Computers & Chemical Engineering

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ISSN: 0098-1354 (Print) 

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1 - 21 A quantitative risk analysis approach to a process sequence under uncertainty - A case study
Johnson DB, Bogle IDL
22 - 34 Optimal demand response scheduling of an industrial air separation unit using data-driven dynamic models
Tsay C, Kumar A, Flores-Cerrillo J, Baldea M
35 - 53 An integral methodological approach for biorefineries design: Study case of Colombian coffee cut-stems
Aristizabal-Marulanda V, Alzate CAC, Martin M
54 - 67 Towards the really optimal design of distillation systems: Simultaneous pressures optimization of distillation systems based on rigorous models
Ma YJ, Luo YQ, Yuan XG
68 - 82 Mesoscience-based virtual process engineering
Ge W, Guo L, Liu XH, Meng FY, Xu J, Huang WL, Li JH
83 - 101 Multi-operational planning of shale gas pad development
Ondeck A, Drouven M, Blandino N, Grossmann IE
102 - 112 Education in Process Systems Engineering: Why it matters more than ever and how it can be structured
Cameron IT, Engell S, Georgakis C, Asprion N, Bonvin D, Gao FR, Gerogiorgis DI, Grossmann IE, Macchietto S, Preisig HA, Young BR
113 - 127 Designing biofuel supply chains while mitigating harmful algal blooms with treatment wetlands
Ghosh T, Bakshi BR
128 - 146 Integration of optimal cleaning scheduling and control of heat exchanger networks under fouling: MPCC solution
Santamaria FL, Macchietto S
147 - 156 Chemical product design: Advances in and proposed directions for research and teaching
Ng KM, Gani R
157 - 167 Optimal scheduling for olefin plant furnace system with consideration of inherent process upset reduction
Chen M, Xu Q
168 - 177 A framework for optimizing oxygen vacancy formation in doped perovskites
Hanselman CL, Tafen D, Alfonso DR, Lekse JW, Matranga C, Miller DC, Gounaris CE
178 - 188 Aromatics production from methanol and pentane: Conceptual process design, comparative energy and techno-economic analysis
Zhang D, Yang MB, Feng X
189 - 203 Modeling and fault diagnosis design for HVAC systems using recurrent neural networks
Shahnazari H, Mhaskar P, House JM, Salsbury TI
204 - 217 Surrogate modeling of phase equilibrium calculations using adaptive sampling
Nentwich C, Engell S
218 - 230 Semi-infinite programming for global guarantees of robust fault detection and isolation in safety-critical systems
Hale WT, Wilhelm ME, Palmer KA, Stuber MD, Bollas GM
231 - 240 Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation of the effect of medications on beta-amyloid aggregates and cholinergic neurocycle
Awad A, Fgaier H, Mustafa I, Elkamel A, Elnashaie S
241 - 248 Refrigerant selection for different cryogenic temperatures
Luyben WL
249 - 262 Global optimization of multicomponent distillation configurations: Global minimization of total cost for multicomponent mixture separations
Jiang ZY, Mathew TJ, Zhang H, Huff J, Nallasivam U, Tawarmalani M, Agrawal R
263 - 279 A general variable neighborhood search-based solution approach for the location-inventory-routing problem with distribution outsourcing
Karakostas P, Sifaleras A, Georgiadis MC
280 - 291 Reduced order models for dynamic molecular weight distribution in polymerization processes
Kang JY, Shao ZJ, Chen X, Biegler LT
292 - 303 Composition/temperature cascade control for a Kaibel dividing-wall distillation column by combining PI controllers and model predictive control integrated with soft sensor
Qian X, Huang KJ, Jia SK, Chen HS, Yuan Y, Zhang L, Wang SF
304 - 320 Site wide heat integration in eco-industrial parks considering variable operating conditions
Kachacha C, Farhat A, Zoughaib A, Tran CT
321 - 331 Feature space monitoring for smart manufacturing via statistics pattern analysis
He QP, Wang J, Shah D
332 - 341 Continuous reactive crystallization of beta-lactam antibiotics catalyzed by penicillin G acylase. Part II: Case study on ampicillin and product purity
McDonald MA, Bommarius AS, Grover MA, Rousseau RW
342 - 355 A computational framework for quantifying and analyzing system flexibility
Pulsipher JL, Rios D, Zavala VM
356 - 370 Morphological population balance modelling of the effect of crystallisation environment on the evolution of crystal size and shape of para-aminobenzoic acid
Ma CY, Roberts KJ
371 - 390 On the application of a metaheuristic suite with parallel implementations for the scheduling of multipurpose batch plants
Woolway M, Majozi T
391 - 402 A geometric observer design for a semi-batch free-radical polymerization system
Salas SD, Romagnoli JA, Tronci S, Baratti R
403 - 420 Optimisation of several industrial and recently developed AJAM naphtha isomerization processes using model based techniques
Jarullah AT, Abed FM, Ahmed AM, Mujtaba IM
421 - 433 Model-based analysis and quality-by-design framework for high aspect ratio crystals in crystallizer-wet mill systems using GPU acceleration enabled optimization
Szilagyi B, Nagy ZK
434 - 450 Output feedback stochastic nonlinear model predictive control for batch processes
Bradford E, Imsland L
451 - 464 Simplified plantwide control structure for the diethyl oxalate process
Luyben WL
465 - 473 Advances and opportunities in machine learning for process data analytics
Qin SJ, Chiang LH
474 - 484 Process systems Engineering: Academic and industrial perspectives
Grossmann IE, Harjunkoski I
485 - 498 Integrated scheduling of vessel dispatching and port operations in the closed-loop shipping system for transporting petrochemicals
An HJ, Choi S, Lee JH
499 - 519 Sustainable solutions by integrating process synthesis-intensification
Garg N, Woodley JM, Gani R, Kontogeorgis GM
520 - 534 Simulation and optimization of a novel moving belt adsorber concept for the direct air capture of carbon dioxide
Drechsler C, Agar DW