Desalination, Vol.262, No.1-3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0011-9164 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Lead and cadmium immobilization on calcitic limestone materials
Rangel-Porras G, Garcia-Magno JB, Gonzalez-Munoz MP
11 - 14 Design recommendations for a multi-effect distillation plant connected to a double-effect absorption heat pump: A solar desalination case study
Alarcon-Padilla DC, Garcia-Rodriguez L, Blanco-Galvez J
15 - 20 Characterization of iron oxide nanocatalyst in mineralization processes
Bach A, Zach-Maor A, Semiat R
21 - 30 Characterization of natural scale deposits formed in southern Algeria groundwater. Effect of its major ions on calcium carbonate precipitation
Ketrane R, Leleyter L, Baraud F, Jeannin M, Gil O, Saidani B
31 - 35 Comparison study of ammonia and COD adsorption on zeolite, activated carbon and composite materials in landfill leachate treatment
Halim AA, Aziz HA, Johari MAM, Ariffin KS
36 - 42 Chemical composition of organic matters in domestic wastewater
Huang MH, Li YM, Gu GW
43 - 49 Equilibrium and thermodynamic studies of Cu(II) removal by iron oxide modified sepiolite
Eren E, Gumus H, Ozbay N
50 - 56 Enhancing nutrient removal efficiency by changing the internal recycling ratio and position in a pilot-scale MBR process
Kim HG, Jang HN, Kim HM, Lee DS, Eusebio RC, Kim HS, Chung TH
57 - 63 Pertraction of plutonium in the +4 oxidation state through a supported liquid membrane containing TODGA as the carrier
Panja S, Mohapatra PK, Kandwal P, Tripathi SC, Manchanda VK
64 - 71 Placement of condensate flash tanks in multiple effect evaporator system
Khanam S, Mohanty B
72 - 78 Effect of PEG additive and coagulation bath temperature on the morphology, permeability and thermal/chemical stability of asymmetric CA membranes
Saljoughi E, Amirilargani M, Mohammadi T
79 - 85 Heterogeneous photodecolorization of Eriochrome Black T using Ni/P zeolite catalyst
Nezamzadeh-Ejhieh A, Khorsandi M
86 - 93 Removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solutions using activated carbon from Sea-buckthorn stones by chemical activation
Mohammadi SZ, Karimi MA, Afzali D, Mansouri F
94 - 98 Study on palm shell activated carbon adsorption capacity to remove copper ions from aqueous solutions
Issabayeva G, Aroua MK, Sulaiman NM
99 - 105 Synthesis of calix[4]arene bearing pyridinium units supported silica gel for sorption of arsenate and dichromate anions
Sayin S, Ozcan F, Yilmaz M
106 - 109 Effect of different extraction methods on bound EPS from MBR sludges Part II: Influence of extraction methods over molecular weight distribution
Dominguez L, Rodriguez M, Prats D
110 - 114 Hydrophilic modification of Al2O3 microfiltration membrane with nano-sized gamma-Al2O3 coating
Chang QB, Zhou JE, Wang YQ, Wang JM, Meng GY
115 - 120 Effect of chlorine and acid injection on hollow fiber RO for SWRO
Xu J, Ruan GL, Zou L, Gao CJ
121 - 128 Energy audit of a full scale MBR system
Fenu A, Roels J, Wambecq T, De Gussem K, Thoeye C, De Gueldre G, Van De Steene B
129 - 133 Permeation of uranyl ions across Nafion-117 membrane
Joshi JM, Pathak PN, Pandey AK, Manchanda VK
134 - 140 Fast removal of organic dyes from aqueous solutions by AC/ferrospinel composite
Ai LH, Jiang J
141 - 146 Photocatalytic oxidation of grey water over titanium dioxide suspensions
Sanchez M, Rivero MJ, Ortiz I
147 - 151 Effect of montmorillonite on the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanoparticles
Kang SZ, Wu T, Li XQ, Mu J
152 - 160 A cost effective method for improving the quality of inland desalinated brackish water destined for agricultural irrigation
Birnhack L, Shlesinger N, Lahav O
161 - 165 Investigation of adsorption characteristics of Basic Red 46 onto gypsum: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies
Deniz F, Saygideger SD
166 - 173 A new radiation model for a single-slope solar still
Feilizadeh M, Soltanieh M, Jafarpur K, Estahbanati MRK
174 - 182 Adsorption characteristics of Pb(II) from aqueous solution onto a natural biosorbent, fallen Cinnamomum camphora leaves
Chen H, Zhao J, Dai GL, Wu JY, Van H
183 - 187 Application of mixed-micelle cloud point extraction for speciation analysis of chromium in water samples by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry
Ezoddin M, Shemirani F, Khani R
188 - 195 Preparation, characterization and application in BSA solution of silica ceramic membranes
Fakhfakh S, Baklouti S, Baklouti S, Bouaziz J
196 - 201 Cation transport across plasticized polymeric membranes containing N,N,N',N'-tetraoctyl-3-oxapentanediamide(TODGA) as the carrier
Ansari SA, Mohapatra PK, Manchanda VK
202 - 208 Effect of intermittent operation on contaminant removal and plant growth in vertical flow constructed wetlands: A microcosm experiment
Jia WL, Zhang JA, Wu JA, Xie HJ, Zhang B
209 - 214 Performance evaluation on the treatment of olive mill waste water in vertical subsurface flow constructed wetlands
Yalcuk A, Pakdil NB, Turan SY
215 - 220 Transport of Hg(II) through bulk liquid membrane containing calix[4]arene thioalkyl derivative as a carrier
Minhas FT, Memon S, Bhanger MI
221 - 227 Simultaneous removal of nickel and zinc from aqueous solution by micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration and activated carbon fiber hybrid process
Channarong B, Lee SH, Bade R, Shipin OV
228 - 234 Study on the photocatalytic degradation of insecticide methomyl in water
Tomasevic A, Kiss E, Petrovic S, Mijin D
235 - 242 Experimental performance evaluation of polymeric membranes for treatment of an industrial oily wastewater
Salahi A, Gheshlaghi A, Mohammadi T, Madaeni SS
243 - 250 Removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions by a local dairy sludge as a biosorbant
Sassi M, Bestani B, Said AH, Benderdouche N, Guibal E
251 - 259 Kinetics and mechanism of dye biosorption onto an untreated antibiotic waste
Yeddou-Mezenner N
260 - 266 Influence of transport properties of membrane for yield of a reaction producing weak acid in an enzymatic membrane reactor
Staniszewski M
267 - 272 Studies on bitter gourd peroxidase catalyzed removal of p-bromophenol from wastewater
Ashraf H, Husain Q
273 - 279 Mechanisms and experimental results of aqueous mixtures pervaporation using nanopore HS zeolite membranes
Kazemimoghadam M, Mohammadi T
280 - 283 Removal of boron and iodine from optoelectronic wastewater using Mg-Al (NO3) layered double hydroxide
Kentjono L, Liu JC, Chang WC, Irawan C