Computers & Chemical Engineering

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ISSN: 0098-1354 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Receding horizon scheduling of processes with shared resources
de Prada C, Mazaeda R, Cristea SR
13 - 30 An MINLP formulation for the optimization of multicomponent distillation configurations
Gooty RT, Agrawal R, Tawarmalani M
31 - 39 Kaibel column: Modeling, optimization, and conceptual design of multi-product dividing wall columns
Rawlings ES, Chen Q, Grossmann IE, Caballero JA
40 - 53 MILP model for a packed bed sensible thermal energy storage
Koller M, Hofmann R, Walter H
54 - 70 GPdoemd: A Python package for design of experiments for model discrimination
Olofsson S, Hebing L, Niedenfuhr S, Deisenroth MP, Misener R
71 - 88 Dynamic scheduling of multi-product continuous biopharmaceutical facilities: A hyper-heuristic framework
Oyebolu FB, Allmendinger R, Farid SS, Branke J
89 - 97 Model reformulations for Work and Heat Exchange Network (WHEN) synthesis problems
Yu HS, Vikse M, Anantharaman R, Gundersen T
98 - 113 A multi-parametric optimization approach for bilevel mixed-integer linear and quadratic programming problems
Avraamidou S, Pistikopoulos EN
114 - 133 Parallel column model for Dividing Wall Column simulations
Zhou J, Kooijman HA, Taylor R
134 - 154 Graph-based modeling and simulation of complex systems
Jalving J, Cao YK, Zavala VM
155 - 163 Integrated approach for the bucking and production planning problems in forest industry
Vanzetti N, Broz D, Montagna JM, Corsano G
164 - 184 Integrated process design, scheduling, and control using multiparametric programming
Burnak B, Diangelakis NA, Katz J, Pistikopoulos EN
185 - 203 Improved method to converge pressure equalization steps when simulating a cyclic adsorption process
Gibson AS, Todd RS
204 - 215 Operational safety of chemical processes via Safeness-Index based MPC: Two large-scale case studies
Zhang ZH, Wu Z, Rincon D, Garcia C, Christofides PD
216 - 231 A perspective on Quality-by-Control (QbC) in pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing
Su QL, Ganesh S, Moreno M, Bommireddy Y, Gonzalez M, Reklaitis GV, Nagy ZK
232 - 248 Assisting continuous biomanufacturing through advanced control in downstream purification
Papathanasiou MM, Burnak B, Katz J, Shah N, Pistikopoulos EN
249 - 270 CFD-DEM-PBM coupled model development and validation of a 3D top-spray fluidized bed wet granulation process
Tamrakar A, Ramachandran R
271 - 286 Design space determination and process optimization in at-scale continuous twin screw wet granulation
Liu HL, Ricart B, Stanton C, Smith-Goettler B, Verdi L, O'Connor T, Lee S, Yoon S
287 - 305 Production scheduling and linear MPC: Complete integration via complementarity conditions
Simkoff JM, Baldea M
306 - 323 Strategic planning of supply chains considering extreme events: Novel heuristic and application to the petrochemical industry
Ehrenstein M, Wang CH, Guillen-Gosalbez G
324 - 338 The Monte Carlo driven and machine learning enhanced process simulator
Jones MN, Frutiger J, Ince NG, Sin G
339 - 350 Optimal site selection for modular nuclear power plants
Devanand A, Kraft M, Karimi IA
351 - 364 Optimal scheduling of a by-product gas supply system in the iron- and steel-making process under uncertainties
Pena JGC, de Oliveira VB, Salles JLF
365 - 379 Nonlinear model predictive control of a climatization system using rigorous nonlinear model
Santoro BF, Rincon D, da Silva VC, Mendoza DF
380 - 399 Heat exchanger networks retrofit with an extended superstructure model and a meta-heuristic solution approach
Pavao LV, Costa CBB, Ravagnani MASS
400 - 414 Process monitoring and fault detection on a hot-melt extrusion process using in-line Raman spectroscopy and a hybrid soft sensor
Tahir F, Islam MT, Mack J, Robertson J, Lovett D
415 - 426 Efficient clustering of identical generating units for the MILP-UC with a shifting generation level method
Koller M, Hofmann R
427 - 433 High-pressure versus low-pressure auxiliary condensers in distillation vapor recompression
Luyben WL
434 - 448 Optimization under uncertainty in the era of big data and deep learning: When machine learning meets mathematical programming
Ning C, You FQ
449 - 459 Scenario tree reduction for optimisation under uncertainty using sensitivity analysis
Silvente J, Papageorgiou LG, Dua V
460 - 475 Process fault diagnosis via the integrated use of graphical lasso and Markov random fields learning & inference
Kim C, Lee H, Lee WB
476 - 489 Source localization for hazardous material release in an outdoor chemical plant via a combination of LSTM-RNN and CFD simulation
Kim H, Park M, Kim CW, Shin D
490 - 498 Understanding the effect of specialization on hospital performance through knowledge-guided machine learning
Lee J, He QP
499 - 513 An outlook towards 2030: Optimization and design of a CCUS supply chain in Germany
Leonzio G, Foscolo PU, Zondervan E
514 - 531 An open source model of a parabolic trough solar field
Lin BS, Wiesner T
532 - 544 Development of extrinsic functions for optimal synthesis and design-Application to distillation-based separation processes
Manassaldi JI, Mussati MC, Scenna NJ, Mussati SF
545 - 557 Efficient real time optimization using a data-driven piecewise affine model
Yang Y, Kelly J
558 - 568 Constrained global sensitivity analysis for bioprocess design space identification
Kotidis P, Demis P, Goey CH, Correa E, McIntosh C, Trepekli S, Shah N, Klymenko OV, Kontoravdi C
569 - 586 Development of an optimal state transition graph for trajectory optimisation of dynamic systems by application of Dijkstra's algorithm
Biyela P, Rawatlal R
587 - 593 A novel method to compute the time dependence of state distributions in the stochastic kinetic description of an autocatalytic system
Lente G
594 - 605 Complex reaction network generation for Steady State Isotopic Transient Kinetic Analysis: Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Van Belleghem J, Constales D, Thybaut JW, Marin GB
606 - 611 The switching point between kinetic and thermodynamic control
Branco RD, Yablonsky G, Marin GB, Constales D
612 - 622 Explicit formulas for reaction probability in reaction-diffusion experiments
Wallace M, Feres R, Yablonsky G, Stern A