Desalination, Vol.248, No.1-3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0011-9164 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Integrated approaches to promoting sanitation: A case study of Faridpur, Bangladesh
Ali M, Stevens L
8 - 13 The sanitation imperative: A strategic response to a development crisis
Cumming O
14 - 21 Water supply and sanitation needs in a disaster - Lessons learned through the tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka
Fernando WBG, Gunapala AH, Jayantha WA
22 - 28 An analytical framework for water services law - Comparative approaches in Scotland and South Africa
Hendry SM
29 - 33 Building bridges: Educational opportunities and constraints for teaching engineering, water, and sanitation concepts in resource poor areas
Byars P
34 - 41 Ultrafiltration as an alternative membrane technology to obtain safe drinking water from surface water: 10 years of experience on the scope of the AQUAPOT project
Amal JM, Garcia-Fayos B, Verdu G, Lora J
42 - 47 Evaluation of simple methods of arsenic removal from domestic water supplies in rural communities
Awuah E, Morris RT, Owusu PA, Sundell R, Lindstrom J
48 - 57 Removal of inorganic trace contaminants by electrodialysis in a remote Australian community
Banasiak LJ, Schafer AI
58 - 63 Transportable membrane process to produce drinking water
Barbot E, Carretier E, Wyart Y, Marrot B, Moulin P
64 - 71 Water treatment systems for relief agencies: The on-going search for the'Silver Bullet'
Clarke BA, Steele A
72 - 82 Application of solar-powered desalination in a remote town in South Australia
De Munari A, Capao DPS, Richards BS, Schafer AI
83 - 90 Coagulant-based emergency water treatment
Dorea CC
91 - 98 Operational experience with a micro hydraulic mobile water treatment plant in Indonesia after the "Tsunami of 2004"
Garsadi R, Salim HT, Soekarno I, Doppenberg AFJ, Verberk JQJC
99 - 105 Development of microbial sensing membranes
Gorey C, Escobar IC, Gruden CL, Cai G
106 - 113 Development of a mobile water maker, a sustainable way to produce safe drinking water in developing countries
Groendijk L, de Vries HE
114 - 117 Sustainable seawater desalination: Stand-alone small scale windmill and reverse osmosis system
Heijman SGJ, Rabinovitch E, Bos F, Olthof N, van Dijk JC
118 - 124 Opportunities in rainwater harvesting
Helmreich B, Horn H
125 - 131 Experimental investigations on solar driven stand-alone membrane distillation systems for remote areas
Koschikowski J, Wieghaus M, Rommel M, Ortin VS, Suarez BP, Rodriguez JRB
132 - 137 A visible light driven photoelectrocatalytic fuel cell for clean-up of contaminated water supplies
Macphee D, Wells R, Kruth A, Todd M, Elmorsi T, Smith C, Pokrajac D, Strachan N, Mwinyhija M, Scott-Emuakpor E, Nissen S, Killham K
138 - 143 Evaluation of a bicycle-powered filtration system for removing'clumped' coliform bacteria as a low-tech option for water treatment
McBean EA
144 - 151 Factors supporting the sustained use of solar water disinfection -Experiences from a global promotion and dissemination programme
Meierhofer R, Landolt G
152 - 159 A simple technique for water disinfection with hydrodynamic cavitation: Effect on survival of Escherichia coli
Mezule L, Tsyfansky S, Yakushevich V, Juhna T
160 - 168 Magnetic ion exchange: Is there potential for international development?
Neale PA, Schafer AI
169 - 176 Potential of wind-powered renewable energy membrane systems for Ghana
Park GL, Schafer AI, Richards BS
177 - 183 Impact of speciation on fluoride, arsenic and magnesium retention by nanofiltration/reverse osmosis in remote Australian communities
Richards LA, Richards BS, Rossiter HMA, Schafer AI
184 - 192 Iron oxide adsorbers for arsenic removal: A low cost treatment for rural areas and mobile applications
Sabbatini P, Rossi F, Thern G, Marajofsky A, de Cortalezzi MMF
193 - 203 Physico-chemical water quality in Ghana: Prospects for water supply technology implementation
Schafer AI, Rossiter HMA, Owusu PA, Richards BS, Awuah E
204 - 211 A new solar desalination system with heat recovery for decentralised drinking water production
Schwarzer K, da Silva EV, Hoffschmidt B, Schwarzer T
212 - 217 Water supply challenges in rural Ghana
Atipoka FA
218 - 224 Strategies for future research and development in desalination -Challenges ahead
Sheikholeslami R
225 - 232 Sustainable tourism and clean water project for two Guatemalan communities: A case study
Smith BG, Ley D
233 - 240 Rainwater harvesting as a sustainable water supply option in Banda Aceh
Song J, Han M, Kim TI, Song JE
241 - 248 Subsurface arsenic removal for small-scale application in developing countries
van Halem D, Heijman SGJ, Amy GL, van Dijk JC
249 - 255 Progress and challenges in water and sanitation
Aertgeerts R
256 - 261 Resource recovery from urban waste: Options and challenges for community-based composting in sub-Saharan Africa
Cofie OO, Drechsel P, Agbottah S, van Veenhuizen R
262 - 270 A computational fluid dynamics based model of the ex-situ remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils
Wu T, Crapper M
271 - 278 Metals in greywater: Sources, presence and removal efficiencies
Eriksson E, Donner E
279 - 285 Enhanced disinfection and methane production from sewage sludge by microwave irradiation
Eskicioglu C, Kennedy KJ, Droste RL
286 - 290 Can numerical computer modelling aid innovation, efficiency and cost reduction in sanitation provision?
Gormley M
291 - 297 Vertical-flow constructed wetlands as sustainable sanitation approach for faecal sludge dewatering in developing countries
Kengne IM, Dodane PH, Akoa A, Kone D
298 - 307 Influence of aeration rate on nitrogen during blackwater composting
Kim J, Song I, Jong J, Lee S, Kim P, Jeong E, Park J, Choung Y
308 - 314 Effect of using different particle sizes of sand as filter media for dewatering faecal sludge
Kuffour AR, Awuah E, Anyemedu FOK, Strauss M, Kone D, Cofie O
315 - 321 A sustainable approach for reusing treated wastewater in agricultural irrigation in the West Bank - Palestine
McNeill LS, Almasri MN, Mizyed N
322 - 329 No waste, but a resource: Alternative approaches to urban sanitation in Ethiopia
Meinzinger F, Oldenburg M, Otterpohl R
330 - 337 Sanitation services for the informal settlements of Cape Town, South Africa
Mels A, Castellano D, Braadbaart O, Veenstra S, Dijkstra I, Meulman B, Singels A, Wilsenach JA
338 - 343 Issues and challenges of providing adequate sanitation to people living on the shore of Lake Malawi: Case of Monkey Bay, Malawi
Mtungila J, Chipofya V
344 - 351 A surface complexation framework for predicting water purification through metal biosorption
Ngwenya BT, Tourney J, Magennis M, Kapetas L, Olive V
352 - 359 Permeable reactive barriers: A sustainable technology for cleaning contaminated groundwater in developing countries
Phillips DH
360 - 368 Options for urine treatment in developing countries
Pronk W, Kone D
369 - 376 Integration of human excreta management and solid waste management in practice
Ronteltap M, Khadka R, Sinnathurai AR, Maessen S
377 - 383 Sulphate reduction and biomass growth rates for Desulfobacterium autotrophicum in yeast extract - Supplemented media at 38 degrees C
Saez-Navarrete C, Zamorano A, Ferrada C, Rodriguez L
384 - 391 Improving school sanitation in a sustainable way for a better health of school children in the EECCA and in the new EU member states
Samwel M, Gabizon S
392 - 401 Ecological sanitation: Principles, technologies and project examples for sustainable wastewater and excreta management
Werner C, Panesar A, Rud SB, Olt CU
402 - 409 Integration of urban water services
Zhou Y, Vairavamoorthy K, Mansoor MAM
410 - 417 A system perspective in sanitation - Human waste from cradle to grave and reincarnation
Zurbrugg C, Tilley E
418 - 427 Humanitarian engineering in Mylai Balaji Nagar: An integrated water, environment and public health project for slums in the Indian Subcontinent
Ali SI, Hall KR, Aronson K, Philip L
428 - 435 Optimal planning of wastewater reuse using the suitability approach: A conceptual framework for the West Bank, Palestine
Almasri MN, McNeill LS
436 - 445 Water environmental and sanitation status in disaster relief of Pakistan's 2005 earthquake
Amin MT, Han MY
446 - 452 Groundwater quality assessment of Akatsi, Adidome and Ho districts in the Volta Region of Ghana
Ansa-Asare OD, Darko HF, Asante KA
453 - 459 Small town water quality
Awuah E, Nyarko KB, Owusu PA, Osei-Bonsu K
460 - 467 Water and sanitation in Ghana
Awuah E, Nyarko KB, Owusu PA
468 - 475 Water and sanitation - Don't forget the plumbing!
Burgon RD
476 - 478 Threatening of climate change on water resources and supply: Case study of North China
Cui X, Huang G, Chen W, Morse A
479 - 484 Plumbing skills development for a healthy future
Gordon CD, Edmonds GM, Wilson J
485 - 493 Living infrastructure: Replacing children's labour as a source of sanitation services in Ghana
Grieco M
494 - 499 An overview of renewable energy technologies with a view to stand alone power generation and water provision
Infield DG
500 - 509 A practical method to evaluate the sustainability of rural water and sanitation infrastructure systems in developing countries
Jones SA, Silva C
510 - 516 Water infrastructure, the UN MDGs and sustainable development
Jowitt PW
517 - 523 Novel approaches to biosensors for detection of arsenic in drinking water
Joshi N, Wang X, Montgomery L, Elfick A, French CE
524 - 529 Data shortage in Africa
Baisch J
530 - 536 Maximizing domestic water accessibility: A statistical model
Kohli A, Komisar SJ, Montenegro CE
537 - 545 Site selection for combine hydro, irrigation and water supply in Malawi: Assessment of water resource availability
Kumambala PG, Ervine A
546 - 556 Developing groundwater for secure rural water supplies in Africa
MacDonald AM, Calow RC
557 - 561 Assessment of drinking water quality of Mtopwa village in Bangwe Township, Blantyre
Mkandawire T, Banda E
562 - 569 Influence of household practices on the performance of clay pot water filters in rural Cambodia
Murphy HM, Sampson M, McBean E, Farahbakhsh K
570 - 577 Integration water, energy and sanitation solution for stand-alone settlements
Odhiambo JO, Martinsson E, Soren S, Mboya P, Onyango J
578 - 585 Occurrences of endocrine disrupting compounds and pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment and their removal from drinking water: Challenges in the context of the developing world
Rahman MF, Yanful EK, Jasim SY
586 - 594 Recycling of used DC motors as solar pumps for water supply and water delivery applications in urban poor and rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa
Sambwa A, Nnamdi ND, Ebelechukwu US
595 - 602 Successful implementation of renewable energy technologies in developing countries
Stapleton GJ
603 - 609 Impact of wastewater discharge in Jimma, Ethiopia, and remediation possibilities
Van der Bruggen B, Smets IY, Haddis A
610 - 615 Dental fluorosis in Tanzania Great Rift Valley in relation to fluoride levels in water and in'Magadi' (Trona)
Vuhahula EAM, Masalu JRP, Mabelya L, Wandwi WBC
616 - 621 Waterborne diseases - What are the primary killers?
Woodall CJ
622 - 628 Skyjuice technology impact on the UN MDG outcomes for safe affordable potable water
Butler R
629 - 635 The use of a clinoptilolite-based filter in emergency situations
Harleman C, Jacks G, Rybeck B
636 - 641 ERD for small SWRO plants
Valbjorn A
642 - 649 Towards achieving the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals: The imperative of reforming water pollution control and waste management laws in Nigeria
Adedeji AA, Ako RT
650 - 657 Local initiative in community water supply: Case study in Ashanti Region, Ghana
Nyarko KB, Awuah E, Ofori D
658 - 665 Strategy for strengthening scientific capacity in developing countries on water and sanitation related issues
Oman CB, Klutse A, Rabbani G, Edward R
666 - 672 Community led total sanitation (CLTS): Addressing the challenges of scale and sustainability in rural Africa
Sah S, Negussie A
673 - 677 Water and sanitation policies limits in Senegal cities: The case of Rufisque
Sy I, Handschumacher P, Wyss K, Piermay JL, Tanner M, Cisse G
678 - 683 Policy harmonisation and collaboration amongst institutions - A strategy towards sustainable development, management and utilisation of water resources: Case of Malawi
Chipofya V, Kainja S, Bota S
684 - 691 Behavioural and environmental determinants of childhood diarrhoea in Chikwawa, Malawi
Masangwi SJ, Morse TD, Ferguson NS, Zawdie G, Grimason AM, Namangale JJ
694 - 695 Issue 2: Selected papers presented at the Conference on Protection and Restoration of the Environment IX, Kefalonia, Greece, June 30-July 3, 2008
Lyberatos G, Christodoulatos C
696 - 704 Heterotrophic denitrification kinetics in a pressurized sewer biofilm reactor
Mathioudakis VL, Aivasidis A
705 - 715 Implementation of an image analysis technique to determine LNAPL infiltration and distribution in unsaturated porous media
Simantiraki F, Aivalioti M, Gidarakos E
716 - 722 Anaerobic treatment of domestic wastewater using an anaerobic fixed-bed loop reactor
Melidis P, Vaiopoulou E, Athanasoulia E, Aivasidis A
723 - 732 Production of PHAs from mixed and pure cultures of Pseudomonas sp using short-chain fatty acids as carbon source under nitrogen limitation
Kourmentza C, Ntaikou I, Kornaros M, Lyberatos G
733 - 739 Extended Dewatering of Sewage Sludge in Solar Drying Plants
Mathioudakis VL, Kapagiannidis AG, Athanasoulia E, Diamantis VI, Melidis P, Aivasidis A
740 - 752 Biosorptive flotation for metal ions removal: the influence of surface tension
Zouboulis AI, Matis KA
753 - 770 Performance of pilot-scale vertical flow constructed wetlands treating simulated municipal wastewater: effect of various design parameters
Stefanakis AI, Tsihrintzis VA
771 - 782 Acute toxicity of boron, titanium dioxide, and aluminum nanoparticles to Daphnia magna and Vibrio fischeri
Strigul N, Vaccari L, Galdun C, Wazne M, Liu X, Christodoulatos C, Jasinkiewicz K
783 - 793 DEAMOX - New microbiological process of nitrogen removal from strong nitrogenous wastewater
Kalyuzhnyi S, Gladchenko M
794 - 802 Bioremediation of highway stormwater runoff
Gotvajn AZ, Zagorc-Koncan J
803 - 815 Horizontal round heated jets into calm uniform ambient
Michas SN, Papanicolaou PN
816 - 825 Palladium-catalyzed hydrogen reduction and decolorization of reactive phthalocyanine dyes
Matthews RD, Bottomley LA, Pavlostathis SG
826 - 835 Mathematical modeling of the interactions between aquacultures and the sea environment
Stamou AI, Karamanoli M, Vassiliadou N, Douka E, Bergamasco A, Cenobese L
836 - 842 Monitoring of the quality of winery influents/effluents and polishing of partially treated winery flows by homogeneous Fe(II) photo-oxidation
Anastasiou N, Monou M, Mantzavinos D, Kassinos D
843 - 851 Photolytic and photocatalytic alterations of humic substances in UV (254 nm) and Solar Cocentric Parabolic Concentrator (CPC) reactors
Remoundaki E, Vidali R, Kousi P, Hatzikioseyian A, Tsezos M
852 - 858 Groundwater nitrate pollution in northern part of Achaia Prefecture
Angelopoulos K, Spiliopoulos IC, Mandoulaki A, Theodorakopoulou A, Kouvelas A
859 - 868 Hydrogenotrophic denitrification of drinking water using packed-bed reactors
Vasiliadou IA, Karanasios KA, Pavlou S, Vayenas DV
869 - 879 Influence of speciation on tungsten toxicity
Strigul N, Galdun C, Vaccari L, Ryan T, Braida W, Christodoulatos C
880 - 880 Selected papers presented at the 2nd Conference on Small and Decentralized Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants (SWAT), Skiathos Island, Greece, May 2-4, 2008
Zouboulis AI, Kungolos A, Samaras P, Matis KA
881 - 890 A hybrid flotation-microfiltration cell for effluent treatment
Peleka EN, Mavros P, Zouboulis AI, Matis KA
891 - 906 Biogas production from anaerobic co-digestion of agroindustrial wastewaters under mesophilic conditions in a two-stage process
Dareioti MA, Dokianakis SN, Stamatelatou K, Zafiri C, Kornaros M
907 - 914 Biosorption of nickel ions from aqueous solutions by Pseudomonas sp and Staphylococcus xylosus cells
Gialamouidis D, Mitrakas M, Liakopoulou-Kyriakides M
915 - 922 Microbiological effluent control by UV-disinfection of a small-scale SBR system
Melidis P, Athanasoulia E, Parisis A, Koppmann M
923 - 930 Electrochemical removal of nitrate from the spent regenerant solution of the ion exchange
Dortsiou M, Katsounaros I, Polatides C, Kyriacou G
931 - 940 Copper and lead removal by peanut hulls: Equilibrium and kinetic studies
Oliveira FD, Paula JH, Freitas OM, Figueiredo SA
941 - 960 Thermodynamic study of the aeration kinetic in treatment of refinery waste water in bio-aeration tanks
Sevaljevic M, Stanojevic M, Simic S, Pavlovic M
961 - 976 Effect of outlet water level raising and effluent recirculation on removal efficiency of pilot-scale, horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands
Stefanakis AI, Tsihrintzis VA
977 - 987 Treatment of domestic wastewater in a pilot-scale HSFCW in West Iran
Gholikandi GB, Moradhasseli M, Riahi R
988 - 997 Combined stabilization ponds-constructed wetland system
Tsalkatidou M, Gratziou M, Kotsovinos N
998 - 1007 Influence of the physical and mechanical characteristics of sands on the hydraulic and biological behaviors of sand filters
Rolland L, Molle P, Lienard A, Bouteldja F, Grasmick A
1008 - 1015 Fecal indicator bacteria declines via a dilution of wastewater in seawater
Darakas E, Koumoulidou T, Lazaridou D
1016 - 1028 Comparison and assessment of the monitoring data of two REMOS stations in Nestos and Pagoneri for the year 2004. The base for an integrated water management
Psilovikos A, Sentas A
1029 - 1038 Investigation of wastewater reuse potential in Thessaly region, Greece
Bakopoulou S, Kungolos A
1039 - 1048 New tool for wastewater treatment units location
Vasiloglou V, Lokkas F, Gravanis G
1049 - 1064 Water resources management in Crete and in the Aegean Islands, with emphasis on the utilization of non-conventional water sources
Gikas P, Angelakis AN