Combustion and Flame

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ISSN: 0010-2180 (Print) 

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1 - 4 Inevitable chemical effect of balance gas in low temperature plasma assisted combustion
Snoeckx R, Cha MS
5 - 12 Shock-induced kinetics and cellular structures of liquid nitromethane detonation
Nissen EJ, Bhowmick M, Dlott DD
13 - 19 Experimental investigation on a rotating detonation cycle with burned gas backflow
Matsuoka K, Tanaka M, Noda T, Kawasaki A, Kasahara J
20 - 30 Effects of ozone on n-heptane low temperature chemistry and premixed cool flames
Brown MQ, Belmont EL
31 - 38 Effect of low-concentration RDX dust on solid-liquid mixed fuel characteristics
Liu WJ, Bai CH, Liu QM, Yao J, Zhang C
39 - 47 Sooting characteristics of ethanol-ethylene blends in laminar coflow diffusion flames up to 10 bar
Yang SS, Gulder OL
48 - 56 Impacts of lubricating oil and its formulations on diesel engine particle characteristics
Wang YS, Chen Y, Liang XY, Tan PQ, Deng SL
57 - 64 Application of 3D energetic metal-organic frameworks containing Cu as the combustion catalyst to composite solid propellant
Liu YF, Jin SH, Yang HT, Li SH, Xie WX, Zhao Y, Zhang W, Chen Y, Fan XZ
65 - 73 Laminar burning velocities of methane plus formic acid plus air flames: Experimental and modeling study
Lavadera ML, Konnov AA
74 - 85 An assessment on how different collection methods impact thermal properties, surface functional groups, nanostructure and morphology of diesel particulate matter
Avila CD, Botero ML, Agudelo AF, Agudelo JR
86 - 103 Plug-flow reactor and shock-tube study of the oxidation of very fuel-rich natural gas/DME/O-2 mixtures
Kaczmarek D, Herzler J, Porras S, Shaqiri S, Fikri M, Schulz C, Atakan B, Maas U, Kasper T
104 - 119 Study of pore-scale coke combustion in porous media using lattice Boltzmann method
Lei TM, Wang Z, Luo KH
120 - 135 Effects of adding cyclohexane, n-hexane, ethanol, and 2,5-dimethylfuran to fuel on soot formation in laminar coflow n-heptane/iso-octane diffusion flame
Chu HQ, Ya YC, Nie XK, Qiao F, Jiaqiang E
136 - 146 Experimental study on combustion and flame spread characteristics in horizontal arrays of discrete fuels
Bu RW, Zhou Y, Shi L, Fan CG
147 - 148 Effect of CO2 dilution on forced ignition and development of CH4/air ignition kernels (vol 222, pg 242, 2020)
Bonebrake JM, Ombrello TM, Blunck DL
149 - 159 Effect of hydrogen enrichment on the dynamics of a lean technically premixed elevated pressure flame
Chterev I, Boxx I
160 - 179 RETRACTION: Application of machine learning for filtered density function closure in MILD combustion (Retraction of Vol 225, Pg 160, 2021)
Chen ZX, Iavarone S, Ghiasi G, Kannan V, D'Alessio G, Parente A, Swaminathan N
180 - 195 A statistical model to predict ignition probability
Esclapez L, Collin-Bastiani F, Riber E, Cuenot B
196 - 213 Speciation measurements in shock tubes for validation of complex chemical kinetics mechanisms: Application to 2-Methyl-2-Butene oxidation
Alturaifi SA, Mulvihill CR, Mathieu O, Petersen EL, Mike J
214 - 227 Experimental characterization and modeling of boundary conditions and flame spread dynamics observed in the UL-94V test
Mccoy CG, Stoliarov SI
228 - 236 Autoignition and combustion wave propagation in a spatial reactivity gradient environment constructed using the shock-converging method
Yang JT, Hou ZH
237 - 254 Large eddy simulation of the unstable flame structure and gas-to-liquid thermal feedback in a medium-scale methanol pool fire
Ahmed MM, Trouve A
255 - 271 An experimental and kinetic modeling study of cyclopentane and dimethyl ether blends
Lokachari N, Wagnon SW, Kukkadapu G, Pitz WJ, Curran HJ
272 - 290 A 2-D DNS study of the effects of nozzle geometry, ignition kernel placement and initial turbulence on prechamber ignition
Benekos S, Frouzakis CE, Giannakopoulos GK, Altantzis C, Boulouchos K
291 - 304 Combustion mode and wave multiplicity in rotating detonative combustion with separate reactant injection
Zhao MJ, Cleary MJ, Zhang HW
305 - 319 Investigation of transient PVC dynamics in a strongly swirled spray flame using high speed planar laser imaging of SnO2 microparticles
Vignat G, Durox D, Renaud A, Lancien T, Vicquelin R, Candel S
320 - 328 Nuclear shell model for the ignition process of boron particle with binary surface oxide layer
Liang DL, Shen DK, Zhong WD, Wang Y, Liu JZ
329 - 339 High-speed filtered Rayleigh scattering thermometry in premixed flames through narrow channels
Krishna Y, Mahuthannan AM, Luo XG, Lacoste DA, Magnotti G
340 - 348 Two ignition transition modes at small and large distances between electrodes of a lean primary reference automobile fuel/air mixture at 373 K with Lewis number >> 1
Shy S, Liao YC, Chen YR, Huang SY
349 - 363 A direct numerical simulation of Jet A flame kernel quenching
Krisman A, Meagher P, Zhao XY, Park JW, Lu TF, Chen JH
364 - 376 Mach reflection of a H-2-O-2-Ar detonation wave on the rough wedge based on soot track measurements
Zhang Z, Wang CJ, Luo XJ, Guo YZ, Wan Y, Li Q
377 - 387 Understanding how chemical structure affects ignition-delay-time phi-sensitivity
Messerly RA, Luecke JH, St John PC, Etz BD, Kim Y, Zigler BT, McCormick RL, Kim S
388 - 394 Exploring chemical kinetics of plasma assisted oxidation of dimethyl ether (DME)
Zhang RZ, Liao HD, Yang JZ, Yang B
395 - 405 A novel interaction mechanism in lignin pyrolysis: Phenolics-assisted hydrogen transfer for the decomposition of the beta-O-4 linkage
Lu Q, Xie WL, Hu B, Liu J, Zhao W, Zhang B, Wang TP
406 - 416 Microwave-assisted modulation of light emission intensity in alkali-pyrotechnic plumes
Barkley SJ, Lynch JE, Miklaszewski EJ, Dilger JM, Crespo WF, Michael JB, Subramaniam S, Sippel TR
417 - 427 Turbulence, evaporation and combustion interactions in n-heptane droplets under high pressure conditions using DNS
Wang HO, Luo K, Hawkes ER, Chen JH, Fan JR
428 - 434 3D printed ABS/paraffin hybrid rocket fuels with carbon dots for superior combustion performance
Oztan C, Ginzburg E, Akin M, Zhou YQ, Leblanc RM, Coverstone V
435 - 443 Thermo-acoustic flame instability criteria based on upstream reflection coefficients
Kojourimanesh M, Kornilov V, Arteaga IL, de Goey P
444 - 452 Modeling third-body effects in the thermal decomposition of H2O2
Matsugi A
453 - 467 Data-driven analysis of relight variability of jet fuels induced by turbulence
Hassanaly M, Tang YH, Barwey S, Raman V
468 - 484 Effects of initial temperature on ignition and flame propagation of dual-fuel mixture in mixing layer
Zhang XJ, Yuan CW, Zhou L, Zhao WH, Liu ZK, Wei HQ
485 - 498 A theoretical study of the H- and HOO-assisted propen-2-ol tautomerizations: Reactive systems to evaluate collision efficiency definitions on chemically activated reactions using SS-QRRK theory
Grajales-Gonzalez E, Monge-Palacios M, King SMS
499 - 512 Flame-acoustics interaction for symmetric and non-symmetric flames propagating in a narrow duct from an open to a closed end
Jimenez C, Fernandez-Galisteo D, Kurdyumov VN
513 - 523 Thermoacoustic instability analysis of a laminar lean premixed flame under autoignitive conditions
Yu ZM, Ai YH, Wang Y, Luo CZ
524 - 534 First aromatic ring formation by the radical-chain reaction of vinylacetylene and propargyl
Jin HF, Xing LL, Liu DP, Hao JY, Yang JZ, Farooq A
535 - 550 Reaction modeling study on the combustion of aluminum in gas phase: The Al + O-2 and related reactions
Saba M, Kato T, Oguchi T