Olyschlager T, Goodrich P, Vicente JA, Jacquemin J, Balducci A
433 - 438 The Electrochemical Transformation of the Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework ZIF-67 in Aqueous Electrolytes
Usov PM, McDonnell-Worth C, Zhou FL, MacFarlane DR, D'Alessandro DM
439 - 447 Effect of the Number of Benzene-Ring, the Functional Groups and the Absorbent Material on the Performance of Pt Nanoparticles Supported on Modified Graphite Nanoplatelet
Zhu YX, Li ZJ, Huang CD, Wang YX
448 - 455 Nitrogen-functionalized microporous carbon nanoparticles for high performance supercapacitor electrode
Zhao YH, Liu MX, Deng XX, Miao L, Tripathi PK, Ma XM, Zhu DZ, Xu ZJ, Hao ZX, Gan LH
456 - 460 Enhanced electrooxidation of urea using NiMoO4 center dot xH(2)O nanosheet arrays on Ni foam as anode
Liang YH, Liu Q, Asiri AM, Sun XP
461 - 467 Heterogeneous nanocomposites composed of silver sulfide and hollow structured Pd nanoparticles with enhanced catalytic activity toward formic acid oxidation
Chen D, Cui PL, Liu H, Yang J
468 - 475 Facile Fabrication of Binder-free Metallic Tin Nanoparticle/Carbon Nanofiber Hybrid Electrodes for Lithium-ion Batteries
Wang J, Song WL, Wang ZY, Fan LZ, Zhang YF
476 - 483 Effect of the capacity design of activated carbon cathode on the electrochemical performance of lithium-ion capacitors
Shi ZQ, Zhang J, Wang J, Shi JL, Wang CY
484 - 491 The effect of samaria doped ceria coating on the performance of Li1.2Ni0.13Co0.13Mn0.54O2 cathode material for lithium-ion battery
He F, Wang XQ, Du CQ, Baker AP, Wu JW, Zhang XH
492 - 498 The use of polybenzimidazole membranes in vanadium redox flow batteries leading to increased coulombic efficiency and cycling performance
Zhou XL, Zhao TS, An L, Wei L, Zhang C
499 - 507 Phosphotungstic acid and WO3 incorporated TiO2 thin films as novel photoanodes in dye-sensitized solar cells
Li WZ, Jin GH, Hu HS, Li J, Yang YH, Chen QY
508 - 514 NiS2 nanosheets array grown on carbon cloth as an efficient 3D hydrogen evolution cathode
Tang C, Pu ZH, Liu Q, Asiri AM, Sun XP
515 - 522 Fabrication of Pi-structured Bi-Te thermoelectric micro-device by electrodeposition
Uda K, Seki Y, Saito M, Sonobe Y, Hsieh YC, Takahashi H, Terasaki I, Homma T
523 - 530 Triple carbon coated LiFePO4 composite with hierarchical conductive architecture as high-performance cathode for Li-ion batteries
Mei RG, Yang YF, Song XR, An ZG, Zhang JJ
531 - 539 Asymmetric electrostatic properties of an electric double layer: a generalized Poisson-Boltzmann approach taking into account non-uniform size effects and water polarization
Sin JS, Im SJ, Kim KI
540 - 545 Hollow reduced graphene oxide microspheres as a high-performance anode material for Li-ion batteries
Mei RG, Song XR, Hu Y, Yang YF, Zhang JJ
546 - 551 The electrochemical performance of commercial ferric oxide anode with natural graphite adding and sodium alginate binder
Ni SB, Ma JJ, Zhang JC, Yang XL, Zhang LL
552 - 558 Effects of pore size and residual Ag on electrocatalytic properties of nanoporous gold films prepared by pulse electrochemical dealloying
Chen AY, Wang JW, Wang Y, Jia YQ, Gu JF, Xie XF, Pan D
559 - 565 Highly-active copper oxide/copper electrocatalysts induced from hierarchical copper oxide nanospheres for carbon dioxide reduction reaction
Qiao JL, Fan MY, Fu YS, Bai ZY, Ma CY, Liu YY, Zhou XD
566 - 573 Synthesis of nitrogen-doped graphene supported Pt nanoparticles catalysts and their catalytic activity for fuel cells
Sun Q, Kim S
574 - 582 Amphiphilic ruthenium bipyridine complex containing long-chain azopyridine group and the mechanism of electron transfer in Langmuir-Blodgett films
Pazinato J, Hoffmeister DM, Naidek KP, Westphal E, Gallardo H, Winnischofer H
583 - 593 N-type Cu2O Film for Photocatalytic and Photoelectrocatalytic Processes: Its stability and Inactivation of E-coli
Xiong LB, Ng TW, Yu Y, Xia DH, Yip HY, Li GY, An TC, Zhao HJ, Wong PK
594 - 601 A non-enzyme electrochemical qualitative and quantitative analyzing method for glucose, D-fructose, and sucrose utilizing Cu foam material
Jin JJ, Zheng GY, Ge YY, Deng SG, Liu W, Hui GH
602 - 611 Electrochemical and structural characterization of nanocomposite Ag-y:TiNx thin films for dry bioelectrodes: the effect of the N/Ti ratio and Ag content
Pedrosa P, Machado D, Fiedler P, Alves E, Barradas NP, Haueisen J, Vaz F, Fonseca C