Computers & Chemical Engineering

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ISSN: 0098-1354 (Print) 

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1 - 20 A multi-objective mathematical model to redesign of global sustainable bioenergy supply network
Razm S, Nickel S, Sahebi H
21 - 34 Multi-objective optimization of sulfur recovery units using a detailed reaction mechanism to reduce energy consumption and destruct feed contaminants
Rahman RK, Ibrahim S, Raj A
35 - 52 Multi-objective biopharma capacity planning under uncertainty using a flexible genetic algorithm approach
Jankauskas K, Farid SS
53 - 68 A Gibbs energy-driving force method for the optimal design of non-reactive and reactive distillation columns
Lopez-Arenas T, Mansouri SS, Sales-Cruz M, Gani R, Perez-Cisneros ES
69 - 76 A scalable stochastic programming approach for the design of flexible systems
Pulsipher JL, Zavala VM
77 - 87 Integrated optimal design and scheduling for a bitumen upgrader facility
Purkayastha SN, Gates ID, Trifkovic M
88 - 105 A system dynamics model for optimal allocation of natural gas to various demand sectors
Daneshzand F, Amin-Naseri MR, Asali M, Elkamel A, Fowler M
106 - 116 The value-added of dual-stage entrained flow gasification and CO2 cycling in biomass-to-gasoline/diesel: Design and techno-economic analysis
Yang SY, Yang YC, Liu YJ
117 - 127 Campaign-based modeling for degradation evolution in batch processes using a multiway partial least squares approach
Wu O, Bouaswaig A, Imsland L, Schneider SM, Roth M, Leira FM
128 - 140 Model predictive control with active learning for stochastic systems with structural model uncertainty: Online model discrimination
Heirung TAN, Santos TLM, Mesbah A
141 - 163 On dealing with measured disturbances in the modifier adaptation method for real-time optimization
Navia D, Puen A, Quintanilla P, Briceno L, Bergh L
164 - 173 Chromatographic studies of n-Propyl Propionate, Part II: Synthesis in a fixed bed adsorptive reactor, modelling and uncertainties determination
Nogueira IBR, Faria RPV, Rodrigues AE, Loureiro JM, Ribeiro AM
174 - 187 Learning and predicting operation strategies by sequence mining and deep learning
Dorgo G, Abonyi J
188 - 200 Forecasting of process disturbances using k-nearest neighbours, with an application in process control
Borghesan F, Chioua M, Thornhill NF
201 - 215 Incorporating automation logic in online chemical production scheduling
Rawlings BC, Avadiappan V, Lafortune S, Maravelias CT, Wassick JM
216 - 227 A multi-objective optimization model for tactical planning of upstream oil & gas supply chains
Attia AM, Ghaithan AM, Duffuaa SO
228 - 245 A bilevel decomposition method for the simultaneous heat integration and synthesis of steam/organic Rankine cycles
Elsido C, Martelli E, Grossmann IE
246 - 260 A simultaneous optimization approach for efficiency measures regarding design and operation of industrial energy systems
Hofmann R, Panuschka S, Beck A
261 - 284 Efficient modeling of distributions of polymer properties using probability generating functions and parallel computing
Asteasuain M
285 - 300 Predictive models and detection methods applicable in water detection framework for industrial electric arc furnaces
Alshawarghi H, Elkamel A, Moshiri B, Hourfar F
301 - 311 Dynamic prediction of interface level using spatial temporal markov random field
Liu ZY, Kodamana H, Afacan A, Huang B
312 - 321 Towards energy-efficient LNG terminals: Modeling and simulation of reciprocating compressors
Reddy HV, Bisen VS, Rao HN, Dutta A, Garud SS, Karimi IA, Farooq S
322 - 328 Coordinated dual-hormone artificial pancreas with parallel control structure
Moscardo V, Herrero P, Diez JL, Gimenez M, Rossetti P, Georgiou P, Bondia J
329 - 339 Design for dynamic operation - A review and new perspectives for an increasingly dynamic plant operating environment
Swartz CLE, Kawajiri Y
340 - 351 Optimization of cellulose hydrolysis in a non-ideally mixed reactors
Fenila F, Shastri Y
352 - 363 Coordinated management of organic waste and derived products
Sampat AM, Hu YC, Sharara M, Aguirre-Villegas H, Ruiz-Mercado G, Larson RA, Zavala VM
364 - 383 Recent developments towards enhancing process safety: Inherent safety and cognitive engineering
Srinivasan R, Srinivasan B, Igbala MU, Nemet A, Kravanja Z
384 - 391 Control of cryogenic extractive distillation process for separating CO2-C2H6 azeotrope
Wang HQ, Fan ML, Zhang ZB, Hao JY, Wang C
392 - 404 Formation lithology classification using scalable gradient boosted decision trees
Dev VA, Eden MR
405 - 416 Multi-rate data-driven models for lactic acid fermentation - Parameter identification and prediction
Gan JW, Parulekar SJ
417 - 420 Optimization-based global structural identifiability
Joy P, Djelassi H, Mhamdi A, Mitsos A
421 - 436 Challenges and future directions for process and product synthesis and design
Martin M, Adams TA
437 - 449 SS-DAC: A systematic framework for selecting the best modeling approach and pre-processing for spectroscopic data
Rato TJ, Reis MS
450 - 467 Profitability, risk, and investment in conceptual plant design: Optimizing key financial parameters rigorously using NPV%
Mellichamp DA
468 - 476 Controllability of low-consistency chemical pulp refining process
Olejnik K, Fabijanska A, Pelczynski P, Stanislawska A
477 - 487 Modelling emerging pollutants in wastewater treatment: A Case study using the pharmaceutical 17 alpha-ethinylestradiol
Acheampong E, Dryden IL, Wattis JAD, Twycross J, Scrimshaw MD, Gomes RL
488 - 495 Dynamic real-time optimization of batch processes using Pontryagin's minimum principle and set-membership adaptation
Paulen R, Fikar M
496 - 511 Optimal design of integrated batch production and utility systems
Leenders L, Bahl B, Lampe M, Hennen M, Bardow A
512 - 523 Modeling and control of cell wall thickness in batch delignification
Choi HK, Kwon JSI
524 - 537 A steady-state precipitation model for flowsheet simulation and its application
Rehage H, Scherer S, Kind M
538 - 556 Process control practice and education: Past, present and future
Bequette BW
557 - 573 Combining the advantages of discrete- and continuous-time scheduling models: Part 2. systematic methods for determining model parameters
Lee H, Maravelias CT